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📢 | Actions taken by companies to achieve the SDGs ~ What should we start now?


Actions taken by companies to achieve the SDGs-What should we start now?

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The Secretariat for Promotion of National Movement is composed of the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and Welfare and Medical Service Agency.

Reducing child poverty and achieving SDGs will increase corporate value Wide range of support and cooperation in the fields that each company / individual is good at ... → Continue reading

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Incorporated Administrative Agency Welfare Medical Organization

Cabinet Office

Cabinet Office(Well,English: Cabinet Office, Abbreviation: CAD) IsJapan OfAdministrative agencyOne of the.Cabinet SecretariatHelpCabinetPlan and coordinate the important policies ofPrime MinisterBe in charge ofAdministrative workHave jurisdiction over[3].


The Cabinet Office2001(Heisei13 years)1 OfReorganization of central ministriesInPrime Minister's Office,Economic Planning Agency,Okinawa Development Agency,Disaster Prevention Bureau, National Land AgencyIntegrateCabinetWas installed in[4]..The head of the Cabinet Office andChief Minister ThePrime Minister.

The mission of the Cabinet Office isCabinet SecretariatTo help with the planning and general coordination of important policies of the Cabinet, and to handle administrative affairs that the Prime Minister should be in charge of.Cabinet Office Establishment LawArticle 3).In addition to its duties as an institution to help the Cabinet, the Cabinet Office is an administrative institution under the control of the Cabinet.Prime MinisterHas the task of sharing and managing administrative affairs as the chief minister[4].. In particularRoyal family,honorAnd office work related to the official system,Gender equality societyThe formation ofConsumer lifeandCitizenshipStabilization and improvement of people's lives centered on measures related toOkinawaPromotion and development,Northern Territories issueThe solution ofdisasterProtection of the people from, of the countrySecuritySecuring,金融Has jurisdiction over ensuring appropriate functions of the government, establishing a foundation to support the implementation of government measures, and measures related to the economy and a wide range of other fields.[5].

The Prime Minister goes to the Cabinet Office to help himselfMinister for Special Missions, Cabinet OfficeCan be placed. In addition, the ministers in charge of special missions of "Okinawa and Northern Measures", "Finance" and "Consumer and Food Safety" are indispensable.Chief Cabinet Secretary TheNational Public Safety CommissionIn charge of generalizing the office work of the Cabinet Office, excluding the jurisdiction of the Minister of State for Special Missions of the Cabinet Office (Article 8, Paragraph 1 of the same law).Deputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatParticipates in matters related to specific matters (paragraph 2 of the same)[4].

Initially, it was questioned that it was not appropriate to name it "Cabinet Office" because it was an organization that shared and managed administrative affairs, not the Cabinet itself.[6].

National Administrative Organization LawIs not applicable and required[Annotation 1]Are regulated by the Cabinet Office Establishment Law. Since many important policy issues require cross-ministerial response, many tasks have been concentrated since the establishment of the Cabinet Office. Authorized child institutionThe system has become more and more important, and the bloat has come to be pointed out.[7]..内閣府設置当初6名だった特命担当大臣も、2020年9月現在、10名となり、国務大臣20名の半数となっているAs of September XNUMX, the number of ministers in charge of special missions, which was six when the Cabinet Office was established, has increased to ten, half of the XNUMX ministers of state.[8]. In 2015First Abe CabinetAs a review of operations in the "Law to partially revise the National Government Organization Act, etc. for strengthening functions related to comprehensive coordination, etc. regarding important policies of the Cabinet"[9]Was established, and the transfer of office work to each ministry and agency in the future was stipulated.

As the public relations magazine of the Cabinet Office, "Public Relations Bousai" (policy director (disaster prevention)), "Academic trends" (Science Council of Japan) Etc. exist for each department.


The internal organization of the Cabinet Office is generallylawCabinet Office establishment law,Cabinet OrderCabinet Office Main Office Ordinance andCabinet Office OrdinanceThe Cabinet Office's organizational rules are stipulated hierarchically.

Many of the Cabinet Office organizationsTokyoChiyoda WardNagata TownCabinet Office 6-1-XNUMX andCentral Joint Government Building No. 8Located in. However,Consumer CommitteeSecretariat,International Peace Cooperation HeadquartersThe secretariat is Chiyoda WardKasumigaseki1-chome 1-XNUMXCentral Joint Government Building No. 4ToMinister's SecretariatEtc. of Kasumigaseki 1-chome 2-XNUMX, Chiyoda-kuCentral Joint Government Building No. 2ToRegional Revitalization Promotion SecretariatEtc. are located in Nagatacho Joint Government Building, 11-39-XNUMX Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, and othersOtemachi Joint Government BuildingBuilding No. 3Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryIt is divided into an annex and a private building.


Internal departments, etc.

Conference on important policies

Council etc.

Facility, etc.

Special institution

Local branch office

  • Okinawa General Bureau(Article 43, Paragraph 1 of the Cabinet Office Establishment Act, Article 54, Paragraph 3 of the Cabinet Office Main Office Ordinance)
    • General Affairs Department
    • Finance Department
    • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department
    • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    • Development and Construction Department
    • Transportation Department

Outer office etc.

The Imperial Household Agency isOuter officeHowever, it is now regarded as an institution with its own position (Article 49 of the Cabinet Office Establishment Act) rather than the external office of the Cabinet Office (Article 48 of the Cabinet Office Establishment Act).[10].Official gazetteIn the Cabinet Office only, the "outer office" is labeled as "outer office" and the Imperial Household Agency is listed first in the section. The Defense Agency used to be an outside office of the Cabinet Office,2007March 1Ministry of DefenseWas promoted and abolished. In addition, the Fair Trade Commission, which was originally an external office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,2003Was changed to an external office of the Cabinet Office.

Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office

FinanceTaro Aso(Deputy Prime MinisterandMinister of Finance)
Economic and Fiscal PolicyYasutoshi Nishimura(Minister for Economic Recovery)
In charge of Nuclear Damage Compensation/Decommissioning Support OrganizationHiroshi Kajiyama(Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Nuclear disaster preventionShinjiro Koizumi(Minister of the Environment)
Disaster preventionKokonoki Hachiro(National Public Safety Commission Chair)
Ocean Policy Officer
In charge of Okinawa and northern areasTaro Kono(Minister in charge of administrative reform)
In charge of regulatory reform
Regional RevitalizationSatoshi Sakamoto
In charge of declining birthrate
My number system chargeTakuya Hirai
Consumer and food safetyShinji Inoue(Minister in charge of the 2025 International Exposition)
Cool Japan Strategy Officer
Science and Technology Policy Officer
Space Policy Officer
Gender equalityTamagawa Marukawa(Tokyo Olympic Games
Minister for Paralympic Games


Responsible for the Cabinet OfficeIndependent administrative agencyIs as of April 2021, 4,National Archives,Northern Territories Problem Countermeasure Associationas well as the Japan Medical Research and Development OrganizationIn addition, the Consumer Affairs Agency, which is an external station,National Life CenterHas jurisdiction over[11].. National ArchivesAdministrative agencyAnd executives and employeesgovernment officialHave a status of

Have jurisdictionSpecial corporationIs as of April 2021, 4,Okinawa Development Finance Corporationas well as the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate SchoolAre two corporations[12].. The predecessor of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate UniversityOkinawa Science and Technology Research FoundationMet.

Have jurisdictionAuthorized corporationIs as of April 2021,Nuclear Damage Compensation/Decommissioning Support OrganizationAre two corporations[13].

As of April 2021, 4, the Cabinet Office is in chargeSpecial private corporationDoes not exist. Of the National Public Safety CommissionSpecial institutionIsNational Police Agency Car Safe Driving CenterThe FSA, which is an external station,Japan Certified Public Accountants AssociationHave jurisdiction over[14].


FY2021 (Rewa 3nd year)General accountThe budget of the Cabinet Office under the initial budget is 3 yen.[2]。組織別の内訳は、内閣本府が4006億7103万7千円、地方創生推進事務局が1049億0910万5千円、知的財産戦略推進事務局が2億1607万9千円、 科学技術・イノベーション推進事務局が18億6296万1千円、健康・医療戦略推進事務局が2億5718万3千円、宇宙開発戦略推進事務局が193億0521万4千円 北方対策本部が16億9778万8 16億9075万円、子ども・子育て本部が2兆9712億7054万4千円、総合海洋政策推進事務局が51億6908万2千円、国際平和協力本部が6億9194万1 6億3395万2千円、日本学術会議が9億8496万4千円、官民人材交流センターが2億8440万7千円、沖縄総合事務局が116億9204万1 112億9794万3千円、宮内庁が125億8949万3千円、公正取引委員会が114億6191万6千円、警察庁が3234億8473万9千円、個人情報保護委員会が40億1020万7千円、カジノ管理委員会が41億5025万4千円、金融庁が248億6251万8千円、消費者庁が118億6827万6千円となっている。

The Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of the EnvironmentEnergy measures special accountWith the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Also,国会,裁判 所,Accounting Office, Cabinet, Cabinet Office,Reconstruction Agency,Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,Ministry of Justice,Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Ministry of Finance,Ministry of education,Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,Ministry of Agriculture,Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism,Ministry of the EnvironmentAnd Ministry of Defense jurisdiction[Annotation 6] OfGreat East Japan Earthquake Recovery Special AccountCo-administer.


General staffAs of July 2020, 7, the total number of employees in the Cabinet Office is 1 (14,463 men and 12,189 women).[15]。本府及び外局別の人数は本府が2,366人(男性1,879人、女性487人)、宮内庁987人(男性778人、女性209人)、公正取引委員会776人(男性590人、女性186人)、国家公安委員会(警察庁)8,285人(男性7,391人、女性894人)、個人情報保護委員会123人(男性86人、女性37人)、カジノ管理委員会110人(男性92人、女性18人)、金融庁1,503人(男性1,190人、女性313人)、消費者庁364人(男性234人、女性130人)となっている。

The capacity of the Cabinet Office stipulated inSpecial occupation63 people including 1 people (4666 people until September 3, 9)[1]。各外局の定員も同政令に定められており、宮内庁:1,073人、公正取引委員会:841人(事務総局職員)、 国家公安委員会:8,031人(警察庁職員)、個人情報保護委員会:148人(事務局職員)、カジノ管理委員会:140人(事務局職員)、金融庁:1,621人(令和3年9月31日までは、1,622人)、消費者庁:378人(令和3年9月31日までは、377人)となっている。警察庁の定員のうち、2,190人はPolice officerIt is supposed to be

The budget for the FY2021 general account budget is 122, including 15,112 special positions and 15,235 general positions.[2]。機関別内訳は内閣府本府が1,265人、地方創生推進事務局7人、知的財産戦略推進事務局2人、科学技術・イノベーション推進事務局58人、健康・医療戦略推進事務局2人、宇宙開発戦略推進事務局16人、北方対策本部12人、子ども・子育て本部26人、総合海洋政策推進事務局1人、国際平和協力本部23人、日本学術会議50人、官民人材交流センター17人、沖縄総合事務局874人、宮内庁:1,080人、公正取引委員会:846人、警察庁:8,658人、個人情報保護委員会:153人、カジノ管理委員会:145人、金融庁:1,622人、 消費者庁:378人となっている。特別職について、予算定員と行政機関職員定員令の定員に大きな差異があるのは、公正取引委員会等の独立行政委員会の場合、行政機関職員定員令の定員は事務局(国家公安委員会の場合は警察庁)の定員であり、委員会の委員を含まないこと、宮内庁の場合、行政機関職員定員令の定員は長官、侍従長等を含まないのに対し、予算定員にはこれらの者を含む[Annotation 7]Because.In addition, the difference between the capacity of the National Public Safety Commission (National Police Agency staff) and the budget capacity of the National Police Agency is the difference in the capacity of administrative agency staff.Local police officerThe capacity ofPolice lawBased on Article 57, Paragraph 1, Article 6 of the Police Law Enforcement Ordinance stipulates 629 people, which is mainly due to being included only in the budget capacity.

Since regular employees of the Cabinet Office are non-governmental civil servants,Basic labor rightOf these, the right to dispute and the right to enter into collective agreements are not recognized by the National Civil Service Law.Right to organizeIs authorized and the staffUnionAs prescribed by the National Civil Service LawStaff group"Is formed or not formed, or joined or not joined (Article 108-2, Paragraph 3 of the National Civil Service Law).However, of the National Police AgencyPolice officerHas also been denied the right to organize and must not form or join a staff group (paragraph 5 of the same Article).

As of June 2020, 3,National Personnel AuthorityThe number of employee groups registered in is 1 for single bodies and 1 for branch offices.[16]The number of union members is 175, and the organization rate is 2.9%.

As a special employee,News reportWill be shown atEraSuch asBlameSpecialize inResignation specialist[17](Official residenceCalligrapher[18]) Belongs to the Human Resources Division[Annotation 8]..Apart from this, the Imperial Household Agency is also a document specialist who writes the emperor's and empress's ghostwriters (Yuhitsu) Is[19][Annotation 8].


The executives in regular positions are:[20].


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