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[Yamano Music Co., Ltd.] King & Prince "Cinderella Girl", Miyuki Nakajima "Ito", etc. Announcement of "Ichi Soshi Koi Uta" that you want to listen to at this time

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■ Gen Hoshino "Koi" ・ Singing up-tempo songs, dances, and lyrics makes you want to fall in love!

Over 2,000 songs from a wide range of ages, over 900 people, have been sent through SNS and our website ... → Continue reading

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Hoshino Gen

Hoshino Gen(Hoshino Gen[8][9],1981May 1[8][9] -) isJapan OfSinger-songwriter,An actor.SaitamaI'm from

instrumentalband-SAKEROCK(2015Dissolved[15]) As a leader ofguitarMarimbaBesides being in charge of[9],Essayist,columnistAlso has a face as[9][10], Authored several serials and publications[11][9][10].

Affiliation office TheAmuse(Music industry)[16],Adult plan(Actor business)[16].. My label isVictor Entertainment内 のSPEEDSTAR RECORDS[17].


Jiyunomori Gakuen Junior and Senior High Schoolgraduate[18]..Started playing guitar and theater when he was in junior high school[19]..When I was in high schoolAdult planParticipate in the theater company's workshop after seeing the stage[20].

2000In October, an instrumental band invited classmates from the same high schoolSAKEROCKFormed[9][21].

2003The opportunity to participate in the stage "Ningen Osanriki"Adult planBelonging to[11].

2007,Tv brosFrom the September 9st issue, "Haruomi HosonoAnd Hoshino Gengen no horizon consultation" started[22].

Video production unitIchiro Yamada(Gen Hoshino,Shota Yamagishi,Daijiro Ohara) Was presided over and produced by SAKEROCK's music video "Honyarara" in 2009.SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards"ofBEST CONCEPTUAL VIDEOAward[23].

2010, Makes a solo debut. 1st album "Fool song"ビ ク タ ーReleased on the label "Daisy World" run by Haruomi Hosono.CD shop grand prize3rd prize[24].

2011In October, 10nd album "Solo name"episode"But,Oricon・2011th place on Weekly Chart (October 10, 10)[25]Received the 4th CD Shop Grand Prix Associate Grand Prize[26].

2012May 12,subarachnoid hemorrhageSuspended because of the diagnosis[27].2013XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,J-WAVE"TOKYO HOT 100 CHART OF THE YEAR] I returned to work by standing on the stage at the award ceremony[28]..However, an examination conducted around June of the same year confirmed the recurrence of subarachnoid hemorrhage, and the activity was suspended again. "Gen Hoshino" moment "" scheduled to be held on June 6th has been canceled and will be held on July 6th.Nippon Budokan"Hoshino Gen One Man Live "STRANGER IN BUDOKAN"" scheduled to be held in Japan has been postponed[29].. Hoshino served as a personalityNHK-FM"Hoshino Gen's Radical Hour』Was to end the program on June 6[30].. September 9, announced that he had been successfully re-operated and was discharged.[31].

The leading movie released in the same yearBoxed Son's LoveAnd 'Why bad in hell』Acting and voice actors in anime movies,movie soundtrackThe 5th time was also evaluated.TAMA Film Award[32],37th Japan Academy Award,Every day movie contestWon the new actor award.

May 2013, 5, 1rd album "Stranger] Released.

On February 2014, 2, we performed a return live at Nippon Budokan[33].

March 2015, 3, management in music activitiesKakubarismからAmuseAnnounced on the official website[16].. On June 6nd of the same year, the band, SAKEROCK, which was the leader of the group, dissolved[15].. Break up liveRyogoku KokugikanHeld in[15].

December 2015, 12, 2th album "YELLOW DANCER] Released.

In 2016, won the CD shop grand prize. Also radio programsNippon Broadcasting System, Inc."Hoshino Gen's All Night Nippon』Started regular broadcasting. Commemoration of the program, which will celebrate its 2017th anniversary in 50JingleIn charge of production. This jingle has been on air since midnight January 1nd[34].

In the October period of the same year, the TV drama "Running away is a shame but helpfulAppeared in the theme song "loveI was also in charge.The drama recorded an average audience rating of 14.5%[35], Hoshino played the role of Tadashi Tsuzaki in the 6thConfidence Award Drama Award・ Supporting actor award[36]Ellandol AwardIt became a social phenomenon, including "Koi Dance", in which the performers performed the choreography of the same song with "Koi" in the background at the ending of the drama, which won the rookie award.[37][38].

From May to September 2017Hoshino Gen LIVE TOUR 2017 "Continues"Was held and performed 10 performances in 20 locations across Japan[39].

In the first half of 2018, a serial TV novel "Half, Blue." Released the theme song "Idea". The serial TV novel has appeared as an actor in "Gegege no Bobo" in 2010, and it became an exceptional case of "Entering the actor song and theme song in the morning drama"[40].

December 2018, 12, 19th album "POP VIRUS] Released.

The first 2019 major dome tours from February to March 2Hoshino Gen DOME TOUR 2019 "POP VIRUS"』Was held and performed 5 performances in 8 locations nationwide[41].

On August 2019, 8, streaming distribution of all songs started[42]At the same time, opened his own Instagram. And he held his first overseas tour "Hoshino Gen POP VIRUS World Tour" and performed 4 places and 5 performances in the world.

The first “Yellow Pass” limited event “Assembly” Vol.2020” scheduled to be held in March 3New coronavirus(COVID-19) Of all performances (March 3, 4th)Yokohama Arena, March 3th, 17thOsaka Castle Hall) Was canceled.On July 7th of the same year, he performed his first non-audience live "Gen Hoshino's 12th Anniversary Concert" Gratitude "".Shibuya CLUB QUATTROWent at[43].

Released on October 2020, 10 as "Gen Hoshino Singles Box" GRATITUDE "", which is a reprint of all the singles from 21st to 1th in the first limited edition.

"Voice of sin』In the 45thHochi Film AwardReceived the Supporting Actor Award and became the first Supporting Actor Award[44].



"Gen Hoshino" is his real name, "one kanji character", "easy to call foreigners", "(I.e.DayWednesdayI was born inSanzuiIs attached,WedIt was named "Gen" because of the parents' idea of ​​"Kanji related to".[1] .

Originally my parents' houseGreengrocer[19]And laterjazzbarI ran "signal",2016May 10Is closed at[45].

Famous character Fake Akira

Fake Akira(Akira Fake) is a famous character played by Hoshino, who appears on his live stage, music video, bonus footage of the first limited edition, and the official YouTube channel.[46][47]..In the setting of Hoshino's friend[47], Appearance when youngAkira FuseIs imitating and has long hairwigSunglassesWearing[46]..This character has also been approved by Fuse himself.[48].

The character's birth began in 2012 with the fight against illness due to subarachnoid hemorrhage. Hoshino predicted that it would be an "impressive stage" when he performed his return live in 2014.However, I wanted a production plan that included laughter, thinking "I want you to enjoy it if you can" and "I want you to think that it's okay if you're such an idiot."One of them is Fuse's song "Fuse's song, which appeared in a form that imitated Fuse when Angkor appeared and was sung at karaoke during the rest.You are more beautiful than rosesWas performed.[49]

Since then, it has become a very popular character among fans.[48]..In the DVD bonus video of the album "POP VIRUS", the character of "Ogensan to Issho" as a fake friendYa Mamoru(Performance- Mamoru Miyano), The setting of a fake classmateHaruomi Usono(Performance- Hama Okamoto) Also appears[50].. From April 2020th to 4th, 20, the series "Fake Akira History", which looks back on the history of fake on the official YouTube of Gen Hoshino, was released in the form of updating the video every day at 26:19.[51].



Music industry

  • 2011
  • 2012
    • 4th CD Shop Awards 2012 --Semi-Grand Prize "episode"[70]
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
    • MTV VMAJ 2017 --Achieved 2 crowns[77]
    • Best Video of the Year "Family Song'
      • Best Male Video -Japan- "Family Song"
      • Best Choreography "Love"
    • Tokyo drama award -Theme song award "Koi"
  • 2018
      • PEOPLE'S CHOICE[79]
      • BEST ART DIRECTION VIDEO[80]"Family Song"
    • 2018JASRAC Award -Received the "Love" Gold Award
    • MTV VMAJ 2018
      • Best Pop Video "idea'
      • Best Art Direction Video "Idea"
    • 98th The Television Drama Academy Awards-Drama Song Award "Idea"
  • 2019
    • 33 timesJapan Gold Disc Award
      • Best 5 Album (Japanese Music) "POP VIRUS"
      • Best 5 Song by Download "Idea"
    • 11th CD Shop Grand Prize 2019
      • Grand Prize <Red> "POP VIRUS"
    • MTV VMAJ 2019
  • 2020
      • BEST COLLABORATION "Same Thing (feat. Superorganism) "
  • 2021


Writing and others


TV drama


Theater animation


  • St.(2012・2013)-Starring: Buddha

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
2015(27)/66 timesFirstSUN07/26AAARed and white first appearance
2016(28)/67 times2love18/23Shinobu OtakeAragaki Yui(DramaAs a wife)
Audit at the auditor's seat
2017(29)/68 times3Family Song20/23Takako Matsu
2018(30)/69 times4idea19/22Yumi MatsutoyaSorryAlso appeared in Mr.'s plan[112]-
"Half, blue.』Show off the theme song
2019(First year of Reiwa)/70 times5Same Thing16/21perfumeAppeared in Ogen's plan (2)[113]-
Shibuya scramble squareRecording from the roof
2020(Reiwa 2 years) /71 times6Let's dance at home(New Year's Eve)18/20Ishikawa SayuriIt will be shown in a version with the new lyrics of No. 2.


  • Famitsu WaveDVD"Bose XX time"
    • February 2008 issue "We and Hoshino-kun and Smile"Hoshino-kunAppeared as a role)
    • January 2009 issue "We and SAKEROCK and an interesting face" (for the first time as a source of Hoshino,Kenta HamanoStarring with)
    • March 2010 issue "We smile again with us, Hoshino-kun." (Re-appearing as Hoshino-kun)
  • LIFE!
    • series-0 September 2012, 9, December 1, 2012,NHKBS Premium
    • series-1 June 2013-March 6,NHK General
    • series-2 April 2014-September 4, NHK General
    • series-3 April 2015-September 4, NHK General
    • series-4 April 2016-September 4, NHK General
    • series-5 Irregular broadcast August 2017, 8, NHK general
  • (December 2019, 1,NHK BS4K/ January 1, NHK BS Premium)[114]

Other TV programs





  • Penguin Pull Pile Piles vol.2 "Work in Time Machine" (2001)
  • Theater Cocoon On Repertoire 2003 "Ningen Bankruptcy" (2003)
  • Penguin Pull Pile Piles vol.8 "Atmosphere at No. 246" (2004) *As SAKEROCK
  • Adult Planning Woman Live vol.8 "Todoroki VS Minato Kaworu ~Dragon Rock! Women, love me and be beautiful~" (2004)
  • "Ice Cream Man" produced by M & O plays (2005)
  • Adult Planning Woman Live Vol.9 "Seven Lovers" (2005)
  • Adult Planning Woman Live vol.10 "Woman Live Teacher" (2006)
  • PARKProduction Musical "Cabaret" (2007)
  • PARCO production “LOVE LETTERS 2008 SPRING SPECIAL” (2008) *Co-star:Yukiko Motoya
  • Theater Cocoon “A female teacher was held twice” (2008)
  • Adult Planning Woman Live vol.11 "Seven are my lovers" (2008)
  • Adult Plan "Satchan's Tomorrow" (2009)
  • PARCO production "Texas -TEXAS-" (2012)
  • Sys Company"What Kenji Miyazawa tells" (2012)
  • Adult's new feeling line "Last Flowers" (2014)



CD single

PieRelease datetitleHighest rank[128]Standard product numberRecording album
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1st2011May 3In the crap17 bitVIZL-409VICL-36633
2nd2012May 2the film4 bitVIZL-456VICL-36683
3rd2012May 7Outside the dream8 bitVIZL-476VICL-36709
4th2012May 11Do not know5 bitVIZL-510VICL-36744
5th2013May 5gag4 bit-VICL-36780
Album not recorded
6th2013May 10Why bad in hell5 bitVIZL-590VICL-36835
7th2014May 6Crazy Crazy/Sakura no Mori4 bitVIZL-678VICL-36914
8th2015May 5SUN2 bitVIZL-835VICL-37059
9th2016May 10love2 bitVIZL-1006VICL-37189
10th2017May 8Family Song1 bitVIZL-1214VICL-37307
11th2018May 2Doraemon1 bitVIZL-1346VICL-37373
Album not recorded

Delivery single

PieRelease datetitleHighest rankRecording album
1st2018May 8idea1 bitPOP VIRUS
2nd2019May 10Same Thing1 bit
-2020May 4Let's dance at home5 bitGen Hoshino Singles Box "GRATITUDE"
-2020May 5Let's dance at home (Potluck Mix)Gen Hoshino Singles Box "GRATITUDE"
3rd2020May 6compromise1 bitGen Hoshino Singles Box "GRATITUDE"
4th2021May 2create1 bit

CD album

PieRelease datetitleHighest rank[129]Standard product number
1st2010May 6Fool song36 bitVICL-63626
2nd2011May 9episode5 bitVICL-63781
3rd2013May 5Stranger2 bitVICL-63996
4th2015May 12YELLOW DANCER1 bitVIZL-897 (First Press Limited Edition A)
VIZL-898 (First Press Limited Edition B)
VIZL-899 (Regular Edition First Limited Edition)
VICL-64439 (regular edition)
5th2018May 12POP VIRUS1 bitVIZL-1490 (First Press Limited Edition A)
VIZL-1491 (First Press Limited Edition B)
VIZL-1492 (Regular edition first press)
VICL-65085 (regular edition)

Box set

Release datetitleHighest rankStandard product number
2020/10/21Gen Hoshino Singles Box "GRATITUDE"4 bit[130]VIZL-1793 (11CD+10DVD+Bonus CD+Bonus BD)
VIZL-1794 (11CD+10DVD+Bonus CD+Bonus DVD)

Analog board

Release datetitleStandard product number
2010May 6Baka no Uta (Kakubalism Edition)KAKU-042
2014May 2Baka no Uta (Limited Limited Edition)VIJL-60130
Episode (Limited Edition)VIJL-60131
Stranger (fully limited edition)VIJL-60132
2014May 12Sakura no Mori (12inch Analog)VIJL-60140
2019May 3POP VIRUS (Limited production/weight board specification 2 disc set)VIJL-60194 / 5
YELLOW DANCER (Production limited board/weight board specification 2-pack)VIJL-60198 / 9

Indie production board

  • Fool song
    • Limited sale at the live venue in 2005.[131]
    • Tracks: intro at atlantic / Dismembered / Sudara Bushi / What's Next? / Baka no Uta / outro at pacific / Yonaka Uta

CD photo book

  • Barabara / Shiuta: Gen Hoshino Shashin:Taro Hirano(April 2007, 4, Little More) ISBN-978 4898152119
    • Included songs: Book intro / Dismemberment / Digging holes / Players / Instrumental band songs / Baka no Uta / Book outro / Sudara section

Unreleased song

  • Non Stop (October 2016, 10)
    • News program "Nonstop! 』Theme song. It has been used as OP and ED since October 2016, 10, but it was not recorded in later albums and singles.
    • After that, it was decided to be recorded for the first time on the privilege CD of the box set "Gen Hoshino Singles Box "GRATITUDE"" to be released in 2020.


  • Lullaby of Apples (Whiteboard) (November 2007, 11, Video Arts Music)
  • Daisy Holiday / VA Presented by Haruomi Hosono (July 2008, 7, Columbia Music)
    • 22. Daisy miso soup / Gen Hoshino
  • Raymond Scott Songbook (February 2013, 2, Daisy World/Lil Daisy)
    • DISC-2 07. Lucky Strike (Raymond Scott) / Gen Hoshino

Participating works

  • Miyazaki Tomu"Tomu Miyazaki Memorial Hall" (June 2004, 6,Midi
    • Compose "Chin Zanji Temple" and participate with guitar
  • Tomu Miyazaki "This time the store is closed tonight, the store is closed 2nd SEASON" (April 2006, 4,Kodansha
  • Takada Ren"12 Notes" (November 2006, 11, VIDEOARTS)
    • Vocal participation in "Rose and the Beast"
  • Saho Terao"Myself" (April 2007, 4, Midi)
    • Participated in "Don't hide" with an acoustic guitar
  • Saho Terao "Secret of Love" (April 2009, 4, Midi)
    • Participation in "weather rain" with acoustic guitar
  • ASA-CHANG & pilgrimage"Human without Shadow" (June 2009, 6,commmons
    • Lyrics for "Wohan's Woman"
  • Haruomi Hosono"HoSoNoVa" (April 2011, 4, Victor Entertainment)
    • Lyrics for "Banana Oiwake"
  • Yuri Miyauchi "Working Holiday" (July 2011, 7, RALLYE LABEL)
    • Participated as a vocalist in the lyrics of "Reading"
  • Kanjani Eight"jam(December 2017, 6,INFINITY RECORDS
    • "Ima" songwriting (akira nise name)

Video work

PieRelease datetitlespecificationHighest rank[132][133]Standard product number
1st2014May 8STRANGER IN BUDOKANBD5 bitVIZL-707 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIXL-132/3 (Regular Edition)
DVD3 bitVIZL-708 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIBL-715/6 (Regular Edition)
2nd2015May 3Two Beats in Yokohama ArenaBD13 bitVIZL-826 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIXL-148/9 (Regular Edition)
DVD12 bitVIZL-827 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIBL-767/8 (Regular Edition)
3rd2016May 6Live Tour “YELLOW VOYAGE”BD1 bitVIZL-984 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIXL-170/1 (Regular Edition)
DVDVIZL-985 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIBL-813/4 (Regular Edition)
4th2017May 5Music Video Tour 2010-2017BD1 bitVIXL-192
DVDVIBL-847 ~ 848 (2 disc set)
5th2018May 1Live Tour “Continues”BD1 bitVIZL-1293 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIXL-206/207 (Regular Edition)
DVDVIZL-1294 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIBL-873/874 (Regular Edition)
6th2019May 8DOME TOUR “POP VIRUS” at TOKYO DOMEBD1 bitVIZL-1597 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIXL-267/8 (Regular Edition)
DVDVIZL-1598 (First Press Limited Edition)
VIBL-944/5 (Regular Edition)

Provide music

  • Adult planning, penguin pull pile piles, cat hotels, etc.
TV drama
TV program
  • I found it!(NHK E Tele)-Rhythmic "Nanka Issu", "Suwaru Ezo", "Osu! Chair of the Chair" "Growing Up" (composition)
CM song


Appointment yearSong titleTie-up
2012the filmKadokawa distribution movie "Woodpecker and rain] Theme song
ReincarnationDai-ichi Life InsuranceCM song for "What you need to know/scenery"
A conductorNHK E Tele"Ojaru Maru Special Galaxy Calls Maro ~ Two Negai Stars ~ ”Ending Theme
ParodyKing Record / T Joy distribution movie "Paikaji Nankai Operation] Theme song
Outside the dreamShiseido"ANESSA"Smile Kirari" version CM song
2013gagToho distribution anime movie "St.] Theme song
(I.e.Bitters End distribution movie "Tamako] Theme song
Why bad in hellKing Record / T Joy distribution movie "Why bad in hell] Theme song
2014Outside the dreamTV New Hiroshima"I went, but Reno"Theme song
Cherry blossom2014 J-WAVE Spring campaign song
2015SUNFuji TV Water 10 drama"I have a heart] Theme song[135]
Snow MenShiseido"MaquillageWEB movie "Snow Beauty" theme song
Week EndFuji TV systemMezamashi Doyoubi"Theme song
2016TimeYou Can Correspondence Course 2016 CM song
SUNAsahi beer"Non-alcoholic beer taste" CM song[124]
Friend ShipPhantom Film distribution movie "Moriyama Naka School] Theme song[136]
Hello SongAC Japan"Rival is 1964" campaign song
Drinking DanceHouse wellness foods"Turmeric powerCM song
ContinueSKY PerfecTV!"Rio 2016 Paralympics Channel" theme song / CM song
loveTBSsystem Tuesday drama"Running away is a shame but helpful] Theme song
non StopFuji TV systemNonstop!"Theme song[137]
2017love89 timesAdmission March for Selected High School Baseball Tournament[138][139]
Family SongNippon TVsystem Wednesday drama"Overprotection Kahoko] Theme song
skinKao"Biore u body washCM song
2018DoraemonToho distribution anime movie "Doraemon Nobita's Treasure Island] Theme song
To you who are not hereToho distribution animation movie "Doraemon Nobita's Treasure Island" insert song
ideaNHK Continuous tv novel"Half, blue.] Theme song[140]
SapienceNTT DoCoMo"Docomo's Student Discount" CM song
2019Hello SongNTT DoCoMo "Hoshi Pro New Start Edition" CM Song
DoraemonTV Asahisystem"Doraemon"Opening theme
Boat at nightPhantom Film distribution movie "108 ~ Kaiba Goro's Revenge and Adventure ~] Theme song
futureNTT Docomo's "Kanna and Minami" version "Kanna and Minami's Promise" version CM song
2020the filmNTT Docomo's "Kanna and Minami Album" CM Song
Get a FeelTokai TV"switch!"Theme song
createNintendo"Super mario bros 35th anniversary" CM song
To you who are not hereNTT DoCoMo "From Teacher to Everyone" CM Song[141]
2021Friend ShipNTT DoCoMo "Kanna, Minami, and Hoshino-sensei" "Hoshino-sensei's Sakura Tadashi" CM song[142]
Title TBDTBS Tuesday drama "There is a reason for the love to dress up] Theme song[143]


one man live

2010May 7-May 7Hoshino Gen "Baka no Uta" Release Memorial Live
2010May 9 - May 9Hoshino Gen's Greeting Tour 2010
2010May 12Gen Hoshino one-man live[145]
2011May 4-May 4Hoshino Gen live "Room in PARCO Theater"
2011May 10Hoshino Gen's "Episode 1"
2011May 10 - May 10Hoshino Gen In Store Live "Gen Hoshino's "Episode 1.5""
2011May 12-May 12Another episode "House" by Gen Hoshino
2012May 1 - May 2"Episode" release tour "Episode 2 or later"
2012May 5Hoshino Gen Hibiya Open-air Concert Hall One-man Live
2012May 5Hoshino Gen's Namba Hatch One-Man Live
2012May 11-May 11Hoshino Gen One Man Autumn
2012May 12Hoshino Gen's SHIWASU
2014May 2Hoshino Gen One Man Live STRANGER IN BUDOKAN
2014May 3 - May 4Hoshino Gen Resurrection Aaaaa!
2014May 12-May 12Hoshino Gen Yokohama Arena 2 Days “Two Beats”
2015May 8-May 8Hoshino Gennoto Edge in Budokan
2016May 1 - May 3Hoshino Gen LIVE TOUR 2016 YELLOW VOYAGE
2017May 1-May 1Hoshino Gen New Year Live 2days "YELLOW PACIFIC"
2017May 5 - May 9Hoshino Gen LIVE TOUR 2017 “Continues”
2019May 2 - May 3
Hoshino Gen DOME TOUR 2019 "POP VIRUS"
2019May 11 - May 12Hoshino Gen POP VIRUS World Tour
2020May 7Gen Hoshino's 10th Anniversary Concert “Gratitude”

Appearance event

  • 2021
    • March 2021, 3 --YELLOW PASS Live Streaming “Banquet”[155]


Single Author

Co-author / Dialogue collection


  • Theater Guide "My Month"
  • QuickJapan"Music that even plant humans can dance" "Today's Saitama"
  • Shonen literary arts "Kurukuru Perko"
  • Future creation vol.1 Short story "Tea pot"
  • bounce.com "Hoshino Gen's singing novel"
  • H “Umeboshi no Fiction Daimaou” (Photo:Kayo Ume,Rocking on
  • Tv bros"Hosono Haruomi and Hoshino Genji horizon consultation" (Interview series with Hosono Haruomi)
  • TSUTAYAFree paper "VA" "Gen Hoshino and Salmon Rock continues"
  • Magazine house“Uhu.” “And life continues”
  • POPEYE"A movie theater on the knees" "The 12 horrible Japanese of Gen Hoshino"
  • GINZA"Ginza Railway Night"
  • Da Vinci"Hoshino Gen Gentlemen, Follow Me"
  • Da Vinci "From the window of life"
  • AERA"Let's talk about music" → "Let's talk alone"


Every year since 2016, the yearbook "YELLOW MAGAZINEIs sold at A! SMART and live venues.

  • Buyers can register for "YELLOW PASS" for one year[157].
  • YELLOW PASSFan clubWith a web service equivalent to, you can apply for the fastest advance reception of live tickets, apply for viewing TV programs, and purchase limited products. However, since it is a bonus, the update frequency is low.
  • YELLOW PASS limited event “Gen Hoshino presents “Assembly” Vol.01” was scheduled to be performed in 2020 venues and 3 venues in March 2 (COVID-19(Cancelled due to the spread of infection)[158][159].


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