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🎗 | Hair that has been stretched for 3 years "For someone's role" 10-year-old hair donation for the second time

Photo Maho Teruya showing a smile with her cut hair in her hand = 13th, Kochinda, Yaese Town

Hair that has been stretched for 3 years "For someone's role" 10-year-old hair donation for the second time

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Mother Rie (42) helped to dry her hair and apply beauty essence, and it took about 20 minutes to care for her hair every day.

Maho Teruya (4), a 10th year student at Osato Minami Elementary School in Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture, gave her hair to a child who lost her hair due to illness on March 3th ... → Continue reading

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Hair every day


SerumWhat is (Biyo-eki)?Basic cosmeticsIs one of theMoisturizing ingredient,Whitening ingredientIt refers to a product in which ingredients such as Since these components are blended at a higher concentration than other basic cosmetics, they are often more expensive than other basic cosmetics.

Order of use

Normally,LotionAfter preparing the skin with, for example, the beauty essence is often applied to the skin before using other basic cosmetics containing oil.


The components that are often blended in the beauty essence are, for example, the following.

Many of these components are basically not absorbed from healthy skin due to problems of average molecular weight and molecular structure. However, some components penetrate into the surface of the skin such as the stratum corneum. In Japan,Drug machine methodIf it contains the active ingredient specified in, and if you do not use the expression "curing" that violates the law, you can display the efficacy within the range of the expression permitted by the law.[1].


1975ToKoseKose RC Liquid released by is said to be the pioneer of beauty products made in Japan. further1980 eraToEstee LauderとShiseidoHowever, after selling a product called a high-performance beauty essence, it spread rapidly in Japan.


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