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📊 | integrate the Northeast Division of the ion retail in ion northeast, prospect September

Photo Aeon announced on March 3 that it will integrate Aeon Retail's Tohoku Business Headquarters into Aeon Tohoku (Akita City). Taken in Osaka on October 29, XNUMX (Reuters / Thomas White, XNUMX)

Integrate the Northeast Division of the ion retail in ion northeast, prospect September

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AEON Retail established the Tohoku Business Headquarters and has continued the clothing, housing-related, and health and beauty-related businesses in the Tohoku area, but decided to unify these non-food businesses into AEON Tohoku.

Aeon announced on March 3 that it will integrate Aeon Retail's Tohoku Business Headquarters into Aeon Tohoku (Akita City).Integration is 29 ... → Continue reading

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Food business

AEON Tohoku

AEON Tohoku Co., Ltd.(Aeon Tohoku)AkitaAkita CityHeadquartered in Tohokuion-Maxvaluas well as the Aomori·Akita·Yamagata OfThe bigExpandAEON groupCompany.

Originating from an independent supermarket,2020May 3ToionAfter becoming a wholly owned subsidiary ofAEON retailMerged with Tohoku CompanyMaxvalu Tohoku Co., Ltd.The company name was changed from.


The origin of the company name is Japan United Stores CompanyJusco(Current:ion) Is a federal systemTokaido MegalopolisPromoted grouping of local supermarkets centered on[1].

1969From the previous deployment of Tokaido Megalopolis only on September 9PrintTo spreadTakuya OkadaPresident Jusco organized a management study group and had a lot of study and friendship.Tohoku regionIs a supermarketItoku(Headquarters: Akita PrefectureOdate City), Kakudai Foods (Headquarters: Yamagata Prefecture)Yonezawa), Tsurumai (Headquarters: Akita PrefectureHonjo city), Maruichi (Headquarters: Yamagata Prefecture)Sakata City), Marutomi (Headquarters:FukushimaAizuwakamatsu[Annotation 1],Yamazawa(Headquarters: Yamagata PrefectureYamagata), And the six companies that responded to the alliance with the aim of pursuing economies of scale by purchasing products in bulk and reducing distribution costs by constructing a distribution center.In March of the following year, this allianceNiigataHorikawa Kamaboko Industry (currently:Horikawa) Also announced its participation and established the "Tohoku Jusco Chain" with eight companies including Jusco.In June of the same year, we started joint purchasing and joint development of products.[2].

1971In January, "Tohoku Jusco Chain"Northern Japan Serco"When"Tohoku SercoWas added, and the Tohoku Super Chain Union was born.The alliance was established as an organization with 26 companies, 128 stores, and a total annual sales of 309 billion yen. It came to be disbanded with the chain[3].

However, in addition to Kakudai Foods and Maruichi, who joined the operation of the Tohoku Jusco chain, participated in the third merger of Jusco.[4], Kakudai Jusco (Headquarters: Yonezawa City) and Nishiokuba Jusco (Headquarters: Sakata City), which both companies established as subsidiaries, became the predecessor companies of Maxvalu Tohoku.In addition, immediately after the establishment of East Japan Clothing (Headquarters: Honjo City), a new company that Tsurumai handles clothing sales, Jusco took a stake in the company.1994In February, Jusco acquired all shares and made Tsurumai a subsidiary.[5].

1994In August, Yamagata Welmart (former name: Nishiokuu Jusco) and Kakudai Welmart (former name: Kakudai Jusco) merged.Tohoku Welmart (Headquarters:Sagae City) Was launched.Furthermore, in February of the following year, Hago Shopping (Headquarters: Yokote City) and Tsurumai merged.North Japan Welmart (Headquarters: Akita City) was established[6]. And1998In February, the merger of Northern Japan Welmart and Tohoku Welmart created a new company, Tohoku Welmart (Headquarters: Akita City).The company2000The trade name was changed to Maxvalu Tohoku in May, and in August of the same year.TSE First SectionListed on[7]..The company is integrated into a smooth structure.

Initially, the store was only open in both prefectures due to the fact that it was established by the supermarkets in Akita and Yamagata.2001Business rights for Maxvalu and Welmart in Aomori PrefectureionRelief of a local supermarket that has fallen into financial difficulty, starting with the transfer fromTurned into an offensive, such as actively performing.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayionAnnounced Supermarket Reform[8][9]As part of the Tohoku region, with Maxvalu TohokuAEON retailTohoku Company announced that it has reached a basic agreement to integrate its business by March 2020.[10][11]..At this point, it was said that the method of business integration was under consideration, but on December 2019, 12, it was revealed that the business would be reorganized by the following method.[12].

  1. Between Aeon and Maxvalu TohokuStock exchangeTo make Maxvalu Tohoku a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeon (this will make Maxvalu Tohoku a wholly owned subsidiary on February 2020, 2.Delisted[13]).
  2. Among the retail businesses that AEON Retail is engaged in in the Tohoku regionionRights and obligations related to stores in the format (59 retail stores and 29 developer businesses)Absorption splitWill be succeeded to Maxvalu Tohoku.
  3. Maxvalu Tohoku changes its trade name to "AEON Tohoku Co., Ltd."

As of March 2020, 3, the succession and trade name change due to the share exchange and absorption-type company split were carried out as planned.AEON Tohoku Co., Ltd.Was established[Annotation 2].


TaiziRefers to the current direct surviving legal entity.

  • 1957 --Kenshi Chikano establishes the city's first supermarket "Kakudai Foods" in Yonezawa[14].
  • 1972December --Established Nishiokuba Jusco.
  • 1973 --Kakudai Jusco was established as a joint venture between Kakudai and Jusco.Chikano becomes the representative director.
  • 1975
    • February --Nishiokuba Jusco merges with Nishiokuba Family, a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • February --Kakudai Jusco merges with Kakudai JUSCO, a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 19813 month - Hago Shopping Co., Ltd.Established (the surviving company of the current company, which is the registered date of establishment).
  • 1986May-Hago Shopping merges with Hago Jasco.
  • 1987February --Nishiokuba Jusco changes its trade name and becomes Yamagata Welmart.
  • 1989February --Kakudai Jusco changes its trade name and becomes Kakudai Welmart.
  • 1993February-Yamagata Welmart merges with Marudai.
  • 1994
    • February-JUSCO takes a stake in Tsurumai.
    • August-Yamagata Welmart and Kakudai Welmart merge.After changing the trade name to Tohoku Welmart Co., Ltd., the head office was moved to Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture.
  • 1995
    • February-Hago Shopping and Tsurumai merge.Due to the merger, the head office will be located in Akita City, Akita Prefecture, and the trade name will be changed.Northern Japan Welmart Co., Ltd.And
    • February --Tohoku Welmart will merge with Marudai Shokai, a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 1996February --North Japan Welmart will merge with Yuri Shoji and Tohoku Shoji, which are wholly owned subsidiaries.
  • 1998February --Merged with Northern Japan Welmart and Tohoku WelmartTohoku Welmart Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
  • 1999August --Transferred the operation of Maxvalu Odate Nishi store from Jusco.
  • 2000
    • 5 month - Maxvalu Tohoku Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
    • 8 month - Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the second section.
  • 2001
    • July --- Take over the business of 7 stores in Aomori Prefecture from Jusco (currently Aeon).
    • 12 month - Kameya Minami ChainTake over the business of 13 stores.
  • 2002
    • 3 month - Do friendAcquired shares of the company and made it a subsidiary.
    • June-Merged with Doyu.
  • 2008
    • 3 month - Electronic moneysettlement("WAON"Suica"PASMO"iD”) Has been introduced at most stores under the jurisdiction of MV Tohoku, in the Tohoku region.JuscoIt was introduced at the same time as each store (directly managed by AEON at that time, now operated by AEON Retail).
    • 3 month - AEON BankInstallation and operation of ATM started.
    • April --The Maxvalu Aomori Higashi store was converted to a new format, and the company's first food discount: The Big Aomori Higashi store was opened.
  • 2009September --Maxvalu Kamioka store, Kyowa store, and Chusen store were converted and reopened as Welmart Kamioka store, Kyowa store, and Chusen store (these three stores were "Welmart" even before the trade name was changed to "Maxvalu". Met).
  • 2012September --The 9SCs of Hiraga Shopping Center, Takanosu Shopping Center, and Omagari Fukuda Shopping Center owned by Maxvalu TohokuAeon Town Co., Ltd.Transfer to[15](At the same time as the transfer, the name of SCAeon Town Hirakawa・ Changed to AEON Town Takanosu and AEON Town Omagari Fukuda[16]).
  • 2013
    • June-in May of the same yearSelf-bankruptcyCorporation that applied forPowers fujimiAcquired 7 stores fromNiigataAnnounced to advance to[17].
    • July --Opened Maxvalu Arakawa Akos store, which is the first store to be transferred from Powers Fujimi Co., Ltd. and the first store operated by Maxvalu Tohoku in Niigata prefecture.[18].
  • 20143 month - Maxvalu NortheastMerged with Co., Ltd. and incorporated 9 Maxvalu stores in Iwate prefecture into Maxvalu Tohoku stores.As a result of this integration, the number of operating stores has exceeded 100.[19].
  • 2015July --The Maxvalu Gomoncho store was converted to Maxvalu Tohoku's first "Maxvalu Express" and reopened (the entire "Maxvalu Express" also entered the Tohoku region for the first time).[20].
  • 2016
    • March --All "Maxvalu" stores in Niigata PrefectureCompany splitBy (simple absorption division)AEON retailInherited to a corporation[21]..After the succession, it will be renovated and the name will be changed to "AEON" in sequence.
    • May --The Welmart Kyowa store was renamed to "Maxvalu" and reopened, and at the same time, the Welmart Kamioka store was renamed to "Maxvalu".As a result, all "Welmart" that had been developed since the Tohoku Welmart era were unified into "Maxvalu".[22].
    • December-Opened Maxvalu Express Minami12bancho store, the first Maxvalu Express store in Yamagata Prefecture[23].
  • 2017
    • March --Opened Maxvalu Express Araya Sekimachi store, the second "Maxvalu Express" store in Akita Prefecture[24].
  • 2018October --Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. announced that it has signed a basic agreement with the Tohoku Company for a business integration.[10].
  • 2020
    • February-Delisted[25].
    • 3
      • Stock exchangeAfter becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeon Co., Ltd., Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. became a business related to the Tohoku Company (food and daily convenience stores in the Tohoku region andDeveloperBusiness) will be succeeded by absorption-type company split and management integration will be carried out.AEON Tohoku Co., Ltd.Company name changed to[12].
      • Free distribution of plastic shopping bags has ended at 40 stores in Akita and Iwate prefectures.As a result, free distribution of plastic shopping bags at all stores operated by our company has ended.[26].
    • April-Aeon will be the first new store at "Aeon" since the inauguration of Aeon TohokuIshinomaki StationSoft open the previous store[27].
    • 10 month - Maxvalu Ibarajima storeRenovated and changed its name to AEON STYLE Barajima, the first "AEON STYLE" store after the establishment of AEON Tohoku[28][29].
  • 2021
    • 3 month - AEON MALL Shin-Rifu Opened AEON STYLE Shinrifu, the first AEON STYLE store jointly operated with AEON Retail Co., Ltd. as the core store of the South Building.[30]..The main store will be opened in the form that the Aeon Rifu store, which was closed due to the complete renovation of the shopping center that will move in in January of the same year, will be relocated to the new building (South Building) on ​​the premises of the shopping center.


In addition to the stores listed below, group companiesAEON Super CenterLiquor section at some stores of "AEON Supercenter" operated by Co., Ltd.tenantIt also operates.

General merchandise stores and supermarkets operated by the Aeon Group in Japan and overseas.Some storesAEON MALLThe store is open inside.
At the time of succession from AEON Retail, it operated 41 stores.By prefecture, there are 7 stores in Aomori, 5 stores in Iwate, 11 stores in Miyagi, 6 stores in Akita, 6 stores in Yamagata, and 7 stores in Fukushima.By store name, "Jusco28 stores changed from "Aeon" to "AEON"Saty7 stores changed from "Aeon" to "Aeon", and 5 stores changed from "Aeon" to "Aeon" (Shichinohe Towada Station-Hachinohe shop・ Sendai Tomizawa store, Shirakawa store, Namie store), and "Daiei1 store changed from "Aeon" to "AEON"Sendai store)Met.
In addition, as mentioned above, in April 2020, the Ishinomaki Ekimae store, which is a supermarket format, and in November of the same year, the Sendai Miyamachi store and Sendai Ichibancho store, which are also supermarket formats.[31]Opened one after another. In January 2021, the business was closed due to the complete renovation of the shopping center where the former Jusco store Rifu store is located. As of March of the same year, 1 stores will be opened.
AEON style
A family-friendly format developed by the Aeon Group. It has been opened since 2014 and has been converted from some "AEON" stores, and like "AEON", some stores are open in AEON MALL.
At the time of succession from AEON Retail, 1 Iwate store (Esashi) and 2 Miyagi stores (Sendai Oroshimachi)Natori), 1 store in Akita (Goshonoji), 1 Yamagata store (Tendo), 1 store in Fukushima (Iwaki Onahama), But due to the change of store name from Maxvalu due to renovation in October 6Barajima[28][29]However, due to the relocation of the shopping center site from the Aeon Rifu store in March 2021, Shin-Rifu[30]Has opened one after another and has eight stores.
Aeon Express
A small supermarket developed as a derivative format of "AEON".Aeon Retail opened as an experimental store in Miyagi prefecture.
At the time of succession from AEON Retail, 12 stores will be opened in Miyagi.
A food-centered supermarket operated by the Aeon Group in Japan and overseas.
As of September 2020, there are a total of 9 stores, including 22 stores in Aomori, 9 stores in Iwate, 27 stores in Akita, and 21 stores in Yamagata.Five of them in Aomori are Jusco (currentlyion,AEON retail), The 8 stores in IwateMaxvalu NortheastThe store that was operated by.6 stores in Aomori, 15 stores in Akita, and 7 stores in Yamagata were originally "WelmartThe store opened as.In addition, there are several stores that have been transferred from other companies in the same industry.
Maxvalu Express
AEON retailLaunched and inherited the businessMaxvalu KantoA small supermarket that is expanding in Japan, starting with.Until now, it had been deployed in parts of Hokkaido, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, China, and Kyushu, but due to the conversion of the Mikadocho store, it has expanded to the Tohoku region.There are 1 stores in total, 2 each in Akita and Yamagata.
The first store, Mikadocho, is the first store operated by Maxvalu Tohoku to introduce a counter cash register.[Annotation 3]
The big
Food discount store.It is a store that has been converted from all stores "Maxvalu" except the Noshiro Takahana store and Katagami store in Akita prefecture.
Originally from the same AEON groupMaxvalu West JapanWas the name of the store that was originally developed, but since Maxvalu Tohoku opened the Aomori Higashi store in 2008 (described later), other AEON Group operating companies nationwide have also started to open stores. ..The names are Maxvalu Tohoku and Ryukyu Jusco (currently) until 2010.Aeon Ryukyu) Only stores were developed with "The Big", but after the Noshiro Nagasaki store opened in October 2010, "The Big" was added to match the other companies in the AEON Group.Medium blackThe store was opened with the current 3rd generation logo mark.
As of September 2020, there are a total of 9 stores, including 2 stores in Aomori, 9 stores in Akita, and 2 stores in Yamagata.Three of them are transferred from the former Jusco.The Aomori Higashi store and Namioka store use the second generation logo mark with the "The Big" notation.We also have stores in Miyagi and Fukushima, but these areas areMaxvalu South TohokuIs the operation of.

Store development

Store development in Akita Prefecture

History of the two major predecessors of Akita ground

As mentioned earlier, Tsurumai joined the Tohoku Jusco Chain and opened stores mainly in Honjo City.1994In February, Jusco acquired all shares of Tsurumai.Made it a subsidiary.At the time of making it a subsidiary, Tsurumai had a total of 2 supermarkets.[32].

other than this,1970In June, Tsurumai launched East Japan Clothing, a new company that sells clothing, and opened the superstore Honjo store. Immediately after the store opened, East Japan clothing became a subsidiary of Jusco.Also, eastern Japan clothing1976The Sun Plaza Honjo store was opened in August.The store has expanded its floor space1995To JuscoBusiness transferAfter that, it became the jurisdiction of Jusco Tohoku Company.[33].

1981In July, Jusco was mediated by President Nishiokuba Jusco.Yokote CityIn partnership with Hago Shopping, which had 5 stores in Japan,Ugo JascoEstablished.The Hago Jusco Yuzawa store opened in December of the same year.[34].. In March 1982, the company established a new subsidiary, Hago Shopping, to develop a supermarket business. In June 3, Hago Shopping merged with Hago Jusco.

1995In February, Tsurumai and Hago Shopping, both of which were under the umbrella of Jusco, merged on an equal footing.Northern Japan Welmart launched at 2 stores[6].1998In February, the company and Tohoku Welmart merged to form the new "Tohoku Welmart". In May 2, Tohoku Welmart changed its trade name to Maxvalu Tohoku.

Recent store policy

Changed large stores from Welmart to Maxvalu, while closing small and unprofitable storesScrap and build, And as part of that, we may open a large store.As an example of this, Maxvalu Shin Nikaho store2003May 11Closed in business, on the south side across the road, with a 5% increase in the area of ​​directly managed storesMay 11There is a "Nikaho store" that opened in[Annotation 4]..In addition, some stores, such as the Maxvalu Kabe store (formerly Kawabe store), have been expanded or remodeled without relocation, while others have taken the method of relocating to a location several kilometers away.

As a case of opening a store on the site of a large closed storeAkita New City OfDaieiAkita store → MV Omachi store[35],Ugo TrafficThe building's Jusco Yokote store → MV Yokote station square store was seen.other than this,Aeon Town Barajima Power CenterThere are also places where there are more than 20 tenants on the vast site like this.

2002April 4, Dowa Mining (currently:DOWA Holdings) Was a subsidiaryDo friendAcquired Maxvalu Tohoku for all shares of (Headquarters: Odate City).Doyu was made a subsidiary of Maxvalu Tohoku, and after the five stores except unprofitable stores were temporarily closed and renovated, the store name was changed from "Doyu" to "Maxvalu" and reopened in sequence.

Odate City OfAeon Town Odate WestOdate Nishi store, which is the core store of, is the only store in the prefecture.JuscoIt was a directly managed store (at that time),1999The business was transferred to and became a store operated by Maxvalu Tohoku.The store is2008May 12The store has been renovated from and is now open as The Big Odatenishi store.Also in the same yearKitaakitaAeon Town Takanosu Shopping Center (currently: The Big Takanosu Store) centered on Maxvalu Takanosu Store (currently: The Big Takanosu Store)Aeon Town Takanosu) Was opened.

On May 2016, 5, the two stores, the Kyowa store and the Kamioka store, which had been operating as "Welmart" until the end, changed their names to "Maxvalu". "Welmart" isMaxvalu West JapanHowever, since the business of "Welmart" was closed in February of the same year, it became a unique business format of Maxvalu Tohoku, so "Welmart" was completely terminated.

As mentioned above, the Maxvalu Barajima store, which will open in the Aeon Town Barajima Power Center on October 2020, 10, will be renovated and reopened as Aeon Style Barajima.This is the first new store of "AEON STYLE" since the establishment of AEON Tohoku, and the first case of conversion from "Maxvalu" to "AEON STYLE".

Store development in Yamagata Prefecture

History of the two major predecessors of Yamagata ground

The crappy foods that joined the Tohoku Jusco chain are1972After establishing Kakudai Jusco in December, it merged with Jusco in February of the following year together with its subsidiary Kakudai Shoji.[36]..After its inauguration, Kakudai Jusco was not limited to the Yonezawa area of ​​the ground, but in October 1973, as the first foray into the Sendai area.Sendai cityMiyamachi (currently the same city)Aoba-kuMiyamachi) andIzumi CityNankodai(Currently: Sendai CityIzumi kuIn addition to opening a store in Nankodai)1979Another new store in Izumi City, the following yearNatori CityWe also actively promoted expansion outside the prefecture, such as opening a store in[37]..In addition, Kakudai Jusco has most of the large stores1986Transferred business to Jusco in February[38].

Maruichi, who joined the Tohoku Jusco chain with Kakudai Foods, established Nishiokuu Jusco in December 1972 and then merged with Jusco in February of the following year together with its subsidiary Shinjo Maruichi.Nishiokuba Jusco has stores mainly in Sakata City.1973In November, as the first out-of-prefecture expansionNiigataMurakami CityWorked to expand the business, such as opening a store in.Also197610 of the monthSakata Great FireIn addition to the main store, Nakamachi Mart and three stores were burned down, and the president's house and employee's house were also hit by half-burnt damage.[39]..Nishiokuba Jusco has also transferred its large store to Jusco by March 1986.[38].

1994In August, Yamagata Welmart (former name: Nishiokuu Jusco) headquartered in Sakata City and Kakudai Welmart (former name: Kakudai Jusco) headquartered in Sendai City merged.Tohoku Welmart was launched.Tohoku WelmartSagae CityHeadquartered inLarge-scale retail store law OfDeregulationThe store has been enlarged based on the above, and the store is sparse.Murayama regionBut he said he would actively develop[40].1998In February, the company and Northern Japan Welmart merged to form the new "Tohoku Welmart". In May 2, Tohoku Welmart changed its trade name to Maxvalu Tohoku.

Recent store policy

In the prefecture, it is a small supermarket with Akita prefecture.WelmartThe development of Daiei was progressing, but Daiei andYork-BenimaruIn the past, it was just a local supermarket in the Murayama region.YamazawaCompetition intensified due to the start of expansion in all prefectures, and small-scale Welmart could not compete, and store closures accelerated.

When Maxvalu was born and started to be used as a subsidiary of Aeon, the suburban Maxvalu was newly opened by closing the small Welmart in the center and Jusco in the center.As a result, the tendency to retreat in Yamagata has subsided, and fierce battles have continued to this day.In the prefecture, most of the municipalities have advanced, and there are many local governments where the only supermarket is Maxvalu Welmart.Also in 2003Self-bankruptcyI also took over the employees and two stores of Mitsumasu, a food supermarket in Yamagata City.[41].

Initially in Shinjo CityAEON Super CenterHowever, due to the opposition from the shopping district, it was decided to open a store after reducing the plan to Maxvalu, which is only a one-story store and a food supermarket.Therefore, a power mall called "Aeon Town Shinjo", which has a vast parking lot, which is rare in Maxvalu, was formed and "PetrusIt became Maxvalu where "" was installed.In Tsuruoka City and Nanyo City, Jusco in the center was closed and Maxvalu was newly born in the suburbs.

On July 2013, 7, the Welmart Higashiizumi store, which had been open for more than 6 and a half years since its opening, was reopened by changing the store brand to "Maxvalu" due to the renovation.Since the Welmart Haguro store and the Welmart Tachikawa store were closed on November 26, the same year, there are no "Welmart" stores in the prefecture.

Store development in Aomori Prefecture

In December, after the transfer of stores in Aomori Prefecture from Aeon in 2001, the largest supermarket in the prefecture at that timeKameya Minami ChainBankruptcy, and all business stores were closed.Maxvalu Tohoku will take over the business rights (stores and employees) of 13 of these stores.[42]..At that time, Maxvalu Tohoku only operated eight stores transferred from Aeon, and the number of stores in Aomori Prefecture more than doubled due to this transfer, which became a hot topic in the media at that time.

All of these stores were opened in March 2002, but due to the lack of room, some stores were initially opened with the Maxvalu sign replaced.Currently, unprofitable stores are closed (formerly K. Value Kawaraki store, MV Kawaraki store) or relocated when opening a store in a nearby shopping center (formerly K. Value Oshimizu store, MV Oshimizu). The store has been virtually relocated to the nearby MV Yasuhara store).

On the other hand, all the stores inherited from Aeon were Welmart except for the Aomori Higashi store, Namioka store, and Hachinohe castle store, but all stores were changed to Maxvalu.Furthermore, the Owani store, which was a subsidiary of Doyu Co., Ltd., has been renewed to a new store without relocation due to the small store area.

In addition, in order to avoid competition with Aeon Group stores, the Higashi3bancho store in Towada City was closed in just under three years after opening due to the opening of the Aeon Supercenter Towada store (the store trace is from the old Sun Home Video). RenewedTSUTAYAIt became the Towada store,Large-scale retail store location lawAccording to the notification by, MV Tohoku remains the installer of the large-scale retail store).

On April 2008, 4, the MV Aomori Higashi store was renovated and converted into a business format, and The Big Aomori Higashi store opened as the first food discount store in MV Tohoku. "The Big" was originallyMaxvalu West JapanThe Aomori Higashi store was also the first store opened by a Maxvalu operating company other than the company, and it became an opportunity for "The Big" to expand nationwide.

Store development in Iwate Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture is the land where Aeon (JUSCO at that time) set up the first "Maxvalu" format store (Esashi store).

2004, Maxvalu TohokuKitakami CityOpened a directly managed store in Rock Town Kitakami (currently Aeon Town Kitakami) and made its first foray into the prefecture.Also,2014On March 3, Aeon's wholly owned subsidiary will open nine stores in the prefecture.Maxvalu NortheastAbsorbed and merged[43][44]..Due to the difference in operating companies, the sales and service contents of the Kitakami store may differ from those of other MV stores in the prefecture.

Store development in Niigata Prefecture

Maxvalu Tohoku filed for bankruptcy on June 2013, 6 in May of the same year.Powers fujimiからNiigataMurakami CityAcquired 7 stores and entered Niigata prefecture[45]..Employees who were dismissed from the company at the time of their own bankruptcy will be rehired as employees of Maxvalu Tohoku, and at the same time, "Niigata Division" was set up in "Sales Headquarters" to prepare for opening. ..

Except for the main store in Niigata City, the acquired stores were renovated into Maxvalu Tohoku stores without changing the store name, and then opened in sequence.He took the lead and opened the Arakawa Akos store on July 7th of the same year.After that, on July 19, the same year, the Murakami Sakanacho store was opened.[46], Kameda store and Sasaguchi store on July 7th of the same year[47], Uekido store, Yamanitsu store, Fujimicho store (Fujimicho store changed its name from Powers Fujimi main store) on July 7 of the same year[48]By opening the store, all the stores it took over were reopened as "Maxvalu".The Itoigawa store has been open in Niigata prefecture for some time, but this store isMaxvalu HokurikuIt was the operation of.

By inheriting all the stores in Niigata prefecture operated by Maxvalu Tohoku to AEON Retail in March 2016, it withdrew from the store operation in Niigata prefecture in about 3 years and 2 months.Along with this, all stores inherited from Maxvalu Tohoku changed their name to "AEON", which is the same as the Nakajo store, and resumed operations from the Murakami Sakanamachi store on March 8, the same year. Reopened all stores with Kameda store[49]..In addition, "Maxvalu" in the prefecture has returned to the store development only for the Itoigawa store operated by MV Hokuriku.

Store development in Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures

The stores, etc. that were converted to The Big through Maxvalu in Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures will be managed by Maxvalu Minami Tohoku, which was established on February 2010, 2.

Although it had not been developed by our company, we entered the market by taking over from AEON Retail Tohoku Company.At the time of succession, it has 25 stores in Miyagi prefecture and 8 stores in Fukushima prefecture.Of these, the Sendai store was on March 2016, 3.DaieiIt is a store that was inherited from AEON Retail.

Also, on April 2020, 4, Miyagi PrefectureIshinomakiAeon Ishinomaki station square store opened softly[27]..This store is IshinomakiVIVREIs the predecessorSakurano Department Store Ishinomaki relocated to the site of the Ishinomaki storemunicipal officeOn the 1st floor of "Esta" which was open until May 2017Open a branchBecome a supermarket format that mainly handles food and daily necessities[50]..As mentioned above, the Aeon Ishinomaki Ekimae store became the first new store since the establishment of Aeon Tohoku.

Sendai City on November 11nd of the same yearAoba-kuAnnounced that it will open two supermarket stores in sequence[31]And on the 11th of the same monthSports Club"RenaissanceSendai Miyamachi store on the 24st floor of "Sendai Miyamachi 1"[Annotation 5], On the 25th of the same month, the first "Dokodemo Cash Register Regigo" in Miyagi Prefecture[Annotation 6]The Sendai Ichibancho store, which introduced the above, has opened one after another.

On March 2021, 3, the Rifu store that was open at AEON MALL Rifu (closed on January 5 of the same year) moved to the new building, AEON MALL Shinrifu South Building, and opened as AEON STYLE Rifu.The store will be the first store in "AEON Style" jointly operated by our company and AEON Retail, and the store manager (responsible person) will also be two people, one each for our company and AEON Retail.[30].


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注 釈

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  3. ^ Currently, the format is returning to "Maxvalu".
  4. ^ The name of this store says that it was at the time of opening.Nikaho CityThe location is old during the merger talksNikaho TownHowever, the store was opened in advance of the hiragana notation of the new city name candidate "Nikaho City".However, for a while from the merger council of the three towns,KisagataWas withdrawn, and when the merger went bankrupt, the name of the store was reported.
  5. ^ Supermarkets occupying the "Renaissance" already exist in other areas (for example,NagasakiSaseboThen, in the "Renaissance Sasebo", the local supermarket "エ レ ナNakiricho store is open)
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