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๐Ÿ“Š ๏ฝœ Improved current car / door handle


Improved current car / door handles

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Volvo becomes a medium-sized car (1700 number) beyond the small frame just by protruding 30 mm by 3 mm from the door handle, and a slight difference in overall width will be a big tax burden.

โ— Number 5 and number 3 Small passenger cars (number 5) and medium-sized passenger cars (number 3) used to have a clear difference ...ใ€€โ†’ Continue reading

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door knob

door knob (British: Doorknob) Isใƒ‰ ใ‚ขTo open and closeๆ‰‹ ใฃ ๆ‰‹.Door handle(British: Door handle).


By rotating the knob, the empty lock that connects the door to the door frame is released and the door opens.A lever-type doorknob is provided in facilities and residences used by people who have difficulty in this operation, such as the elderly, although it is necessary to hold and rotate it.Some have a built-in door locking mechanism.In hospitals, etc. to prevent infection due to contactcopperAntibacterial materials such as are sometimes used.

May 2013, 11, CanadaVancouverThe city isBarrier-freeAnnounced that the installation of doorknobs in new buildings was banned from the viewpoint of (It is said that it will not be applied to existing buildings)[1][2].


As a room user to show his intention to othersDoorknob signThere is, which is used by hanging on the doorknob.Printed "vacant" and "in use" in corporate conference rooms, etc., and "Please make up the room" and "Please don't disturb" in private hotel rooms, etc. ) โ€Is printed on it.


Often in a rush scene destroying a movie doorShotgunThe scene of shooting through the doorknob is drawn with, but in order to disable the locking functionhingeIs sure to shoot[3]..On the other hand, one of the methods to invade indoors for theft is a method called "waist plate breaking" that hollows out the area around the doorknob and disables the locking function.[4].


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