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📢 | Zen-Noh's food cheering party "Niji no Conquistador" conveys the charm of food and agriculture! !! YouTube broadcast started


Zen-Noh's food cheering party "Niji no Conquistador" sends out the charm of food and agriculture! !! YouTube broadcast started

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"Fan Farm Season 2" YouTube broadcast started ~ Kenichi Maeyamada's theme was "gratitude" for songwriting
A tie-up song is also announced!

-Kenichi Maeyamada has also announced a tie-up song with the theme of "gratitude" for songwriting! ~ April XNUMX, XNUMXrd year of Reiwa National Agricultural Cooperative ... → Continue reading

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Maeyama Kenichi

Kenichi Maeyamada(Kenichi Maeyamada,1980May 7 -) isJapanMen ofミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン,Music producer,Lyricist,作曲家,Arranger, Video contributor.Blood TypeO[1].

OsakaOsakaSumiyoshi WardI'm fromsinger,talentWhen working asHyadainI am using the name.Five aceAffiliation.ヒャダイン名義ではIn the name of HyadainStardust promotionBelongs.


FatherOkinawaIshigakijimaFromカ メ ラ マ ン[2].. Since I was 3 years oldピ ア ノBy the time I was in junior high schoolsynthesizerI will start driving at.Osaka Seikogakuin High SchoolからKyoto UniversityFaculty of Comprehensive Human SciencesAt Kyoto a cappella circle Crazy ClefA cappellaTo start[3].

After graduation, lyricistGoro Matsui[4]After becoming a disciple of, he belonged to the office in 2007 and started full-scale music activities, but he said that he was in a state of not sounding and flying.[5].

Around this timeNico Nico DougaI met and was inspired by the posted videoHyadainStart posting with the name of[5]..ゲームのBGMをアレンジし自作の詞で歌った曲は口コミやThe songs that arranged the BGM of the game and sang with their own lyrics are word-of-mouthSocial MediaIt will gradually spread through such means, and access will increase not only in Japan but also from all over the world, and it will get a favorable response.Such a reaction gave him confidence, and this was a turning point for him to transfer to SUPA LOVE. Since then, he has been working on a wide range of genres of songs such as J-POP, idol songs, and anime songs, until he produced numerous hit songs. To reach.Oricon Single ChartHe also achieved the feat of winning first place.

Initially, the profile was not disclosed as "Hyadain", and its identity was a mystery, but on May 2010, 5, in a blog under the name of Hyadain, he confessed that he was "Kenichi Maeyamada".[6]..Even after confessing that he is a professional, he continues to be active in Nico Nico Douga as Hyadain, but on the other hand, by revealing his true identity, Kenichi Maeyamada's appearance has increased.

April 2011, TV animation "日常Opening theme "Hyadain's Kakakata ☆ Kataomoi-C』, Make a major debut as a singer under the name of Hyadain[7]..In the same work, he was also in charge of songwriting, composition and arrangement under the name of Maeyamada.レーベルはThe label isLantis.

July 2011, 7, ownTwitterIn your accountStardust promotionAnnounced that it has entered into a business alliance with the 3rd entertainment division.

August 2011, 8 at Saitama Super ArenaAnimelo Summer LiveAppeared in 2011. He performed in front of 2 people.

July 2012, 4, ownTwitterAnnounced that he will transfer to Five Eighth from May 2012 on his account.Business tie-up with Stardust Promotion Entertainment Department 5 continues.

magazine"GQReceived the "GQ Men of the Year 2012" announced on November 11, 19 by the sponsorship. 2012年に活躍した男性としてAs a man who was active in 2012Yuji Oda-Yuta Murata-Kousuke Kitajima-Hiroyuki AriyoshiWas elected alongside them.

On the Oricon Single Weekly Chart dated January 2013, 1, he achieved the feat of ranking three of his own songs in the TOP28 (10rd place Private Ebisu Junior High School "plum, 9th place Yuzu "REASON(Co-authored), 10th place Dempagumi.inc "WWD)).

Published on March 2014, 12Nounana Rina(Currently Non) Starring movie "KaizukihimeIt was announced that he would be in charge of the music in the play[8].


  • Regarding my own musicalityPizzicato FiveSo-called "ShibuyaHe said he was greatly influenced by the music called ".[Source required]
  • In 2012Maki NomiyaParticipated as a producer in the 30th anniversary album of his debut.At this time, I was in charge of "Baby Portable RockWas the song Maeyamada wanted to produce the most, and when recording, I shed tears when I saw Nomiya singing the song I arranged. 30周年特別サイト内のお祝いコメントでも感謝の言葉を述べているCongratulatory comments on the XNUMXth anniversary special site also express gratitude[9]..He also participated as a guest in the 3th anniversary live on March 19th.
  • Shocked by Komuro soundTetsuya KomuroWas involved in the developmentEOS B700Buy.これが最初に買ったThis was the first one I boughtsynthesizerIs.後に、2013å¹´12月4日にはLater, on December XNUMX, XNUMXiTunesFor a limited time, Tetsuya Komuro VS Hyadain's "Bridge to the 22nd Century", which was composed and arranged only by the synthesizer of this machine in collaboration with Tetsuya Komuro, was delivered.
  • myselfMorning Musume.Etc.Hello! ProjectBecause he was a fan of idols, he is the producer.Tsunku♂AndAKB48Producer ofAkimoto YasushiIn an interview, he said he was also influenced by[10].
  • I was also greatly influenced by the game music that is the origin of my activities as Hyadain, especially "Romancing Sa Ga] Etc.Kenji ItoHe says he was most influenced by his work[11].
  • TamoriI profess to be a fan of.Also,Railway fanBut alsoTamori ClubIn many cases, he makes guest appearances on railway-themed times (General vehicle manufacturing plantWhen I appeared in the factory tour ofTokyu 7200 seriesDriven).Later, in the planning of the program, volunteers of Stardust Promotion affiliated talents were gathered and "Stardust train clubWas formed (Member No. 0001).Specialized field is "subway OfLine color. "
  • Hobbies/special skillsæ°´ æ³³,Cuisine.
  • saunaFamous as a lover, he travels to saunas all over Japan.
  • AnimalI also like it.

Work provided as "Kenichi Maeyamada"


Idol Yokai Kawayushi ♥

  • "Kawayushi ♥ Arawal" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

i ☆ Ris

  • "Doraemon no Uta" (arrangement)

Red park

  • "Absolute Relationship-Hyadain's Lillili ☆ Remix-" (Remix)

Akamaru Dash ☆

  • "Akamaru Soaring Dash !!!!" (Lyrics / Composition)

Natsuko Aso


  • "Dream sand ~ a theme of @JAM ~" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)

Anasah Men's Three People

  • "Our pride" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)

You exposed

  • "ZE" (composition / arrangement)


__ (Underbar)

  • "Majishanzu ☆ Sama" (composition)


  • "Kibou no Hikari" (lyrics / composition)
  • "Beat down" (lyrics / composition)

Riho Iida

  • "KISS! KISS! KISS!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)


Yuko Ishida

  • "Changes" (lyrics)


  • "Shiny Kabu" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)
  • "Cheeks!" (Composer / Arrangement)


  • "Makoto -Live for Justice-" (lyrics and composition)
  • "Gotcha!" (Lyrics / Composition)
  • "Drink, sing, dance, and make noise" (lyrics and composition)



S ★ Spicy

  • "DUST in STARDUST" (lyrics)


  • "TOP SECRET" (lyrics)

every ♥ ing!

  • "What is L ♥ VE?" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "Nyanko is L ♥ VE!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

Mai Oshima

Hiromi Ota

  • "Suteki no Kiseki" (composition / arrangement)
  • "Tayu Taumono" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)

Omori Yasuko

  • "IDOL SONG" (arrangement)

Yui Ogura

Maiden New Party

Ono Daisuke

  • "Canvas" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)

Idol School(Chinese idol group)

  • "Graduation Song" (Arrangement)
  • "Happy Happy New Year Yeah" (arrangement)
  • "啦 啦 啦 啦 圣 诞 乐 耶" (arrangement)
  • "My World, I'm Chimichi, I'm sorry, I'm good, I'm in charge" (Arrangement)

Or row

Kanjani Eight

Country girls

 · "Write and erase "I Love You""(Songwriting)


  • "Hasuppa" (lyrics / composition)


Fox × EXIT

  • "LOKF" (lyrics, composition, production)


  • "Namida no Stage" (arrangement)
  • "FiX YOUR TEETH" (lyrics / composition)


Kubo Yurika

  • "Jaroonup Up !!!!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)




  • "Udon" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)
  • "I am a male cat" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)
  • "You Can Do It ~ Chasing a Dream ~" (Lyrics / Composition)
  • "Just watching" (lyrics / composition)

Kumi Kouda × misono

Hiromi Go

The Gospellers

  • "SING !!!!!(Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement / Produce)

Fist factory

Mikako Komatsu

  • "LISTEN!(Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

Tetsuya Komuro VS Hyadain


  • "Hey, middle-aged memoirs"

Yohdi Kondo

  • "30th CENTURY BOY" (composition)

Sa line


  • "Ochanomizu Graffiti" (composition)

The Coin Lockers

Ayaka Sasaki

  • "Because it's Arin ☆(Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "Arin is a rebellious period!(Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "Aarin is Aarin ♡" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)
  • "My Cherry Pie" (lyrics and composition)
  • "My Hamburger Boy" (lyrics and composition)
  • "Cutie Honey" (arrangement)
  • "I want to shout that I like you" (arrangement)
  • "Choose me! Hanawa-kun" (lyrics / composition)
  • "A-rinchua" (composition / arrangement)
  • "Happy ♡ Sweet ♡ Birthday!" Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "Work" (composer)

Reika Sasaki

Goodbye ponytail

  • "Apathetic Switch Hyadain's Lilli Lili ☆ Remix" (Remix)

Ringo Shiina

Showa era

  • "Oh yeah," G "!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)



  • "Feelings are White Xmas" (lyrics / composition)


  • "Infinite ∞ Blanc Noir" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

Hiro Shimono

  • "WE GO -On Your Mark-" (lyrics / composition)

Juice = Juice

Private Ebisu Junior High School




  • ""(Songwriting)

Red rice

  • "Onyanoko Kinenbi" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)


Octopus rainbow

Takahashi Minami

Tatsunoko Production x Lantis

  • "Gatchaman's Song" (Arrangement)

Chikako Sawada

  • "Thank you goodbye" (lyrics / composition)

Team Shachihoko

  • "Full stomach! Flute romance" (composition / arrangement)

Too underground princess

  • "Moonlight Labyrinth" (composition / arrangement)


  • "Million of bravery" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)

Super Express

  • "Battaman(Lyrics / Composition / Produce)
  • "Battaman Lunatic ver." (Lyrics / Composition)
  • "Bullet Train !!!!!!!!" (Arrangement)

Chocolate planet

  • "TT Gymnastics" (composition / arrangement)

Tsukishima Kirari starring Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume)

Minami Tsuda-Tomoyo Sasaki-Harashima Akari

  • "Sing a Song Aloud!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)




  • "4.9 cm" (lyrics / composition)


  • "Look at me, Gwisun" (Japanese lyrics)
  • "Teva Gear (A Big Hit!)" (Japanese lyrics)

DJ Ichiro Yatsui

  • "Tenke Tenke Ten" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement / Produce)
  • "Junjo Ecstasy" (lyrics / composition)
  • "Dangerous Day Challenge Girls! Feat. Negicco" (lyrics / composition)

Takushima Terashima


Dong Bang Shin Ki

Tokimeki♡ Advertising Department

Na row


XNUM X cat

"Philosophy Egg" composition / arrangement

Nakagawa Shoko

Ai Nakajima

  • "Life's the Party Time" (co-written, composed, arranged) (lyrics co-written with Megumi Nakajima)

Haruka Nagashima

  • "EQUAL Romance" (arrangement)

Nagareda Project

  • "Vampire Academy ☆ CHU-WA" (composition)


  • "God dimension! Fortune / Materiaru" (composition / arrangement)

Summer monster

  • "Monster, BOM-BA-YE ~ Tamashii no Awakening ~" (composition / arrangement)
  • "Our wind blows in the future" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)
  • "Shin Mamono, BOM-BA-YE ~ Soul No Resonance ~" (composition)

shooting star

  • "Gifu Me Chance" (composition / arrangement / sound production)

Naniwa Boy

  • "Boku Sora-The Future Without Footprints-" (Lyrics / Composition)

Asuka Nishi

Rainbow Conquistador


Maki Nomiya

Is line

Bakste Sotokanda XNUMX-chome

  • "Harine Mouse and Jerry Bee" (Composer)
  • "I can't recommend it anyway" (composition)

Wataru Hatano

  • "I'm a Voice Actor" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)

Honey rocket

  • "Okashi na Watashi to Honey Kimi" (lyrics and composition)


  • "Pafipipo Mountain(Lyrics)
  • "If you hold it, hold it, E is NIGHT ☆" (composition / arrangement)


  • "Evolevo!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "Rifujinjin" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)
  • "The future is Joe! Joe!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "Spider Man's Dance" (Composer / Arrangement)
  • "Joe Deck!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "Choten Fever!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "Kinkira KING!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

It's not a band!

  • "Pahipahi" (arrangement)

Tomiko Ban


  • "Ride on Music!(Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "Confession Bungy Jump" (lyrics / composition)

Hello! Project All Stars

Rio Hiiragi

  • "BANZAI! BANZAI!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)


  • "Umbrella" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)

Hizuki China

  • "Suppinde Convenience Store" (Arrangement)


Ken Hirai

Aya Hirano

Stardust scat

  • "Shinjuku Shanson (Hyadain's Lily Lily ☆ Remix ~ Shinjuku Mukuma Hell ~)" (Remix)

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas


  • "Unlimited favorite things" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)

Philosophy Dance

  • "Like a Zombie (Hyadain's Lily Lily ☆ Remix)" (Remix)
  • "Don't Stop The Dance" (Lyrics)

Haruka Fukuhara × Haruka Tomatsu

Baby Rays JAPAN

  • "Ride On IDOROCK" (Lyrics / Composition)

Base Ball Bear


  • "BE!" (Lyrics / Composition)



Ami Maejima

  • "Small World" (Arrangement)

Keiko Masuda

  • "Last love" (arrangement)
  • "Mt. Fuji" (arrangement)



  • "We've gotta have a party" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)

Yutaro Miura

  • "Hataraku Watashihe" (composition)
  • "Home Sweet Home!" (Composer / Arrangement)


  • "Tonchin Kanchin Ikkyu-san" (Arrangement)

Milks genuine

  • "With love from the northern country" (composition / arrangement)


  • "Housekeeper? OK!" (Composition)

Mizuki Nana


  • "Drawing" (arrangement)

Mimori Suzuko

  • "FUTURE IS MINE" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)


Milky Holmes

  • "Milky 100 World" (composer / arranger)
  • "Total natural color full power!" (Composer)

Melon anniversary

Morning Musume.

Momoiro Clover Z

Hiroko Moriguchi

  • "I'll find it before the stars" (composition / arrangement)

Ya line

Ikusaburo Yamazaki

  • "MIRROR BALL '19" (Sound Produce)
  • "Theme of MIRROR BALL '19" (composition / arrangement)
  • "Theme of MIRROR BALL '19 (Reprise)" (composer / arranger)

Tomohisa Yamashita

Yanagi Nagi

Yui Kaori


Yokoyama Daisuke

  • "Bontakatakka Bonbon Ondo" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)
  • "Cheze Banzai!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)
  • "ENJOY! School bag" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)

Yokoyama Rurika

Yoshiki Risa

Ra-wa line


  • "Buppanase Baby, I love Ya!" (Lyrics / Composition)

Little Glee Monster

  • "JOY"(Songwriting)


  • "LinQuest-Soon to the Legend ..." (Lyrics / Composition)



  • "LINK" (lyrics / composition)
  • "Diversity Guys!" (Lyrics / Composition)
  • "SUPER CANDY BOY" (lyrics / composition)
  • "You Are My Love" (lyrics / composition)


  • "Break it Out !!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

Rev. from DVL

  • "Rooftop Clearance White Sora" (Lyrics / Composition / Produce)

Rock A Japonica

  • "Abrakadabra Aljebra" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)

Mayu Watanabe

Anime / game song related

Idol MasterSeries

Ensemble Stars!

Different world

  • "Different World Girls Talk" (composition)


  • "Mendoi! Yahoi! Friend!" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

Initial D Fourth Stage

Maid Sama!

  • "Groovin'" (arrangement)

Gabriel Dropout

  • "Gabriel DropKick" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)

Once rebuilt

  • "Nani is Nani and Nani ..." (lyrics, composition, arrangement)
  • "Because it's the first time ..." (lyrics, composition, arrangement)

Kirarin Revolution

Take over!

  • "Welcome !! DISCO Mokemoke" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)

Crayon Shin-chan

  • "Ora wa Ninkimono 25th MIX" (arrangement)
  • "Ora wa Ninkimono 2019 MIX" (arrangement)


  • "GET UP! GET LIVE!" (Lyrics / Composition)


  • "With the sunset" (composition)

Mr. Sasami @ Don't do my best

  • "Osmotic Symphony" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

Shining Hearts ~Happy Bread~

Invasion! Squid girl

Suzumiya Haruhi series

Slow start

  • "With the sunset" (composition)


"Mayday Everyday" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)

Phantasic QM

  • "Cheerful smiling" (composition)

DD Fist of the North Star

  • "Shift, hourly wage, and regain love!" (Lyrics / Arrangement)
  • "Fist of the North Star" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

D4DJ First Mix

  • "Guru Guru DJ TURN !!" (Composer)

Grandpa Danger

Radio wave woman and youth man

  • "Cousin" (Franz Maxwell I. name.Yoshiaki Fujisawa-Yusuke ItagakiAnd co-written, co-written, co-arranged[13])
  • "Lunch break, helmet and classmate" (same as above)
  • "In the name of Kiboneng Deco" (same as above)
  • "Eternal 39 years old ☆" (same as above)
  • "Tsuyoku Negae Tsuyoku Hanate" (same as above)
  • "Niwa-kun, that is, a transfer student or a cousin" (same as above)


Nyanpire The Animation

  • "Nyanpaia Gymnastics" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)


  • "Chiisana Hoshi" (composition)


Pack World

  • "PAC THIS WORLD !!!" (lyrics / composition / arrangement)


Punch line

Magical Pretty Cure!


Hunger of the Miyagawa family


  • "I love you, I love you, thank you for being born" (lyrics, composition, arrangement)

Lucky ☆ StarSeries

Movie drama accompaniment

Anime drama accompaniment

Accompanied by a stage play

Game drama accompaniment

TV / radio related


  • Morinaga chocolate ball In charge of CM music (Kyorochans is in charge of singing)
  • NTT docomo"D Anime Store" CM song charge (Shoko Nakagawa is in charge of singing)
  • PARKIn charge of CM music for "Parcoara"
  • UNIQLOIn charge of CM music for "Hataraku Uniqlo"Yutaro MiuraIs in charge of singing)
  • KibunIn charge of CM music for "Uogashi Raise" (private Ebisu Junior High School is in charge of singing)
  • Takeda"Benza Block" WebCM music charge (NegiccoIs in charge of singing)
  • Car sensor "Car Sensor Shimasenkar" -Sound Logo
  • Kubota "British Water Environment" -CM Music
  • YAMAHA "Taken in Sauna and Tricity" -Music Produced
  • Unite House "My wife, my husband, like this" -CM music manager


  • Sanrio Puroland
    • "Miracle Gift Parade" (song in the play)
    • "KAWAII FESTIVAL" (Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement)

Activities under the name of "Hyadain"

ゲーム-AnimeWrite and compose BGM such asOld manからchildren-Male,FemaleMake various voicesOverdubbingI am posting to a video site using the method of.Super Nintendo-AnimeThere are many famous works of.Also,PVAlso uses female characters, and for "Hyadain's Kakakata ☆ Kataomoi-C"Natsuko Aso, "Hyadain no Jyojo Yujo" is originally from Momoiro CloverAkari Hayami, "Christmas? What is it? Is it delicious?"Yuko TakayamaAppeared in "The god of laughter has come down!"Mika HijiiPlays the role of Hyadal child.

Origin of "Hyadain"

"Hyadain" was originally an RPG game "Dragon questIt is one of the spells that appear in.For the reason for choosing this as an alias, see "HyadainIs an unfortunate magic.It should be strong.It can't be used.ド ラ X 3Then, I remember the stronger magic called Mahad first.ド ラ X 4I also rememberBlyIt is used by an old man, but the starting lineup drops at the end of the game due to lack of physical strength.I really liked that feeling of discomfort. " [18]He says.

Contribution work

  • Do you want to do it with Crashman (BGM source: "Rockman 2』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • I made a song with DQ3 (BGM source: "Dragon Quest III』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • Rap at Yie Ar Kung Fu (BGM source: "Yie Ar Kung Fu』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • In FF5, Acapega alone (BGM source: "Final fantasy v』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • In the second chapter of DQ4, the musical "Come on, start walking!" (BGM source: "Dragon Quest IV』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • In FF6, Mash raps (BGM source: "Final fantasy vi』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • At Konami Wai Wai World, medley (BGM source: "Konami Wai Wai World』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • Akuma-kun's Solomon's whistle, Acapega alone (BGM source: "Devil』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • Western Show at Super Mario World (BGM source: "Super Mario World』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • Thinking about Cynthia in Chapter 4 of DQXNUMX (BGM source: "Dragon Quest IV") Lyrics and arrangement
  • Dr. Mario's melody, "My First Friend" (BGM source: "Dr. Mario』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • In FF4, Golbeza Four Tenno appeared! (BGM source: "Final fantasy iv』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • Acapega alone in DQ 2,3,4 (BGM source: "Dragon Quest II, "III", "IV") Lyrics and arrangement
  • At MOTHER2, Tonzura Brothers 2008 (BGM source: "MOTHER2』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • Golby presents Hyadain RADIO
  • Flashman, FLASH! (BGM original: "Rockman 2") Lyrics and arrangement
  • In Chapter 4 of DQXNUMX, the lyrics and arrangement of the Montbarbara Theater (BGM source: "Dragon Quest IV")
  • At the FF3 Doga House, Acapega alone (BGM source: "Final fantasy iii』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • Hyadain FM Countdown 50
  • Do not do it with Crashman High-quality version (BGM source: "Rockman 2") Lyrics and arrangement
  • Original song with the sound effect of Street Fighter II (BGM source: "Street fighter ii』) Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement
  • QUICK !!! (BGM source: "Rockman 2") Lyrics and arrangement
  • Arranged "Genesis of Aquarion" by halyosy (BGM source: "Genesis of Aquarion』) Arrangement
  • Lyrics and arrangement of "Royal Straight Flush" (BGM source: "Dragon Quest IV") at DQ Casino
  • A field song of FF6, written and arranged by Akapega (BGM original: "Final Fantasy VI")
  • AM Hyadain Saturday morning is waiwai wide
  • With Chrono Trigger, "Silvered(BGM source: "Chrono Trigger』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • Hyadalko Summer Vacation Children's Anime Theater
  • Good luck Goemon, GOEMON (BGM source: "Good luck Goemon』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • "Made of Metal" (BGM source: "Rockman 2") lyrics and arrangement by Metal Man
  • FF5 At the ancient library, one person Acapega (BGM original: "Final Fantasy V") lyrics and arrangement
  • AM Hyadain Monday worries 110
  • In Chapter XNUMX of DQIV, "Torneko no Uta" (BGM source: "Dragon Quest IV") lyrics and arrangement
  • Hyadain Bosom Game 50 Part 1
  • Chocobo and CHOCOBO !! (BGM source: "Final Fantasy") Lyrics and arrangement
  • "I'm Bubbleman" (BGM source: "Rockman 2") lyrics and arrangement by Bubbleman
  • Hyadain Winter Vacation Children's Anime Theater
  • Akuma-kun's ending song, arranged by "12 Friends" (BGM source: "Akuma-kun")
  • Rap de Chocobo !!! (BGM source: "Final Fantasy") Lyrics and arrangement
  • Hajimete no Tomo ~ the answer Lyrics / Composition
  • DQ4 Chapter XNUMX "Ryan and Hoimin no Uta" (BGM source: "Dragon Quest IV") Lyrics and arrangement
  • Golbee Hyadain Station
  • DQ4 Guided people, "Journey to Tomorrow" (BGM source: "Dragon Quest IV", movie "hair spray』Song in the play" You can't stop the beat ") Lyrics and arrangement
  • I made a song that looks like "Chaku-Uta is popular!"
  • FF6 Cayenne, solo Acapega (BGM original: "Final Fantasy VI") lyrics and arrangement
  • 【Michako] Sympathy song (Video source: Yahoo! Fan club "Shochiku entertainmentFan club whole! Shochiku Geino ”) arranged and arranged
  • HEAT !!! (BGM original: "Rockman 2") Lyrics and arrangement
  • Lyrics and arrangement of "Orthrus Boogie" (BGM original v "Final Fantasy VI") at FF6 Coliseum
  • Hyadain Bosom Game 50 Part 2
  • "Choose Your Future" at Romancing SaGa (BGM original v "Romancing Sa Ga』) Lyrics and arrangement
  • Alone, 2009 Red and White Song Battle
  • I asked them to sing the FF main theme (BGM source: "Final Fantasy") Lyrics and arrangement
  • [Hyadaruko] Washashasha SMILEx3 Lyrics and composition
  • Choose Me feat. Hatsune Miku Lyrics and composition
    • It is recorded as "Choose me feat. Sasaki Saka" in "Hyadain no Kakakata ☆ Kataomoi-C".
  • In the melody of the time signal, "I and I and Nico Nico Douga" lyrics, composition, arrangement
  • Christmas? What is it delicious? Lyrics and composition
  • Alone, 2000 Red and White Song Battle
  • Let's stop hoarding !! Operation Uesima
  • hyadain in my room # 1-

Commercial work


PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
First editionNormal Edition
1st20110May 4Hyadain's Kakakata ☆ Kataomoi-CLACM-480112 bit
2nd20110803 DayHyadain no Jojo YujoLACM-483018 bit
3rd2011/11/23Christmas? What is it? Is it delicious?LACM-488449 bit
4th20120509 DayStart it right awayLACM-34926LACM-492627 bit
5th20120808 DaySamba de Trico !!!LACM-34971LACM-4971101 bit
6th20130May 1X NUM X hour X NUM X minutesLACM-34060LACM-1406079 bit
7th20130May 5The god of laughter has come down!LACM-14095 (Men's Disc)
LACM-14096 (Lady's Disc)
69 bit
8th20140May 2Half-bread soulLACM-34185LACM-1418577 bit


PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
First editionNormal Edition
1st2012/11/2820112012LACA-39254 / 5LACA-9254 / 524 bit

Video work

  • Hiro-chan Hyada-chan Kimiguru TV-Chapter 2012 Deep-fried chicken and to the legend ... (May 5, 23,Frontier Works)


Hyadain's Kakakata ☆ Kataomoi-CTelevision Animation"日常』\ ProphaseOpening theme2011
Hyadain no Jojo YujoTV anime "Nichijou" late opening theme
To me that day feat. Hiro ShimonoNippon Cultural Broadcasting "I want to be told of Hyadain"Theme song
DT no Uta feat. Kayoe! ChugakuShort animation "Kayo! Chu studies"Theme song
Start it right awayTelevision Animation"Kuroko's Basketball』First term ending theme2012
Samba de Trico !!!Television Animation"Toriko"Ending theme
Is iZoo Izuko? Izu! iZoo!"iZooCM song
23:40 feat. Base Ball BearTelevision Animation"Bakuman.』3rd series late opening theme2013
The god of laughter has come down!Nippon TelevisionLol God suddenly..."Theme song2013
PON !!!Nippon TelevisionPON!』\ JingleNovember-December 2013
Half-bread soul (spirit)Television Animation"Gundam Build Fighters"Ending theme2014
Wow, I can't sayNippon Cultural Broadcasting "I want to be told of Hyadain"Theme song2014-August 2017
PON to the FutureNTV "PON!" Image songApril 2015-

Provided works


tv set

Currently (regular program)


TV drama

Television Animation



Web tv

  • Nectar, Poison and Medicine-Findings by Dr. Ringo Sheena and Dr. Hyadain- (May 2019, 5, AbemaTV[23]) -Doctor




  • Nippon Cultural Broadcasting "Broadcast End Announcement" (July 2019-March 7)


執筆 活動

  • Weekly publicationyoung JumpContribution to the special edition "Aoharu No. 0.5" short story "Berry Short"
  • Monthly magazineBUBKA Series "Hyadain's Lovely Juicy Treasure Box"
  • Monthly magazineSMART CD column
  • Web4Gamer Serialization "I was young at that time of Hyadain"
  • WebDa VinciElectronic navigation series "Hyada Vinci's Dokushokan Sobun"
  • Bimonthly magazine serialization
  • Tokyo Walker Serialized CD column
  • Tv bros Serialization "Hyadain is Phi Phi Phi"
  • Monthly magazineToday Serial
  • Serial
  • Monthly magazine non-no serialization
  • Monthly magazine nutrition and cooking serialization
  • TV Bros series "Mine Kubo Hyada Bros"
  • Monthly magazine BUBKA serialized "Crazy Cooking Sauna Road Hyadain-like Sauna Exploration"
  • Web version croissant serialization [Hyadain's kitchen]


  • "GQ Men of the Year 2012"
"GQReceived the "GQ Men of the Year 2012" announced on November 11, 19 by the sponsorship. As a man who made a big success in 2012Yuji Oda-Yuta Murata-Kousuke Kitajima-Hiroyuki AriyoshiThey were elected side by side.


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