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📊 | Urban SC "Aeon Soyora" opens in the spring of 2022 in Kita-ku, Nagoya City, opening its first store in the Tokai region


都市型SC「イオンそよら」、名古屋市北区で2022年春開業 東海地方初出店

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Aeon Retail is an urban shopping center "Aeon Soyora ..." on the site of the Aeon Kamiiida store in Obe-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya. → Continue reading

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AEON Retail Co., Ltd.(British: AEON RETAIL Co., Ltd.) IsChibaChibaMihamaNakase(Makuhari New City), A major distribution group in JapanAEON groupExcluding the Tohoku region, which belongs to[Annotation 1]HonshuとShikokuでGeneral supermarket(GMS) andsupermarket(SM) "ionAnd "AEON styleIt is a company that manages such things.


While the group of Aeon is bloated due to the acquisition of rival companies, so-called "Aeon"Town development 3 methodRegulations on the opening of suburban stores, which Aeon has been good at, andThe United States of America OfSubprime loan problemCombined with the uncertainty of the economic outlook that originated in Japan, sales have been declining due to sluggish consumption.[3].

Therefore, in order to organize the overlapping businesses of the group and operate them more efficiently,AEON Co., Ltd.Converted to a pure holding company of the group and turned the retail businessDormant companyWas separated and inherited by our company[4].

For the time being, only the store operations that Aeon itself had been doing until then will be carried out, but in the future, the retail business within the group will be gradually reorganized.[5].


  • 1986(Showa61 years)May 7 : TottoriTottori CityEstablished "Shinnihon Kai Shopping Town Co., Ltd." (The initial business was the same nameShopping center[CurrentlyTottori Shopping City] Management and operation).
  • 1989(HeiseiFirst year)9: Jusco Co., Ltd. acquires Shin Nihonkai Shopping Town Co., Ltd.
  • 1999(11)- 2000Around (12): Transferred the operation of Shin Nihonkai Shopping Town to Jusco Co., Ltd., Shin Nihon Kai Shopping Town Co., Ltd.Dormant companyMove to.
  • December 1999: Changed the trade name of "Shin Nihonkai Shopping Town Co., Ltd." to "Aeon Co., Ltd. (of the trade name maintenance company)" (current Aeon Co., Ltd. is another company and parent company).This trade name change has the purpose of preserving the trade name so that the parent company Jusco Co., Ltd. can change the trade name to Aeon Co., Ltd. in the future and prevent other companies outside the group from acquiring the trade name first. It was.In fact, Jusco Co., Ltd. changed its trade name to Aeon Co., Ltd. in 11.Therefore, until November 12, there were two "AEON Co., Ltd." companies in the AEON Group.
  • 2007(19) November: Changed the trade name of "AEON Co., Ltd. (of the trade name maintenance company)" to "AEON Holdings Co., Ltd."This is also a trade name change made for the purpose of preserving the trade name in consideration of the possibility of changing the trade name when (parent company) Aeon Co., Ltd. shifts to a pure holding company.In the end, the trade name was not changed when the company changed to a pure holding company.
  • 2008(20)
  • 2009(21)
  • 2010(22)
  • 2011(23)
  • 2012(24)
    • May 1: Small supermarket format "Maibasket”Newly established by absorption-type split of businessMy Basket Co., Ltd.Inherited to[19].
    • May 9: Part of the cycle business developed by "Aeon Bike" (stores in the Kanto area) was succeeded to our subsidiary Aeon Bike Co., Ltd. through a new split.[20].
  • 2013(25)
    • March 3: Part of the liquor business developed by "AEON Liquor" (1 stores that are open independently) was split and succeeded to AEON Liquor Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of AEON Co., Ltd.[21].
    • October 10: Opened "AEON Liquor & Beauty Kawanishi Store" in Hyogo Prefecture, which consists of a liquor specialty store "AEON Liquor", a drugstore with dispensing, a clinic / beauty facility (this place is February 8). At the site of the "JUSCO Kawanishi store" that was open until March, the food supermarket function is adjacent to "KOHYOKawanishi store ”)[22].
    • November 11: 1 shopping centers operated by AEON Retail will be transferred to AEON MALL[23].
    • November 11: Launched "FT", a large one-floor specialty store for fashion and lifestyle miscellaneous goods, which was developed by style beyond the boundaries of the brand and also had a cafe and nail salon. Aeon Town Yoshikawa Minamiuchi Opened the first store "FT Yoshikawa Minami Store"[24].
  • 2014(26)
    • March 3: Due to the reorganization, the company structure for each region was reviewed, the conventional "Hokuriku Shinetsu Company" was divided into each regional division, and the Niigata Division was integrated with the "Kita Kanto Company" to "North". "Kanto / Niigata Company", Nagano Division integrated with "Tokai Company" to "Tokai / Nagano Company", Hokuriku Division integrated with "Tokinki Company" / "Nishikinki Company" Become a company ("Tohoku company", "South Kanto company", "Chu-Shikoku company" are the same as before)[25].
    • September 9: It was being developed as "Aeon's funeral"Funeral businessWas spun off into Aeon Life Co., Ltd., which was established through joint investment with the parent company Aeon Co., Ltd.[26].
    • November 11: Renewed the existing "Kids Republic" to a new format "KIDS REPUBLIC"AEON MALL KurashikiOpened the first store "KIDS REPUBLIC Kurashiki"[27].
  • 2015(27)
    • March 3: To ROU Co., Ltd. and Acolle Co., Ltd., which established a household goods specialty store business developed as "ROU" and a small discount store business developed as "Acolle" through joint investment with Aeon Co., Ltd. Separated from each other[28][29].
    • April 4: Co., Ltd.DaieiOf the GMS projects in Japan, "Kanto / Kansai region and Nagoya city / Miyagi prefecture / Yamanashi prefecture in Aichi prefecture"Daiei34 stores in totalCompany splitAnnounced that it will conclude a basic agreement on inheritance by (Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City stores dated September 9, 1, Kanto / Kansai region and Miyagi Prefecture / Yamanashi Prefecture stores dated March 2016, 3 respectively Inherited.)[30].
    • February 4:AppleLaunched Aeon's first authorized Apple distributor (Apple Premium Reseller) "NEWCOM" to handle products and accessories, and opened the first store "NEWCOM Laketown kaze" in Aeon Laketown.[31].
    • June 6: Transfer and integration of functions of Aeon Product Procurement Co., Ltd. (first generation)[32].
    • September 9: Inherited 1 Daiei stores in Aichi Prefecture (Imaike store, Kanayama store, Kamiida store, Nagoya Higashi store, Meitopia store) from Daiei Co., Ltd. (The succession was owned by Daiei Co., Ltd.AEON retail storeThis is a two-step company split in which the common stock of a joint-stock company is once transferred to Aeon Co., Ltd. and then re-transferred from Aeon Co., Ltd. to the Company.[33]).At the time of succession, the store brand will not be changed and it will be operated by "Daiei".
    • September 9: At all "AEON" stores in Honshu and Shikoku operated by our companyUtility chargesStarted storage agency service (In addition, the service started on the day for the Chugoku / Shikoku area, from August 8 in the Tokai / Nagano area, and from September 10 in the Tohoku / Kita-Kantou / Niigata area, Kinki・ In the Hokuriku area, the service will start on September 9nd, and in the South Kanto area, on September 1th.)[34].
    • September 9: The 27 Daiei stores in Aichi Prefecture that have been succeeded are closed as "Daiei".[35].. After a two-day holiday, the name was changed to "AEON" on October 2, the same year.[36].
    • February 10:NiigataDevelop a supermarket under the name of "Shimizu Food Center"Shimizu CorporationConcluded an investment underwriting agreement with a joint-stock company and announced that the company has joined the AEON Group.[37].
    • February 12:MiyagiSendai cityTaihaku Ward OfTomizawa StationOpened "AEON Sendai Tomizawa Store" as the core store of "AEON Town Sendai Tomizawa" which opened on this day.This store is the first small supermarket with a sales floor area of ​​less than 1,000 square meters, and the sales floor area is about 840 square meters.[38].
  • 2016 (Heisei 28)
    • February 2: In "AEON Mobile," which started in 26, we are an MVNO operator (Virtual mobile operator), And started accepting repairs, changing registration information (rate plans, user information), and canceling contracts at the target "AEON" stores.[39].
    • May 3
      • From Daiei Co., Ltd. Part of Honshu (part of Kanto / Kansai andMiyagi-Yamanashi) "Daiei" 29 stores inherited (The inheritance method is when the common stock of AEON Retail Store Co., Ltd., which inherited the rights and obligations that Daiei Co., Ltd. has regarding the retail business of 29 stores, was succeeded to the stores in Aichi Prefecture. Similar to the above, this is due to a two-step company split in which Aeon Co., Ltd. will take over to Aeon Co., Ltd.[40]).The 28 stores that inherited the store, excluding the "Daiei Inscription Valley Store," which will be described later, will be closed as "Daiei" in sequence during March, and after a two-day closure, the store name will be changed to "AEON" on March 3. Kongo store (OsakaOsaka Sayama),Furukawabashi station square store(Osaka PrefectureKadoma),Tomio store(NaraNara), Mita store (HyogoMita), The brand change of all stores except "Daie Himonya store" has been completed.
      • Maxvalu TohokuFrom the corporationNiigataof"MaxvaluInherited 7 stores (business in Maxvalu Tohoku was closed before the succession).The inherited store has been renovated, and the Murakami Hamachi store on March 3 (Niigata Prefecture)Murakami City), And then opened as "Aeon" on March 3th at Kameda store (Niigata prefecture).NiigataKonan ward), All stores were opened as "AEON" in the supermarket format.[41].
      • With the organizational integration accompanying the reorganization of the fashion building business, "Forus・ "Vivre" is operated by Co., Ltd.OPATransferred to.
    • February 3:FukushimaFutabaHirono TownOpened "AEON Hirono Store" in the public commercial facility "Hirono Terasu" that opened on this day.Our store will be a supermarket store that mainly handles groceries and daily necessities[42].
    • April 4: On the 8rd floor of the Aeon Kasai store,CaneOpened specialty store "Stick Studio FANTASTICK"[43].
    • May 5: Daiei operated by AEON Retail disappears due to the closure of Daiei Himonya store.
    • July 7: Local issue issued from 22WAON"ShizuokaMount FujiContribution of 0.1% of the usage amount of "WAON" and donations made to "Shizuoka Prefecture Mt. Fuji Succession Fund" etc. were recognized as a contribution to the public interest, and at the same time as the group company Maxvalu Tokai Co., Ltd.Blue ribbonThe award[44].
    • September 9: Opened Kids Republic Higashitozuka store on the 24rd floor of Aeon Higashitozuka store (currently Aeon Style Higashitozuka).The brand logo and symbol mark of "Kids Republic" will be renewed from our shop.[45].
    • April 12: "AEON STYLE Himonya(Former: Daiei Himonya store) Soft opening[46].
  • August 2017, 29 --Closed two stores, Aeon Morisia Tsudanuma store and Aeon Minamisagocho Sunamo store, and handed over the operation to Daiei Co., Ltd.After the succession, it was converted to the company's food style business format (AEON FOOD STYLE by daiei) by renovation, and reopened as Daiei Tsudanuma Morisia store and Daiei Minamisagocho Sunamo store on September 8, the same year.
  • 2018 (Heisei 30)
    • March 3-Sales planning staff and sales promotion headquarters were reorganized and sales staff were newly established.A regional company has been assigned to the sales staff, and the conventional 1-company system has been reorganized into a 6-company system.The Niigata Division, Nagano Division, and Hokuriku Division will be separated from the conventional "Kita Kanto / Niigata Company", "Tokai / Nagano Company", and "Kinki / Hokuriku Company" respectively, and these three divisions will be integrated into the "Hokuriku Shinetsu Company". ("Tohoku Company," "South Kanto Company," and "Chu-Shikoku Company" remain the same)[47].
    • October 10-Announced policy to integrate our Tohoku Company and Maxvalu Tohoku as part of the reorganization of food supermarket business nationwide[48].
  • 2020 years (Ryowa 2 years)
    • February 2-From March, a shopping style that "does not line up at the cash register" "Dokodemo cash register Regigo will be fully rolled out, and about 26 stores will be centered on" Aeon "and" Aeon Style "in Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa during FY3 Announced to expand to. As of December 2020, it has been introduced in some stores in 20 metropolitan area and 2020 prefectures.
    • March 3-The rights and obligations of our Tohoku Company's business (1 retail stores and 59 developer businesses)Absorption splitSucceeded to Maxvalu Tohoku.Maxvalu Tohoku changed its trade name to "AEON Tohoku"[49]..In addition, the Tohoku Business Headquarters was newly established with the succession of the Tohoku Company business.
    • August 8-The name of the urban shopping center was selected from the open call for participants.Ion SoyoraThe shopping center centered on "AEON STYLE Ebie", which opened on March 3 of the same year, was named "AEON Soyora Ebie" and became the first store. The second store is currently under construction, and "AEON Soyora Shinkanaoka" is scheduled to open in the summer of 28.[50].
    • October 10-Aeon and Newnext (Minami-ku, Kyoto) jointly planned and developed a prototype of the automatic sterilization device "Jokin Zaurus" for shopping carts at the general merchandise store "AEON Style Kyoto Katsuragawa" (Minami-ku, Kyoto). ) Was installed.This is an effort to reduce the burden on employees and provide peace of mind to customers.When you put in the stacked shopping baskets, they are automatically lifted one by one and sterilized by ultraviolet rays, and 1 baskets can be loaded at a time, and each one is completed in about 11 seconds.Starting with "AEON STYLE Fujimino," which opened in late November, it has been introduced to 12 metropolitan area, 1 prefectures, and 2 prefectures in sequence from early December.
    • November 11-Group product procurement function is transferred to Aeon Product Procurement Co., Ltd. (the second generation established in May of the same year) through an absorption-type split.[51].
  • 2021 years (Ryowa 3 years)
    • March 3 - to prospect the September of the same year, it announced the business integration of the Northeast Division to ion Tohoku Co., Ltd.[52].
    • May 5-Use reuse containers that are used repeatedly at all stores in Tokyo (AEON STYLE Aeon and The Big Akishima), Aeon Style Zama in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Aeon Style Makuhari Shintoshin in Chiba Prefecture. Shopping for productsplatformStarted selling products by companies participating in "Loop".For one year from the start of sales, we will be the only retailer to handle "Loop" products in Japan.[53].

Store brand

Ion / Ion style(General retail<GMS> ・supermarket<SM>)
HokkaidoThe store isAEON Hokkaido,Tohoku areaThe store isAEON Tohoku,Kyushu areaThe store isAEON Kyushu,OkinawaThe store isAeon RyukyuExpands.We have always had 3 food supermarkets and shopping centers that focus on daily necessities and groceries.[54] 1 store[Annotation 3] However, due to the merger with AEON Marche in December 2010, the formerCarrefourIt took over the 6 general merchandise stores that were renamed from. On March 2011, 3, AEON Retail absorbed and merged with Mycal.Jusco"Saty・ The store brand of "Maxvalu Nakajo store (Maxvalu, which was the only store operated by AEON Retail)" was unified to "AEON" all at once.However, it closed on July 7th of the same year.Hiroshima satyAlthough the operation was transferred to AEON Retail,NameIt was open until the closing day with the same store name as before without any changes.
Of these, the ones in large shopping centers such as AEON MALL (AEON directly managed stores) are called "AEON Style Stores" mainly in the clothing department after renovation, and later, including the food department, AEON for families. It has come to be called a directly managed store. Newly opened stores "AEON STYLE Kyoto Katsuragawa" after 2014 and existing stores "AEON Lake Town", "AEON Kamatori", "AEON Ibaraki" after April 2015 "AEON Style Lake Town" Starting with the change of name to "AEON STYLE Kamatori" and "AEON STYLE Ibaraki", the store name has been changed to "AEON STYLE" in sequence.In the future, the sales floor for seniors will be the "AEON Grand Generation Store," and the "AEON Food Style Store," centered on food-oriented general merchandise stores such as Daiei.[Annotation 4]It is a concept to change to each[55][56].. On October 2015, 10, "" in Aichi PrefectureDaieiAll five stores were also converted to Aeon, and on March 5, 2016, they inherited the "Daiei" from parts of Honshu (Miyagi and Yamanashi prefectures and parts of the Kanto and Kansai regions), and opened the Daiei Inscription Valley store, which will be described later. Except for 3 stores, they were gradually converted to Aeon during March.
In addition, the supermarket format includes stores that existed at the time of the brand integration in 2011 and new openings, as well as converted stores of "Maxvalu" in Niigata Prefecture, which was inherited from Maxvalu Tohoku.
Soyora (Shopping center)
With "AEON STYLE" as the core storeGymAnd clinicsBeauty salon,cleaningCombining specialty stores that are frequently used in daily life, such asTake-out-deliveryClick and collect (click and collect) that allows you to receive items ordered at specialty stores or onlineEC sitePurchase products at stores, delivery boxes,Drive throughShopping styles and mechanisms for receiving products at places other than home) Enhancement of services, cafes and plazas, etc.Cram schoolAn urban shopping center that provides places for community, learning, and experience such as culture classes and culture classes within walking distance. The name of "Soyora" is "Its,寄Well,楽It comes from the call "Shintete!"
Starting with Ebie (opened as AEON STYLE Ebie on March 2020, 3), it has become one of the three major metropolitan areas.Government-designated cityIt will be revolved around locations that emphasize access to the center.Initially, the name was "AEON Soyora", but on June 2021, 6, the opening of the second store, Shinkanaoka (formerly AEON Shinkanaoka store), was announced.[57]At that time, it was changed to "Soyora" without "Aeon".
The big(discount store)
Originally it was a unique format developed by Maxvalu West Japan, but it is a discount store that is expanding nationwide.We operate two stores, the Yashio Minami store in Saitama prefecture and the Akishima store in Tokyo.These two stores have been converted from "JUSCO" and continue to operate AEON Retail even after the establishment and succession of AEON Big.We were also in charge of operating the Kurashiki Sasaoka store, which closed on May 2, 2 due to rebuilding.[Annotation 5].
Aeon Sports Club(Sports Club)
It operates in two forms: a "sports club" and a "female-only fitness studio."
Ion bike(Bicycle specialty store)
The Gyotoku store (Chiba prefecture) was opened on August 2010, 8 as a bicycle specialty store operated by the Aeon Group. As of September 26, in addition to expanding to parts of central and Kinki, AEON Kyushu is expanding in the Kyushu area, and AEON Hokkaido is expanding in Hokkaido.Aeon Cycle ShopHowever, the store brand has now been unified to "AEON Bike" due to the fact that "AEON Bike" has also been used together and the store name has been changed from "AEON Cycle Shop".) ..Regarding the stores in the Kanto area, the business was inherited by the newly established Aeon Bike Co., Ltd.[20].
(Small supermarket)
Sendai Aramachi store (SM with the concept of a large convenience storeMiyagiSendai cityWakabayashi Ward) As an experimental store, 11 stores will be opened in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, andOsaka(Hirano StationIt is also available in the previous store) and Shimane prefecture (Agenogi store).
VIVRE/ Vibre Gene (fashion specialty store)
MycalIt was a fashion specialty store operated by the company, and took over the operation following the merger of Mycal in March 2011. Urban type on March 3, 2016Fashion building9 types of storesOPAWas transferred to the operation of the specialty store format "Vibre Gene" (Vibre Gene)AEON Lake TownAEON Retail is still in charge of the operation.
In addition, Shin-Yurigaoka Vivre was also operated by our company, but in 2018 Aeon Shin-Yurigaoka store (currentlyAEON STYLE Shinyurigaoka) Was integrated.
A large specialty store that combines fashion, miscellaneous goods, cafes, salons, etc., which was launched on November 2013, 11.It features a green appearance and large FT letters.It has two stores, the Yoshikawa Minami store (Aeon Town Yoshikawa Minami) and the Shonan Chigasaki store (opened on September 30, 2015, Aeon Style Shonan Chigasaki 9nd floor).
Kids Republic
A comprehensive specialty store for babies and kids that launched on November 2014, 11, with a complex lineup of toys, baby products, and children's clothing. At the beginning of the opening of the first Kurashiki store, it was a new format to replace the traditional "Kids Republic", so "Kids Republic" was written on the signboards, etc., but April 15, 1 Imabari Shintoshi store opened inAEON MALL Imabari New CityThe word "Kids Republic" has disappeared from the inside), and both the brand logo and symbol mark have been renewed at the Higashi-Totsuka store, which opened on September 2016, 9.
As of January 2018, it has 1 stores in Akita, Chiba, Kanagawa, Toyama, Shimane, Okayama, Hiroshima, Tokushima, and Ehime prefectures.In addition, the toy specialty store "Montoys", which is one of the constituent floors of "Kids Republic," is also opening independently, with two stores in Gunma and Nara prefectures.
An example of a store

Brands that once operated

AEON MALL (former: AEON XX Shopping Center)[Annotation 6]
From November 2011, 11, some mall-type SCs that were operated as "AEON Shopping Center" were changed to AEON MALL under the pretext of unifying the brand of mall-type SCs.However, even after the name was changed to AEON MALL, the SCs operated by AEON Retail, AEON Hokkaido, and AEON Kyushu continued to be operated by each company, and the operating company was different from AEON MALL.From November 21, 2013, a total of 11 SCs operated by AEON Retail were transferred to AEON MALL for the purpose of reorganizing the Group's business.
AEON Shopping Center
A shopping center operated by our company, AEON Hokkaido, and AEON Kyushu. In addition to the stores that have been named AEON Shopping Center, the former Mycal Town "Aeon Omihachiman Shopping Center""Aeon Akashi Shopping CenterIncludes stores that have been transferred from Mycal to AEON MALL via our company. Similar to "AEON MALL", a total of 2013 SCs operated by AEON Retail were transferred to AEON MALL from November 11, 1 for the purpose of reorganizing the group's business.
Daiei(General retail<GMS> ・supermarket<SM>)
DaieiBrand.We inherited the five Daiei stores in Aichi Prefecture (only available in Nagoya City), and inherited the Daiei store brand as it was.However, all Daiei stores in Aichi Prefecture were closed on September 5, 2015, and after a closure, the brand was changed to "AEON" on October 9, 27. From March 10, 1, part of Kanto / Kansai andMiyagi-YamanashiOf these, 28 stores were closed as "Daiei" in March, and after a two-day closure, the brand was changed to "AEON." The Daiei store operated by AEON Retail disappeared after the Daiei Himonya store was closed on May 3, 2.
Shoppers Plaza
A shopping mall that is a brand of Daiei.When Daiei inherited two stores, Shoppers Plaza Shin-Urayasu and Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka, on March 2016, 3, the same name was used continuously.After that, Shoppers Plaza Shin-Urayasu announced in May 1 thatAeon Shin-Urayasu storeChanged toShoppers Plaza YokosukaClosed in March 2019[Annotation 7]As a result, the Shoppers Plaza operated by AEON Retail has disappeared.In addition, it should be notedEbinaIs still operated by Daiei.
VIVRE / Forus(Fashion building)
Both are fashion specialty stores.Aeon had been operating "Forus" for some time, but with the merger of Mycal in March 2011, it took over the operation of "Vivre" and operated it under a two-brand system.Due to the organizational integration due to the reorganization of the fashion building business, the operation of a total of 3 stores, 2 stores of "Forus" and 2016 stores of "Vivre", was transferred to OPA on March 3, 1, but as mentioned above, "Vivre" Of the stores in Japan, the specialty store format "Vivre Gene" (Vivre Gene)AEON Lake TownAEON Retail will continue to be in charge of operations such as).


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