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📊 | Corona-related bankruptcy 1178 cases, the most updated momentum for 2 consecutive months Tokyo Shoko Research


Corona-related bankruptcy 1178 cases, the most updated momentum for 2 consecutive months Tokyo Shoko Research

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Yamagata and Ehime prefectures have also updated the record highs, and experts and others are worried about the fourth wave, even though the state of emergency has been lifted and the timing is early.

On the 26th, Tokyo Shoko Research increased the number of domestic businesses that went bankrupt due to the corona disaster by 1 in a week, totaling 25, ... → Continue reading

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Ehime(Ehimeken,British: Ehime Prefecture) IsJapan OfShikoku regionに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheMatsuyama City.

Regulatory country OfIyo countryHit



Wide bowl

Geospatial Information Authority of Japan According to the report, the north, south, east and west ends of Ehime Prefecture are located at the following locations, with a length of 155.99 km east and west and a length of 157.16 km north and south.According to the Geographical Survey Institute's area survey by prefecture, city, ward, town, and village, the area of ​​Ehime prefecture is 5676.23 square kilometers.[1].

Northern end
34°18′6′N 133°16′29′E
Center of gravity
33°37′31′N 132°51′12′E
West end
33°20′40′N 132°0′45′E←
Center point
33°35′35.5′N 132°51′10′E
Eastern end
→33°56′50′N 133°41′35′E
Southern tip
32°53′5′N 132°27′11′E


And many others.

nature Park

National park
Seto Inland Sea National Park,Ashizuri Uwakai National Park
National park
Ishizuchi Quasi-National Park
Prefectural nature park
Shikoku Karst Prefectural Nature Park,Saragamine Mountain Range Prefectural Natural Park,Cape Sada Peninsula Uwaumi Prefectural Natural Park,Hijira Prefectural Nature Park,Kinsako Lake Prefectural Nature Park,Okudogo Tamagawa Prefectural Nature Park,Mt. Sasayama Prefectural Natural Park


Seto Inland SeaWith the side (Chuyo/Toyo)Uwa SeaIt differs greatly from the area facing the area (Nanyo).

On the Seto Inland Sea sideRiver,(I.e.Because there is no water, it is easy to suffer from drought. Water restrictions are often established in Matsuyama and other places. In addition,KumakogenIt is cool in, and highland vegetables are cultivated.

On the Uwakai side,KuroshioUnder the influence oftyphoonBecause of this, precipitation in the warm season is generally high.

Although it is a southern country, there are 1-2 snowfalls a year in winter. EspeciallyKanmon StraitThe wet northwest passing through the sky(I.e. Iyo NadaIt is an area that crosses the land and hits the landCape Sada PeninsulaからUwajima CityThe Nanyo area to the north may be hit by heavy snow near 20 cm in the plains. As aboveWinter pressure distributionBelow, the feature is that there is more snow on the Uwakai side than on the inside of the Seto. On the other handSouth coast lowThere is a mountain on the south side of the snowfall at Toyo center where it is easy to store cold air. Also,Kumakogen TownInland areas are cold in winter and there are also ski areas.

Direct hit of typhoonKochiLess than However, the typhoonChugoku,Sea of ​​JapanIf you leave the area, that is, if you enter the eastern half of the typhoon, strong winds are likely to cause damage. Past, several times, due to strong windcitrusThe fruit damage ofSalt damageIs occurring. Also, the eastern part of the prefectureShikokuchuo City,NiihamaThen.Yamaji styleSuch phenomena are also observed.

Northwest(I.e.Under the influence ofwinterThe number of days of precipitation inPacific Coast ClimateBelongs toRegionThere are many compared toSea of ​​JapanNot as much as the side.

Warm days continue even in winter,(I.e.,Light snowThere are also days when it rains, from winterSpring:Hanging on(I.e.There are few days.

Pacific highCovered insummerIs unique to the Seto Inland Sea coastcalmOccurs, and the daytime temperature exceeds 35 degreesIntense heat-Extreme heatNextTropical nightOften becomes.

Normal values ​​in various places in Ehime Prefecture (statistical period: 1971-2000, Source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information)
Average price
Nanyo districtChuyo districtToyo district
Ikata Town
Ozu City
ContinentSeiyo City
Onikita Town
UwajimaMatsuyamaMatsuyama City
Matsuyama Minamiyoshida
Kumakogen Town
ImabariSaijoNiihamaShikoku Chuo
(° C)
Warmest month25.8
Coldest month6.2
Precipitation amount
Most months245.5
Minimum month42.3

Area classification

Toyo, Chuyo, Nanyo

Divide the prefecture area into threeToyo,Chuyo,NanyoIs often called. In this case, Toyo meansImabari,Saijo CityRefers to the eastern region. What is Nanyo?Ozu City,Uchiko TownRefers to the west. Chuyo is a region other than this. By the way,MeijiIn the periodKita-gunSome say that (current Ozu City, Uchiko Town) was also included in Chuyo. The three categories are familiar to the citizens of the prefecture, and even now that they are often displayed in municipalities, some broadcastersEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs also displayed in three categories.

5 local stations

In the administrative division, the local bureau of Ehime Prefecture (from east to Saijo, Imabari, Matsuyama, Hachimanhama, 5 locations in Uwajima) is also used, but the users are mostly limited to administrative personnel.2008(20)4, Toyo (Saijo), Nakayo (Matsuyama), Nanyo (Uwajima) has been reorganized into a system of three stations, Imabari, Hachimanhama is a branch office.

6 metropolitan areas

The following 6 areas have been set by the prefectural offices. The population is2006(18)May 6Current estimated population.


There are the following 11 cities, 7 counties and 9 towns in the prefecture.townAre all read as "chou".village The2005 (Heisei 17)/1/16 OfmergerHas disappeared.The regional division is different from the above division by the prefectural office.



The place name of "Ehime" used to beRecord of Ancient MattersOf the first volumeIzanagiとIzanamiIt appears to be "Iyu-kuni, so-called Aibi" (Iyo-kuni is so-called Ai-buri) in the stage of national life by. Later, "Aiburi" was transformed into "Ehime". It is the only prefecture with a god name.


People have lived in the prefecture for more than 2 years.1995(7) Tomine and Takami I remains in the former Futami town of Iyo City[Annotation 2]でAT volcanic ashStone tools have been excavated from underneath (Aira and Isawa volcanic ash).

Ancient times

The current Ehime prefectureRegulatory countryAtIyo countryHit

Matsuyama CityThe Kume area is KumeNational constructionIt was the territory controlled by and also its central location. 7-8th century generations on and around the Kishi Plateau between Horikoshi River and Ono River in Kume areaOfficialThe remains are concentrated and distributed, and excavations are underway. The government office is located on the north side of the plateau, the “Corridor Northern Government Office” is located in the center, the “corridor structure” is located in the south-southeast, the Kuriju Abandoned Temple Tower is located outside of the southeast, and the “Kume-gun Saisho-in Temple” is located in the west.[3].. Kuruzumi Abandoned Temple is a temple built to overlap the eastern half after the corridor-like structure was destroyed at the end of the 7th century.

中 世

Edo Period

Iyo Hachihan, that is,Matsuyama Domain,Kishu clanOf the clanSaijo clan,Komatsu Domain,Imabari Domain,Ozu DomainAnd the feudal clanShintani Domain,Uwajima DomainAnd the feudal clanYoshida Domain.. Very short term,Kawanoe DomainExisted.[5]


Postwar/Late Showa

1955Although it was a nationwide movement since (30), the merger of cities, towns and villages has progressed rapidly,1954As of February 29st (Showa 2), there were 1 municipalities in 6 cities and 41 towns, totaling 186 municipalities.1958By 33st April (Showa 4), there were 1 cities in 10 cities, 42 cities.
Most mergers1956(Showa 31) It was fulfilled in the middle. afterwards1963Until around (Showa 38), the merger continued in May. Since the beginning of the 40s,Mibugawa Town-MiyoshiMerger (the birth of Toyo-cho, the following yearToyo CityPromoted to),Hisaya Village OfMatsuyama CityTransfer toUwakai Village OfUwajima CityIt was only transferred to.



In Ehime,Second World WarAfter that, the population surged and peaked in 1955 at around 154 million.High economic growthIn the period (late 1950s-early 1970s), a large-scale population outflow (social decline) occurred and entered a downward trend. From the latter half of the 1970s to the first half of the 1980s, the outflow of the population was small, and the trend of recovery began again. Around 1985 million people in 153, it begins to decline again[7].

By age, it peaked at 1950 in 55.8.Young population(Under 15 years old) is decreasing (Younger). afterwards,2 next baby boom(Baby boomer generationAlthough there was a period in which the population was maintained due to the birth, the long-term downward trend continues.Working-age population(15-64 years old) also started to decrease after peaking at 1985 million in 100.6.Elderly population(65 years old and over) increased due to the fact that the working-age population is entering old age and the extension of life expectancy (Aging) Has continued, and it was 2010% as of 26.5.[7].

As the outflow destination of the population,Tokyo area-Kansai(Osaka/Kobe area)Hiroshima,OkayamaThere are many. Also, in the prefectureToyo-NanyoからChuyoPopulation tends to move to[7].

Population distribution by age in Ehime prefecture and Japan (2005)Ehime Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
■Purple-Ehime Prefecture
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Ehime prefecture
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Prefectural government

Successive governors (public election)

Administrative agency

Local stations were set up in five cities (Saijo, Imabari, Matsuyama, Uwajima, Hachimanhama) as a prefecture's outsourcing organization, but due to financial difficulties in recent years and mergers of municipalities, they have been reorganized into three prefecture areas: Toyo, Chuyo, and Nanyo. The Toyo Regional Bureau is located in Saijo, the Nakayo Regional Bureau in Matsuyama, the Nanyo Regional Bureau in Uwajima, the Toyo Regional Bureau in Imabari, and the Nanyo Regional Bureau in Hachimanhama.

The agency is

Prefectural assembly


Bubble economyLarge-scale tourist facility maintenance at the timeBubble recessionThe fiscal balance of the prefecture deteriorated due to an increase in the outstanding amount of prefectural bond issuance as a result of economic measures during the period. The subsidy decrease due to the trinity reform has made it worse. Therefore, the prefecture is promoting financial reconstruction by freezing, reviewing and postponing large-scale public works, cutting salaries of prefectural staff, selling governor's offices, reorganizing administrative organs, and so on.

Heisei 18 year
  • Standard financial scale 3233 yen
  • Financial capability index 0.37232 (prefecture average 0.46). Ehime PrefectureFinancial capability indexIt is classified into 0.3-0.4 group III (11 municipalities).
  • Ordinary balance ratio 89.8% (prefectural average 92.6)
  • Real balance ratio 0.6%
  • Personnel and property costs per capita 13 yen (prefectural average 0046 yen)
  • Municipal bonds per capita Current amount of 65 yen (prefectural average 6826 yen) Note The above only calculates local government bonds.
  • Real debt service ratio 14.6% (prefecture average 14.7%)
  • The number of employees per population of 100,000 is 1,388.25 (prefectural average 1,173.11). We are working to reduce the number of staff in line with the capacity optimization plan.
  • Laspeyres index 97.1 (prefecture average 99.6)

Local bond balance

  • Ordinary account local bond current amount of 9719 billion yen
  • The balance of corporate bonds (local bonds) of special accounts other than the above 415 million yen
    • Main breakdown Hospital business accounting portion About 213 billion yen
  • Local government bonds, etc. of the third sector, etc. Â¥3 million
  • Total of local bonds, etc. 1 million yen (consolidated accounting)
  • Outstanding local government bonds, etc. per citizen of Ehime prefecture 70 yen (consolidated accounting)
Heisei 17 year
  • Fiscal strength index: Financial strength index of 0.34 (17))

National politics

House of Representatives

longLDPWas monopolizing the constituency,45th House of Representatives general electionIn Ehime 3 Wards,Yoichi ShiraishiWas elected.46th House of Representatives general electionThen again the Liberal Democratic Party monopolized the constituency in the single-seat constituency.Proportional Shikoku blockOf 2 wardsNishioka Arata, Of 4 wardsSakurauchi Bunjo(Both menJapan Restoration PartyOfficial) was revived and won.48th House of Representatives general electionThen Yoichi Shiraishi regained his seat.

Ehime Prefecture 1st Ward
Yasuhisa Shiozaki(LDP)
Ehime Prefecture 2st Ward
Seiichiro Murakami(LDP)
Ehime Prefecture 3st Ward
Yoichi Shiraishi(National Democratic Party)
Ehime Prefecture 4st Ward
Koichi Yamamoto(LDP)

House of Councilors

Like the House of RepresentativesLDPWas monopolized by21st House of Councilors electionThen defeat the current LDP candidateDemocratic Party-Social DemocratsIndependently recommended bySatoshi Tomochi(After that, after going through the Democratic PartyPeople's lives are the firstParty) was elected.2013 Of23st House of Councilors electionThen the Liberal Democratic Party NewcomerShikokuchuo CityLongTakumi IharaWas defeated by another candidate and was elected, and the LDP was to monopolize the seats again.

Ehime Prefectural Election District
Yamamoto Junzo(LDP)
Takae Nagae(Independent)

Legal Affairs Bureau

裁判 所


Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Matsuyama GarrisonTo be stationed at.Public orderandDefense dispatchWill be deployed at power plants, substations, airports, important ports, important bridges, petroleum-related facilities, important production plants, etc. in Ehime Prefecture. If the hostile force predicts an urgent attack, the target will be destroyed quickly. Also, in case of forest fire, drought, flood, etc.Disaster dispatchAlso in charge.

Economic and industrial


Ehime prefecture accounts for about 1% of the national economy and is called 1% economy.


Ehime Prefecture is geographically divided into Toyo, Chuyo, and Nanyo, but in terms of industry, the aspect varies greatly depending on these regions.

  • Toyo isShikokuchuo CityPaper relations,Niihama-Saijo CityChemical industry, non-ferrous metals, industrial machinery, electrical machinery,ImabariThe manufacturing industry is mainly for shipbuilding and towels.
  • Chuyo isMatsuyama CityIn the region centered around the city, Matsuyama city alone occupies one-third of the population of Ehime prefecture, and the tertiary industry is the main center of politics, economy, and commercial activities, but the chemical industry also develops in the coastal area. doing.
  • Nanyo specializes in primary industries, mainly citrus and aquaculture. On the other hand, the agglomeration of manufacturing industry is poor, and the economic base is also weak. Therefore, prefectures and local governments in Nanyo are trying to attract companies by offering subsidies to attract call centers.


All over the prefecturecitrusIs produced,Mandarin orange-IyokanIs famous.Kiwi fruit-ChestnutIs also famous. The mandarin orange2003Until (15), we have been the number one spot in Japan, albeit by a small margin. However2004For the first time in 16 years (34)WakayamaSurrendered to Japan's No. 2017 position and was in second place until 29 (FY2018) and in 30 (FYXNUMX)ShizuokaWas overtaken and came in XNUMXrd place.

  • Naked barley -The largest production in Japan.
  • Kiwifruit-No. 2 in production in Japan, about XNUMX% nationwide share.
  • Iyokan -Production volume is the largest in Japan, with a national share of about 8%.
  • Mandarin orange-No. 3 production in Japan, about 15% market share.
  • Ponkan -No. 1 in nationwide production, about 35% nationwide share.
  • Hassaku -The third largest production volume, about 3% of the national share.
  • Chestnut-3rd place in production volume, about 1% share in Japan.
  • Navel orange -The third largest production volume, about 4% of the national share.


Forestry output is 57 million yen (2010), timber production accounts for 41 billion yen, accounting for 71.2% of the total output.[8].. The ratio of timber production is 45.1% in the ratio of forestry output nationwide, which is higher in Ehime prefecture than in Japan.[8].. In wood production by itemJapanese cypressWas the most at 22 million yen, and thenCedarIs 18 million yen[8].

1980Has a forestry output of 254 million yen[9] However, the price has fallen sharply due to a drop in prices due to the inflow of foreign timber and a decrease in forestry workers.


It faces three sea areas with different properties, the Hitanada, Iyotanada, and Uwa Sea, and each has its own fishing industry.

  • HitanadaIn, fishing is carried out by small fishing boats. It used to be a good fishing ground for sardines, but resources are depleting and the catch is not high. In the coastal areas, aquaculture of seaweed and other fish is carried out on a small scale. In addition, Thailand, Devera, etc. can be caught in the straits such as the Kurushima Strait. However, aquaculture is not popular.
  • Iyo NadaThen, fishing boat fishing is the main focus. Small fish center.
  • Uwa SeaThen.pearl,Hamachi(Yellowtail)ofAquacultureIs thriving,ThailandIs the number one in Japan for aquaculture. Pearl culture was also the best in Japan for a long time, but due to the effects of mass mortality, it slipped from the top spot in Japan.

Manufacturing industry

The amount of manufactured goods shipped (2010) was 3 billion yen,Non-ferrous metalWas the highest at 6,044 billion yen (15.9% of the total), followed bypulpIs 5,211 billion yen (13.7%),Transport machineryIs 5,112 billion yen (13.5%),ChemicalIs 4,231 billion yen (11.2%) and oil and coal is 3,936 billion yen (10.4%).[10].

The total number of establishments (2010) is 2,434 establishments. By industry,foodWas the highest at 460 establishments (18.9%), followed byfiberIs 333 establishments (13.7%) and pulp is 225 establishments (9.2%).[10].. The total number of employees (2010) was 76,347 with food at the highest level at 13,574 (17.8%), followed by pulp with 9,769 (12.8%) and “fiber” with 7,647 (10.0%).[10].

In the manufacturing industry shipment amount by municipality,ImabariIs the most common at 8,871 billion yen,Saijo CityIs 8,113 billion yen,NiihamaIs 6,150 billion yen,Shikokuchuo CityIs 6,068 billion yen,Matsuyama CityIs 4,237 billion yen. The top fourToyo districtOf the city ofUeshima TownIncluding the above, Toyo district municipalities account for more than 7% (78.5%) of the total manufacturing industry shipment value etc.[10].

Toyo district
Fiber related
Sewing industry
Paper product related
Shikokuchuo CitySuch. In addition to general paper manufacturing (newspaper, printing paper, wrapping paper, sanitary paper, etc.),calligraphyProduction of daily necessities such as paper is active.
Niihama,Saijo Cityetc.Sumitomo Group(Sumitomo Metal Mining, Sumitomo Chemical, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, SEN), Steel (Nippon Steel),Mechatronicsな ど
Imabari City.Solar oil
Electric machinery
Niihama City, Saijo City, Imabari City.Renesas Electronics,Sumitomo Heavy Industries,Harrison Toshiba Lighting,Panasonic Healthcareな ど
Imabari City.Imabari ShipbuildingandShinkurujima Dockgroup.
Imabari City, Saijo City.Nippon Shokuken Holdings,Asahi beeretc.
Chuyo district
Fiber related
Chemical fiber-
Toray(Matsumae),Teijin(Matsuyama City) And other related factories.
Matsuyama City.Cosmo Matsuyama Oil,Mitsubishi Chemicaletc.
Matsuyama City,Toon CitySuch. Electric/electronic parts, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, etc. and their parts.Iseki agricultural machinery,Miura Industry, Panasonic Healthcare etc.
Matsuyama City. ,Shavings(Iyo City)Such Ehime beverage,Yamaki,Martomoetc.
Nanyo district

With the withdrawal of electronic parts factories and automobile parts factories, local employees are worried about the decline in employment. However, since the fishery industry is thriving, there are multiple factories for feed and other products.

Food Products
Uwajima Cityetc.Mercian,Nisshin Marubeni feedetc.
Fish paste products
(Jakoten-Kamaboko-Sharpened fish paste)Yawatahama CitySuch. Hachimizu kamaboko etc.


Formerly Niihama City (formerlyBesshi Yamamura)ofBesshi Copper MineThere were other mines, but they were closed one after another, and now they are only mining on Oshima in Imabari.

Construction industry

Bubble burstAfter that, public works were carried out one after another as a part of economic measures, and the construction industry thrived.Trinity reformDue to the decrease in public works, construction companies in the prefecture have gone bankrupt, and some companies are trying to rebuild such as company splits. The Nanyo district, which is suffering from the withdrawal of factories and business establishments due to the slump in the construction industry, has been severely damaged.

Retail trade

This section includes some computers andBrowsing softwareIncludes characters that cannot be displayed with (the first character of Shimaya is the old font of [High])(Details).

In a department store, in Matsuyama cityIyotetsu Takashimaya,Matsuyama MitsukoshiThere is. Mainly as closed storesDaimaru(Imabari-Niihama),Takashimaya(Imabari City). In addition,Imabari DaimaruIt is,2008(20) Closed in December.

The general supermarket has the following stores.

Fuji Grand:Fuji Grand Matsuyama,Fujigrand Shigenobu,Emiful MASAKIOther 9 stores in total
AEON group
oldJusco : Matsuyama City, Shikokuchuo City,Niihama
oldSaty : Imabari
After integration:Imabari
Maxvalu: Matsuyama City, Niihama City, Imabari City
The big: Niihama City, Matsuyama City, Imabari City
Marnaka: 27 stores throughout the prefecture, mainly in the Toyo and Chuyo areas

Once Nichii (Matsuyama, Imabari, Niihama, etc.),Daiei(Matsuyama, Niihama, Saijo, etc.),Izumi(Matsuyama), etc. had also made inroads, but as of January 2013 there are no such stores.

In recent years, it is a supermarket that is open 24 hours a day in OkayamaDaikoku Tensan(La Mu, Dio, since 2005) andHallowsThere is also a store offensive by (since 2010). (As of January 2020, 1 Daikokuten: 7, Hellos: 7)

Electricity/gas industry

Electricity in the prefectureShikoku Electric PowerIs supplied by the islands of Imabari city,Ueshima TownThen.China Electric Power, In the Besshiyama area of ​​NiihamaSumitomo Kyodo PowerPowered by.

The main power plant is

In addition, there are several hydro and wind power plants in the prefecture.

The prefecture has the Ikata Nuclear Power Station, which is the only nuclear power station in Shikoku. Shikoku Electric Power's nuclear headquarters is headquarteredTakamatsuWas installed in2011(23) We plan to relocate to Matsuyama City at the end of June except for some departments such as the Nuclear Fuel Department.[11].

City gasShikoku GasIt is maintained only in some areas such as Matsuyama City, Imabari City, Uwajima City. Therefore, most areas are supplied with propane gas.

Information and communication industry

In Ehime Prefecture, we are subsidizing to attract call centers,Nanyo districtHe has succeeded in attracting a call center to Matsuyama City. In addition to a call center, Matsuyama City also has a centralized administration center of a major insurance company.CybozuMany new jobs are being created, including plans to establish a development base in


The total number of tourists in Ehime prefecture is 2450 million (9), and the total consumption of tourists is 2011 billion yen (1049).[12].

By region, the Matsuyama area (Chuyo district) Is the most, with a total of 1010[13], Imabari area (Imabari-Ueshima Town), 436 thousand people, Yawatahama/Ozu area (Yawatahama City-Ozu City-Seiyo City-Uchiko Town-Ikata Town) Totals 402 people (3), Toyo Eastern region (Shikokuchuo City-Niihama-Saijo City) Total 335 thousand people, Uwajima area (Uwajima City-Matsuno Town-Onikita Town-Ainan Town) Has reached a total of 267.[13].

Tourists outside the prefectureOnomichiとImabariTieShimanami KaidoOpened, opened1999The total number of tourists outside the prefecture has exceeded 1100 million, and the number of tourists has increased significantly, which is called the "Shimanami Boom".[14].2000The number of tourists outside the prefecture decreased due to the end of the boom, but since then, the number has remained between 800 million and 1000 million[14].. The total number of tourists outside the prefecture in 2011 was 9,396 thousand, and the total consumption of tourists was 931 billion yen.[15].

Michelin guideHas a history of 2 years, each selected as 3000 stars in JapanDogo Onsen,ShikokuBiggestHirayama CastleIsMatsuyama CastleIn addition, there are tourist resources such as natural and cultural facilities peculiar to the East, Chugoku, and Nanyo regions, and many events are held in various parts of the prefecture every year.

Major companies headquartered in the prefecture

Listed companies

Unlisted company

Manufacturing industry (machinery/electrical equipment)

Manufacturing industry (shipbuilding)

Manufacturing industry (petroleum/chemical)

Manufacturing industry (paper and pulp)

Manufacturing industry (metal)

Major companies with base offices and factories in the prefecture

Major companies that have factories and offices in the prefecture (excluding the items above)

Financial institution


Credit union

post office


Life and transportation


Ehime Prefectural PoliceIt is under the jurisdiction of the headquarters. The following 16 police stations are located.

Japan Coast Guard

Sixth District Coast Guard HeadquartersUnder the jurisdiction of.

  • Matsuyama Coast Guard (Matsuyama City)
  • Imabari Coast Guard (Imabari City)
    • Niihama Coast Guard Station (Niihama City)
    • Mishima Kawanoe Branch (Shikoku Chuo City)
  • Uwajima Coast Guard (Uwajima City)
  • Kurushima Kaikyo Marine Transportation Center(Imabari City)



Currently, the airports in Ehime prefectureMatsuyama AirportOnly. For domestic flights,Tokyo-Narita-Osaka-Kansai-Central part-Fukuoka-Kagoshima-Naha, On international flightsShanghai-SeoulThere are regular flights to.1959から1965UntilNiihamaThere is a maritime airport in the Kuroshima area of ​​OsakaOitaThere was a regular flight to.


Regarding the JR line,Kawanoe StationからIyoichi StationThe section is electrified, and the number of regular trains during the day is less than one per hour throughout the prefecture.




Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital
Ehime Prefecture Disaster Base Hospital
List of Ehime Preschools


Part of the prefecture, especiallyNanyo districtIn public junior high school, there is still a problem of so-called compulsory club activities for students.

University/Junior college

National public


College of technology

Independent administrative agencyNational College of Technology

Secondary school



Other list

Facilities other than school education

Independent administrative agencyMaritime Education OrganizationStand


  • Ehime Prefectural Ehime Central Industrial Technology College(Imabari City) (Vocational development school based on the Vocational Ability Development Promotion Act)
  • (Matsuyama City) (Vocational development school based on the Vocational Ability Development Act)
  • (Niihama City) (Vocational development school based on the Vocational Ability Development Promotion Act)
  • (Uwajima City) (Vocational Development School based on the Vocational Ability Development Promotion Act)

Mass media

News (Chinese)

TV station


In Ehime prefectureTV Tokyo series4 major key stations except[Annotation 3] Can be viewed. However,Heisei New BureauAi TV and Ehime Asahi TV have a smaller number of relay stations than the starter station, so there are some areas where you can not watch, but these are building a high gain UHF antenna for surrounding relay stations,Cable TV in the prefectureRebroadcast on[Annotation 4] To join or affiliated with neighboring prefectures[Annotation 5] Either of these is required for complementary reception using.


In Ehime prefecture1957(32)May 5ToNHK Matsuyama Broadcasting StationBut the next1958(33)May 12ToNankai BroadcastingStarted TV broadcasting by VHF wave respectively. Four years later1962(37)May 6NHK Matsuyama has begun broadcasting educational TV (E-Television) in addition to the general TV until then, and as a result, this will be the last VHF station in Ehime prefecture. And UHF stations opened nationwide1969(44)May 12, Ehime Broadcasting (currently the first UHF station in Ehime Prefecture)TV Ehime) Was opened. After that, until the beginning of Heisei, there was no change in the television situation, and for 23 years, NHK, Nippon Television and Fuji-based 3 stations and 4 wave era continued. However, when entering Heisei1992(4)May 10ToAi TVBut,1995(7)May 4ToEhime Asahi TVSince the opening of the TV, the number of commercial broadcasts has suddenly doubled, and the television environment has changed and improved significantly. afterwards2006(18)May 10, All stations at onceTerrestrial digital TV broadcasting(Common name:Terrestrial digital), after 5 years of analog/digital coexistence period2011(23)May 7The analog broadcasting until then is finished and it reaches the present.

Radio stations

Community radio stations

Cable tv station

Amateur radio FM relay station (repeater) installation location/frequency

JR5WA (Matsuyama CityTakanawa mountain) 439.40 MHz, 1291.38 MHz, 2426.22 MHz
It is installed on the Takanawa Peninsula protruding from the Shikoku side into the Nishi Seto Inland Sea, on the summit of Takanawa Mountain with an altitude of about 1000 m, relaying Matsuyama with the first and second populations of Ehime Prefecture and Imabari, and a wide area such as the coastal area of ​​the Nishi Seto Inland Sea. Repeater with various service areas
JR5WC (Kumakogen TownJingamori) 439.82 MHz, 1292.82 MHz
Saragamine Mountain Range Prefectural Natural ParkIt is located in Jingamori, an altitude of 1,200m, and is located at the highest peak in the prefecture. In addition to relaying the Matsuyama Plain and Kuma-Kogen Town, it also includes the Seto Inland Sea coastal areas of western Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, and Oita as service areas.[Annotation 6].
JR5WK (Uwajima CityKoiwamichi) 439.76 MHz, 1292.36 MHz
A repeater located on Koiwamichi (formerly Tsushima Town) at an altitude of about 450m and relays between the central city of Nanyo, Uwajima, and Minamiuwa-gun. In Nanyo, there are few flatlands, and because of the rias coast, radio wave propagation between cities is poor, and a relay station is indispensable.
JR5WO (Shikokuchuo CityKureishi Kogen) 439.64 MHz, 1292.74 MHz
Located in the Kureishi Plateau at an altitude of 800 m, it is the former area of ​​Niihama, Shikoku Chuo, the western part of Kagawa Prefecture and the mountain village of Toyo.Shingu Village-Besshi YamamuraRepeater to relay. The coastal areas of western Okayama prefecture and eastern Hiroshima prefecture are also included in the service area due to sea propagation.
JR5WR (Ozu CityMt. Kannan) 439.88 MHz, 1292.22 MHz, 2425.44 MHz
ParaglidingThe repeater is located in Jinnanyama at an altitude of 710m, where there are bases, etc. A part of Kuma Kogen Town is also included in the service area.
JR5WS (Izumigamori, Uwajima City) 439.56 MHz, 1292.60 MHz, 2425.38 MHz
A repeater located in Izumigamori, which has a TV tower in the Uwajima area at an altitude of about 750 m, and relays between Uwajima city and Onikita-cho/Matsuno-cho. The coastal area in the southern part of Oita prefecture, which is located on the opposite bank from the altitude, is also included in the service area.
JR5WW (Saijo CityYokomine Temple) 439.96 MHz
A repeater that relays Saijo and Imabari above Yokomineji Temple at an altitude of 780m. From its altitudeHitanadaThe area is also included in the service area.
JR5WX (Ikata TownMiharuyama) 439.52 MHz, 1292.66 MHz
A repeater located on Mt. Mihara (elevation of about 400 meters), which is the middle point of Cape Sada, and relays each town on the Cape Sada Peninsula to the cities of Yawatahama City and the coast of Iyotan and Uwa Sea. From that location, Matsuyama and the east coast of Oita Prefecture are also included in the service area.
JR5WY (Ainan TownMishou Nakaura) 439.62 MHz
A local repeater located in Nakaura, a former Miso town at an altitude of about 200m, that relays the whole area of ​​the Ainan area where the radio wave condition is bad due to the rias coast
JR5VL (Iyo CityShinkozan) 439.20 MHz, 1291.56 MHz
Located on Mt. Qinhuang, which has a TV transmission tower in the Zhongshan area at an altitude of about 870m, the plan repeater relays the Matsuyama plain and mountain villages such as former Nakayama town, former Hirota village and Uchiko town. From that location, part of Kuma Kogen Town and the western part of Hiroshima Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and the Seto Inland Sea coastal area of ​​Oita Prefecture are also included in the service area.
JP5YCF (Ominegadai, Matsuyama City) 439.62 MHz, 1292.62 MHz
A local repeater that relays between Matsuyama plains, which has more than one-third of the population of Ehime prefecture.JRMatsuyama StationIt is installed on Ominegadai, which has an altitude of 130 meters on the west side of.
JP5YCG (Ueshima TownUoshima Shiroyama) 439.90 MHz, 1292.56 MHz
On the solitary island in the center of the Seto Inland Sea, the fishing islandUoshimaThis is a repeater that is installed on the Shiroyama Observatory (at an altitude of 150 meters) and the village of Uoshima faces Hiroshima prefecture, so it relays the entire former Uoshima village and the entire Toyo area of ​​Ehime prefecture. Although the altitude is not so high, it has strong sea propagation, soShimanami KaidoIs also included in the service area.
JP5YCI (Seiyo CityKongo Rock) 439.70 MHz
A repeater located in Kongoiwa (altitude about 500 meters), which has a TV tower in the Nomura area, and relays between the Nomura area in the mountains and Ozu City. Due to the altitude, part of Hijikawa town is also included in the service area.
JP5YCJ (Yawatahama CityTownship) 1292.02 MHz
A local repeater that relays between Yawatahama City and Ozu City in a village (pass) at an altitude of about 300 meters in the western part of Yawatahama City.

Japan Amateur Radio Federation Make (JARL) a licenseeAmateur radioRelay stations are installed in various locations throughout the prefecture, and the operation and management is conducted by volunteers by the Ehime Repeater Study Group, which has a close relationship with the JARL Ehime Prefectural Branch, except for JR5WA, which is a direct control station of JARL. The topography of Ehime prefecture is the highest peak in western JapanMount IshizuchiThere are many steep mountains, such as those with ridges, and there are various factors that hinder communication between cities and villages, such as the Ryan coast of Nanyo, so there is a feature that it is installed to cover them.[16].


Prefectural temperament and cultural background

Edo PeriodToIyohachiAs many calledClanAs a result of the separation, the culture is subtly different in each region. This point is the sameShikokuKochi Prefecture (Tosa,Tosa Domain) And Tokushima prefecture (Awa,Tokushima Domain), Nihan (Takamatsu Domain,Marugame ClanThe situation is different from that of Kagawa prefecture (Sanuki).

Meiji EraThe following three geographical divisions, Toyo, Chuyo, and Nanyo, are also indispensable elements for talking about the cultural background.

The Ehime person's temperament is conservative in a nutshell.

Since ancient times, there have been plenty of mountain and seafood, so there are many that can be called local cuisine.

The temperament of the residents is said to have diminished today, but it differs slightly between Toyo, Chuyo and Nanyo.

In a parable, if there is 100 million yen, Toyo people will start business with it and try to increase it by 2 to 3 times, Chuyo people deposit it and use interest rate as a hobby, It is said that people in the Nanyo who dream of life make a large amount of money to spend all night (especially banquets). ing)


The dialect in Ehime prefectureIyobenIt is called, but there are differences depending on the region.Natsume SosekiThe novel "Bocchan"Zona Moshi" is famous for its influence, but it is a dialect of Matsuyama City, and in current Matsuyama City, it is barely a trace to the "Zona" used by some elderly people. Is not used. Iyo dialect has a large regional difference in accent, and in Toyo and ChuyoKeihan accent, In NanyoTokyo accent, In OzuCollapse accent.In terms of vocabulary and expressions, Toyo Eastern isSanuki dialect, Toyo WestHiroshima dialect, ChuyoKansai dialect, NanyoHata dialectYou can see the relationship with.[Source required]

Food culture:

local cuisine

  • Barley miso -Ehime Prefecture is nationwideNaked barleyAccount for 4% of the productionMatsuyama PlainでPaddy riceIt is planted as. More than 30 barley miso factories using such wheat are distributed throughout Ehime prefecture. Since a large amount of wheat is used, the amount of koji contained is also slightly increased, fermentation progresses, and the taste has a unique sweetness. It has a unique taste depending on the manufacturing plant, but it is generally said that the sweetness increases as it goes south in the prefecture.Iyo SatsumaSuch as using misolocal cuisineThere is also.
  • Soy sauce -Like Miso, the sweetness tends to increase in the south, and people in other prefectures even describe it as "sugar soy sauce" (sometimes sugar is added during the actual making process).

Special products/special products

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Tobe ware(Porcelain,1976)
(Japanese paper,1977)
Traditional crafts



Tangible cultural property building

Historic Sites/Old Sites

Matsuyama Castle
Hideyoshi Toyotomi OfKorean troop dispatchAt the time ofNaval forceWas the general ofYoshiaki KatoBut,1602(Keicho 7th year)Hirayama CastleAndShiroyama ParkWhole countryHistoric siteSo, 21 buildings are nationalImportant cultural propertyIs specified in.Kurofune visitHit the next year of1854(First year of Ansei)RelativeMatsudaira familyByMain platform OfCastle towerAs the herd was rebuilt, the representative emblemAoi's crest.ShiroyamaOf the forest of trees is designated by the prefectureNatural treasure.. For the convenience of climbers,Shiroyama cablewayIs installed.Japan XNUM X Meijo,100 beautiful historical sites in Japan(Dogo OnsenWith),Japan Sakura Famous Place XNUM X Selection,Top 100 historical parks in JapanMatsuyama Castle with an altitude of 150 mCastle towerThe view from is also wonderful,Matsuyama City OfLandmarkAnd represent Ehime PrefectureTourismSightseeing spotIs.There are only 12 places in JapanExtant castle towerone of.
Uwajima Castle
Date familyA castle of 10 stones.Japan XNUM X Meijo.Daimyo garden OfTenkyu GardenAlso extant.There are only 12 places in JapanExtant castle towerone of.
Imabari Castle
Takato TodoBuilt byJapan's Three Great Water Castlesso,Japan XNUM X Meijo.
Ozu Castle
Japan XNUM X Meijo
Yuzuki Castle
Dogo Onsennear中 世 OfCastle OfTerritoryRemains,Japan XNUM X Meijo
Mt. Ooyama Gion Shrine

Sightseeing spot


Dogo OnsenSince ancient times as represented byNatural hot springIs familiar.

Festivals and events

  • (Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the first week of April every year) It is held around Matsuyama Castle during this season when cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Daimyo procession, tea party, head familyBaseball fistThe national convention and events by local students are the highlights.
  • (Every April 4th, 19th, 20st) Dogo Onsen dance and historical picture scroll parade
  • Matsuyama Festival (August 8th, 11th, 12th every year) Baseball fist dance based on baseball fist, baseball fist samba walks around Matsuyama city

Niihama Taiko Festival

October 10th, 16th, 17th every year.

50 in totalDrum standIs a festival that walks around the town.Meiji EraIn addition, with the development of the town, it has become large and luxurious, and it has also affected the taiko drums outside the city.

It was gathered in five districts in the city and held a comparison, and it was so popular that it attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, but now it has fallen to around 5.

The inner stairs of Naiku Shrine in the early morning of the 16th are raised inside the shrine.

17 amKokuryo RiverRiverbed, Yamane ground on the afternoon of the 17th, in front of the factory on the evening of the 17th, in front of Takihama station on the evening of the 17th, Oehama on the morning of 18th, afternoon of the 18th, afternoon of the 18th, etc. ..

Of the Kawanishi district on the morning of the 18th of every other yearNiihama PortFunayuki performed at Ichinomiya ShrineMikoshi OfFunatoIn line with this, an event to accompany a taikodai on a barge. In recent yearsNiihama East PortAlso, in the following year in the Kawanishi district, ship miyuki came to be held.

Awa Odori, one of the "Shikoku Three Big Festivals" lined up in Yosakoi.

Doi Taiko Festival

October 10th, 13th, 14th every year.

The highlight is the support of 14 taiko drums held in Furusato Square on the 14th.

There is also a spectacular fight between the taikodais called "Hachiai" in the Sekigawa area on the 15th.

Saijo Festival

The dates will vary depending on the shrine,Kama ShrineThen every OctoberSports DayTwo days before, the day before,Ishioka ShrineThen every October 10th and 14th,Isono ShrineIt is October 10th and 15th every year.

Floats in KyotoGion FestivalThere is a place that leads toDanjiriThe highlight is the mixing and carrying of taiko drums and portable shrines.

Uwajima Ushioni Festival

October 7th, 22th, 23th every year.

UshioniparadeThere is.

Sights and theme parks


Sports Facilities

Foreign relations

Works set in Ehime Prefecture



[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ The current prefecture chapter was established in 1989. Even today, public notices that specify prefecture badges are valid, but are rarely used, and only the prefecture flag is often introduced.
  2. ^ Both ruins are located at an altitude of about 300 meters. From the bottom of AT volcanic ash at Toho remainsLocally polished stone ax・A trapezoidal stone tool and a large andesite stone core have been found in the Takami I site, with flakes made by chert and fragments made by recommendations. In addition, from the top of AT volcanic ash of Takami I siteKnife shaped stonewareAnd stone cores have been excavated.[2]
  3. ^ Program sales are not limited to this
  4. ^ Since Ehime Prefecture will be an official broadcasting area,Rebroadcast outside the areais not.
  5. ^ JNN systemChina broadcasting,RSK TV,TV Yamaguchi,TV Kochi,RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System,Oita Broadcasting,Miyazakihoso.. ANN series isHiroshima Home TV,Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting,Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting,Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting,Oita Asahi Broadcasting, And 2 stations in Miyazaki prefecture (TV Miyazaki・Miyazaki Broadcasting UMK is a member of ANN, but it is a small part such as news coverage, and most of the general programs are online by MRT)
  6. ^ At the time of opening, there was no planned repeater system and there was no wide-area repeater frequency allocation.
  7. ^ Nagoya City Science MuseumUntil 2010, when it was completed, there was one of the world's largest science museums.


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Related item

外部 リンク

Ishitetsu prefecture-Kamiyama
Kagawa(2st stage)
Changes in administrative districts
1873 -
Next generation:
Kagawa Prefecture (3rd)

Emergency declaration

Emergency declaration(Hijojitai Sengen) orEmergency declarationWhat is (Kinkyuji Taisengen)?Natural disasters,Infection(Epidemic-Disease)ofPandemic,Nuclear accidentSuch asdisasterAnd戦 争,terrorism,Civil strife,MayhemSuch,Health-life-property-EnvironmentDanger is imminentEmergency(Emergency)Country-Region Of政府(Local governmentEtc.)decreeTo activate a special authority based onpublicIt is to proclaim and declare such a situation in order to call attention to.

About the name

Current,Japanese lawThe basic wording ofEmergency(Emergency)"·"Emergency declarationDespite being unified as "Kinkyuji Taisengen", due to customs from the wording of the provisions of the former Japanese law, "(Kinkyuji Taisengen)" is used in foreign languages.emergency"Or"state of emergency"Emergency situation" and "Emergency declaration" are sometimes used in the media etc. as a Japanese translation of "," etc. It has the same meaning as "statement of emergency".


Measures includePolicemen-軍隊(in Japan's case,SDF)SuchCivil servantMobilization ofPublic financeCondemnation of an emergencycommandPromulgation of government ordinances superior to the law and suspension of constitutional human rights guaranteesWritIn addition to allowing arrests and house searches that do not depend on people, freedom of press and meetings, etc.LibertyThere can be restrictions. But,Japan,アイス ランドAnd someCountry ruled by lawThen, there are some cases where the request is almost unenforceable.

in Japan,1954Old until (Showa 29)Police lawAuthority to proclaim a "national emergency" under Article 62Prime MinisterWas given to the currentPolice lawbased onEmergency DeclarationOther than that,Disaster Countermeasures Basic Lawbased onDeclaration of a disaster emergency,New influenza measures special measures lawbased onPandemic influenza etc.And so onPrime MinisterIs announced.

The United States of AmericaThen,PresidentIt is not uncommon to declare a state of emergency, but it is declared when the assets are frozen under the authority of the president as "a threat from foreign countries" (For example, in November 2018, an anti-government demonstration was announced. Central America suppressed by forceEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTo see the turmoil as an American security threat and freeze the assets of those who undermine security and democracyDonald Trump(Proclaimed by the President) and othersterrorism,InfectionIs also declared to correspond to[1].. In the United States, vs. 1979(I.e.Approximately 30 declarations, including asset freezes, are reported to be valid as of February 2019 in US media[1].

FranceThen in 2015Paris terrorist attacksでFrancois HollandeAnnounced by the President and extended until October 2017, 10[2][3].

In a similar situation, “national legislation, judiciary, administrationControlPart or all ofMilitary"Transfer to"Martial"[4].

List of National Emergency Situations

Here, as mentioned above, declarations with names which are almost synonymous with each other, such as "emergency declaration" and "emergency order", are also described.

Before the 20th century

2000 era

2010 era

2020 era

Invocation from outside the nation

Federal systemCountries andDecentralizationIn advanced countries,Local governmentMay be authorized to declare an emergency. Also, although the special law does not come into effect,International organization,armyHas established effective controlArmed organizationMay make a declaration for the purpose of calling attention.

International organization

It is an international organizationFlag of WHO.svg WHOIt is,2005Since then, in response to a large-scale epidemic,Public health emergencies of international concernIs to be declared. The example of activation is "#Notification/designationSee.

Local Government/Local Government


Armed organization

  • Yemen flag Yemen : 2017May, armed organization of the countryFuchsia choleraDeclaration of “emergency situation” based on the seriousness of the epidemic[234].


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ at that timeThe United KingdomAlthough he was a territory, he had already obtained the autonomy of internal affairs.
  2. ^ New influenza measures special measures lawDate of emergency declaration by.Historical emergencyToMay 3However, the declaration date is generally treated as April 4.
  3. ^ The scope of the announcement on April 4 is 7 prefecture, 1 prefectures (Tokyo,Osaka,Kanagawa,Saitama,Chiba,Hyogo,Fukuoka) Was,May 4And expanded to all other prefectures, totaling 47PrefecturesBecame the scope of official announcement[179].. afterwardsMay 539 prefectures (other than 1 city, 1 road, 2 prefectures and 4 prefectures, which will be described later)May 5In Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture,KyotoBut,May 5Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba,HokkaidoHave been released respectively.
  4. ^ Date of declaration. It will be activated at 9:0 on the XNUMXth of the following day.
  5. ^ The scope of the announcement on January 1 was 8 metropolitan area and 1 prefectures (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa).May 1ToTochigi,Aichi,Gifu, Kyoto prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture.afterwardsMay 2Tochigi prefectureMay 2Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture were canceled respectively.[202][203]..The remaining 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa)May 3Until.
  6. ^ The scope of the announcement on April 4 was 25 metropolitan area, 1 prefectures and 2 prefecture (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo).May 5It was expanded to Aichi and Fukuoka prefectures.All deadlinesMay 5Scheduled up to.


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