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💹 | Average 52% of Japanese companies increase DX investment, surpassing global – Twilio survey


Average 52% of Japanese companies expand DX investment, surpassing global – Twilio survey

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Mr. Konno also explained the business strategy for this year.

Twilio Japan will announce March 3th, 18 Digital Communication Major Trends and Corporate Advisors ... → Continue reading

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Business strategyWhat is (Jigyo Senryaku)?Business Administrationthe termone of.CompanyIndividual in the activityJewelry businessDetermined for eachstrategySay that.CompaniesManagement PhilosophyTheGroupAs a company-wide strategy, this affects the business strategy, but on the contrary, it may affect the company-wide strategy in some individual business strategies, so the strategy of the company is bidirectional in whole and part. It will be completed while influencing the target.

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