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📊 | Lopia opens restaurants one after another!What are the ambitions to look beyond?

Photo Lopia, a supermarket that is in great shape, is opening restaurants one after another while restaurants are struggling due to the corona virus

Lopia opens restaurants one after another!What are the ambitions to look beyond?

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I ordered about 200g each of Kobe beef "Ichibo", "Kamenoko" and "Shinshin" for about 1 yen (the price changes depending on the market price).

Lopia (Kanagawa Prefecture / President Yusuke Takagi) can be said to be one of the fastest growing food supermarkets.The company has a new meeting in 19 ... → Continue reading

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1 million 6000 yen

Kobe beef

Kobe beef(Kou Babyfu)HyogoProduced in "Tajima beef(Tajima cattle) "(Japanese Black cattle)[1]When the carcass that can be taken from the carcass meets certain criteria, "Tajima beefCan be used instead of the name "(Tajima cattle)"beef OfbrandName. The old official name isKobe beef(Kobeniku), generallyKobe beefAlso called (Kobe beef). JapanThree Yamato beefIt is considered to be one of. As a proof of Kobe beefHyogoIs a flowerChrysanthemumIs stamped in the shape of[2].

Outside of JapanWesternIt is well known mainly in the area and is known as "Kobe Beef".[Note 1].


Made in Hyogo prefecture (Tajima beef)Out ofYieldIf the grade is "A" or "B" grade, "Tajima beef(Tajima Gyu) ”“ Tajima Beef ”“ TAJIMA BEEF ”beef[4].

Of these, beef that meets all of the following criteria is "Kobe beef","Kobe beef(The above is the official name), "Kobe beef", "Kobe beef", "KOBE BEEF" can also be used.[5].

  • Not yet in femaleEconomyIn cows and malescastration牛
  • Crossbreeding value No. 6 or higher
  • Carcass weight is 270-499.9 for femaleskg, 300-499.9kg for males
  • defectCarcasses with the indication of are dependent on the judgment of the commissioned member of the Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council.

Beef that meets the criteria for "Kobe beef" can be shipped by arbitrarily selecting one of the brand names "Kobe beef" and "Tajima beef".[6].


According to the history of Kobe cityKeioDue to the arrival of foreigners for a yearYokohama portDemand for meat in Japan has increased, and imports from foreign countries have become insufficient.Kobe PortI bought cows viaKobe beefBeginning of[7]..Kobe beef became famous even before the opening of the port, and trading between foreigners and Kobe beef began.[7]..Kobe port1868The port was opened in Japan, and many foreigners came in, but by this time the meat culture had not taken root in Japan.FarmerI ate Tajima cattle that had been bred for work etc.EnglishmanHowever, there is a theory that it started with praising the taste.

This was later called "Kobe beef" and was exported to foreign countries and distributed nationwide.Simultaneously with the opening of Kobe PortIto HirobumiIs appointed governor of Hyogo prefecture,The United KingdomStudy abroadExperienced Ito liked to eat Kobe beef[2][8].

The current Kobe beef (Kobe meat) isLivestockPetite that has been kept asTajima beef(Tajima cattle) has been improved for meat, and has been added to the cross section of meat.MarblingIs called (Sashi)MarbleIn the shapefatIt was born from the fact that it became possible to make meat-like products containing.

1980 eraAlthough the names "Kobe beef" and "Kobe meat" became known, there were variations in meat quality due to lack of clear standards.[9]. for that reason,HyogoSponsored by1983(ShowaIn 58, the related organizations of production, distribution and consumption became the "Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council" (Secretariat:Whole farmEstablished Hyogo Prefecture Headquarters Livestock Department)[10].. With "Kobe beef" by the councilbrandWas born and the definition was clarified[10].. At this time, of the crossbreedingBMSThe value was No. 7 or higher[10].

2001(13)BSE problem,CamouflageWhen the incident becomes a national problem,2003(15)Beef traceability methodEnforcementIn front of2002(14)9The standard of "Kobe beef" was lowered to No. 6 or higher in BMS value.[10].2006(18)May 4Due to the revision of the rules, the carcass weight standard, which was 450 kg or less, is now 470 kg or less, and the lower limit is 230 kg for females and 260 kg for males.

2004(16) Received "Delicious Champion" at the Wagyu Olympic Games "10th National Wagyu Ability Co-Promotion Society"[2].

2009(21),Barack ObamaPresident of the United StatesHowever, before visiting Japan, it became clear that he made a request through diplomatic sources that he wanted to eat Kobe beef and tuna.[8][11].

2012From (24), the Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council has lifted the ban on overseas exports. AbroadfakeIs on the market, and there is a risk that the brand value will decline.[12][13].

2015(27)May 12, "Kobe beef", "Kobe meat", "Kobe beef", "KOBE BEEF",Law Concerning Protection of Names of Specified Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesBased on (Geographical Indications)Geographical indicationBecame one of the 1 first registrations of (GI)[14].


  • Rice-Professional basketballplayer,Kobe Bryant(Kobe Bean Bryant)First nameIs the pronunciation of "KOBE"American styleIt changed to ([koubi:]), but this isKobe's fatherIt is said that he named it because he was impressed by the taste of Kobe beef steak when he came to Japan.[8].
  • As a bare cowYaeyama Islands OfKuroshimaThere are sites that mention that many calves are used.[15][16]However, Kobe beef's bare beef is limited to Tajima beef.
  • Kobe beef is generally served as steak or teppanyaki, but recently it is also served as "hamburgers" and "ramen", and it has become popular not only in Japan but also in foreign visitors to Japan.[17].

Evaluation outside Japan


In ChinaMatsuzaka beefと と も にMedia,NetIt has been very well received from the above reviews, but at the same time, products claiming to be "Kobe beef" are on the market without permission.Ring and ball network The2016May 2"Is Japanese Matsuzaka beef and Kobe beef really so amazing?" The content of the article is the branding of Matsusaka beef and Kobe beefFranceSuch asWesternAlthough it imitated the branding of, he pointed out that the content is completely different from that of Europe and the United States.Ministry of Agriculture"Kobe beef", "Kobe beef" certified based on the "Geographical Indication Protection System" (GI system) started byYubari MellonAs long as the quality standards are met for seven brands such as ", any producer in the region can use the brand name, but in Europe and the United States, there is a strict inspection every year by a third party, whereas in Japan. The system criticized that once registered, producers only need to report once a year. In addition, since this system is applied only in Japan, overseas商標It is inevitable to avoid abuse, and the "Geographical Indication Protection System" is merely a state-led self-indulgence and self-praise, and its purpose is to simply sell many Japanese specialties overseas.OutputHe commented that it was a trick to make, not a protection of special products.[18].


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