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📊 | ITFOR jointly develops automatic ticket vending machine with cashless function with Chiba Bank, etc.

Automatic ticket vending machine with photo cashless function

ITFOR jointly develops automatic ticket vending machine with cashless function with Chiba Bank, etc.

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The automatic ticket vending machine with cashless function is a touch-sensitive ticket vending machine made by Toshiba Tech that incorporates IT's iRITSpay payment terminal. Credit cards (magnetic cards / IC cards, non-contact IC cards), debit cards, prepaid cards , Electronic money, code payment are supported.

The introduction of self-order cashless payments is expanding rapidly due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection ... → Continue reading

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Toshiba Tech

Toshiba Tech Co., Ltd.(Toshiba Tech,TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION) IsTokyoShinagawaHeadquartered inElectronics company.ToshibaThe group plays a part in the social infrastructure business area (retail & printing solutions).It is one of the only parent-child listed companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in the Toshiba Group.


It is a subsidiary of Toshiba Group's social infrastructure segment and is responsible for the retail and printing business area.The abbreviation for Toshiba Group is (Tech).In addition to tech, Toshiba GroupToshiba plant system(TPSC),New Flare Technology(NFT),Nishishiba ElectricThere was a listed company (Nishishiba), but in 2019Parent-child listingDue to the dissolution, it is now the only listed company.

The company name "TEC" is the brand "TEC" used in the domestic retail solution business (former company name TEPCO (former company name)Tokyo Electric CIt is derived from), which is an abbreviation for ompany).The main businesses are the retail solution business centered on POS (point-of-sale information system) systems introduced in the distribution and retail business, the restaurant business, etc., and the printing solution business centered on multifunction devices introduced mainly overseas. Is.In the retail solution business, it boasts the top share of POS system manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

In the past, Toshiba's in-house company, Home Appliances Company (later established Toshiba Home Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as a manufacturing division), Toshiba brand lighting, vacuum cleaners, mixers and other small household appliances (currently)Toshiba lifestyle(Split into TLSC)) was also manufactured.

Currently, as a pillar of the Toshiba Group Reconstruction Plan (Toshiba Next Plan), we are developing a data solution business that utilizes the strength of the POS system's No. 1 share in Japan and the electronic receipt service "Smart Receipt".ToshibaAnd are cooperating and promoting.


  • 1919(Taisho8) December- Masamiya MamiyaEstablished a joint-stock company.Constructed a company building at the current Ohito Plant to manufacture safes and adder / subtractor machines.
  • 1926(Taisho 15) April-Launched the first money registration machine in Japan.
  • 1928(Showa3) December- Aiichiro FujiyamaAcquired Mamiyado and established Japan Cash Registration Machine Co., Ltd. with a capital of 200 million yen. Established the basis for manufacturing full-scale money registration machines.
  • 1935(Showa 10)-Japan's cash register is the United StatesNCRIn partnership withThe Japanese subsidiary of the companyBecomes
  • 1940(15) January-Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (currently Toshiba Corporation) was acquired due to the exclusion of foreign capital and became the company's Ohito factory.
  • 1946(Showa 21) January --Started manufacturing lanterns and moth lamps for lighting equipment and Japanese typewriters for office machines under the Mazda brand.
  • 1950(25) February --Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (currentToshiba) Separated from the Ohito factory and established Tokyo Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.
  • 1952December (Showa 27)-Company name changed to Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd. (same name as former Toshiba company)
  • 1962(Showa 37) June- Tokyo Stock Exchange2 partListing.
  • 1966(Showa 41) October --- Merged with Toshiba Office Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • 1969(44) August --Redesignated the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1994(Heisei6 years) June --Merged with TEC Electronics Corp. and changed the company name to TEC Co., Ltd.
  • 1999(11) June- CopierBusiness of parent companyToshibaInherited from照明BusinessToshiba Lighting & TechnologyTransferred to TOSHIBA TEC, the current company name.
  • 2007(19) June --Toshiba Home Appliances (currentlyToshiba lifestyle).
  • 2010(22) October-SubsidiaryToshiba Tech Business SolutionIntegrated the business of a joint-stock company.
  • 2011(23) March --Kokusai Chart Co., Ltd. becomes a consolidated subsidiary through TOB.
  • 2012(24) April-RiceIBM Of Retail store solution business (POS system related business)Announced the acquisition of, and became the world's largest share in the POS industry.
  • 2017(29)
    • March-After transferring the business of TOSEI Co., Ltd. to a company of the same name established by a new company split, 3% of the shares of the new company will be transferred to Kyoden Area Net Co., Ltd.[1]Sold to an affiliated company[2].
    • 12 month - NakabayashiShares of Kokusai Chart Co., Ltd. were sold and removed from consolidation in response to a takeover bid[3].
  • February 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa) --Celebrate the 2th anniversary of our founding.
  • May 2020 (Reiwa 2nd year)- ToshibaEstablished a data solution business subsidiary "Toshiba Data" and strengthened the data solution business in collaboration with the smart receipt business.
  • June 2020 (Reiwa 2) --- Mr. Takayuki Ikeda, President and CEO, retired and was the president of Toshiba Digital Solutions (TDSL) as his successor.Hironobu NishikioriMr. inaugurated.
  • July 2020 (Reiwa 2) --Started business structural reform due to sluggish printing business division.In the future, it is expected that the retail solution business and the printing solution business will be split and focused on the retail solution business and the data solution business.
  • January 2021 (Reiwa 3) --Renamed Printing Solutions Business Headquarters to Working Place Solutions Business Headquarters
  • January 2021 (Reiwa 3) --Introduced electronic receipt service "Smart Receipt" at Toshiba Group employee cafeteria (Headquarters and Kawasaki Office)

Main products

Corporate slogan

Based on the Toshiba TEC Group's management philosophy, "For people and the earth, for tomorrow.", We have set the Toshiba TEC Group's management philosophy, "Commitment to manufacturing and challenges, anytime, anywhere with customers."In 70, the 2020th anniversary of its founding, the corporate slogan "Make together, make the next" was established."Leading Innovation," which has been used as a corporate brand tagline since 2006, has been abolished following the revision of the Toshiba Group philosophy system in July 2019.


  • Toshiba Corporation
    • Toshiba Tech Co., Ltd.
      • General Affairs Department
      • Legal department
      • Finance Department
      • Corporate Planning Department
      • Management Audit Department
      • Internal control system promotion department
      • Product / Technology Strategy Planning Department
      • Quality / Environmental Planning Department
      • IT Strategy Systems Department
      • Retail Solutions Business Headquarters
      • Retail Overseas Business Promotion Department
      • Working Place Solution Business Headquarters
      • IJ Business Promotion Department
      • Production / Procurement / SCM Control Center

Business locations

  • Headquarters Office-141-8562-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 11-1 (Gate City Osaki West Tower)
  • Retail Solution Business Headquarters 141-8562-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 11-1 (Gate City Osaki West Tower)
  • Working Place Solution Business Headquarters 141-8562-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 11-1 (Gate City Osaki West Tower)
  • IJ Business Promotion Department 141-8664-2 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 17-2 (Oval Court Osaki Mark East)
  • Production / Procurement / SCM Control Center 141-8562-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 11-1 (Gate City Osaki West Tower)
  • Product / Technology Strategy Planning Department --108-0075-2 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 15-4 (Shinagawa Intercity)
  • Shizuoka Office (Mishima) --411-8520 Minami-cho, Mishima-shi, Shizuoka 6-78
  • Shizuoka Office (Ohito) --410 Ohito, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture 2392-570  


  • Ltd.Toshiba
  • TDC Co., Ltd.-A subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation's data solution business
  • Toshiba Digital SolutionsCo., Ltd. (TDSL) -Collaboration in domestic retail solution business (AI, data solution utilization)
  • Toshiba Digital Marketing InitiativeTransferred the media business of (DMI)-(TIS)
  • Toshiba lifestyleCo., Ltd. (TLSC) -Formerly manufactured Toshiba brand small home appliances
  • Toshiba Globus Commerce Solution Co., Ltd. (TGCS) -In charge of overseas retail solution business
  • Co., Ltd. (TTSS) -In charge of maintenance and operation maintenance of domestic retail solution business and printing business
  • Tech Information Systems Co., Ltd. (TIS) --In charge of system development for domestic retail solution business
  • TER Co., Ltd. (TER) -Responsible for product repair and recycling in the domestic retail solution business
  • Toshiba Tech Image Information System Co., Ltd. (TDOS) --Responsible for research and development of image information in the printing solution business
  • Tech Precision Co., Ltd. (TPI) -Responsible for manufacturing inkjet heads and toners in the printing solution business
  • TT Business Service Co., Ltd. (TTB) -Responsible for Corporate Human Resources and General Affairs


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  1. ^ KyotoIt is named, but the founder of the companyHiroshi HashimotoIt is a company in which an individual holds all shares and has no capital relationship with the company.
  2. ^ Notice regarding recording of extraordinary income due to transfer of subsidiary (transfer of shares)
  3. ^ Notice Regarding Application for Tender Offer for Kokusai Chart Co., Ltd.

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