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📊 | BMW adds mild hybrid to diesel models of "X5" "X6" "X7"


BMW adds mild hybrid to diesel models of "X5" "X6" "X7"

If you write the contents roughly
It can be said that it has evolved to be suitable for the highest-end model of the X series.

BMW will be equipped with clean diesel engines for SUVs "X24", "X5" and "X6" on the 7th ... → Continue reading

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X series

"X series』(X series) isKodanshaIssued byHiroshi MoribyDetective NovelIs a series.The name of the series is given because there is a cross in the middle of each work title.


Published by the same publisher, "S & M series,V series,Four seasons series』\ Saga extra edition.The time series is "G series』After" η but like a dream ".

Follow the mystery of the case involving the employees of SY Art & Research, the Sugita office, which is engaged in art appraisal and detective business in Tokyo.

On the novels coverVacuum tube,knifeThings related to the work, etc.RadiographIs used.

Main characters

Reiko Ogawa
Employee of Sakuta Office, Kai, SY Art & Research. Single in his thirties.He used to work as the president's secretary, but lost his job due to the sudden death of president Ichiyanagi, and was invited by Sakuta, who had come to appraise the president's heritage, to change jobs.Because of his curiosity, he ends up being attacked by criminals many times.
Manabe Shunichi
Sakuta Office, Revised, SY Art & ResearchPart-time job..Although he is a college student, he does not attend much at university.AppearanceGeekIt is said to be like a stream.In the case of an incident, he is leading to a solution while showing various possibilities.
Yuichiro Takachi
Privately ownedDetective.. 30s.He often collaborates with SY Art & Research employees he met in an incident.He is the third son of a wealthy man, and is often asked to investigate the case by his various messengers.
Yasuo Sugita (Yasuo Too)
Director of the Sugita office.57 years old at the start of the series.A mysterious person who rarely appears in the office.After escaping excessively from Moe and learning that Moe was assigned to a nearby W university, he changed the name of the office to SY Art & Research.
Eriko Nagata
Manabe's classmate. Appeared from "Takai x Takai".He works part-time as a model, and is hired by "Mukashi x Mukashi" as a temporary part-time job for SY Art & Research.
Moe Nishinozono(Nishi no Moe)
Assistant at W University Graduate School.27 years old at the start of the series.Shortly after I was transferred from another prefecture, I met Ogawa in a certain uproar. In "Takai x Takai", he helped solve the case while he was busy.After that, he was promoted to an associate professor.
Akira Kagami
A mysterious woman who was witnessed by Manabe having a secret meeting with Sugita.

OtherS & M series,G seriesA person from is also appearing.

Series work

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