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📊 | Kamo, the representative of CaSy, which operates a matching site for housework, has renewed the quality of "hotbed measures for crime elimination".


Kamo, the representative of CaSy, which operates a matching site for housework, re-examined the "hotbed of crime-free measures"

If you write the contents roughly
CaSy is the "NEXT1000" group that the Nikkei newspaper has sent out as a so-called unicorn company candidate in the future.

In the company / industry column on December 12, last year, "CaS, a housekeeping agency, to prevent the matching site from becoming a hotbed of crime ... → Continue reading

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Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Of this articleitem nameHas the following notational fluctuations.
  • Nihon Keizai Shimbun
  • The Nihon Ryoku Shimbun

Nihon Keizai Shimbun(Nihon Keizai Shinbun, Title: The Nihon Ryoku Shimbun,British: Nihon Keizai Shimbun) IsNihon Keizai ShimbunTo issueNews (Chinese)(Economic paper) And in a broad senseNational newspaperone of. Abbreviation isNikkei(Nikkei), orNikkei Shimbun(Nikkei Shinbun). The company motto is "Fairness in China, aiming for peaceful and democratic development of the economy that is the basis of our people's lives." The maximum number of printed pages is 48.


Because it is an economic paperStock priceStarting with the columnEconomy,industryThere are many related articles.Bank of TokyoとBank of MitsubishiMerger of (Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank→ CurrentMitsubishi UFJ Bank), Etc. in economic articlesJapan Newspaper Association AwardHas won many awards. Also,University,EconomicsInterested insocietyAs a serialized article forEconomic classThere is also a page.

Nihon Keizai ShimbunCalculatesStock index(Nikkei Stock Average) Is "NIKKEI 225As世界Is recognized as.Stock marketThe column isTokyo Stock Exchange(All stocks. Until July 2013, 7, before integrationOsaka Stock ExchangeNot only (all brands are recorded)Sapporo Stock Exchange,Nagoya Stock Exchange,Fukuoka Stock ExchangeEach original brand of is also recorded.

Regarding the number notation in the article, major newspaper companies are one after anotherArabic numeralsWhile changing to (1, 2, 3 ...) notation, in general articles, except for some such as age notation, it is stillChinese numeral(XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX ...) It was mainly written. Also,Local newspaperIn other papers, including Arabic numerals, the numbers in sports articles were written in Arabic numerals, but some were used in Chinese numerals. Furthermore, the Chinese numeral notation in the percentage notation in the article has almost disappeared in other papers except Nikkei. From the morning edition of June 2009, 6, the notation was changed to Arabic numerals even in general articles.

Various contents announced by companies as contents peculiar to NikkeiWei  Ce(Announcement of financial resultsEtc.) were often posted. Of major companies with financial results for the fiscal year ending MarchGeneral meeting of shareholdersThe paper in late June, where the concentration ofFinancial statementsReprint of dozens of pages in the announcement of financial results (Two-part paper) The paper was attached, and in some cases, the total number of pages including this paper was close to 100. However, in February 2005, the electronic public notice system (インターネットUsedPress releaseIt is a public notice methodEDINET) Is enforced by law, and in principle, the companyWeb pageThe reprints are a thing of the past, as the number of companies listed only in.

In addition to this, the political and social aspects are also substantial,SportsThe relationship will be described laterHorse racing(Central horse racing) Is weak. Exceptionallyサ ッ カ ーIn some cases, related articles are taken up as special articles larger than general newspapers. The local version is weak except for economics.EntertainmentThere is almost no personal news related. Social4 comic strip cartoon, There is no column for readers to post ("Airflow" in the Yomiuri Shimbun, "Voice" in the Asahi Shimbun, etc.).

On saturdayTwo-part paperThe corresponding "Nikkei Plus 1" has been published.

For horse racing, the seriesRadio NIKKEI(Old radio protein)Japan Central Horse RacingSponsoredCentral horse racingRelationships undertaking official race commentary and multiple sponsored races (Nikkei Award,Nikkei Shinshun CupBecause of this, it is demonstrating a certain level of strength, and a reporter specializing in horse racing appears in the group's broadcast media and provides commentary.

1st TV columnIs published on the final page of many other newspapers, while in NikkeiInside page(The final side is "culture" and "My resume・ Serial novels, etc.). Until March 2009, in some areas, following the local newspaper, TXN affiliated stationsNHKIt was posted next to (in the Hokkaido version)TV HokkaidoOne example is that the program section of was posted next to NHK. The current situation is "TV sideSee the section). Also, TXN Kyushu (currentlyTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting) Was the first Japanese terrestrial television station in 1996Korean drama seriesWhen the broadcast of the program was started, the content was posted every week on a paper for Fukuoka Prefecture, and the regional version of the TXN affiliated station is focusing on introducing the program content of that station.

Because there are few stores affiliated with our companyYomiuri Shimbun,Asahi Shimbun-Mainichi Newspapers-Chunichi Shimbun-West Japan NewspaperEach ofSales outletMany areas are outsourced to. When making a contract, many newspaper companies allow dealers to provide goods (daily necessities, etc.) to the contractor at their own discretion, but Nikkei does not do this. In April, which is the beginning of the year, Nikkei edits the economic terminology dictionary and other booklets, and offers a service to present to contractors.

List priceIs sold in one copy (1 yen for the morning edition, 180 yen for the evening edition (from November 70, 2017)) and monthly (11 yen for the morning and evening edition set).

In addition to our own factory1980 eraSince then, it has been actively engaged in printing outsourcing alliances with major local newspapers throughout Japan.

On the other hand, on the Internet, "NIKKEI NET" was opened to provide free news articles (some paid subscriptions are available). Site renewal to "Nikkei Electronic Edition" (nickname: Web publication) after March 2010, 3[2]], Along with this, in principle, article browsing will be charged, and paid membership registration will be required to browse all posted articles, and membership registration acceptance has started from March 3 of the same year.URLAlso moved to "http://www.nikkei.com/", all past articles published under the old domain "http://www.nikkei.co.jp"Broken linkIt became. Currently, a monthly fee of 4,200 yen is required to register as a paid member. For Nikkei newspaper home delivery subscribers, if you add 1,000 yen to the monthly subscription fee, you can also register as a paid member << Payment method is from the beginning of the site renewalCredit cardLimited to[3]》. There is also a free membership registration plan, in which case you can browse a limited number of articles limited to paid members.[4][5].. From July 2019, 7 with Nihon Keizai ShimbunTV TOKYO HoldingsAlso investedInternet video distributionservice"ParaviThere is also a set discount with[6].

Regarding the principle of charging for article browsing due to site renewal, the president'sTsuneo Kita"The content on the net isFreeThere is an idea, but good quality content is not free. Western media are already trying (to charge). " This is perceived as an indication that the operation of a news site that relied on advertising revenue at the time was at a crossroads.[7].

In addition, the electronic version is promoting multi-device support, and in addition to the website for PC browsers and the website for mobile terminals, the application for mobile terminals has been reconstructed into a layout for mobile terminals. There is a "version" app and a "Nihon Keizai Shimbun paper viewer" app that allows you to read the paper as it is. EachiOS,Android,Windows 8It corresponds to, and can be used with the same ID.

Artificial intelligenceWe are already conducting research on creating articles using (AI) technology.Tokyo UniversityYutaka MatsuoUsing technology developed jointly with laboratories and language understanding research institutes, financial statements summary is fully automatically created and published within minutes after publication based on the financial statements data of listed companies.[8].

As of January 2017, the number of paying members of the Nikkei electronic version has exceeded 1, making it the paid electronic version of newspaper media.New York Times(155 people),Wall Street Journal(96 people),Financial TimesIt is said to be the second largest after (64 people)[9].


The average annual household income of subscribing households is otherNational newspaperHigher than, and has a strong affinity with corporate executives[10].. The percentage of university graduates and graduates is also the highest among major national newspapers.[1].


2009According to a survey by the Newspaper Communications Research Committee, the score was 10 points in the distribution of "most conservative = 0 points, most innovative = 5.2 points" (National newspaperWas considered to be the most conservative of allYomiuri ShimbunIs 5.6 points, the runner-up isSankei Shimbun5.3 points,Mainichi NewspapersIs 5.0 points, the most innovativeAsahi ShimbunIs 4.4 points)[11].


Nihon Keizai ShimbunTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.We regularly conduct joint polls.

Since 2013, we have also conducted an independent questionnaire survey using Quick Vote, which allows paid and free account registrants of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun electronic version (published on the Web) to vote. [12]At the beginning of June 2017, the approval rating of the Cabinet by Quick Vote was about 6% lower than the result of the joint survey with TV TOKYO. On the other hand, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun has a bias in respondents because many people who are dissatisfied with the government visited Quick Vote, which is a microcosm of voters nationwide.Specimen surveyIt is criticized that it became a low approval rating different from[13].


Nihon Keizai ShimbunSee the same item for the history of

  • 1876May 12 : MitsuiIssued by "Chugai Shogyo ShimpoFirst published as. Weekly.
  • 1885July: Daily publication (closed on Sundays and the day after national holidays).
  • 1889January:"Chugai Shogyo ShinpoRenamed to[14].
  • 1905: Dissolution,Hirota NozakiSurvives as a sole proprietorship.
  • 1909: The trade name is "Chugai Shogyo Shinposha"[14].
  • 1911: First Japanese newspaper with capital of 10 yenLtd.Become[14][15].. In addition, the capital is also the parent company of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.Mitsui General PartnershipTransfer to[16].
  • 1920March:ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クEstablished a correspondent office in.
  • 1924March:Evening paperLaunched[14].
  • December 1924: Launched the evening newspaper "Osaka Chugai Shogyo Shinpo". Advance to Kansai[15][16].
  • 1940: Around this time, I left Mitsui Zaibatsu. Become independent management[16].
  • 1942May 11 : Newspaper Business OrdinanceAlong with,"Nikkan Kogyo ShimbunAnd "Economic Jiji Shinpo" and other economic newspapersIntegration[15][17].. At that time, in accordance with the title change order from the government authorities to "create a new Sankei Shimbun" as a condition of the merger, the title was changed to "Japanese Industrial EconomyRenamed to[14][17][Note 1].. At the same time, "Osaka Chugai Shogyo Shinpo" was discontinued.[15].
  • 1946May 3: With the end of the war, there was an opinion from the company to change the title forcibly named by the government, and the current title was devised at the time of the above-mentioned integration.Nihon Keizai ShimbunRenamed to ". The title is the calligrapher'sUeda KuwatoBy[17].. On March 3, the same year, the company name was changed to "Nikkei Inc."
  • 1947: President Toshie Obama has stipulated the company motto, "Fairness in China, aiming for peaceful and democratic development of the economy that is the basis of our people's lives."
  • 1961 : Osaka Head OfficeEstablished and re-entered Kansai for the first time in 19 years. At the same time, both head office systems with Tokyo are implemented[14].
  • 1966December: 12th anniversary of the first issue.
  • 1964: Moved the head office from Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo to Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku.
  • : The morning edition has exceeded 100 million copies (ABCNumber of circulation)
  • 1969: Major US publisher in AprilMcGraw HillIn collaboration with Nikkei McGraw Hill (currentlyNikkei BP) Established. In November, 11 channels in Tokyo (currentlyTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Participate in the management and promote multimedia.
  • 1967: Established "Computer Department" under the direct control of the president's office.
  • 1972: Completed the computer-based newspaper production system "ANNECS" (Automated Nikkei Newspaper Editing & Composing System).Development was extremely difficult, as the leader of the US development company, who became a development partner, said, "It is a difficult project comparable to NASA's Apollo program," but the completed new system is a newspaper production. Greatly contributes to cost reduction and speeding up.Nikkei electronic versionThe history of digitalization leading to its birth begins.
  • 1973April: Morning edition circulation exceeds 4 million (ABCNumber of circulation)
  • 1975: CurrentNikkei Stock AverageBegins to calculate the Nikkei Dow Jones Industrial Average, the predecessor of.
  • 1976December: 12th anniversary of the first issue.
  • 1983October: Morning edition circulation exceeds 10 million (ABCNumber of circulation)
  • 1987October: Morning edition circulation exceeds 4 million (ABCNumber of circulation)
  • 1991October: Morning edition circulation exceeds 4 million (ABCNumber of circulation)
  • 1996December: 12th anniversary of the first issue.
  • 2007May 1: On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the founding, the English name is "Nihon Keizai ShimbunFrom "NikkeiWas renamed to.
  • 2010May 3: First issue of electronic version.
  • 2010: Established TV TOKYO Holdings, a certified holding company.Under the umbrella, TV TOKYO, BS Japan, TV TOKYO Broadband "Nihon Keizai Shimbun electronic version launch" won the Japan Newspaper Association Award.
  • 2011: Nikkei Osaka Production Center and Nikkei West Production Center integrated, new company Nikkei West Japan Production Center. Business tie-up with TBS Holdings.Weekly English economic magazine "Nikkei Asian Review" launched.
  • 2011: The morning edition has less than 300 million copies (ABCNumber of circulation)
  • 2012: Chinese site "Nikkei Chubunnet" started. Established Global Business Bureau and Content Business Office. Reorganized into Human Resources and Education Business Headquarters.
  • 2013: Capital and business alliance with Wilson Learning Worldwide. Expanded cooperation with the British Financial Times (FT). Opened the e-book sales site "Nikkei Store". New English media "Nikkei Asian Review" launched.
  • 2014: Nikkeisha and Nikkei Advertising merged. Started calculation of new stock index "JPX Nikkei 400". Established Asia Editorial Directorate General in Bangkok. Established "Nikkei Group Asia Headquarters" in Singapore. The new editing system "NEO" won the Newspaper Association Award.
  • 2015May 7: British Economic PaperFinancial TimesWas acquired for about 1600 billion yen. FTJapaneseStart distributing the translated version. Nikkei Asian Review received the Asian Publishers Association Award and the IE Business School's "Economic Journalism Award in Asia" Best Media Award. Merged with Nihon Keizai Shimbun Digital Media.
  • 2016: "Official partner" contract for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Started calculation of "Nikkei Asia 300 Index" targeting about 300 leading companies in Asia.
  • 2017May 3: From this day, the one-sided layout with Saturday and Sunday will be renewed, only on Saturday and Sunday (evening edition on Saturday), and the title will be changed to horizontal writing mode (no character pattern). 1-page fold-in type in the middle of the main story on SundaySunday editionAs "NIKKEI The Style"[18]Started serialization. The Sunday edition emphasizes color photographs and graphics over other pages, so it uses high-grade white paper to make it easier to extract from other pages.
  • 2017: The morning edition is less than 250 million copies (ABCNumber of circulation)
  • 2019May 9: 2019Newspaper Association AwardIn the planning field of the editorial department of Nihon Keizai Shimbun, "A series of investigative journalism on the serialization project" Data Century "and the Internet society" (Data Economy coverage group, representative is Tetsuya Abe, Deputy Director of Corporate News Department) was awarded. In the management and business divisions, the "Nikkei Newspaper Advertising IoT Declaration" (represented by Wataru Murayama, Director of Advertising IoT Promotion Office) was awarded.
  • 2020May 4: Established "Okinawa Shimbun Database plus Nikkei Telecom" with Ryukyu Shimposha and Okinawa Times, and integrated the databases of the three companies
  • 2020December: Morning edition circulation falls below 12 million (ABCNumber of circulation)

Local version

  • The newspaperTV side(Morning-Evening paperPublished on the inside of Tomo2006May 1The papers issued by the Tokyo head office are used except for the final page (listed on the final page) and the regional economics (however, the social and weather columns may be replaced for each branch office).
  • Regional economy(Unlike the local editions of general newspapers, it specializes in economic and industrial information of the region), and the program guides are based on a considerably larger area than other national newspapers, and the number of pages is as small as one page. As of July 1, the regional economic aspects are Hokkaido, Tohoku, Niigata, Nagano, Kita-Kantou, Tokyo metropolitan area, Shizuoka, Chubu, Hokuriku, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu, and the metropolitan area is the Chiba version and Tokyo version.・ Saitama version / Kanagawa version, Kinki version A / B version / Keiji version / Hyogo version, Chugoku version Hiroshima version, Kyushu version Okinawa Kyushu version are available as variations (part of each base regional economic aspect) Is replaced with more fragmented regional economic information). In terms of regional economy, Sundays and Mondays andNational holidaysIt will not be posted the day after. In addition, paid members of the Nikkei electronic version can read the regional economic aspects of all regions.

Evening publication district

The area of ​​the "set version" where the evening edition is published includes Yamanashi PrefectureKanto region1 prefecture, 7 prefectures,Shizuoka,Tokai region3 prefectures,Kinki2 prefectures 4 prefectures,Yamaguchi ,Fukuoka,Saga(Excluding some remote areas and remote islands such as mountainous areas).

Other prefectures are full-day editions of the morning edition only (“integrated edition” by other companies in the same industry).Therefore, in the morning edition, the list of our locations at the bottom of the title says "Sapporo branch office," but it is omitted in the evening edition.When subscribing, it is not possible to subscribe to the full-day edition in the set version area, and conversely, to subscribe to the set version in the all-day version area, but at the discretion of the retailer, subscribe only to the morning edition or evening edition in the set version area. Is possible.Long time agoOkinawaWas a set version at the beginning of publication in 2008, but from January 2018, Okinawa Prefecture local newspaper (Ryukyu Shimpo-Okinawa TimesEtc.) Similarly, it was changed to the full-day version.

Okayama,HiroshimaIs basically only the full-day version, but JR WestOkayama stationとFukuyama stationThen.KioskThe evening edition published by the Osaka head office is sold as part of.

About the TV side

  • The TV side of the morning edition is of terrestrial TV and radio.A TV scheduleAnd satellite broadcasting (BS and CSNikkei CNBCEtc.) and are posted separately. Also,NHK E TeleOf these, multi-broadcast sub-channels that are mainly implemented during the daytimeOne Seg 2The organization of is a very small sizeNHK General TelevisionIt is posted under the full-size program guide of. In addition, metropolitan area A district (Ibaraki-Tochigi-Gunma) In the newspaperNHK Mito Broadcasting StationDigital comprehensive TVIbarakiThe program guide for the replacement broadcast is also posted in quarter size (in this case, NHK Mito replacement is placed under the full size of the general TV, and the multi-organized program guide for digital education is placed under the full size of the educational TV. ing)[Note 2].
  • The program guide isTokyo News TsushinThe one delivered is adopted. By the way, it is the first distribution supply adopted in the Tokyo head office version in 1973.
  • Previously about terrestrial and BS analog broadcastingHokkaido, Metropolitan area, Shizuoka prefecture, Chukyo wide area, Kinki wide area, Fukuoka prefecture / Saga prefectureG codeI posted the program guide with the entry,2009May 1Finally abolished the attachment. this isDigital terrestrial broadcastingIt is said that the purpose is to increase the amount of program information in order to correspond to (G code invalid).
  • 2009May 3Since then, the arrangement of TV program listings has been changed nationwide. The cut of the station name notation has also been changed to bring the remote control key ID notation to the front (in some areas, the analog channel number of the master station is also written).
Old:NHKSynthesis→ NHK Education→ Commercial broadcasting by prefectureAnalog tvChannel number in ascending order or opening order
New: NHK General (only displayed as NHK) → NHK Education (only displayed as NHK)2011May 6From "NHK E-Tele") → Commercial broadcasting digital broadcasting by prefectureRemote control key IDIn ascending order
Actual example (only full-size commercial broadcasters are posted)
  1. Kanto area
    Old:Nippon TV→TBS TV→Fuji Television Network, Inc→TV Asahi→Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
    New: Nippon TV → TV Asahi → TBS TV → TV Tokyo → Fuji TV[Note 3]
  2. Kinki area
    Old:Mainichi TV→ABC TV→Kansai TV→Yomiuri Television→TV Osaka
    new:MBS TV(Daily TV until July 2011, 7) → ABC TV → TV Osaka → Kantere (Kansai TV until March 24, 2015) → Yomiuri TV
    TV OsakaOsakaSince it is a broadcasting station in the area, there are areas that cannot be received outside the Keihanshin area.
  3. Chukyo area
    Old:CBC TV→Tokai TV→Me ~ Tele→Chukyo TV→TV Aichi
    New: Tokai TV → Chukyo TV → CBC TV → Me-Tele → TV Aichi
    TV AichiAichiSince it is a broadcasting station in the area, there are areas where reception is not possible in some areas of Hida, Gifu Prefecture, Kishu, Mie Prefecture, and Iga.
  4. Fukuoka prefecture / Saga prefecture
    Old:KBC Kyushu Asahi→RKB daily→TNC TV Nishinippon→TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting→FBS Fukuoka
    New: Kyushu Asahi KBC → RKB Mainichi (denoted as “Daily RKB”) → Fukuoka FBS → Tele Q → TV Nishinippon TNC
  5. Hokkaido
    New: HBC → STV → HTB → TVh → UHB
    TVh cannot be received in some areas of Eastern Hokkaido and Northern Hokkaido because relay stations are not installed (some areas)Cable TVHowever, since a relay station was set up in Eastern Hokkaido, which remained until the end by 2015, it became possible to watch on all roads.
  6. Shizuoka
    Old:SBS TV→TV Shizuoka→Shizuoka Asahi TV→Shizuoka Daiichi Television→ TV TOKYO
    March 2009, 3 --July 30, 2011: Shizuoka Daiichi Television → Shizuoka Asahi Television → SBS Television → TV Shizuoka → TV Tokyo[Note 4]
    TV TOKYO deviates from the principle of the order of the remote control key ID in ascending order, but since there are many areas where reception is not possible, it is posted on the far right as before. Key stations in Tokyo other than TV TOKYO and 5 stations with names are also reorganized in ascending order of remote control key ID and posted in half size.
    July 2011, 7-: Daiichi-TV (former: Shizuoka Daiichi Television) → Shizuoka Asahi Television → SBS TV → TV Tokyo → Teleshizu (former: TV Shizuoka)
    The arrangement of TV TOKYO and TV Shizuoka has changed. TV TOKYO is not a broadcasting station in Shizuoka prefecture, but a broadcasting station in the Kanto area, and TV Aichi is a broadcasting station in Aichi prefecture as mentioned above, but overall, the remote key IDs are in ascending order. Digital broadcasting of TV TOKYO is a part of the eastern part of Izu region in Shizuoka prefecture, and the digital broadcasting of TV Aichi posted in half size can be watched by cross-border reception or cable TV subscription in a part of the western region in Shizuoka prefecture.
  7. Okayama
    Old:TV set→Sanyo TV→OHK TV→Nishinippon TV→Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting
    New: West Japan TV → Setonaikai Broadcasting → RSK TV (former: Sanyo TV) → TSC TV Setouchi → OHK TV
    OkayamaとKagawaSince the TV station headquartered in Japan covers both prefectures, the Kagawa side (West Japan = 4, Seto Inland Sea = 5) with a small remote control key ID is listed first. The main part of the TV section of the Okayama version isShikokuIt is common with the wide area version.
  8. Okinawa
    Old:Okinawa TVOTV →Ryukyu BroadcastingRBC →Ryukyu Asahi BroadcastingQAB
    New: Ryukyu Broadcasting RBC → Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting QAB → Okinawa TV OTV
    Since there are only three commercial TV stations in Okinawa Prefecture, the program schedule of terrestrial radio stations in the prefecture including NHK is posted in the frame for the remaining two stations (NHK No. 3 is the same as the latte column in other prefectures). Half size, 2/1 size for other terrestrial radio stations in Okinawa). For this reason, all the frames of the original radio program guide have been replaced with advertisements. Also, like the prefecture's local newspapers, the program listings of broadcasting stations outside the prefecture are not published on TV or radio, but it is the only newspaper published in the prefecture.Radio NIKKEIThe program guide of is posted in half size. In addition, due to the nature of national newspapers, the program listings for cable TV and community broadcasting in the prefecture, which are found in prefectural newspapers, are not posted (this is the same for the latte column program listings in other prefectures). By the way, the Go and Shogi columns, which are usually posted at the bottom of this page, are listed at the bottom of the regional economy except for some days of the week.
  • Published on SaturdayTwo-part paperThe separate volume "Nikkei Plus 1" also contains a weekly program guide (spread on the middle side), but in principle, it is also posted according to the arrangement of the normal TV side for each region.
  • On the radio,Radio NIKKEIOnly the program of is explained.
  • Nihon Keizai Shimbun International Edition(Satellite newspaper for overseas) also reprints and records the contents of the Tokyo metropolitan area B version issued for the inside of Tokyo as it is.

News and scoops that attracted attention

Suspicious coverage/fabrication/scandal

  • Some Nikkei newspaper reporters to other companiesPart-time jobThere are people who write manuscripts on a daily basis, and there are companies whose stock prices have plummeted due to slanderous articles written by the company's reporters.[19].. In addition, some young reporters have an arrogant attitude, saying, "It's natural to have an interview with the president," and criticized by corporate public relations officials that "sometimes I want to decline due to lack of study."[20].. These structural problems of the newspaper were criticized by the media one after another in the 2000s (in addition to the above, the June 2002 issue of "Themis", "Truth about the rumorThere are also examples such as the July 2002 issue). Also,Hiroshi Okumura"Ask for leaks to interpret the news," said economic commentator Ryo Hatou.Internet bubbleDon't instigate. "[19].
  • 2003May 12,PSXAt the time of releaseBic cameraA subsidiary of Nikkei Inc., which was taking pictures at the Yurakucho storeNikkei BPThe reporter bought the PSX himself, and even though the armband with the word "report" was shown, a picture was taken with the PSX raised, and an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun said, "PSX is on sale. A man who buys a PSX." And the article came out with the picture.Nikkei Inc. admitted that he was a reporter for Nikkei BP and apologized for neglecting his duties during the interview because the news armband was shown.[Source required].
  • 20044 of the monthIraqi Japanese hostage caseSo, the detailed addresses of the three people I got from the interview are the same as other companiesWeb pagePublished above. Deleted after being pointed out by readers[Source required].
  • In 2005,Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationとYamato SecuritiesI wrote an article skipping "Integration", but despite the fact that there was no such fact at that time, the Nikkei newspaper continued to "Prolong the integration of Sumitomo Mitsui and Daiwa Securities", "Top change, strategy review" and " "Follow-up report" continued to be issued. "Public relations IR intelligence" has been criticized for taking up this matter and saying that it is "excuse me".[20].
  • Privatization of postal servicesBorn in Japan Post, formerly president of Japan PostDaieiThere was a report that the adjustment was started in the direction of appointing Vice President Kazuo Kawa, but in a later reportIto-YokadoIt was replaced with the name of Mr. Kurao Kawa, Executive Officer and General Manager of Logistics Department. In other words, because the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported the person "river" by mistake, Shukan Bunshun published a criticism article saying "The back of the article is sloppy", and even in "Public Relations IR Intelligence", "The desk can not check the article" In addition, he will recover and give false reports. "[20].
  • In December 2005, a special feature about a video equipment development company was created without five steps, but the content was messy because the young female reporter who was in charge of the article did not study enough, and the company was in charge of correction work for business partners. The chased client was also furious. However, when he protested against Nihon Keizai Shimbun, he said he refused to correct it.[20].
  • 2006IsJapan AirlinesIn the turmoil over the retirement of the president ofNihon Keizai ShimbunThe fact that the reporter was deeply involved inWeekly BunshunIs reported by.
  • Discovered in 2007,OsakaHirakataSecond orderIncineration plantGeneralCompetitive biddingBe involved inOfficial riggingAbout the incident, the Nikkei newspaper2007May 7In the morning edition, at that time in the cityMayor OfHiroshi Nakatsuka General contractorI posted an article saying that I was receiving entertainment frequently from, but the boss said, "This article is false."2010ToOsaka District CourtToLawsuitRaised.2012May 6The district court said, "The content of the interview is poor."LibelAnd ordered Nihon Keizai Shimbun to pay 600 million yen to the boss.[21].. In this case, Nikkei broke the confidentiality rule of the source of the interview and was the source of the interview at that time.Osaka District Public Prosecutor's OfficeI submitted the real names of the two executives as evidence. About this actAkihiro Otani,Soichiro TaharaWas criticized by[22]. 
  • 2008May 10, Morning edition on the social side, stock traderFumie WakabayashibyNikkei QUICK NewsReported an article plagiarism case. The plagiarism by stock trader Fumie Wakabayashi was discovered in June 2008. Article plagiarism extends from December 6 to June 2006. During this time, Fumie Wakabayashi plagiarized the stock-related news copyrighted by Nikkei QUICK on the free browsing page of his official website and the paid membership e-mail magazine, and the number reached 12. At the time of discovery, an official of the Nikkei Inc. called it a "rarely seen malicious plagiarism case" and considered criminal accusations, but the Nikkei Group itself touted Fumie Wakabayashi as a "charismatic beauty trader" in the past, and the Nikkei Group Since it was used for seminars sponsored by the company, the criminal accusation was postponed and Wakabayashi was forced to pay the amount equivalent to the article usage later.[23].
  • 2010May 1In the evening edition ofDemocratic PartySecretary-General-Ichiro OzawaPolitical fund management organizationRikuzankaibyPolitical fund balance reportIn connection with allegations of falsehood and non-statement regardingTokyo Inspection Special Investigation DivisionSeized (former clerical staff)石川In the notebook of a member of the Diet,Mizutani ConstructionThe name of the hotel where the transfer was made was written in the column on October 5000, 04, when former executives of the hotel handed over 10 million yen. " However, the number actually written in the notebook is not "15" but "04", and moreHotelThe time when the name was listed was also April. The Nikkei newspaper posted a corrected article in the morning edition of the following day, 4th, and canceled the relevant part of the article and headline.[24].
  • 2011From around that time, the Nihon Keizai ShimbunNTT DoCoMo iPhone,iPadI have reported several skipped articles such as issuing, but every time I report it, NTT DoCoMo has totally denied it in the press release.[25].
  • August 2012, 2,NintendoIn the article about NintendoSatoshi IwataThere was an inaccurate report from the presidentTwitterPointed out in the comments from. Iwata said, "Ignoring the context and arbitrarily extracting words, writing a mixture of facts and speculation, it is a method like gossip magazine," and it is repeated many times. Point out that[26].
  • In the morning edition of May 2012, 5OsakaTheme park "Universal Studios Japan(USJ) ”is a huge project, and the popular movie“Harry potterIt was reported that a new area with the theme of the series would be established, but this was originally requested by the media companies to refrain from reporting until 14:XNUMX on the same day so that USJ would be a surprise production for general invited guests. However, the night before the announcement, the Nikkei newspaper contacted us to publish an article about the project in the morning edition, so USJ was forced to do so.Yomiuri ShimbunとAsahi ShimbunArticles are also allowed to be published in each morning edition of. As a result, the surprise effect was halved, and criticism was received from the people concerned, saying that "Nikkei's response is contrary to faith and rude to invited guests and guests from overseas."[27].
  • On June 2012, 6, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun titled "Nintendo Counters Smartphones"NintendoNext-generation machine "Wii UTocar navigation,E-bookSuch asSmartphoneI wrote a skipped article that it has the same function as[28].. However, Nintendo was on the same dayPress release"It was not announced or confirmed by our company, but it contained many mistakes, and it was a complete speculation article of Nihon Keizai Shimbun," and completely denied this article.[29].
  • 2013In an article dated February 2th[30],Democratic PartyEven during the administrationChinese PLA NavyFrom the ship ofJMSDFTowards the shipFire control systemWas irradiated, but at that timePrime Minister Noda,Deputy Prime Minister OkadaThey reported that they avoided disclosing the facts because they decided that they did not want to worsen Japan-China relations, but the House of Representatives on February 2 the following day.Budget CommitteeAnd at the House of Councilors Budget Committee on February 2Minister of Defense OfGoden OnoderaDenies this[31][32].. In response to this report, the Democratic PartyKatsuya OkadaとGo HosonoProtest is issued from[33][34],Yoshihiko NodaAlso announced a comment with no facts[35].
  • In 2013, NTT DoCoMo published the Nihon Keizai ShimbunVoice call flat rate systemI posted an article saying that I am considering the introduction of the iPhone, but as with the iPhone report, NTT DoCoMo has announced a press release of total denial.[36].
  • In the morning edition and electronic version dated August 2015, 8,Mitsubishi Estate Tokyo Station400m class nearbySkyscraperI posted an article about building[37], This is because of the disclosure of fair and accurate information of Mitsubishi EstatePress releaseMitsubishi Estate criticized "I feel regrettable", saying that it was a report while requesting media companies to refrain from reporting and interviewing until the end of the report.[38].. Later, Mitsubishi Estate built a 390m skyscraper (Tokiwa BridgeRedevelopment project) was officially announced[39],ThatPress conferenceA sticker that refuses to enter the Nihon Keizai Shimbun was posted in the hall.[40].
  • After midnight on May 2020, 5, in the Nikkei electronic version, in August 22, with the title "Fuji Rock is also canceled, summer without festivals, correction of music business is inevitable"NiigataWill be held atFuji Rock Festival"ButNew coronavirusAlthough it was delivered that it was canceled due to measures to prevent the spread of infection, the organizer did not actually announce the cancellation, and later apologized for the incorrect posting. The announcement date and time of the festival cancellation is "● day", and Nihon Keizai Shimbun Inc. has posted an apology saying "I accidentally posted an unfinished manuscript in the electronic version."[41][42][43].. On June 6, the same year, the organizer held the festival,2021Officially announced that it will be postponed to[44].

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The entire page for one month (final edition issued by the Tokyo head office) was reduced to A4 size and put together in one book.Newspaper reduced editionIs published at the end of every month.

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  • From March 1956, 3, the autobiography of celebrities in various fields, "My resumeIs being serialized.
  • In manga, until 1995, "Domo』(Fukuchi Awasuke) Was serialized, but ended due to the sudden death of the author. Since then, the manga has not been serialized.

Hong Kong Apple Daily Headquarters Attack

August 2020, 8 in Hong KongApple DailyFounder when the headquarters was attackedLi ZhiyingIncluding Mr.GardenSocial activists were arrested. On the same dayNihon Keizai ShimbunHong Kong office was also searched by Hong Kong police[45].


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