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๐Ÿ’ด ๏ฝœ What is the difference between foreign currency deposits and yen deposits?Points that beginners should know


What is the difference between foreign currency deposits and yen deposits?Points that beginners should know

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If you are starting a foreign currency deposit, it is safer to consider the risks and use it only as part of the asset management that is carried out at the beginning excluding living expenses and short-term necessary money.

What is a foreign currency deposit? A foreign currency deposit is a deposit made in a foreign currency instead of yen.For the money you deposited ...ใ€€โ†’ Continue reading

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Foreign currency deposits

Foreign currency deposits(Gaikayokin) is generally denominated in a foreign currency.depositThat thing.In addition, to reinforce foreign currency fund management, the government should deposit some of its foreign currency in foreign exchange banks.It also refers to the deposit and foreign currency deposit.

History in Japan

1990 eraLatter half,Bubble burstByBank of JapanLow interest rate policyZero interest rate policy,Bad debtI was busy with processingbankDeposit interest rates were low, domestic banksratingDue to a decline in credit and credit instability due to an increase in public debtForeign bankAn advertisement for a branch office in Japan was published in an information magazine for wealthy people, which attracted attention.

1998ToFinancial bangAtForeign Exchange Banking ActWith the abolition ofOrdinary bankIt became possible to handle at.

In recent years, exchange costs and fees are cheaper than foreign currency deposits.FX (Foreign Exchange Margin Trading)Is being pushed by.However, in FX,2007 OfSub prime loanDue toU.S. dollarWith the crashTrust bankEtcTrust segregation managementThere are some cases where the Forex trader who does not do so goes bankrupt and the margin is not returned.Compared to that, in the case of foreign currency deposits, there is a high possibility that the deposit will be returned even if the principal is broken (Deposit Insurance ActIf the bank goes bankrupt because it is not covered by the above, there is some risk that the deposit will not be returned).However, since April 2010, including bilateral traders,JapanIt seems that this problem has been almost solved because the trust maintenance of FX operated by the company is obligatory.

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