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💴 | How much is the medical cost for old age?


How much is the medical cost in old age?

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According to the Life Insurance Culture Center, the amount of money required for two couples to live a minimum life in old age is about 1 yen per month.

How much is the medical cost if you live the average life expectancy?According to a 2019 survey conducted by the Life Insurance Culture Center, Japan ... → Continue reading

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Life Insurance Culture Center

Life Insurance Culture Center(Life insurance culture)Life insuranceThe purpose is to contribute to the stable improvement of people's lives and the promotion of the interests of the people through various projects for the sound development of the system.1976(51)May 1Was established in.Public interest corporation system reformAlong with2011(23)May 4ToPublic interest incorporated foundationMoved to.

It is a public interest foundation, and nearly 9% of its income is due to membership fees.The rest are related to life insurance and life planning出版物It is a sales revenue. It consists of three departments: "Planning and General Affairs Department", "Insurance Laboratory", and "Life Information Room".

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