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📊 | Panasonic, demonstration experiment of delivery service by small low-speed robot

Photo Demonstration experiment of delivery service by small robot

Panasonic, demonstration experiment of delivery service by small low-speed robot

If you write the contents roughly
It will be possible to complete the examination, medication guidance, and receipt of medicines in a non-face-to-face manner.

In this demonstration experiment, two small low-speed robots were used to deliver prescription drugs (pharmaceuticals) to Ein Pharmacy Fujisa ... → Continue reading

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Medication guidance

Medication guidance(Fukuyakushido, English: Patient Compliance Instruction)pharmacistTo the patientPrescriptionIt is to provide information on medicines.


Pharmacist methodIt is stipulated as an obligation in Article 25-2.Appropriate use of the drug is important when using the drug, and if the drug is taken in a way different from the doctor's intention, the drug effect may be excessive or insufficient, and the condition may be aggravated.In order to prevent such cases in advance, the pharmacist explained to the patient the efficacy and method of taking the prescription drug, and the significance of taking the drug in easy-to-understand words.Drug therapyIt is necessary to gain an understanding of this, and the explanation for this patient is called medication instruction.

Insurance dispensingIt is possible to charge the expenses for the points specified as the "medicine medication history management guidance fee" for the work such as medication guidance in[1].

At the National Strategic Special Zones Advisory Council on June 2018, 30, plans for implementing remote medication guidance by videophone, etc. in Aichi Prefecture, Yabu City, Hyogo Prefecture, and Fukuoka City were approved.In the future, we plan to improve the law so that it can be implemented nationwide.[2].

Article 25-2 of the Pharmacists Act The Pharmacists Act stipulates the following provisions regarding medication guidance.

The pharmacist is for the purpose of selling or awardingDispensingWhen you do, the patient or actuallyNurseThe person in charge must be provided with the necessary information for the proper use of the dispensed drug.

In other words, medication guidance is not freely given by the will of the pharmacist or patient, but must be given whenever dispensing is performed for the purpose of selling or giving, and if medication guidance was not given. In some cases, the pharmacist will be held responsible.

Points of well-known medication guidance

As mentioned above, medication instruction is to give an explanation to convince the patient to take a prescription drug, but it is not just a one-sided explanation.It is also important to listen to the patient's complaints in medication guidance, and pharmacists are required to have communication skills.Some patients think that it is difficult for the doctor to tell the truth, or remember what they want to say, such as "I forgot when I talked to the doctor, but by the way ...", and the pharmacist told me. In many cases, they talk about their true intentions when they receive medicine and receive medication instruction.It is essential to build a relationship of trust in order to hear such a true voice from the patient, and medication instruction also has the function of feeding back such a voice to the doctor as information.The record of medication instructionDrug historySave as and use for better drug treatment in the future.

Also, some diseases (especiallycancer), Notification to the patient became a problem, and the pharmacistAnti-cancer drugIt is strictly forbidden to mechanically explain to the patient, "This is a drug that cures cancer."Depending on the policy of the attending physician, it is possible that the cancer has not yet been announced, and close cooperation with the staff is required.Even patients such as children, pregnant women, and the elderly need to be careful about taking medication and give guidance according to the other person.

Problem-oriented system

(British: Problem Oriented System, POS) is a series of work systems that focus on the medical problems that patients have and strive for the best treatment of patients with those problems.In order for a pharmacist to provide medication guidance based on a problem-oriented system, one course is to think of solutions to each patient's problems, practice, evaluate, and record them.This recording format is known.

The SOAP format is a method of describing the creation of drug history by dividing it into subjective matters (S: Subjective), objective matters (O: Objective), evaluation (A: Assessment), and planning (P: Plan). is there.

  • S: Describe the patient's complaint. (Example: "I started coughing")
  • O: Describe the patient's condition as seen by the pharmacist.Information such as the medicines you are currently taking and the stories of the staff are also listed here. (Example: No sputum, currently taking xxx)
  • A: Describe what can be considered from S and O. (Example:Side effects OfDry coughThere is a possibility of)
  • Receive P: A and make a plan. (Example: Follow-up and if so, ask your doctor to change your antihypertensive drug.)


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