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📊 | PayPay Securities expands the functions of the "Japan-US stocks" app, adds themes, etc.


PayPay Securities expands the functions of the "Japan-US stocks" app, adds themes, etc.

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PayPay Securities completes everything from opening an account to trading stocks with a smartphone app.

On the 9th, PayPay Securities will update two types of functions of the app "PayPay Securities Japan-US Stocks" that allows you to trade Japanese and US stocks ... → Continue reading

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PayPay Securities

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PayPay Securities Co., Ltd.(British: PayPay Securities Corporation) IsTokyoMinato-kuRoppongiHeadquartered inSoftbankA securities company that is a subsidiary of a joint-stock company.

June 2016, 6 Entered the online securities business.NetSecurities companyWill be the first new entry in about 10 years[3].


Japan's firstSmartphoneIt features the ease of "buying and selling stocks with 3 taps" by singing a specialized online securities company and using a smartphone app.Prominent United StatesstockYou can execute contracts 30 hours a day, 24 days a year by specifying the amount in units of 365 yen for XNUMX stocks, and even if it is less than the transaction unit, "Fractional stockIt is said that it can be purchased as. Domestic from February 2017ETFWe started handling 3 stocks, 2017 Japanese stocks from July 7, and 30 US ETF stocks from December 2017.



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