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📊 | Market Outlook March 3th Issue 18/3, Fed Chair Powell, Pay attention to the remarks after the FOMC Next to the Biden administration ...


Market outlook March 3 issue 18/3, Fed Chair Powell pays attention to what he said after the FOMC Next to the Biden administration ...

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● 5. Corporate Trends 1) Hitachi, Ltd. Received an order for subway vehicles from the Washington Transportation Bureau of 2,400 billion yen (NHK) 2) Panasonic withdrew from the household dry battery business in Europe (NHK) Continued investment in the battery business in Asia and Central and South America, where demand is expected. In Europe, consider building a battery plant for electric vehicles.

■ I.US Stock Market ● 1. Trends in the NY Dow 1) 3/15, NY Dow + $ 174 higher, $ 32,953 ・… → Continue reading

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