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📊 | Lifewear is complete! The awesomeness of UNIQLO's omnidirectional strategy enabled by + J


Lifewear is complete! The awesomeness of UNIQLO's omnidirectional strategy enabled by + J

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Nippon Steel Bussan (I want to use the name Itoman), my trading company, grew up with Onward Kashiyama and became the best in Japan.

March 3th was a long-awaited day for fashion lovers.A full-scale world brand released by FAST RETAILING ... → Continue reading

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Origin trading company

Onward Kashiyama

Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd.(Onward Kashiyama,British: Onward Kashiyama Co, Ltd.) Is a major Japanese companyClothes-Jewelry goodsCompany.


Onward Kashiyama has signed license agreements with various overseas brands in addition to its own brand apparel.The founderJunzo KashiyamaSo, after the 1960s, the company name of the companyCrown nameDebuted a large number of racehorsesHorse ownerAlso known as (main active horses:Miss on word,Onward ThereSuch).

2007(Heisei19) September Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd. is pureHolding companyMoved to "Co., Ltd.Onward HoldingsThe trade name was changed to.And the operating company (new) Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd. has newly started operations.

original brand

Past original brands

  • 23rd Ward SPORT

Licensed brand

  • Paul Smith
  • Joseph Homme-Acquired the entire Joseph Group in 2005[1]
  • Joseph Abud

Past licensed brands

Affiliated company brand

Onward Beach Resort

Onward KashiyamaGuamOwns in.This is a complex resort hotel.

Sports relationship

  • The company is a TVCMIn addition,Miyagi Stadium(Left outfield fence)Meiji Jingu StadiumAdvertisements are placed in (foul zones in front of the outfield fences on both the left and right sides).Long time agoKorakuen Stadium OfBack screenI was posting an advertisement on.
  • Onward Skylarks --American football for working adults (X League) Onward Oaks, which was a team of strong business teams in the first division, is a family restaurant chain.SkylarkWas merged with the corporate team of Skylark and reunited as a club team, but Skylark withdrew from sponsorship.After that, Onward Kashiyama supported it as an independent sponsor,2008Ended sponsoring with (20).Currently some of the membersSagamihara RiseWe are working as.

Japanese apparel maker sales ranking


  • First place … Fast retailing (1 billion yen)
  • First place … Shimamura (5,470 billion yen)
  • First place … world (2,985 billion yen)
  • First place … Onward HD (2,635 billion yen)
  • First place … Aoyama Trading (2,217 billion yen)

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