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📢 | Smartphone game "AIM $" (Ames) New gangster "Emma" is here from today!pick up…


Smartphone game "AIM $" New gangster "Emma" is here from today!pick up…

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We have created a number of popular smartphone games such as "LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum," "Yo-Kai Watch Punipuni," and "#Compass Combat Analysis System."

"ZONe sponsorship total 200 million yen robbery gangster battle" The final tournament will be held from 2:27 on Saturday, February 20! 2 ... → Continue reading

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LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum

"LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum』(LINE Disney TSUM TSUM),NHN PlayArtDeveloped by a corporationLINEFree-to-play basic play provided byGame applications for smartphones,LINE GAMEone of.2014May 1Start of the service.


Disney storeThis is a puzzle game that erases the deformed stuffed toy "Tsum" with Disney characters sold at.

The opening bank isPolygon PicturesProduced by.

Over 4 million downloads in just 100 days from the start of the service[1], Over 14 million downloads in 400 days from start[2].Nikkei Trendy2014th in "30 Best 7 Hit Products"[3],SKY PerfecTV!It became an unprecedented blockbuster, such as winning the overall first place in the "Most Impressed Game App of the Year".[4].2015It recorded 8 million downloads in Japan in August, and exceeded 3000 million downloads worldwide in November of the same year.[5]

The short animation of this work was released in December 2014 after receiving favorable reviews.Disney channelAired on March 2015Dlife,YouTubeIt was also published above.

2015May 3More arcade version "Disney Tsum Tsum] Also started operation.Details will be described later.

2016May 2IsWalt Disney CompanyUnder the umbrellaMarvelReplaced with a character "Marvel Tsum Tsum』(Marvel Tsum) was delivered. The provider is not LINE,mixiXFLAG Studio. This was a stage system, and a battle mode was also installed. But it wasn't as popular as the Disney version, so Marvel Tsum2018May 2The service ended in 2018, but in XNUMXMay 4Published inAvengers/Infinity War] And2019May 4Published inAvengers/End Game], The character of Marvel Tsum appeared in the Disney version for one month only.

2017May 10As a derivative work of this workCOLOPLDeveloped byDisney Tsum Tsum Land] Has been delivered.

2019May 10Includes various party gamesNintendo SwitchSoftware "Disney Tsum Tsum Festival"ButBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentReleased by.

TV program"Round and round nine nine] CornerIt will be a gourmet chicken race gochi!In "19" (2018), the performersTakashi Okamura-Naomi Watanabe-Ren Osugi-Kento Nakajima(May 1From) ・Kanna Hashimoto(From January 1th) ・Kei Tanaka(May 10The illustration of Tsum based on (from) was used.

basic rule

With a time limit of 1 minute, connect 3 or more Tsums of the same type and erase them. When you erase the Tsums, the same number of Tsums as the erased Tsums will fall from the top of the screen and be replenished.

There will be a total of 4 types of Tsums that will appear during play: preset My Tsums and 5 randomly selected Tsums.The basic score that is added each time one Tsum is erased varies depending on each Tsum and its level (called Tsum level, score level, etc.).The longer you connect the Tsums, the higher the score for each Tsumu, and if you erase them continuously within the reception time, it becomes a combo, and more scores will be added more and more. If you connect 4 or more, the "coins" required to purchase items will be generated during the game.

Player level

The number in the star mark on the upper left of the game screen indicates the player level. Experience points will be given at the end of play, and the gauge will accumulate more and more. When the gauge reaches 100%, you will level up, get rubies, and fully recover your heart. Also, as you raise the level, you will get a "level bonus", and some percentage of the final score will be added according to the level.

Bomb Magical Bomb

If you connect and erase 7 chains or more (6 chains or more when using items), a glittering round object will appear. This is a "bomb", and when you tap it to erase it, the surrounding Tsums disappear. In addition, magical bombs with special effects may appear by connecting 9 or more chains of Tsum and erasing them. Also, some Tsums can intentionally make bombs appear by activating skills.

Bomb's special effects list

  • Sturbum: Experience points are added by 10.
  • Coin Bomb: With a bonus of 10 coins.
  • Score Bomb: Doubles the score when the bomb is blown up.
  • Time Bomb: Increases the remaining time by 2 seconds.


Fever gauge is full[6]Then, the remaining time increases by 5 seconds and the screen becomes dark.This state is called fever time.[7]..If you erase the Tsum in this state, the score will be tripled.The activation time of Fever Time is fixed, and the combo reception time is unlimited during Fever Time.[8]..In addition, the falling speed of the new Tsum will increase, making it easier to erase.

Large Tsum

Occasionally a large Tsum will come out during play. If you erase this Tsumu, you will have erased 5 normal Tsums. Like the special bomb, this large Tsum can also intentionally make a large Tsum appear by activating the Tsum skill.

Last Bonus

If the time is up with a bomb or a skill that can be activated, the "Last Bonus" will be activated. If there are any bombs left, the bombs will automatically explode in the usual way. Also, if the skill gauge is Max, the skill will not be activated, but all one type of Tsum randomly selected from the appearing Tsum will disappear, and points and coins will be added according to the number and type of Tsum. Random.

Magical time

When the time is up, you can use 5 rubies or a magical ticket to extend your playtime by 10 seconds. If it seems that the high score can be updated soon, or if it seems that the event mission can be cleared, a window for selecting whether to use magical time is automatically displayed, and when the time is up, it overlaps with the display of the remaining time and is constant You can also open this selection window by pressing the "+" button that displays the time.

Heart ruby ​​coin

There are items that are used in various situations other than during game play.


Consume 1 per play. If there is no "heart", you will not be able to play. One "heart" will automatically recover every 1 minutes. Automatically recovers up to 15 and does not recover more than 1. There is no limit to the number you can carry. It takes 5 minutes to recover to the maximum with 6 hearts, but you can get it in various ways other than automatic recovery.

  • Buy with Ruby: 5 Hearts = 5 Ruby
  • Watch CM: Heart +XNUMX
  • Receive hearts from friends: hearts + 1 (1 coin bonus for receipt within 200 hour)
  • Ask a friend and accept: Heart +1
  • Respond to begging from friends: Heart +1


Currency in this game. There is no limit to the number you can carry. Necessary for exchanging coins and activating magical time. Basically, you will be charged to get the ruby ​​itself, but you can get it for free by various methods other than charging, such as clearing various event cards and mission bingo and leveling up. The amount of money required to purchase the ruby ​​itself is as follows. The more rubies you buy, the more rubies you will get as a bonus. We carry out volume increase service irregularly.

  • 20 rubies: Â¥ 250
  • 65 rubies: Â¥ 730 (+5 rubies as a bonus)
  • 300 rubies: Â¥ 2,940 (+60 rubies as a bonus)
  • 460 rubies: Â¥ 4,280 (+110 rubies as a bonus)
  • 800 rubies: Â¥ 7,000 (+260 rubies as a bonus)
How to get it other than billing
  • Level up (1, 3, 5, 10 rubies)
  • Achieve event cards and mission bingo (different number of rubies available)


Currency in this game. There is no limit to the number you can carry. Required when using items, purchasing boxes, and unlocking the Tsum level limit. It can be obtained by erasing 4 or more Tsums at the same time during play, and can also be obtained with event cards and mission bingo. It can also be exchanged from rubies. Unlimited coins can be obtained in one play.

  • 6,000 coins: 10 rubies
  • 39,600 coins: 60 rubies (+3,600 coins as a bonus)
  • 86,400 coins: 120 rubies (+14,400 coins as a bonus)
  • 195,000 coins: 250 rubies (+45,000 coins as a bonus)


LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum has a wide variety of items, and there are various items. Items can be obtained in various ways, such as buying with coins or getting rewards for completing missions. There are "basic items", "boxes", and "tickets" as item types. Tsum that appears in the box may be newly added by the update.

Basic item

By using items before the start of play, you can advance the game to your advantage.

+ Score (500 coins)
A score bonus is attached to the play result. 10% of the score will be added at the end of play.
+ Coin (500 coins)
A coin bonus is attached to the play result. At the end of play, coins will be added according to the multiplier. The bonus multiplier is 1.1 to 51 times, random.
+ Exp (500 coins)
Experience bonuses are added to the play results. 10% of experience points will be added at the end of play.
+ Time (1000 coins)
Play starts with the play time added by 5 seconds (1 play = 65 seconds).
+ Bomb (1500 coins)
Magical bombs appear by connecting 6 or more chains.
Tsum 5 → 4 (1800 coins)
The number of Tsums that appear during play is reduced from the usual 5 types to 4 types.
+ Combo (1200 coins)
The combo is uninterrupted during play.

Acquisition of Tsum

Tsum is mainly earned from BOX or gacha by consuming game coins at the in-game Tsum Tsum store (expressed as "purchase"). In addition to this, it may be earned depending on the degree of progress of events, mission bingo, login bonus, etc. In this case, it will basically be received via the mailbox. Some Tsums can only be obtained depending on the progress of the event, and some Tsums can be purchased for a limited period.

If you acquire a Tsum that you already have, the skill level gauge will increase, and if this gauge reaches 100%, the skill level will increase. If you try to receive a Tsum whose skill level is already MAX from your mailbox, the skill ticket will be put in your mailbox again instead of the Tsum.

BOX type

Happiness BOX
Consume 1 coins or one happiness ticket for each purchase. "Mickey & Friends" "Chip and Dale""Winnie the PoohYou can get the character Tsum that appears in the series. The maximum level of skill is 3.
Premium BOX
Consume 1 coins or 30,000 premium ticket for each purchase. You can get Tsum of characters with various skills. The maximum level of skill is usually 6.
In line with the event, 4-5 types of limited Tsums including songs and voices will be added each month, and the appearance rate will be increased for a limited time while the new Tsums are appearing.
Select BOX
A single purchase consumes 1 coins. Instead of the Premium Box Select Tsum being abolished, it was added on December 30,000, 2017.
A lineup centered on Tsum for a limited time that appeared in the past. Songs and Tsums with voices will also appear from this box.

In each BOX, you can get Tsum randomly drawn from the lottery target. Tsum whose skill level has reached MAX will be excluded from the lottery. If the lottery target Tsums are lost due to this, you will not be able to purchase the BOX.

Pickup gacha

A vendor machine where you can see the contents. A single purchase consumes 1 coins.

A lottery Tsum is acquired from a predetermined set of Tsum, and the acquired Tsum is excluded from the lottery target. Therefore, the upper limit of the number of purchases is fixed, and the displayed Tsums can always be acquired within this upper limit. If you get all the Tsums in the pickup gacha, you will get the last prize. There are two types of last prizes, skill tickets and limited-edition Tsums with songs, which are held about twice a month. If a Tsum whose skill level is already MAX is included in the lottery, it will be replaced with a premium ticket and will be reflected in the display of the contents of the gacha. The same applies when the skill level reaches MAX due to the purchase of Tsum or the use of skill tickets during the holding period.

Recently, it often contains 15 pieces.


  • ミ ッ キ ー
  • Minnie
  • Donald
  • Daisy
  • Goofy
  • Pluto
  • チップ
  • Dale
  • Pooh
  • Piglet
  • Tigger
  • Eeyore
  • Christopher Robin
  • Roux
  • Span
  • Scramble
  • マ リ ー
  • Ready
  • Perry
  • オ ズ ワ ル ド
  • ジ ャ ッ ク
  • Santa Jack
  • Sally
  • zero
  • Woody
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Jesse
  • Little green men
  • Lozzo
  • Microphone
  • Sally
  • (I.e.
  • Alice
  • White Rabbit
  • Cheshire cat
  • Young Oyster
  • Tinkerbell
  • Bambi
  • Thumper
  • Miss Bunny
  • Maleficent
  • Ariel
  • Flounder
  • セ バ ス チ ャ ン
  • Rapunzel
  • Pascal
  • Hachipu
  • Pete
  • Pumpkin mickey
  • Pumpkin Minnie
  • Christmas mickey
  • Christmas minnie
  • Christmas donald
  • Christmas daisy
  • Christmas goofy
  • Christmas pluto
  • Valentine Minnie
  • Valentine daisy
  • Bay Max
  • Sorcerer Mickey
  • bell
  • The beast
  • Usapoo
  • Usa Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Surprise Elsa
  • Birthday Anna
  • エ ン ジ ェ ル
  • Hawaiian stitch
  • Relo
  • McQueen
  • Meter
  • Rex
  • Randall
  • Romance Ariel
  • King Triton
  • Scuttle
  • Aladdin
  • jasmine
  • Abu
  • Genie
  • Horn hat mickey
  • Cat hat minnie
  • Pumpkin chips
  • Ghost Dale
  • Hone Hone Pluto
  • Concert mickey
  • Pinocchio
  • Jiminie
  • Luke
  • Princess leia
  • R2-D2
  • C-3PO
  • Yoda
  • Darth Vader
  • BB-8
  • Ray
  • Cairo Len
  • mocha
  • Pudding
  • Souffle
  • Max
  • Clarice
  • snow White
  • Princess Aurora
  • Bride Rapunzel
  • Simba
  • Oak

Jedi Luke


When the skill gauge reaches MAX, you can activate the skill. Skill effects vary depending on the character, and are roughly classified into three types: erasure type, change type, and special type Tsum.

Erasing skills

Erase a specific range of Tsums. The range variesミ ッ キ ー-Woody-PeteIn the center of the screen, such asGoofy-Cheshire cat-MeterRandom, such as(I.e.-Microphone-ク ラ ッ シ ュVertical direction, such asPluto-Tinker bell-ScarLateral, such asOlaf-The beast-Jack sparrowDiagonal direction such asSally (Nightmare)-LukeCross ・Ariel-UrsulaCircles such asFlounderRound trip[9]There are many types.

Change skills

Tsum changes to another.Minnie-Daisy-Chip DaleHigh score Tsum change,Sally (Monsters, Inc.)-Bay MaxThere is a big change such as Tsum.

Special skills

Those that do not apply to the above two.Pooh,White RabbitStop time,ReadyIncreases the amount of coins earned for a certain period of time,RapunzelHas unique skills such as being able to erase different Tsums.

Mission bingo card

1 missions per card[10]Is issued, and if you clear this, it will be marked and you can get heart ruby ​​coins and various items with 1 row bingo. You can get skill tickets, Tsums, etc. by clearing all the missions of one card.

2020May 4At that time, 30 cards have been released.

  • No.01: Premium ticket
  • No.02: Oswald
  • No.03: Premium ticket
  • No.04: Little Green Men
  • No.05: Premium ticket
  • No.06: Oswald
  • No.07: 2 happiness tickets
  • No.08: Premium ticket
  • No.09: Skill ticket
  • No.10: Olaf
  • No.11: Skill ticket
  • No.12: Premium ticket
  • No.13: Skill ticket
  • No.14: Premium ticket
  • No.15: Skill ticket
  • No.16: Premium ticket
  • No.17: Skill ticket
  • No.18: Oswald
  • No.19: Skill ticket
  • No.20: Premium ticket
  • No.21: Skill ticket
  • No.22: Premium ticket
  • No.23: Skill ticket
  • No.24: Premium ticket
  • No.25: Skill ticket
  • No.26: Skill ticket
  • No.27: Premium ticket
  • No.28: Skill ticket
  • No.29: Premium ticket
  • No.30: Skill ticket

Event card

An event that is held irregularly. If you are playing a mission bingo card, you can play with the event card after interrupting it.

You can also interrupt the event card and return to the mission bingo card.


  • "Hunny Drop" event (August 8-11)
  • "HALLOWEEN" Halloween event (October 10-10)
    • There was a problem with the event that was held, and the event ended without being fixed. Affected players were reimbursed at a later date.
  • "The first villains battle PeteDefeat! Event (November 11st-December 21th)
  • "Merry Christmas" Christmas event (December 12-16)


  • "Happy Valentine's Day" Valentine event (February 2th to 4th)
  • "Let's make the cherry blossoms bloom!" Event (March 3-13)
  • "Easter Egg Hunt" Egg Hunt Event (April 4-8)
    • Equipped with the first map system, it was an unprecedented event.
  • "Stitch & Angel Cleanup Operation" Event (June 6-8)
  • "Tsum Grand Prix GP" Car Racing Event (July 7-7)
  • "Let's collect things from the sea" event (August 8-7)
  • "Defeat Aladdin and the Magic Lamp Jafar!Event (September 9-8)
    • Aladdin's Villains, Jafar, appeared, but it was a regular event format rather than a Villains battle.
  • "HAPPY HALLOWEEN Let's collect a lot of candy in a pumpkin" Halloween event (October 10-9)
  • "Mickey Score Challenge" event (November 11-6)
    • It is a new type of event where you can compete for scores only with "Mickey" Tsum with event participants nationwide, and you can get pins for each rank according to the score.
  • "ス タ ー ウ ォ ー ズEvent Part 1 "Event (December 12-8)
  • "Star Wars Event Part 2" Event (December 12-January 26, 2016)


  • "2nd Anniversary (2nd Anniversary) Let's Make Cupcakes" Event (February 2-5)
  • "Score Challenge" Marie Event (February 2-25)
    • The second score challenge event held in November 2015. This time, it was an event where only "Marie" Tsum competed for the score.
  • "Let's rescue the animals of the kingdom"The Lion KingEvent (March 3-8)
  • "Challenge from Villains" Villains Event (April 4-7)
  • "Collect pieces to complete the puzzle"ZootopiaEvent (March 5-13)
  • "Collect magic and decorate your dress"CinderellaEvent (March 6-10)
  • "Let's chase the white rabbit"AliceEvent (March 7-8)
  • "Let's find friends in the sea!"NemoEvent (August 8-5)
  • "Pirate treasure hunt"Pirates of the CaribbeanEvent (August 9-8)
  • "Challenge from HAPPY HALLOWEEN Villains" event (October 10-12)
  • "RIGHT PARADE" event (November 11-8)
  • "Star Wars Event Part 3" Event (December 12-8)


  • "Collect snowflakes! Snow Festival" event (January 1-10)
  • "TSUM TSUM Sweetheart ~ Chocolate Gift ~" Valentine's Day Event (February 2-9)
  • "Collect stories"FrozenEvent (March 3-9)
  • "FANTASMIC!" Villains Event (April 4-1)
  • "Lumiere's hospitality"beauty and the BeastEvent (March 5-1)
  • "Score Challenge" was performed using the beauty and the beast Tsum. (May 5-27)
  • "Disney Story Books"Rapunzel on the tower,PocahontasEvent (March 6-8)
  • "Pirate's Treasure Hunt-Shining Treasure-" Tsum Tsum Pirates Event (July 7-7)
  • "PIXAR Puzzles"Disney pixarEvent (March 8-7)
  • "Disney Story Books-classics series"Peter Pan,(I.e.Events (September 9-8)
  • "Haunted Halloween" Halloween event (October 10-9)
  •  "Winnie the Pooh's honey gathering in a 100-acre forest"Winnie the PoohEvent (March 11-6)
  •  "Christmas Party Decorate your room and invite your friends!" Christmas event (December 12-7)


  • "Disney Star Theater" Constellation Event (January 1-5)
  • "Tsum Tsum 4th Anniversary Disney Music Books" Disney Star Classic 4th Anniversary Event (February 2-5)
  • "Space Ranger-Kill the Emperor Zerg!-"Toy storyEvent (March 3-8)
  •  "Sticker Book" An event that can be played only with the new Tsums. (March 3-27)
  • "Easter Garden" Easter Event (April 4-4)
  • "Score Challenge"MarvelIt was done using Tsum such as. (May 5-2)
  • "Around the World of Tsum Tsum" Marvel-Three Knights Tsum is an advantageous event (May 5-11)
  • "Disney Story Books Romantic" (Bride) Princess Event (June 6-4)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 6-25)
  •  "Genie's The Magic Show"AladdinEvent (March 7-3)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 7-26)
  •  "Let's collect energy!"Monsters IncEvent (March 8-3)
  •  "Score Challenge" was done using Pixar's Tsum. (August 8-27)
  •  "Find Stitch's Cousin!"Lilo & StitchEvent (March 9-7)
  •  "Score Challenge" was held using Halloween Tsum and Villains Tsum. (October 10-3)
  •  "HALLOWEEN PARTY" Halloween event (October 10-11)
  •  "Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Film Collection" Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Event (November 11-5)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 11-26)
  •  "Mysterious pastry shop"Sugar rushEvents with advantages such as Tsum (December 12th to 5th)
  •  Complete the "New Year's Tsum Tsum Lottery" mission to win lottery, and you can earn coins and skill tickets by lottery number. (December 12-January 26 of the following year)


  •  "5th Anniversary Tsum Tsum History" Tsum Tsum 5th Anniversary Event (January 1-7)
  •  "Close the keyhole and save the world!"Kingdom heartsEvent (March 2-4)
  •  "SCORE CHALLENGE!" Was performed using Kingdom Hearts Tsum. (February 2-23)
  •  "Disney Story Books Classics Series II"Bambi-The Rescuers of BiancaEvents (September 3-5)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 3-27)
  •  "Challenge from Villains ~ THE DARK POWER ~" Villains Event (April 4-4)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 4-26)
  •  "Tsum Tsum Hide and Seek" Marvel Tsum and other advantageous events (May 5-2)
  •  "SCORE CHALLENGE!" Was performed using Marvel Tsum etc. (May 5-27)
  •  "Seasons of Pixie Hollow Pixie Hollow's work"Disney FairiesEvent (March 6-4)
  •  By clearing the "Tsum Tsum Scratch" mission, scratches will be scraped, and you will receive items and Tsum according to the aligned marks. (June 6-26)
  •  "TSUM TSUM TOY WORLD Let's complete the toys!" Toy Story Event (July 7-5)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 7-27)
  •  "Find a pair of animals!" The Lion King Event (August 8-5)
  •  An event similar to "Summer Tsum Tsum Lottery" and "New Year's Tsum Tsum Lottery". (August 8-22)
  •  "Protect San Fransokyo!"Bay MaxEvent (March 9-5)
  •  "Tsum Tsum Scratch" (September 9-26)
  •  "Tsum Tsum's Adventure" Hero Event (October 10-3)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 10-27)
  •  "Tsum Tsum's Birthday Party" Mickey Birthday Event (November 11-5)
  •  "Tsum Tsum Scratch" (September 11-26)
  •  "Let's go around the memories of the four seasons" Anna and the Snow Queen event (December 12-3)
  •  "Year-end and New Year Tsum Tsum Lottery 2019-2020" (December 12-January 26 of the following year)


  •  "Tsum Tsum 6th Anniversary Let's help prepare for the opening of the Disney Store!" Tsum Tsum 6th Anniversary Event (January 1-7)
  •  "Sweets Gift" Valentine event (February 2-4)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 2-25)
  •  "Pixar Story Books" Pixar Event (March 3-3)
  •  "SCORE CHALLENGE!" Was performed using Pixar Tsum. (March 3-27)
  •  "Easter EGG HUNT" Easter event (April 4-6)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 4-24)
  •  "STAR WARS TSUMTSUM EVENT" Star Wars event (May 5-1)
  •  "SCORE CHALLENGE!" Was performed using Star Wars Tsum. (May 5-27)
  •  "Disney Star Theater classics" constellation event (June 6-4)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 6-24)
  •  "Tsum Tsum Around Japan!" Japanese Style Tsum Event (July 7-4)
  •  "Summer Tsum Tsum Lottery 2020" (July 7-August 25)
  •  "TSUM TSUM Sports Park!" Sports event (August 8-6)
  •  "Tsum Tsum Scratch" (September 8-27)
  •  "Challenge from Villains THE DARK FLAME" Villains Event (September 9 to 3)
  •  "SCORE CHALLENGE!" Was performed using Villains Tsum, Monsters Ink Tsum, and Kingdom Heart Tsum. (September 9-26)
  •  "MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE -Let's complete the picture of the princess!" Masquerade event (October 10th to 5st)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 10-27)
  •  "TSUM TSUM Theme Park" Disney attraction event (November 11-4)
  •  "Sticker Book" (June 11-26)
  •  "HAPPY HOLIDAY Let's deliver presents to children" Christmas event (December 12-4)
  •  "New Year's Tsum Tsum Lottery" (December 12-January 27 of the following year)


  •  "TSUM TSUM 7th ANNIVERSARY Let's make a balloon!" Tsum Tsum 7th Anniversary Event (January 1-4)
  •  "TSUM TSUM 7th ANNIVERSARY Balloons are full!" Tsum Tsum 7th Anniversary Event (January 1-21)
  •  "Treasure Hunt with Everyone" Treasure Hunt Event (February 2-February 4)

Arcade version

Arcade version "Disney Tsum TsumWas tested on location in October 2014, and started operation on March 10, 2015. The publisher isKonami Amusement(Until January 2016Konami Digital Entertainment)[11].

In addition to single play, it is equipped with competitive play and cooperative play by a large number of people, and as a function unique to the arcade version, "balloon" where a small tsum appears when you break the balloon, "guru guru" mode that rotates every time you erase the tsum Is installed.

Changes from the smartphone version

  • Data storagee-AMUSEMENT PASSDo using.
  • From the housing to the capsule toy "Tsum mascotIt is possible to make it appear in the game by purchasing and loading it.
  • The internal hardware of the chassis is PC-based (OS isKONAMI Windows Embedded 7)use.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival

"Disney Tsum Tsum FestivalIsBANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentThan2019May 10Game software released in.

In addition to traditional puzzle games, it contains a large number of mini-games that can be played online or offline by up to four players at the same time.

nationwideDisney storeIt is inPOP advertisement,PosterDescribed inQR codeWhen you load on your smartphone,UniBearsity』Character" Whip "" Puffy "Tsum can get the download number that can be used in the game[12].. Also, the Disney movie "Sugar rushBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's character "Pac-ManYou can also download Tsum for free[13].

Tsum Tsum Stadium

"Tsum Tsum Stadium" announced that LINE will release it within 2020[14]puzzle game.

Unlike conventional Tsum Tsum, it is a survival game that competes with other participants in real time, and you can set two Mitsums.Players create a Tsum face that will be their avatar, make it an icon, and play against it.

From March 2020, 3, a closed beta test of Tsum Tsum Stadium will be held.[14]After that, it was officially released on September 2020, 9.


"Tsum TsumIsDlife(BS258ch, free) andDisney channelA full CG short animation of 1 episode and 2 minutes that was broadcast on (paid broadcast).

Since "Chris Matsum", which was aired for a limited time from December 2014th to 12th, 12, was well received, it was decided to be aired regularly on Dlife from the following year.

Broadcast on Dlife on March 2015, 3, and on Disney Channel on March 22.Polygon PicturesとWalt Disney JapanMost of the staff are Japanese. It is used only for sound effects and onomatopoeia, and no dialogue is used. It is produced up to 3 cools and can be viewed on YouTube.

By the way, a hidden Mickey is drawn in each episode, and finding it is also a real pleasure.

August 2017, 8,MovieNEX ThanDVD released.. Contains 2014 episodes, including the limited edition in December 12.

Since then, anime-based picture books have also been released.


  • EP00 --Chris Matsum [15]
  • EP01 --Tsum and pond on ice
  • EP02 --Honey Popcorn
  • EP03 --Tsum is a pastry chef
  • EP04 --Tiger Tsum to the sky
  • EP05 --Clockwork Tsum
  • EP06 --Tsum's Concert
  • EP07 --Launch Tsum Fireworks
  • EP08 --Tsum's seabed 20 meters
  • EP09 --Night of the Tsum
  • EP10 --Tsum Tsum Sushi
  • EP11 --Tsum Tsum Graffiti
  • EP12 --Tsubutsubutsum Tsum
  • EP13 --Tsum piled up in the snowy mountains
  • EP14 --Tsum Tsum Disco
  • EP15-Tsum and chocolate factory
  • EP16 --Tsum is Kendama King
  • EP17 --Honey Tsum Fountain
  • EP18 --Fuun Shinobi Tsum Tsum
  • EP19 --Grand Prix Tsum
  • EP20 --Tsumtsu Moon
  • EP21 --Jungle Tsum
  • EP22 --Tsumu Museum
  • EP23 --Tsum gift delivery
  • EP24-Locomotive Tsum Tsum
  • EP25 --Confirmed Flight Tsum Tsum
  • EP26 --Monochrome Tsum
  • EP27 --Tsum Tsum style four seasons
  • EP28 --A splendid Tsum dining table
  • EP29-Tsum with sandwiches
  • EP30 --Tsum's firefly illumination
  • EP31 --Origami Animal Tsum Garden
  • EP32 --Kimodameshi Tsum Trial
  • EP33 --Tsum Tsum Western
  • EP34 --Smartphone Tsum Tsum
  • EP35 --Giant unknown Tsum appears! !!
  • EP36 --Tsum's premiere preview


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