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📊 | Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Infrastructure DX room opened / BIM / CIM full-scale introduction Strengthening data linkage infrastructure


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Infrastructure DX room opened / BIM / CIM full-scale introduction Strengthening data linkage infrastructure

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Data can be handled three-dimensionally in VR and AR (Augmented Reality), and the on-site situation can be better understood.

On the XNUMXth, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will accelerate DX (digital transformation) in the infrastructure field, so Kasumi in Tokyo ... → Continue reading

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Augmented reality

Augmented reality(This isBritish: Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality,AR) Is the real environment perceived by humansComputerA word that refers to the technology that is expanded by the computer and the actual environment itself that is expanded by the computer.

English Augmented Reality Because it is a Japanese translation ofpronunciationJapanese notation based onAugmented realityOr abbreviationARIs also used. Also,Augmented reality(Kakucho Genjikan),Augmented reality(Today),Augmented realityAlso called (elevation). As a superordinate conceptMixed reality There is (MR).


Augmented realityArtificial reality (Virtual reality = VR), which adds, deletes, emphasizes, and attenuates information in the surrounding real environment at that time, literally expanding the real world as seen by humans.[1].. Whereas virtual reality replaces reality with artificially constructed reality, augmented reality is a technique that modifies part of reality. For example, in virtual reality, people are presented with five senses as if they were in a virtual room and watching a virtual teapot placed on a virtual table, whereas in augmented reality the reality is that people actually exist. It presents information as if a virtual teapot is placed on the table in the room. Because computer information is added to enhance and augment the actual information than it is, and provide it to humansAugmented reality-Augmented realitySometimes called. In many cases, real-time processing is inevitably necessary because the real environment is used as an information source. As a technical problem, in addition to the virtual reality, it is a particular problem to solve the interaction between the virtual object and the real environment/object, such as illumination, shadow, contact, and concealment in the visual element.

As a means by which a computer expands reality, information presentation is attempted for all human sense organs and somatosensory, such as sight, hearing, and touch. In virtual reality, the reality of a virtual object presented to a person is emphasized, whereas in augmented reality, the relationship with the position of the real world or the context of an object is also emphasized. In a system that emphasizes the latter, a simple information presentation method may be used as a means for expanding the reality, such as a description of a place or an object by text or voice.

Many systems use devices or technologies that are widely used in virtual reality to present and obtain information. For example, mainly for visual information presentationHead mounted displayIs used. However, for the purpose of supporting work in a real environment, presentation using a screen of a small information terminal such as a mobile phone is also being considered.

Since the subject of the presented environment is the real environment, work support in the real environment is expected as its application field. For example, providing guidance information, providing technical information to technicians who maintain aircraft and copiers, and supporting surgery in the medical field.[2]Applied research such as information presentation for people is being conducted.

To the method that is often used to create services for general consumers,ARToolKitImage recognitionroutineUsing2D codePattern orStill imageEtc. (called “AR marker” etc.)Digital cameraWhen you shoot with, it will be used as a marker in the imageMatch move official3DCGAnimation is displayed compositely in real time, and it matches the still imagecontentIs displayed.


Similar ideas to augmented realityLyman Frank BaumeFirst stated in 1901 by. He devised an electronic device called a "character marker" that overlays and displays data created in the real world.[3].

Of the videographeren: Morton HeiligFrom 1957–62SensoramaWe have developed a simulator called "" and obtained a patent. This was a system that simulates video, sound, vibration, and scent.[4].

In addition, as an example of the actual development of a device that realizes AR, in 1966Ivan Sutherlandby"Head mounted displayThe invention of "" has been made.

In 1975en: Myron KruegerAllows users to interact with virtual objectsVideoplaceThe system was developed for the first time.

1989,"virtual realityThe word "(VR)"en: Jaron LanierMade by, for the first timeVirtual worldCreated a business to do in.

The name "Augmented Reality" was introduced in 1990BoeingAttached by Tom Caudell, an engineer of[5].

Variety show for children in Japan in 1992Ugogoruguga』Broadcast begins. This is a pioneering example of a series of programs in which performers interact with CG characters controlled in real time. (Virtual studio

Armstrong in 1992Air Force Research LaboratoryLB Rosenberg has developed and demonstrated "Virtual Fixtures", the earliest working AR system.[6][7].

In 1992-93, a famous paper on the AR system prototype "KARMA" was published.[8].

In 2000, Bruce H. Thomas was the first outdoor mobile AR gameARQuake"International Symposium on Wearable ComputersWe made a presentation at and gave a demonstration.

Thus, with the exception of some entertainment prototypesMilitary industryAlthough AR has been mainly used in the automobile and aircraft manufacturing industries, it has been used for general consumer services in the 2000s with the spread of mobile terminals.[9].

It has become known to the general public since 2007 in Japan. The first commercial game that applied AR technology in the same yearTHE EYE OF JUDGMENTWas released.

2008 years,SmartphoneFirst public use of AR inlocation informationThe application "WikitudeWas released[10][11].. in JapanGPS Oflocation informationTo use "Sekai cameraWas released in 2009.

Japanese mobile phones released on August 2010, 8 (feature phone) PlatformAR3DPlayerIs a two-dimensionalbarcode OfQR codeWas implemented as a tracking system that recognizes as a QaR marker as it is. A system that displays images in the correct position and orientation by tracking the position and orientation of mobile phones with various sensors such as cameras, GPS, and acceleration sensors is an important technology for the realization of AR. Image recognition library for tracking for AR was released in 1999.ARToolKitIn 2003, by Dieter Schmalstieg and Daniel Wagner, mobile phonesPDAFirst marker tracking system was developed for[12].. Since QR codes have become widespread as image recognition markers for mobile phones in Asia, they have also come to be used for AR marker tracking.

As an example of a work using ARni_ka OfAR poetryThere is. This is with the Great East Japan Earthquake in mind,Paul ZelandIt is an expression of mourning that is conscious of "", and a rose flower blooms on the top of Tokyo Tower, a lot of Kitty appears on the screen, and when you tap it, a poem comes out from there, and you have an impression on it. It was something that could be answered.[13][14]

2013 years,GoogleAugmented Reality Tool byGoogle GlassBeta testing started, and various augmented reality applications for this productThird partyHas been implemented by. Eyeglass-type and watch-type computers are regarded as the favorite of wearable computers (wearable computers, which are attracting attention as the next trend after portable mobile computers) after smartphones.

2014, the core technology of ARComputer vision Kudan Limited (UK), a leading company of (CV), becomes a Japanese corporationKudanEstablished a corporation, marker AR andMarkerless ARA toolkit for cross-platform mobile application development that supports bothKudan AR SDKTo the Japanese market. From March 2018Kudan AR SDKIs sold and supported by Excelsoft Co., Ltd., a global distributor.

In 2016, AR-specialized news media "GET ARWas born.

米 国NianticBy the company, all over the worldPokémon GO(Pokemon Go) was announced.

On November 2016, 11, EPSON MOVERIO, a smart glass compatible with AR from Epson Sales Co., Ltd.BT 300Released. By adopting a proprietary organic EL display, it has achieved weight reduction, high brightness, and high image quality.

AR type

The technologies that realize AR are roughly divided into three types.[15]

Position expansion

Marker type

Markerless type



A method for projecting internal organs by augmented reality during surgery is under development[16][17].


from beforeAH-64 ApacheToNight vision deviceThe image of was displayed.

Military exercisesA system called XARMEX using augmented reality is under development for[18].

Augmented reality in popular culture

The specific vision for using AR is "ス タ ー ト レ ッ クSuch asSFAppeared in[19].

One of the reasons for the publicity of AR technology in Japan is the animation "Tools similar to augmented reality".Cyber ​​coilSome people cite (2007)[20].. However, the augmented reality that appears in Denno Coil is not directly related to the actual AR technology.

In addition, there are many anime and manga in which "tools similar to augmented reality" appear before this work. For example, "ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルA monocle-shaped display device that allows you to see the fighting power of your opponent.ScouterCan be said to be a kind of augmented reality[21].

in this way,SFProject augmented reality around the workHead mounted displayAnd other displays have appeared in many works. Many of them are monocle-shaped and are attached to communication headsets, probably because they describe the facial expressions of the characters. The projected information includes the distance from the enemy, the remaining ammunition of the weapon, and the aim.

AR device

Games, applications and services using AR

Works in which AR appears


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