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📢 | Successful measurement of fish length of farmed mackerel by ultrasonic underwater visualization technology


Succeeded in measuring the length of farmed mackerel by ultrasonic underwater visualization technology

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In the aquaculture industry, measuring fish length and weight is an important task for efficient management of farmed fish production, but until now, fishermen have taken several farmed fish from their cages with a tamo net and took them out. I was measuring one by one with a measuring instrument.

-Shipment of farmed mackerel grown using ICT for a limited time-March 2021, 3 NTT DoCoMo, Inc. Saba ... → Continue reading

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Fish weight measurement

Production control

Production control(Seisan Kanri,British: production control) means according to the management plan or sales plan生産Comprehensive management activities that plan, organize, and control activities.The content isProduction planning, Production organization and.Of these, only one or two controls are considered partial control of production control.

Purpose of production control

"Required品質 OfProductTo efficiently produce only the required amount at the required time. "However, production control is a means of achieving corporate goals, not an end.


Materials, workers, work places, and equipment are required to make things.You have to prepare at the right time, not just prepare.Performing these controls is called production control.The manufacturing industry usually has a production control department, which carries out these operations.Since production control operations cover a wide range of factory operations, a large company to some extent becomes a fairly large organization.Since production control includes technical control, it is common to set up a production control department in most cases.Factory accounting plays a part in production control.There are roughly two types of production control, make-to-order manufacturing and make-to-stock manufacturing, and there are differences in the management methods for each.Further, even in the case of make-to-stock manufacturing, quality control, cost control, etc. differ between the continuous device process type and the batch process type.In order to build a production control system, it is necessary to understand the actual situation of the production site of the target company and draw a clear manufacturing process.Different industries have completely different production processes, and there are systems that support different production processes.A production control system cannot be constructed without knowing (without experience) the production site.The main production operations described below are basically the same, but the details are quite different.

Main production activities

  • buy・ Raw material inventory management / withdrawal
Ingredientsand冶toolProcurement and delivery date management,Inventory control, Perform payout management.Inventory control (including FIFO and lot management) and reminder are also important tasks, but selection of appropriate suppliers, unit price negotiations, and quality control are also important tasks.
It is important to carry out production linked to the sales plan.First, there is production capacity management, and a production volume plan is established within the production capacity.There are priorities for sales planning and inventory management to avoid shortages, and by adding them to production capacity, medium-term plans, annual plans, monthly plans, weekly plans (weekly reports), etc. are decided in sequence. To go.
Process allocation and worker allocation are performed according to the monthly plan and weekly plan.Processquality managementManage the status information of the above, monitor the process progress information, and make various action plans so that the disability rate does not occur at the production site.
lotSeparately, perform quality control according to the date of receipt.In addition, quality deterioration information for each lot will be transmitted internally.
Based on sales plan, shipping instruction, delivery date management, shipping instruction,logisticsMake arrangements.It manages not only the inventory held by the production factory but also the inventory under the jurisdiction of the sales office.If there is too much inventory, there is a risk of disposal due to product life, risk of price fluctuations, storage costs,Cash flowIt costs extra management costs such as deterioration of.Inventory is managed by product, lot, storage location, and location.
Of the productYieldIs managed by lot and by process.
Manage the manufacturing cost of a product.
It is necessary to manage the standard cost and the actual cost.
  • Development plan
We plan the development of new products.It will be carried out as part of the medium- to long-term plan.

Production control method

List typical management methods.

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