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💹 | JRA Strategy 3/28 "WIN5 Daisakusen" -Aim for an investment of "roughly 3 yen" for 1000 million yen !!-

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JRA Strategy 3/28 "WIN5 Daisakusen" -Aim for an investment of "roughly 3 yen" for 1000 million yen !!-

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However, even in the last 10 years, Mr. Melody and Copano Richard have been crowned with no distance experience, so there is no need to discount.

~ March 3th WIN28 target race ~ ① Nakayama 5R Haruko S Harmony Magellan Force of Will 10 heads 2… → Continue reading

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Mr melody

Mr melody(British: Mr Melody)Japan OfRacehorse,Stallion.. The main winning saddle is2018 OfFalcon stakes(GIII),2019 OfTakamatsunomiya Memorial(GI).


2 years old (2017)

Debuted on November 11th in the new horse race in Tokyo.If you take the initiative from a good start, you will push the trailer in a straight line and beat Ryonotesoro by 4 horses.[2].. In the second race, the Kantsubaki Award escaped lightly along the way, but was overtaken by Meisho Samson and finished second.[3].. The Esperanza Award for the third race ended in 3nd place because he couldn't exchange the overlight that came out earlier even though he extended his legs from the middle team.[4].

3 years old (2018)

On February 2rd, under 3 million in Tokyo, when he easily escaped from the pursuit of the previous team, he won the second victory with a difference of two horses and a half.[5]..It was the first turf raceFalcon stakesWhen he stretches his legs from the high-ranking pursuit, he finally shakes off the pursuit of Asakusa Genki and wins the first victory of the heavy prize.[6]..その後5月のThen in JulyNHK Mile CupAlso stalled in 2nd place and lost to 4th place.After a break, he was the most popular runner in the Auro Cup in November, but finished in 11th place.At sunsetHanshin CupGoes straight into the inside of the Baba from a good pursuit, but runs awayDiana HaloIt will be the second place without mixing[7].

4 years old (2019)

2 month 24 dayHankyu HaiI started from, but there was an accident where I was hit by another horse in a straight line, so I finished 7th.[8].. April 3Takamatsunomiya MemorialIs a straight line from the top group and vividly leads and the endSeiun KoseiAchieve the first G1 victory with a half-horse difference[9].

It was the first actual battle in about half a yearCentaur StakesThen, although he was a GI horse, he was worried about the rotation and won three heavy prizes.Tower of LondonIt will be the second most popular after.In the race, he went a little forward from the middle team and tried to get out in a straight line, but he could not catch up with other horses such as Tower of London, which won the record, and finished in 2th place.[10].

Aiming to conquer the Spring / Autumn Sprint GISprinters stakesIt is,Danon smashとTower of LondonWhile there is a strong view that it is a two-strong confrontation, Honma was not good at losing the previous race and turning clockwise, and because he hit the outer frame, he dropped the evaluation to the sixth popularity.The race is straight and moves early and runs awayMozu SuperflareI tried to catch it, but I couldn't reach it, and I was exchanged with the winner Tower of London and Danon Smash, but I managed to stick to 4th place.[11].

after that,Urawa RacecourseHeld atJBC SprintAlthough he was the most popular racer, he stalled in a straight line and lost to 1th place.

5 years old (2020)

6 month 7 dayYasuda MemorialReturned with, but lost 11th place (details70th Yasuda KinenSee).September 9th with a restCentaur StakesThen 3rd, October 10thSprinters stakesThen I left a decent result with 4th place.And it was announced that he will retire from the 11th JBC Sprint on November 3rd. Canceled racehorse registration on November 12th[1]On October 12stHokkaidoNiikappu-gunNiikappu Town OfYushun Stallion StationでStallionEntered[12][13].


When he won the Takamatsunomiya Kinen, Mr. Kazunori Shimizu, who is the representative of the owner Green Fields, said, "It was really good because I had a strong desire to use it as a breeding horse because it was a production piece of Scat Daddy." ing.Although Scat Daddy himself has already passed away, the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred HorseJustifyStartedCaravaggio,Mendelssohn,No Nay NeverProduction pieces are active all over the world.In addition, as the demand for scat stallion with Scat Daddy's blood is increasing year by year, we have received offers from overseas to include Mr. Melody stallion.

Race results

The following content is information on netkeiba.com[14]based on.

Race dayRacecourseRace nameCaseDistance (Baba)Head
Order of arrivaltime
(Up 3F)
1st horse (2nd horse)Horse weight
2017.11.04Tokyo2-year-old new horseDa 1300m (good)1311001.50(1 people)01stR1: 17.4(36.0)-1.3%0Keita Tosaki55(Ryonotesoro)474
0000.12.02ChukyoCold camellia awardUnder 500Da 1400m (good)989001.10(1 people)02stR1: 24.5 (37.4)-0.20Yuichi Kitamura55Meisho Opus484
0000.12.28中山Esperanza AwardUnder 500Da 1200m (good)1636001.30(1 people)02stR1: 11.9 (37.9)-0.10C. Lemer55Overlight482
2018.02.03Tokyo3 years old under 500 millionDa 1400m (not)16713001.30(1 people)01stR1: 23.9 (36.5)-0.4%0Keita Tosaki56(Union Rose)480
0000.03.17ChukyoFalcon SGIIITurf 1400m (good)16510008.20(3 people)01stR1: 22.1 (34.7)-0.2%0Yuichi Fukunaga56(Asakusa Genki)482
0000.05.06TokyoNHK Mile CupGITurf 1600m (good)18816014.70(7 people)04stR1: 33.0 (34.9)-0.20Yuichi Fukunaga57Keiai Nautique486
0000.11.11TokyoAuro COPTurf 1400m (good)1635002.90(1 people)05stR1: 20.7 (34.1)-0.40Yuichi Kitamura56Lower Absolute490
0000.12.22HanshinHanshin CGIITurf 1400m (稍)1612006.00(2 people)02stR1: 21.2 (34.8)-0.10C. Demuro56Diana Halo492
2019.02.24HanshinHankyu HaiGIIITurf 1400m (good)18816004.00(1 people)07stR1: 20.8 (34.8)-0.50Yuichi Fukunaga56Smart Odin496
0000.03.24ChukyoTakamatsunomiya MemorialGITurf 1200m (good)1823007.80(3 people)01stR1: 07.3 (33.6)-0.1%0Yuichi Fukunaga57(Seiun Kosei)492
0000.09.08HanshinCentaur SGIITurf 1200m (good)13812004.70(2 people)08stR1: 07.7 (34.3)-1.00Yuichi Fukunaga58Tower of London496
0000.09.29中山Sprinters SGITurf 1200m (good)16713015.70(6 people)04stR1: 07.4 (34.1)-0.30Yuichi Fukunaga57Tower of London502
0000.11.04UrawaJBC SprintJpnIDa 1400m (heavy)1211002.30(1 people)06stR1: 25.9 (39.1)-1.00Yuichi Fukunaga57Bulldog boss499
2020.06.07TokyoYasuda MemorialGITurf 1600m (稍)14610181.9 (11 people)11stR1: 33.2 (35.7)-1.60Yuichi Kitamura58Gran Alegria504
0000.09.13ChukyoCentaur SGIITurf 1200m (good)1747004.10(2 people)03stR1: 08.1 (34.2)-0.20Yuichi Kitamura57Danon smash494
0000.10.04中山Sprinters SGITurf 1200m (good)1647023.70(7 people)04stR1: 08.8 (35.0)-0.50Yuichi Fukunaga57Gran Alegria492
0000.11.03OiJBC SprintJpnIDa 1200m16816009.40(5 people)12stR1: 12.2 (38.2)-1.50Yuichi Fukunaga57Sabuno Junior494
  • In the time columnRIndicates a record win

Pedigree table

Mr melody OfPedigree(Source of Pedigree Table)[§ 1]
Paternal lineStorm cat system
[§ 2]

Scat daddy
Dark bay 2004
Father father
Bay 1999
*HennessyStorm Cat
Island Kitty
Father mother
Love Style
Chestnut 1999
Mr. ProspectorRaise a Native
Gold Digger
Likeable StyleNijinsky
Personable Lady

Trusty Lady
Bay 1998
Deputy Minister
Dark bay 1979
Vice RegentNorthern Dancer
Victoria Regina
Mint CopyBunty's Flight
Mother's mother
Klassy Kim
Bay 1991
Silent ScreenPrince John
Prayer Bell
* Cool arrivalrelaunch
Irish Arrival
maternal(F-No.)(FN:8-k)[§ 3]
Within the fifth generationInbreedingMr. Prospector 3x5, Northern Dancer 4x5[§ 4]
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