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💴 | How are the recent grave circumstances and graves changing?


How are the recent grave circumstances and graves changing?

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Furthermore, it seems that the needs of companies that comprehensively support everything from "graves" to permanent memorial services are increasing year by year.

Background of the increase in graves Traditional graves are inherited from generation to generation on a house-by-house basis, such as "the grave of the XX family". → Continue reading

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Eternity(Eitaikuyo) is a relatively long period of time that spans several generations.deadTheMemorial serviceRefers to the act of doing.


Originally, until the generation of children and grandchildrenancestorIt was a religious act to worship and memorialize, but in modern times many are graveyard traders andTempleOften used as a business term for.AdsMany people sing a memorial service for eternity, but due to the misunderstanding caused by the use of the word "eternal".TroubleIs likely to occur.in fact If there are internal rules such as 10th anniversary, 30th anniversary or 50th anniversary,GraveThe offspring that should inheritConversionEtcDanyaIn many cases, it is stipulated that the permanent memorial service contract will be canceled if the person leaves the faith, such as by quitting.[Source required], It is not the literal "eternal generation".Also, in the reienbankruptcy, The tomb may be forced to disappear due to the abandoned temple, etc., and this "eternal generation" is not guaranteed either.


A permanent memorial service is a memorial service for a temple for a long time.The origin is not clear, but since the eternal ledger written in the Edo period can be found in many temples, it is known that the eternal memorial service has been held for a long time.In addition, the Danke system, which was also established in the Edo period, also asks for a permanent memorial service in that the temple provides a memorial service for the Danke on the condition that the temple is maintained each time. In order to maintain the temple, the neighborhood was targeted, but in the permanent memorial service, the memorial service was held by faith regardless of the area, so it was not possible to maintain the temple each time as in the Danke system. Therefore, it is thought that it came to pay the first set of swords, which became the prototype of today's eternal memorial service.For this reason, many temples that have been memorialized for a long time since ancient times are called believer temples that do not have a Danish family.In recent years, due to circumstances such as the nuclear family, the number of temples offering permanent memorial services has increased, and the barrier between the original Danke system and the permanent memorial service has become ambiguous, causing it to be ridiculed as funeral Buddhism. It is also one.

Recent trends

in recent years,Low birthrate and aging populationWith the progress of this, the number of middle-aged and older people who desire a permanent memorial service is increasing.For those who have no descendants to inherit the tombs and beliefs and cannot expect a memorial service after death, the remains and mortuary tablets are enshrined in the communal graveyard in the precincts, and the monks regularly maintain the communal graveyard for the life of the temple. Some temples define what they do as a permanent memorial service.Unrelated societyIs the wordBuzzwordAnd 32000 people a year (2010)ButUnrelated deathIs said to beUnrelated societyIn[1],Muen businessThe permanent memorial service business, which is one of the above, is suddenly booming.

Eternal sutra

Jodo ShinshuThen, a memorial service called "Eidai Sutra" is held. It is sometimes confused with a memorial service for eternity because it is called "eternal", but its meaning is completely different.In the first place, Jodo Shinshu said, "The deceasedAmida NyoraiPromptly by the power of this applicationParadiseへStuckDue to the doctrine of "doing", there is no custom for the bereaved family to give a memorial service to the deceased. "EternalAcrossThroughIt is the significance of the Eiyo Sutra that living human beings carry out the Buddhist memorial service as an opportunity to hear Buddhism in order to convey the teachings of the scriptures.

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