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📢 | Tokiwa-so Manga Museum Special Exhibition "Tokiwa-so and Osamu Tezuka-Jungle Emperor's Time-"


Tokiwa-so Manga Museum Special Exhibition "Tokiwa-so and Osamu Tezuka-When the Jungle Emperor"

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We will continue to do our utmost to pass on Tokiwa-so, an important cultural heritage of Toshima Ward, to the next generation as a base for transmitting manga and anime culture, and to make it a beloved facility. "
Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd. President Matsutani "If Osamu Tezuka was alive, I would have been very pleased with this exhibition.

April 2021, 4 From April 6, 4, a special project will be held at Tokiwa-so Manga Museum (7-3-9 Minaminagasaki) ... → Continue reading

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cultural heritage

cultural heritage(Mr. Bunkai, cultural heritage) is a tangible and intangible product created by human cultural activities.Cultural propertyAlso known as (bunkazai, cultural property).Often refers to cultural products that are of particular value and are considered to be preserved for posterity.[1].


Cultural heritage was created by human cultural activities in a broad sense.Building,(I.e.,Artwork,Music,theaterTangible (real estate, etc.Movable cultural property) ・ Intangible cultural product.Governments and international organizations of each country have high academic, historical, and artistic value among cultural products, and those that should be preserved for future generations, especially "cultural heritage" or "culture". Positioned as "fortune"Treaty,law,OrdinanceBy etc.Cultural heritage protection systemIs the target of.The cultural heritage to be protected depends on the purpose of establishing each system, but depending on the system, not only pure cultural products but also pure cultural productsNatural treasureIt may also contain natural products such as.Procedures such as designation and registration are taken for cultural heritage to be protected, but there are many valuable undesignated and unregistered cultural heritage.

Historically, it has not always been respected and is often subject to destruction and looting and dissipated.In addition, religious beliefs have historically caused many destructions.For exampleVenus of MiloEvenキ リ ス ト 教,IslamIf it was excavated by a medieval person who strongly believes in If you don't have people, bakecementJust make it.Respecting cultural properties in cultural areas unrelated to oneself is peculiar to modern civilizationSpirit of the times.

in recent years,Natural disastersMany cultural heritage is lost.Even if it is a cultural heritage that can be inherited in the future if it is repaired, undesignated items may be removed and lost, especially after a disaster.[2]..In addition to the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, there is a factor that cultural heritage has been buried in the city due to rapid urbanization.[3].. Even in the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake, there were many cultural heritage sites in the disaster area.[4]..Cultural heritage plays a major role in recovery from disasters.

Cultural heritage in World Heritage

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO)World Heritage Conventionbased onworld HeritageOperates the system of.The type of registration as a World Heritage Site is "cultural heritage""Natural heritage""Complex heritage""World heritage at risk"(Crisis heritage), and buildings and archaeological sites with excellent value fall under" cultural heritage ".For cultural heritage, local government agencies seeking registration recommend candidate sites for registration,International Monument Remains ConferenceConducts a field survey and is registered on the World Heritage List after being examined by the World Heritage Committee.In addition to World Heritage Sites as a UNESCO project,Intangible cultural propertyTo specify and protectIntangible cultural heritageThere is also.

Japanese institutional cultural heritage

JapaneseCultural property protection lawThen,Tangible cultural property,Intangible cultural property,Folk cultural property,Memorial,Cultural landscape, 6 types of "Cultural propertyHowever, there are cultural products with historical value among those that cannot be grasped by these concepts.Cultural CouncilThen, cultural products with historical value are positioned as "cultural heritage" in a broad sense, including cultural properties.An example of cultural heritage in a broad sense isCultural landscape, The surrounding environment of cultural properties, modern scientific and industrial heritage, "the whole gathered with a certain degree of relevance beyond the framework of cultural property types", etc.[5]..Of these, the cultural landscape was newly positioned as a type of "cultural property" under the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties in 2004 (16).

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The following Japanese universities are conducting education and research related to cultural heritage.

Cultural heritage that is not designated or registered as a cultural property


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