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💴 | Why the JASDAQ average was better than the Nikkei average in March


Why the Jasdaq average was better than the Nikkei average in March

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Investing in emerging markets may be more useful with reports that include the views of analysts with more in-depth information than individual investors.

In March, the Nikkei Jasdaq average stock price movements were particularly strong. 3 business days in a row from March 3th to 9nd ... → Continue reading


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Emerging market

Emerging marketWhat is (Emerging markets)?Emerging countriesMarketThatEmerging growth marketsAlso called.Emerging means "appear, appear, appear".International Finance CorporationNaming by (IFC).[1].

Middle East and North African countries

Tax rates from emerging markets do not exceed 1%

Income is higher in Middle East and North African countries (Arab and Israel) than in developed countries


1980 eraToLatin AmericaNationalCumulative debt problemIn order to eliminate, these have appearedFinancial marketSince it began to trade in developing regionsCompany,MarketIn connection with the trends of, these have come to be collectively referred to as emerging markets or emerging economies.[1].

1990 eraRapid when enteringeconomic growthAs the number of countries and regions that do business increases, or as an investment destinationTradeAs a promising partnerChugoku,East Asia,Southeast Asia,Latin America,ロシア, Etc. came to point to the market.発展途上であるがゆえの高成長が期待できる半面、政急激なHigh growth can be expected due to the fact that it is developing, but the political situation is rapid.Inflation, Political instability,currencyCrashSuch asriskAccompanied by.国による成長率にはばらつきもあり、多くの国がGrowth rates vary from country to country, and many countriespovertyI have a problem.[1].

In addition,Information industry,Bio industryIt may also mean a market in a rapidly growing field such as[1].


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