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📢 | Xencelabs Pen Tablet: Advanced drawing experience for professionals


Xencelabs pen tablet: advanced drawing experience for professionals

If you write the contents roughly
The new Xencelabs tablet offers a clean, minimalist design with no unwanted keys, allowing users to take full advantage of the 16: 9 native aspect ratio.

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aspect ratio

aspect ratio(Aspect Hi, English: aspect ratio) IsrectangleLong inSideAnd the short sideratio.

タ イ ヤlike3 dimensionsIn shape2 dimensionsPlane(Torus surface), orrod OfLength,直径It also applies to things like. Typical items used areImage,paper,aircraft,(I.e. OfWingsThe shape ofMicrofabricationAnd the hole diameter and depth. For example, in the case of a rectangle, it is expressed as "ratio of long sides: ratio of short sides".

Application example

Screen aspect ratio
Numerical ratio of screen width to height.
Pixel aspect ratio
Numerical ratio of pixel width to pixel height.
Conventional television(SDTV)
The screen is 4:3 (1.33:1).Personal computer OfScreen resolutionThe ratio of640 × 480-1024 × 768Is an example that satisfies this condition.
High definition(HDTV)
The screen is 16:9 (1.78:1). The screen resolution of the full high-definition TV or the full high-definition TV mainly satisfies the condition of 1920:1080 at 16×9.
The screen is 1.33 (or 1.37):1 (standard), 1.85:1 (Vista), 2.35:1 (Cinema scope)Such.Aspect ratio of movie imageSee.
Frame broadcasting-Letter box
MediumScreen aspect ratioAnd when the screen aspect ratio of the content is different.
Computer display
Most wide LCDs in modern computers are 16:10 (1.6:1).Screen resolutionFor example, 1440×900 (WXGA+), 1680×1050 (WSXGA+), 1920×1200 (WUXGA), etc. Full HD TV or Full HD TVScreen resolution1920×1080 (WUXGA) is required to fully display 1920×1200.
Paper dimensions
A version and B version are 1.414:1 (√2:1,Silver ratio).New bookVersion is 1.618:1 (Golden ratio).
Photo aspect ratio
16:9. Same as the screen of a high definition TV. A type of panoramic photo. Advanced Photo System standard (APS-H). It is also used in some digital cameras.
3:2. A standard that occupies most of 35 mm film. Also used in digital SLR cameras.
4:3. Same as a typical TV screen (NTSC) or computer display. Mainly used in compact digital cameras.
Tire cord
Tire size
Table tennis
Racket grain height Ratio of rubber grain (height/diameter). It becomes a foul if it is 1.1 or more.
Bird and aircraft wing shape
Wing#shape relationship,Wing plane shapeSee.
Optical lens OfAstigmatism
OpticsInaberrationOne of the classifications, which is the aspect ratio of the blurred part of the imaged part.en: AstigmatismFamiliar with.
Architectural aspect ratio (tower ratio)
The ratio between the height and width of a building. If a high-rise building has a triangle or a semicircle, it is usually converted into a rectangle for calculation. (Tower ratio = height/width) If the aspect ratio is large, such as in a tower building, the tipping moment from one direction will be large when a wind load is applied. It is necessary to consider the pulling force generated.


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