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💴 | A simple and easy-to-understand explanation of the arcegos shock that shakes financial markets


A simple and easy-to-understand explanation of the arcegos shock that shakes financial markets

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has also announced that the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) has revived a task force dedicated to investment fund regulation.

Financial Institutions Announce Losses Related to Arquegos Capital From late March to early April, European and Japanese financial institutions ... → Continue reading


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Task force

Task force (task force) is軍隊For a task inOrganizationBe doneTroops.Task forceIs translated into Japanese.


The task force is oldUS NavyThere was that idea, was carried out as a unit formation corresponding to the mission. For example,Pacific WarAt the outbreak of the warHawaiiThe US NavyBattleshipTask Force 11,aircraft carrierTask Force 16 and Task Force 17, the idea was useful in the operation after the war. In December 1941, the U.S. NavyAttack on Pearl HarborLost the main battleship in, and returned the aircraft carrier that was acting as a battleship unit direct defense air defense force to the aircraft carrier unit, and as a task force ``Hit End Run Operation"soJapanLaunched an air raid on the base. Also,Coral Sea Battle,Midway naval battleIn JapanMTFTo prevent the advance of Japan[1].

In 1943, the US NavyTask organizationIn order to achieve a certain operational goal, the Task Force has been able to use a command force to achieve a certain operational goal. It is the stage of the troop located between the "task fleet" (task fleet) and the "task group" (task group) in the task organization of being provided with a temporary troop. Task Forces Task Forces below are assigned a unit symbol with the number of the task fleet first. Task organization is US NavyAfter the warCan continue,JMSDFHas been adopted[2].

It is one of the task forces in AmericaCarrier hit groupThe aircraft carrier and itsSquadronIn addition to this, a surface combatant that escorts and supports this (Missile cruiser-Missile destroyer-frigate)・Supply ship-Nuclear submarineEtc. In addition to aircraft carrier strike groups, those centered on surface battleships (Surface combat group),Landing shipCentered on (Expeditionary strike group), etc. There are various task forces.US ArmyDelta ForceTask Force 20 belonging toIraq warでWeapons of mass destruction,Saddam HusseinThe president (then) was searched.

The task force isIntegrated operationIn doing so, multiple armies (eg Joint Task Force, JTF) (egarmyとNavy) May be organized across. It may also span the armies and organizations of multiple countries as a "Combined Task Force (CTF)," or it may be organized as a "Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF)." The actualTraining,StrategyThe action is based on the task force. For example,JTF-2(Integrated Task Force 2)1993Was established inCanadian Joint Forces OfSpecial Forces.


Non-military applications

The task force isprojectOUR TEAMOr it may be used to mean a group of units smaller than a cross-functional team. It can be said that it is appropriate to translate it as a special work group as a corporate management term. In addition, internal audit and confidential matters are often the responsibility. It is often a temporary organization rather than a permanent organization, and generally refers to an organization that emphasizes strategic and agility. It is often used as a company name or strategy name.

Also, the task force isGroup discussionIt may also refer to the "pilot guide" person in charge of promoting the discussion, which is arranged in a small group discussion (SGD) held with a small number of people, especially about six people. Stand on the side of the implementer (organizer), not on the group (subjects), watch over the course of the discussion, and correct the trajectory when the discussion diverges or the flow is different from the intended direction. If the discussion does not proceed, we may give advice on ideas and perspectives. It is necessary to fully understand the intent of the task (agenda) and to decide in advance the degree of intervention and the direction of convergence of the discussion among the task forces assigned to each group. It plays a particularly important role when dealing with groups that do not have the method of group discussion or difficult tasks.

Mobile investigation teamIs also a task force.


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