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📊 | Survey on the global market for 3D printers (2021) 3D printers will be shipped worldwide in 2023 ...


Survey on the global market for 3D printers (2021) Global shipments of 3D printers will be in 2023 ...

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Currently, in the global 3D printer market, there is an active movement toward final products that will lead to practical use and mass production in industries and fields such as aerospace, automobiles, molds, medical care, and jewelry, mainly in Europe, the United States, and China.

Yano Research Institute Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Mizukoshi) conducted a survey of the world market for 3D printers by demand field ... → Continue reading

 Yano Research Institute

In 1958, Yano Research Institute was founded by Masao Yano as a pioneer of Japanese market research company. Since then, we have always walked with the development of the Japanese economy. Live market information, marketing know-how that has been refined on-site, and the basis of our competitive advantage are here. As a unique business solution provider based on research capabilities, we want to participate in creating a prosperous future for our customers.

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Aerospace(Cosmic universe,English: aerospace) IsAtmosphere (Aeronautical science)宇宙空間 It is a human effort in the fields of science, engineering, and business to fly (space flight science).Aerospace agencies and companiesaircraft,Space shipResponsible for research, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance of.Aerospace activities are diverse and have numerous commercial, industrial and military uses.

AerospaceAirspace Different from (airspace).Airspace is the physical space directly above a location on the ground.Earth's atmosphereThe boundary between outer space and outer space is defined as the point where the atmospheric pressure becomes extremely low physically, and it is said to be 100 kilometers above the ground.[1].


In most developed countries, public institutions and private industries work togetherAerospace industryIs forming.Private sector with public funding from the government in some countriesSpace agencyThere is.An example of such a private space agency is in the United States.US Aerospace AgencyOr in EuropeEuropean Space Agency,Canada'sCanadian Space Agency, IndianIndian Space Research Institute,JapaneseJapan Aerospace Exploration Agency, RussianRussian Federation Space Agency,ChineseChina National Space Administration, IranIranian Space Agency, PakistanPakistan Space and Upper Atmospheric Research Committee,KoreanKorea Aerospace Research InstituteAnd so on.

In addition to these public space programs, many companies have spacecraft andArtificial satelliteWe are creating technical means and components such as.Companies participating in the space program include the United StatesBoeing,Airbus Group,Lockheed Martin,Northrop Grumman, Canada McDonald's Detweiler[2], European UnionAirbus Defense and Space,Thales Alenia Space, RussianSP Korolyov Rocket & Space Corporation EnergiaEtc. are included.These companies are also involved in other aerospace, such as aircraft manufacturing.


Modern aerospace in 1799George CayleyStarted by.Cary has fixed wingsHorizontal stabilizer,Vertical tailProposed an aircraft with, and defined the characteristics of modern aircraft[3].

In the 19th century, the British Airways Society (1866), the American Rocket Society, and the American Aeronautical Science Society were established.The activities of these institutions have evolved aeronautics into a more serious scientific field.[3].Otto LillienthalWas cambered in 1891AirfoilIntroduced byグ ラ イ ダ ーUsingAerodynamicsStudied[3].Wright brothersInterested in the study of Lilienthal and read some of his publications[3]..He is also an aviator and author of "Advances in Flying Machinery" (1894).Octave ChanuteAlso spared no information or encouragement to the Wright brothers[3][4]..After a series of prior studies by Cary, Lillienthal, Chanute and other aerospace engineers, the Wright brothers announced on December 1903, 12.North carolina OfKitty hawkSucceeded in the world's first manned powered flight[5].

WarScience fictionInspired byKonstantin Tsiolkovsky,Werner von BraunExperts such as have achieved a flight out of the atmosphere.

1957 yearsSputnik 1The space era began with the launch of 1969, and in XNUMXApollo 11Achieved the first manned lunar landing[3].. In 1981,space shuttle"コロンビアWas launched, and humankind regularlySatellite orbitYou can now access the top. 1986mealBy, and subsequentlyInternational Space StationAllowed humanity to stay in satellite orbit[3]..Commercialization of spaceSpace travelIs the more recent focus of aerospace.


The aerospace industry is a high-tech industry that manufactures aircraft, guided missiles, spacecraft, aircraft engines, propulsion devices and related parts.Most of the aerospace industry is aimed at government jobs.The United States Government is all suppliers (OEMA CAGE code (Commercial and Government Entity code) is assigned to the original).These codes allow the aerospace industry to identify each manufacturer, repair agency, and other important distributors.

The aircraft parts industry was born out of the sale of used aircraft and parts from the aerospace industry.Within the United States, there are detailed processes that intermediaries and resellers must follow.This includes financing an authorized repair shop that inspects the aircraft and tags parts.This certification guarantees that the parts have been repaired and inspected to comply with the OEM.Once a part is inspected, its value depends on the supply and demand of the aerospace industry.When an aircraft is repaired on the ground, the parts needed to get the aircraft up and running are expensive.As a result, specific parts will be distributed to the market.There is also an online market that helps sell aircraft parts merchandise.

Many in the aerospace and defense industries in recent decadesmergerWas done. It was announced that between 1988 and 2011, there were 6,068 M & As worth US $ 6,780 billion worldwide.[6]..The biggest deal was in 2011 by United TechnologiesGoodrichWas acquired for US $ 162 billion[7], In 1999Allied signalWas acquired and merged in a share exchange of US $ 156 billion.[8]Boeing for US $ 1996 billion in 134McDonnellTransactions merged with[9], In 1999British aerospace(CurrentBAE Systems) Acquired General Electric's subsidiary Marconi Electronic Systems for US $ 129 billion in 1997.RaytheonFor US $ 95 billionHughes AircraftIt is a transaction that won.

In areas where the world's civil aerospace industry is thriving, the United StatesState of Washington(Boeing),California(Boeing,Lockheed MartinEtc.), CanadaMontreal(Bombardier Aerospace,Pratt & Whitney Canada),FrenchToulouse(Airbus),Germany'sHamburg(Airbus),BrazilSan Jose dos Campos(Embraer), MexicoQueretaro(Bombardier Aerospace,General Electric)When,Mexicali(Raytheon Technologies,Gulfstream Aerospace)and so on.

Industry of each country

In the United States,US Department of DefenseUS Aerospace Agency (NASA) is the two largest customers of aerospace technology and products.Others include the very large aviation industry. As of 2, 2006 workers were working in the aviation industry[10]..The American aerospace industry is mainlyState of Washington,CaliforniaLocated in, besides thisMissouri,New York State,TexasIs also a major area.The American companies that are leading the aviation industryBoeing, United technologies,Northrop Grumman,Lockheed MartinIs.These companies are facing labor shortages due to the aging and retirement of skilled workers.Practical programs such as the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Council (AJAC) are being implemented to maintain the supply of talent to the aerospace industry. At AJAC, with engineers in the Washington state aerospace industryCommunity collegeIs cooperating to train new manufacturing workers.

Russian(English edition,United Aircraft Corporation(Mikoyan,Sukhoi,Ilyushin,Tupolev,Yakovlev,BerievincludingIrkutLarge aerospace companies, such as (with a subsidiary), play a major role in the world in this industry.OnceSoviet UnionWas also a major player in the aerospace industry.

In the European Union, it is a major customer of technology and products in the aerospace industry.European Space AgencyThere,Airbus Group,BAE Systems,Thales Group,(English edition,SAABWhen,FinmeccanicaCompanies such as are responsible for the global aerospace industry and research activities.

The United Kingdom used to try to maintain its aerospace industry and build its own commercial and military aircraft, but later began to jointly develop and produce aircraft, mainly with other countries' companies, and the United States. Imports from countries like this have also increased.But in EnglandBAE SystemsThere is the world's second defense contractor, which has a very active aerospace field, and manufactures finished aircraft, aircraft parts, aircraft-related semi-finished products and subsystems in Europe and the world. Its supply destinations are not only in Europe but also in manufacturers around the world.

France has continued to build fighters for its air force and navy.Sweden has continued to build fighters for its Air Force, especially to maintain its neutrality (SAABreference).Other European countriesTornado,Eurofighter TyphoonJointly developed and produced fighter aircraft such as, or imported fighter aircraft from the United States.

Canada was once a uniquely designed military aircraft (CF-100(Fighters, etc.) were manufactured, but for decades these needs have been met by imports from the United States.However, Canada still manufactures military aircraft, excluding fighters.

In India,BangaloreIs the center of the aerospace industryHindustan Aeronautics,(English edition,Indian Space Research InstituteThere is a headquarters of.Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) is India's first lunar explorer,Chandrayaan-1Was launched on October 2008, 10.

Pakistan has a developing aerospace industry.Pakistan National Technical and Scientific Committee (NESCOM),(English editionThe Pakistan International Airlines Complex (PAC) is a major organization involved in research and development in this area.Pakistan has the ability to design and manufacture guided rockets, guided missiles and spacecraft.The city of Kamura has a PAC headquarters that includes several facilities.At this facility ...K-8,JF-17Is manufactured.Pakistan also has the ability to design and manufacture weapons and non-weapon unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the People's Republic of China,北京市,Xi'an City,Chengdu,Shanghai,Shenyang,Nanchang CityIs the research and manufacturing center of the aerospace industry.China has developed its capabilities to design, test and produce military aircraft, missiles and spacecraft.China in 1983Y-10Canceled the experiment, but continued to develop the civil aerospace industry,ARJ21Is scheduled to enter service in 2016.

Functional safety

Functional safetyIs part of the general safety of the entire system or some of the equipment.Functional safety allows the system and some devices to be controlled appropriately and without risk, risk, damage or injury.

Functional safety is very important in the aerospace industry.This is because functional safety does not allow compromise or negligence.In this regardEuropean Aviation Safety Agency[11]Regulators such as have cracked down on the aerospace market with strict certification standards.This is aimed at ensuring the highest possible level of safety.United States(English editionStandards, European EN 9100 standards, JapaneseJIS Q 9100The standard is specifically targeted at the aerospace and aviation industries.theseQuality managementThe standard is applied to the functional safety of aerospace transport aircraft.Therefore, some companies specialize in certification, supervision, verification, and aerospace transport and spare parts testing to ensure and prove compliance with those standards.


From the field of aerospace, of technologySpin-offMay occur.For example, in NASA, spin-off refers to a technology that is a direct result of code or products produced by NASA or redesigned for other purposes.[12]..Such technological advances are one of the most important consequences of the aviation industry, with spin-off technology generating US $ 52 billion in value, including computers and mobile phones.[12]..These spin-offs have been applied in many different areas such as machinery, transportation, energy, daily necessities, public safety, etc.[12].. NASA publishes a report called "Spinoffs" each year, highlighting how the investment is being spent and mentioning the benefits it has given to many specific products and areas mentioned above.[13]..For example, in the latest "Spinoffs 2015", endoscopes were featured as being derived from aerospace achievements.[12]..This device enables more accurate and cost-effective neurosurgery by reducing the complexity of surgery through minimally invasive treatments that require shorter hospital stays.[12].


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