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📊 | Urban SC "AEON Soyora Kami-Iida" opens in Nagoya in the spring of 22

Photo "Aeon Soyora" will open its first store in Osaka in 2020, and will be the first store in the Tokai region.

Urban SC "AEON Soyora Kami-Iida" opens in the spring of 22 in Nagoya city

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Aeon Soyora Ueida will have about 10 specialty stores such as drug stores, cafes, and clinics, with the food supermarket "Aeon Style Ueida (tentative name)" as the core store.

Aeon Retail is planning to open a store on the site of the "Aeon Kamiiida Store" in Kita-ku, Nagoya on April 4 (... → Continue reading

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Anchor store

Anchor store(English: anchor store,Anchor storeIs also written)Shopping centers and mallsThe largest and most importantretailStore, usuallyDepartment storeOr the mainRetail chainsIs a large-scale store[1].. However, in some cases, restaurant,amusement facilitiesSometimes used as an anchor store[1].

The expressions used in the same meaning are:Anchor tenant[2],Key tenant[Source required],Main tenant,Magnet store[3]In English, it is also called "draw tenant". JapaneseAnchor store[4],Nuclear store,Nuclear tenantIs also synonymous[3].. Also, depending on the context,anchorSometimes called[4].

Apart from this, a relatively small number of particularly important stores in a chain with many stores, independent of the shopping center,Anchor store,Anchor storeSometimes called[5].

Anchor store in a shopping center in the United States

Shopping centerGaichi quickly developed from the mid-20th centuryThe United States of AmericaThen, at the end of the 20th century, it seems that the management of shopping centers depends on the existence of anchor stores, which are the core of shopping centers, and whether or not nationwide chains open as anchor stores instead of local capital. Was becoming[6].. The anchor store was originallySears RoebuckWas a representative department store, but with the decline of the department store business format, there is a movement to set other large stores as anchor stores.[4][6].

Since the opening of attractive anchor stores affects the success of shopping centers, it is common for developers to offer anchor stores favorable opening conditions over other tenants.[7].. In addition, other smaller tenants often require contracts to include content for specific anchor store withdrawals.[8].

Larger shopping centers may have more than one anchor store, and if there are two anchor stores, they are often located at both ends of the facility.[8].1992The world's largest scaleMall of AmericaAt the four corners of a huge facility near a square,Sears,Nordstrom,Macy's,BloomingdalesAnd four department stores were placed as anchor stores,[9]Of these, Bloomingdales2012Withdrew to[10].. In this way, there are increasing numbers of shopping centers that originally had multiple anchor stores that continue to operate with some of them withdrawn.[4].

The United States of AmericaAn example of an anchor store that is often used inDepartment storeIsSears[4][6],Macy's[4][8],Nordstrom[8],(English edition)[8],JC Penny[4][8],Road and Taylor[8],Neiman Marcus[4],Saks Fifth Avenue[4],(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),Bloomingdales,(English edition)AndSporting goodsHandle(English edition),Bass Pro Shopsand so on. A similar example that once existed is that in department stores(English edition),(English edition),(English edition)(カナダDepartment store),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition)And so on, at a sporting goods store(English edition)There is.

Anchor store in a Japanese shopping center

JapanAccording to the size of the shopping center, the business format of the anchor store (nuclear store) is also different, and at the smallest neighborhood shopping center,supermarket,Drug store, A community shopping center that is one step larger than thisdiscount store,General Merchandise StoreWhen it becomes an anchor store, and the scale is larger than the larger regional shopping center,Department storeAnd large specialty stores will join this[11].

Anchor store in chain store

Anchor store,Anchor storeIs often used as an expression to refer to a relatively small number of particularly important stores in a chain of many stores, independent of the shopping center.[5].


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Kami-Iida(Kamiida) is a Japanese place name.

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