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💹 | How can I save? "Please tell me how to save 1 million yen even if I can't save" released


How can I save? "Please tell me how to save 1 million yen even if I can't save" released

If you write the contents roughly
It also explains various investment targets that exist in the world such as gold, virtual currency, solar power generation equipment, hedge funds, venture capital, paintings, wine and so on.

Asa Publishing published a book by Shunsuke Sekoguchi, CEO of Wealth Partner, on April 4, "Even if I can't save money, 7 ... → Continue reading

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Generator(Dynamo,electrical generator) IsElectromagnetic inductionMechanical by utilizing the law ofEnergy(work) To electrical energy (electricity) Getmachine(Power equipment).

Automobile,オ ー ト バ イSuch asengineGenerator attached to,BicycleThe generator that is directly connected to the headlight ofAlternator,DynamoIt is also calledgeneratorSometimes called.

Structure iselectric motorClose to.The principle is the same, and electricity can be taken out from the electric motor in reverse.More specifically, when a miniature bulb is connected to the electrode of a model motor and the shaft is rotated at high speed, the miniature bulb emits light.Practically, it has a different structure specialized for each.Therefore, it runs on an electric motor.Railway car[1],Hybrid car,Electric carIn, the electric power generated by using the electric motor as a generator is consumed as heat energy by the resistor (Dynamic brake),Overhead wire,batteryBack to (Regenerative brakeIt is also possible to obtain the braking force.

If the power source of the generator is an electric motor,Motor generatorSee.

Generator history

MagneticとElectricalBefore the relationship was discoveredElectrostaticsUsing the principle ofElectrostatic generatorHas been invented. Electrostatic generator is highVoltageSmall電流Generates electricity. For belts, plates and diskschargeIs stored and transported to generate a high potential difference. The electric charge is generated by either of the following means.

Machines with low efficiency and high voltageInsulationBecause it is difficult to do so, the amount of electricity generated by electrostatic generators was small and was not used as a commercial means of supplying electricity. Among them, as things that remain until later,Wimshurst induction motor,Van degraph kikiThere is.

Yedrik Dynamo

1827, HungarianJedrik AgnoshStarted an experiment on an electromagnetic rotating device called an electromagnetic self-rotor. In the prototype of the unipolar electric starter (completed from 1852 to 1854), both fixed and rotating parts were electromagnetic. HeSiemens,WheatstoneHe established the concept of a dynamo at least 6 years ago, but didn't patent it because he didn't think he was the first to invent it in the world.

Basically the concept is to use two permanent magnetselectromagnetIs used to induce a magnetic field around the rotor. It was also the discovery of the principle of self-excitation[2].. Jedrik's invention was decades ahead of the level of the time.

Faraday's disc

Michael Faraday The1821First in the worldelectric motorWe have devised a principle that can be considered as one of the above. But the teacher'sHumphrey DavyFaraday is one of the teacher's majors until Davy's deathChemicalDevote yourself to the experiment.

In 1831, Faraday discovered the working principle of an electromagnetic generator. This is laterFaraday's LawCame to be called. That is,magnetic fieldAt both ends of an electric conductor that moves acrossPotential differenceHas occurred. In 1832, Faraday also manufactured the first electromagnetic generator, the "Faraday Disc." This is kind ofMonopolar generatorso,copperU-shaped discmagnetBy rotating it between thePotential differenceTo occur.

This design is not very efficient because a reverse current is generated in the part that is not affected by the magnetic field and cancels out in the disk. An electric current is generated in the portion passing between the magnets, but an electric current flows in the opposite direction in the portion not affected by the magnetic field. Due to this reverse current, the electric power obtained from the lead wire for extracting the output becomes weak, and most of the energy of electromagnetic induction is wasted in the form of raising the temperature of the copper disk. In the latter single-pole generator, magnets are arranged around the entire circumference of the disk so that the current is generated in a certain direction to solve the problem.

Another drawback is that the output voltage is very low as there is only one path for the magnetic flux to the current. Subsequent experiments by others have shown that using multiple turns of coil can create high voltage. Since the output voltage is proportional to the number of turns, the required voltage can be easily generated by adjusting the number of turns. Later generators used windings.

Recently, a single-pole electric motor using a rare earth magnet for a rotor has been put into practical use. This has various advantages over conventional methods.


Dynamo (Dynamo) is the first generator used for industrial power supply. DynamoElectromagneticsUsing the principle ofCommutatorDirect current pulsating rotational force using電流Convert to. 1832,Hippolite Pixie(Hippolyte Pixii) Made the world's first dynamo. This is two at the topcoilOf the U-shapedpermanent magnetBy rotatingElectricalWas to generate.

Due to various accidental discoveries, various devices were invented from the dynamo. For example, direct currentelectric motor,AC generator, Direct currentSynchronous motor,Rotary current transformerAnd so on.

A dynamo is a fixed part (providing a constant magnetic field)Field) And several coils that rotate in its magnetic field. In a small dynamo, one or morepermanent magnetWith a large dynamoelectromagnetTo use.

CurrentlyAlternating currentMost of the power generation, also for conversion from AC to DCSemiconductor elementHigh-power dynamo is rarely used because it uses an electronic circuit using. However, before the discovery of the principle of alternating current, large DC dynamos were the only means of power generation.

Generator specifications

In addition, there is a distinction between regular and emergency.


appearelectricityDepending on the type ofDCGenerator,Alternating currentBroadly divided into generators.

In addition, the power source that drives the generator is classified as follows.

  • Fuel isLight oilOrgasoline.. Especially in combination with internal combustion engines,TriggerGenerator (departure-hatsuhatsu) and generator set (Genset・ There is a common name for Geneset / Power Generation Set).

Security device

Mechanical protection

  • Overspeedrelay
  • Temperature relay

Electrical protection

  • Overcurrent relay
  • Overvoltage relay
  • Undervoltage relay
  • Ground fault overvoltage relay
  • Ground fault overcurrent relay
  • Reverse power relay
  • Frequency relay
  • Field overcurrent relay
  • Field ground fault relay
  • Loss of field relay
  • Ratio differential relay
  • Reverse overcurrent relay

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