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📢 | Rock band "ORANGE RANGE" and Tanita's health promotion campaign "HEALTH UP…


Rock band "ORANGE RANGE" and Tanita's health promotion campaign "HEALTH UP ..."

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In the future, we plan to publish various health contents such as a special dialogue between the members of ORANGE RANGE and Tanita president Chisato Tanita, and Tanita cafeteria recipes using orange after the band name.

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Tanita cafeteria recipe


ORANGE RANGE(Orange Range) isJapan OfOkinawa5 men based inrock band.. Abbreviation isRANGE(range).Affiliation productionSpice music(Business alliance partnerStardust promotion).The record company is an independent label "SUPER ((ECHO)) LABEL" (business alliance partner isJVC Kenwood Victor EntertainmentIn-house labelSPEEDSTAR RECORDS).The official fan club is "RANGE AID +".


Member retention from formation-Indie era

The prototype of ORANGE RANGE was "At the graduation party of Yamauchi Junior High School in Okinawa City"BELOVEDNAOTO played the guitar,KATCHANIs a band that was enrolled as a drum.This band broke up after graduating from junior high school, but KATCHAN is the sameOkinawa Prefectural Chatan High SchoolInvited NAOTO and YOH who went on to school to form a band again[2]..After that, HIROKI, who often came to NAOTO's house, which was a practice field for the band at that time, was told by NAOTO, "If you read manga every day, sing," and joined as a vocalist.[3]..After that,Mountain stormYOH's younger brother, RYO, who likes rap, joins as the second vocalist when making a copy of[4]..And when I went to karaoke with my friends, YOH invited YAMATO.[5], Became a member at the time of debut.

Local since amateur daysOkinawaOkinawa City7th Heaven Koza in[6]We performed 70 live performances a year at live houses and streets such as[7]..Originally mentioned aboveGLAY, Yamastorm, etc.Dragon ash,19Was making a copy of[8]However, after joining YAMATO, he turned around and started making original songs such as "Soujuko".[5]. And2002May 2, Mini album "Orange ball"so SPICE RECORDSMore indie debut.The next day, at a live performance from a record at a club called Pyramid, 800 people were mobilized, which is unusual for an indie high school student's live performance.[9].

Major debut-currently

2003May 6,single"Kiri Kiri Mai"sogr8! recordsMore major debut.Music producer TheShiraishi Satori..Band name "ORANGE RANGE"Sony Music Entertainment Inc. OfRegistered trademark(Trademark registration number 4803814).same yearMay 72nd single released inShanghai honeyBreak in[10].2004May 25th single released inMichishirube ~ a road home ~Is the same yearMay 3Recorded the top position for the first time on the attached Oricon weekly single chart.from here2006May 513th single released inChampioneIt will be the top 9 works in a row.Especially2004May 108th single released inflowerAppeared on the Oricon single chart for 52 weeks[11]It became a long hit.Also in the same yearMay 122nd album released inmusiQHas sold more than 263 million copies in total[12], 19thJapan Gold Disc AwardGet the Artist of the Year[13].

2005May 6,drum OfKATCHANHowever, the activity was suspended due to tendonitis at the base of the little finger of the left hand.same yearMay 7ToDifference in musicalityWithdraw by[14].. LaterSupport memberIs added to the activity.

2007May 7, My first timeBest album"ORANGE"When"RANGE』Released, the same yearMay 8Record No. 1 and No. 2 on the Oricon Chart[15].2010May 2IsORANGE RANGE Carnival ~ Spring Festival Special ~ at Saitama Super ArenaIs held.same yearMay 7The third best album "ALL the SINGLES"When"ORANGE RANGE world world world TOUR VS Nagoya ELL] Was released on the same day, and finally, it will be separated from gr8! Records.same yearMay 7Independent labelSUPER ((ECHO)) LABELAnnounced that it was established[16]..From the next day, "Utursanu" will be announced for distribution and rental only.

20121From SUPER ((ECHO)) LABELJVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment OfSPEEDSTAR RECORDSStart a partnership with.same yearMay 2"Anniversary Song ~ 10th ~" will be distributed free of charge to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the CD debut.


YAMATO (Yamato, (1984-01-14) 1984May 1(37 years old)-)
Treble rangevocal,MCIn charge. 13th single "ChampioneFrom the 6th album "world world worldThe CDs up to "" have a different notation in the credit column each time.
Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Commercial High SchoolGraduate.
As an influenced artistWrapIn terms of styleRage Against The Machine OfZack de la Rocha, In terms of performanceRIZE OfJESSE[17], In terms of lyricsMr. Children OfSakurai KazutoshiAre listed[18].
There is a pet dog named Momo and Nana, and the 5th album "PANIC FANCY] And other special thanks are also mentioned.
2014, SEIJI,MONGOL800TAKASHI,RYUKYUDISKOFormed a band "" with TETSUSHI and others.
Debuted with the 1st album "N1".
The 2nd album "N2" was released on October 2017, 10.
Attention is also being paid to the high fashion sense of plain clothes.
I love "FLAG STUFF" because of my friendship with fashion designers.He also produces collaboration goods and tour goods with "FLAG STUFF".
HIROKI (1983-06-29) 1983May 6(37 years old)-)
In charge of midrange vocals and MC.
Okinawa Prefectural Chatan High SchoolGraduate.
Music magazine "PATi ▶ PATi'20041From the issue200511Until the issue, "Sujiko F Hiroki's 4-frame passion" was serialized.
200512From the issue, the column "Kirohi no Chipachipa" was serialized and ended with the update of PATi ▶ PATi WEB on March 2015, 3.[19].
20102Enrolled with general women[20].
20107The official of the personTwitterThe began.
2012May 3, The first column book "Hiroki 3%",Sony MagazinesMore published.
2013May 2, The first picture book "Guru Guru Happy" under the name of Hiroki Hokama (Hiroki Hokama)M-on EntertainmentMore published.
2015May 3, Published the second picture book "Iinaa" from M-ON Entertainment.
RYO(Ryo, (1985-10-01) 1985May 10(35 years old)-)
In charge of bass vocals and MC.
Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Chatan High School. YOH's younger brother.
NAOTO (1983-05-08) 1983May 5(38 years old)-)
guitar,programming,chorus,Vocoder,synthesizer,percussion,ベ ー,DrumsIn charge of musical instruments such as.He composes and arranges most of the songs in the band.
Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Chatan High School.Then graduated from a beauty school[9].
First as an influenced artistElectric groove[21], In the guitaristAir Air[22]Are listed.
technogroup"RYUKYUDISKOTetsushi Hiroyama and Yosuke Hiroyama are brothers.
The main equipment used for composition and arrangement isnord lead 2,Macintosh, DigiTech TALKER,TR-909, TR-808, microKONTROL, etc.[23].
2007From AugustdelofamiliaI started the activity of a solo project called ".Currently,Rie fuIs a band that has been added to the official members.
I'm doing Twitter under my real name naotohiroyama.
In 2009, under the name of NAOTO (ORANGE RANGE / delofamilia), he released "Always Remember Me", a collaboration with vocalist Ian Brown of The Stone Roses.
On September 2010, 9, the instrumental song "pages" was distributed for a limited time under the name of "NAOTO from ORANGE RANGE".
On February 2011, 2, "transfer" was released as the second release under the name of "NAOTO from ORANGE RANGE".
2011, LUNA SEAINORANThe song "LOVE FOR ..." co-written by (Gt.) And NAOTO was distributed as a charity song to support the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Since 2012, he has been producing other artists,SCANDAL,HOME MADE family,The Boss,DISH //,CAMOUFLAGE,Dreaming idle senseProducing single songs such as.Besides,Becky ♪ ♯,Hiroko Shimabukuro,Dempagumi.inc,Naruse Emi,D-51,Momoiro Clover Z,FLOW He also produces songs from albums such as, and coupling songs.In the remix work, Tsuneyuki Fukuhara,LOVERSSOULParticipated in works such as ,,.
2013May 3The band "" with To debuts.
2013th of February 9 ORANGE RANGEProject with HIROKI Naoto Hiroki & KaratesystemsStart.From abroadLee "Scrtch" Perry .Horace AndyFrankie Paul. Toots Hibbert. Talvin Singh. Akil from Jurassic 5.From JapanKiyosaku Uee. JYONGRI. Koji Nakamura. Azumi Released their debut album "Travel Sounds" with guests such as
YOH (1983-12-11) 1983May 12(37 years old)-)
In charge of the base.
Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural Chatan High School. RYO's older brother.
As an affected bassistGLAY OfJIRO,Dragon ashIKÜZÖNE, since I started fingeringMountain stormLists Takeshi[22].
Fashion magazine "smart"ORANGE RANGE YOH! WHAT'S UP?" Was serialized until the August 2008 issue.
20076Enrolled with general women[24].
20125I started my official Twitter account.
2019 Year of 7 MonthFuji Rock Festival内 のAtomic Cafeso,Futenma base relocation problemAppeared for the appeal ofTamaki DennyGovernor of OkinawaWe had a talk live with them.[25][26].
"San jammer" is a song composed with his younger brother RYO.Bass familyUse the name.

Old member

KATCHAN(Katchan, (1983-06-19) 1983May 6(37 years old)-)
In charge of drums.From formation2005May 7Enrolled up to.
CurrentlyKCB (KICK CHOP BUSTERS)Vocals ofAcoustic guitarAre active as.

Support member

Kota Igarashi
yuanJUDY AND MARYDrummer.
In 2005, he was in charge of drums live.
Yasuo Sano
2006From to 2010, he was in charge of drums for recording and live performances.
He is still in charge of drums for recording and live performances. Participated in the 2007 arena tour “step by singin'tourist” and the 2008 hall tour “PANIC FANCY”.
DracoVirgo, OriginalHIGH and MIGHTY COLORDrummer.
He is still in charge of drums live.


When NAOTO was in the second year of high school, he was arounddancersamplerAnd using a rhythm machineTrackWas making.At the same time, I made an orchestra for ORANGE RANGE, but I couldn't play it live as it was, so all the members went to the studio and changed it to the sound of the band. "Playing drum"And so on at that timeBOOM BOOM SATELLITES Chuck DTheFeaturingBecause I wanted to do a type of work like the one I didWrapAnd also for playing musical instrumentship hopMaking use of the concept of[9].

Immediately after their major debut, NAOTO has normal musicLockIf so, it's a strange band, but if you sell it like an idol, I think the unbalanced feeling is interesting.Pop musicof"Shanghai honeyWas composed as a single.However, only the idea of ​​selling like an idol to other members was halfway transmitted, and at that timeHeavyRYO and others who wanted to do a good song were not enthusiastic about this song.However, he says he also likes "Shanghai Honey" now.[27]..After that, it's like "Soujuko"Loud rock, Besides pops like "Shanghai Honey", American Rock, UK Rock,Melodic hardcore,Okinawan music,orchestra,reggae,Pressbeat,Electro pop,Disco,techno,Blues,FunkHe produces music that incorporates various musical elements.

NAOTO is also the founder of the bandKATCHANAfter leaving, ORANGE RANGE's originalgrooveI think the feeling has changed[28]..At the beginning of his debut, NAOTO was in charge of most of the composition, but his 2nd album "musiQYOH also started composing from the time of "", and the album "" since the establishment of SUPER ((ECHO)) LABEL.orcd], The ratio of songs composed by NAOTO to songs composed by YOH is about 6: 4. YOH thinks that the basics are distorted, and the songs that the members can express are good.[29].


  • 3: NAOTO and KATCHAN perform in a band at a junior high school graduation party.
  • May 5: First live performance with 4 people since HIROKI joined at an event on the street of a local shopping street.
  • 3: YOH, HIROKI, RYO, YAMATO joined in that order and became 6 people, forming ORANGE RANGE.
  • 7: HallMusic marketThe first live performance of 6 people at the event.
  • May 1 - 17 Day: Tour Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo and Okinawa on the first major tour "LIVE TOUR 004 ~ Takashi Ippai Ippai !? ~".
  • May 2: Single "Michishirube ~ a road home ~Was released.
  • 3: RYO graduated from high school and NAOTO graduated from vocational school.
  • May 6: Single "LocolotionReleased.Hit No. 2 on the Oricon weekly chart for 1 consecutive weeks.
  • May 6 - May 7: "LIVE TOUR 004" as a one-man format "~ La One Man Recital ~"Against vanWe will perform an unusual tour in which the format "~ XNUMXth Road I'm sorry DEAD or LIVE ~" will proceed at the same time.
  • May 7: Released the first DVD "Video La Contact" containing video clips and making videos, live footage of "~ Takashi Ippai Ippai !? ~", and off-shots.
  • May 8-8 Day: Appeared in "SUMMER SONIC 2004".
  • May 8: "MONSTER baSH Appeared in "2004".
  • May 8: Single "chestIs released in a limited quantity of 10.
  • May 10: Single "flowerReleased.Recorded sales close to millions.
  • May 12: Album "musiQ] Is released.4 singles that hit this year,Mobile phone (au by KDDI) ofCMUsed for "Telegraph] Etc. are recorded.
  • May 12: Participated in the New Year's Eve event in Koza, Okinawa, and broadcast "NHK Red and White Singing BattleFirst appearance, "LocolotionTo show off.
  • May 2 - May 4: National tour “LIVE TOUR 005“ musiQ ”supported by au by KDDIHeld.
  • May 2: Single "*~asterisk~Was released.
  • May 4: Released the DVD "Videwo DE Recital".
  • May 5: Single "Love paradeReleased.No. 2 on the Oricon chart for 1 consecutive weeks.
  • May 5: "Shonan Sound Festival Appeared in "Vol.0".
  • May 6: appeared in"Music Station"ofLive broadcastAfter the end, KATCHAN felt pain in his left hand,TenosynovitisWas diagnosed and the activity was suspended.
  • May 6: Single "Please! SenoritaReleased. Together with "Love Parade", won the 3st place for 1 consecutive weeks.
  • May 6: Appeared in "MIYAKO ISLAND ROCK FESTIVAL 2005".
  • May 7: Appeared in "23st PEACEFUL LOVE ROCK FESTIVAL 2005".
  • May 7: "SETSTOCKAppeared in '05 ".
  • May 7: KATCHANHowever, he withdrew due to the difference in musicality.KATCHAN's own comments and messages will be posted on the official website.Fans flooded the official website for several days from this day,serverIs said to have been on the verge of a flat tire.
  • May 8-14 Day: Appeared in "SUMMER SONIC 2005".
  • May 8: "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL Appeared in "2005 in EZO".
  • May 8: The first single after leaving KATCHAN "KizunaWas released.
  • May 8: Appeared in "MONSTER baSH 2005".
  • May 9: "Music and beardAppeared in "Tatsu 2005".
  • May 10: Album "ИATURALWas released.
  • May 10 - May 12: Arena Tour “LIVE TOUR 005“ ИATURAL ”supported by MATCHHeld.
  • May 12: Released the first live DVD "LIVE musiQ ~ from LIVE TOUR 005" musiQ "at MAKUHARI MESSE 2005.04.01 ~".
  • May 12: "COUNTDOWN JAPAN Appeared in "05/06".
  • December 12st: Participated in a countdown live in Okinawa.
  • Five singles and two albums are ranked in the top 30 of the Oricon annual chart.
  • February 2: Held an event "TV's Night 22" sponsored by them.In addition, this day will be the 007th anniversary of the indie debut.
  • May 2 - May 3: FC tour "AID JAM 007 "is held.
  • May 3 - May 4: Held an arena tour "LIVE TOUR 007 STEP BY SINGIN'TOURIST".
  • April 4: Single "Squid SUMMERWas released.
  • May 7: Single "Ikenai sunWas released.
  • May 7: First best album "ORANGE"RANGE] Is released at the same time.
  • May 8: Appeared in "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2007".
  • May 9: Appeared in "TREASURE 05X 2007 ~ stormy stadium ~".
  • May 10: MucopolysaccharidosisPatient support live "Teru Teru LifeParticipated in "Chapter 1".
  • May 12: Released the live DVD "ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 006 ~ FANTAZICAL ~". NAOTO's solo project,delofamiliaIs the album 『quiet lifeWas released.
  • December 12: Appeared in "COUNTDOWN JAPAN 29/07".
  • December 12st: Participated in a countdown live in Okinawa
  • May 2: Saitama Super ArenaHeld "ORANGE RANGE Carnival-Spring Festival Special-" at.
  • May 5: "ROCKS TOKYO Appeared in "2010".
  • June 6: DVD release of "ORANGE RANGE Carnival ~ Spring Festival Special ~".
  • May 7: Appeared in "Shonan Otosai Vol.4".
  • May 7: Complete single BEST ALBUM "ALL the SINGLES" 2-CD set & first-time limited all-single music video DVD, "ORANGE RANGE world world world world TOUR VS Nagoya ELL" 2-CD set released.
  • July 7: "JOIN ALIVE Appeared in "2010".
  • July 7: Appeared in "OGA NAMAHAGE ROCK FESTIVAL VOL.24".
  • July 7: Appeared in "HIGHER GROUND 25".
  • February 7: Their new label "SUPER ECHO LABEL"Released "Utursanu" for distribution and rental only.
  • August 8: Appeared in "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 7".
  • August 8: Appeared on "MTV ZUSHI FES 14 supported by RIVIERA".
  • May 8: Appeared in "MONSTER baSH 2010".
  • May 8: Appeared in "Music and Beards 2010 -GENERATION-".
  • September 9: Limited distribution of the single "pages" that NAOTO himself is in charge of.
  • September 9: Released "Yayaya" and "ordl" for distribution and rental only.
  • February 10: album"orcd"Released.
  • October 10: Held a free live for the first time in 25 years since the secret live when "Please! Senorita" was released.
  • May 11 - May 3: Held a national tour "LIVE TOUR 010-011" orcd "".
  • May 12: Appeared in "COUNTDOWN JAPAN 10/11".
  • May 2: ORANGE RANGE's first official app shop "ORANGE STORE" opens.
  • May 2: Released the single "transfer" that NAOTO himself is in charge of.
  • May 3: May 3Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeA new song "one" newly written in hopes of recovery from Japan will be distributed free of charge on the official website.
  • May 4 - May 7: An additional performance "LIVE TOUR 010 orcd" one "" of "LIVE TOUR 011-011" orcd "" was held.
  • July 7: Appeared in "9th PEACEFUL LOVE ROCK FESTIVAL 29".
  • May 8: Appeared in "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2011".
  • May 8 --30th: The concept tour "RANGE AID + presents" RWD ← SCREAM 011 "" was held for the first time.
  • May 9: "Gagaga SP Appeared in "Nagata Dai March 2011".
  • May 10: "MONGOL800 ga FESTIVAL What a Wonderful World !! Appeared in "2011".
  • May 12: LOVERSSOUL x HIROKI from ORANGE RANGE collaboration song "Loveliest"Ringing song(R) isRecochokuExclusive advance delivery started at.
  • May 12: ORANGE RANGE sponsored event "Enmai -vol.1-" (against Van: Jin) was held for the first time.
  • December 12: Appeared in "COUNTDOWN JAPAN 29/11".
  • May 1: Independent label "SUPER ECHO LABEL" is Victor Entertainment's ""SPEEDSTAR RECORDSAnnounced to partner with.
  • May 1: Released "Loveliest", a collaboration single with LOVERSSOUL.
  • May 1: "Au by KDDI presents OntamaAppeared in "Carnival 2012".
  • February 2: Free delivery of the 22th anniversary song "Anniversary Song ~ 10th ~".
  • February 2: Held an event "Enmai -vol.23-" (against Van: Yamaarashi) sponsored by ORANGE RANGE.
  • February 2: Appeared in "DEVILOCK NIGHT THE FINAL".
  • May 3: ORANGE RANGE's HIROKI releases the first book "Hiroki 3%".
  • May 4: In Tokyo, "Thank you for your 10th anniversary. Ryukyu Summit in Edo ~ ORANGE RANGEMONGOL800Held.
  • May 4: Album "NEO POP STANDARDWas released.
  • August 5- May 8: “LIVE TOUR 012“ NEO POP STANDARD ”” was held.
  • July 7: New song "Sadistic Summer"RecochokuExclusive advance delivery started at.
  • May 8: Held an event "Enmai -vol.3-" (against Van: FLOW) sponsored by ORANGE RANGE.
  • August 8: Appeared in "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 4".
  • May 9: "FLOW THE PARTY 2012 "Against vanAppeared in "THE MAX !!!"
  • July 9: "New Acoustic Camp 2012”.
  • May 10: Held an event "Enmai -vol.4-" (against the band: 2side1BRAIN) sponsored by ORANGE RANGE.
  • July 11: "Happy Music Appeared in "Live 2012".
  • May 11: Held an event "Enmai -vol.5-" (against Van: Hua Companies) sponsored by ORANGE RANGE.
  • May 12: ORANGE RANGE sponsored event "Enmai -vol.6-" (against Van: MO'SOME TONEBENDER) was held.
  • May 12: Appeared in "COUNTDOWN JAPAN 12/13".
  • May 1: UmedaCLUB QUATTROAppeared in "PUNISHER'S NIGHT 2013" held at.
  • February 1: Zepp Appeared in "SPEEDSTAR RECORDS 20th Anniversary Live ~ LIVE the SPEEDSTAR 20th ~" at DiverCity.
  • May 1 --February 2: Concept tour "RANGE AID + presents" RWD ← SCREAM 23 "" was held.
  • February 2: HIROKI releases the picture book "Guru Guru Happy".
  • May 3 - 21 Day: Held a fan club-only live tour "ORANGE RANGE FC TOUR SHOWCASE LIVE 013" in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.
  • May 4: The first single in 3 years and 9 monthsOborona Ageha / HelloWas released.
  • May 4: "Eco Camp Michinoku"ARABAKI ROCK FEST.Appeared in "13".
  • May 5: Hibiya Open-air Music HallMade inGOING UNDER GROUNDAppeared in the sponsored event "SOU FES".
  • May 5: Osaka Castle Music HallAppeared in "Fuun! Osaka Castle Otoizumi ~ Shimizu Otoizumi 10th Anniversary ~" held at.
  • May 5: ORANGE RANGE sponsored event "Enmai -vol.7-" (against the band: THE BACK HORN) was held.
  • February 6: Maishima ArenaAppeared in "BASUKE Festival 2013" held at.
  • May 6: Appeared in "MIYAKO ISLAND ROCK FESTIVAL 2013" ~ SAVE THE SEA, SAVE THE SKY ~ held at the special venue on the premises of the Southwestern Paradise Miyakojima Resort.
  • May 6: "ORANGE RANGE SHOWCASE LIVE at SHIBUYA-AX ~ New Album "spark"Viewing party" is held.
  • July 7: Event "Enmai -vol.12-" sponsored by ORANGE RANGE at Sakurazaka Central (against Van: DIAMONDS) Is held.
  • May 7: Appeared in "Peaceful Love Rock Festival 2013" held on the outdoor stage in Okinawa City.
  • May 7: Shikokuchuo CitySangawa Toyooka Seaside ParkAppeared in "SUN BURST 2013 SHIKO CHU BEACH ROCK FESTIVAL" held at Fureai Beach.
  • July 7: Album "sparkReleased.Same day "NEO POP STANDARDIn 91 countries around the world, including North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.iTunes StoreStart distribution at.
  • May 7: Album "NEO POP STANDARD"sparkIs now available on the iTunes Store in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • February 7: Iwamizawa ParkMade inJOIN ALIVE Appeared in "2013".
  • July 7: "Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO 30th Anniversary" QUATTRO QUARTER "~ What I Got ~-" held at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO (vs. Van:Good morning, America) Appeared.
  • February 8: Taipei CityAppeared in "FORMOZ FESTIVAL 2013 Nodai Kaisho" held at Tachibana Children's Leisure Center & Taipei Yuanshan Park.
  • February 8: Hitachi Seaside ParkAppeared in "rockin'on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2013" held at.
  • September 9: Unit project "NAOTO and HIROKI"Naoto Hiroki & KaratesystemsDebuted with the album "".
  • May 9 - May 12: Held "LIVE TOUR 2013" spark "".
  • May 10: Held "ORANGE RANGE LIVE in Ishinomaki ~ Intentional Volume ~" at Ishinomaki BLUE RESISTANCE.
  • December 12: ShinkibaSTUDIO COASTAppeared in "VIRGO 10th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS VOL.1" held at.
  • February 12: Makuhari MesseAppeared in "rockin'on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14" held at.
  • December 12: Event "Enmai -vol.29-" sponsored by ORANGE RANGE at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO (against van:Mamor Le Gavan) Held.
  • May 2: "BRAHMAN Appeared in Sakurazaka Central performance of "Tour -Hands and Feet 7-".
  • May 3: Taipei ArenaAppeared in "Magen Shinrakuen Asia live Battle in Concert 1st Round" held at.
  • May 4 - May 5: "RANGE AID + presents" RWD ← SCREAM 015 "" was held.
  • February 7: TSUTAYAReleased a new work "SUSHI Tabetai EP" that can be rented and distributed only at.
  • May 8: Appeared in "rockin'on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2015" held at Hitachi Seaside Park.
  • August 8: Vocal RYO will appear as RYO from ORANGE RANGE at "Tokyo Wonder Night -SUMMER CARNIVAL-" held at ageHa in Shinkiba.
  • May 8: Appeared in "UK FC on the Road 2015".
  • May 8: Previous work "sparkThe 10th original album "HaveWas released.
  • February 8: Music town sound market& Held "ORANGE RANGE presents TV's Night 015" at Music Square.
  • May 9: RYO debuts as a CD solo under the name of RYO from ORANGE RANGE on the 1st solo album "DELIGHT".
  • August 9- May 12: With the release of the album, a national hall tour "ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 015 ~ TEN ~" will be held.
  • May 11: Appeared in "Golden Indie Music Awards 2015 GOLDIE INDEN MUSIC AWARDS" in Taiwan.
  • December 12: An additional performance of "ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 19 ~ TEN ~" will be held in Okinawa.
  • December 12: ShibuyaCLUB QUATTROHeld "Enmai -vol.12-" at. (Battle of the Bands:WANIMA)
  • December 12: Appeared in "FM28 ROCK FESTIVAL RADIO CRAZY 802".
  • December 12: Appeared in "COUNTDOWN JAPAN 30/15".
  • February 2: ORANGE RANGE's new radio regular program "Tereko ~ ORANGE RANGE's Redio Bancho ~" starts at FM Okinawa in the local Okinawa.
  • May 2: Momoiro Clover ZNAOTO provided the song as a producer for "Country Rose -Toki no Tabibito-" recorded in the 4th song of the 2th album "Hakkin no Yoakeha (released on February 17)".
  • February 2: Held an independent project "Ryukyu Summit in Edo" in Tokyo for the first time in four years.
  • May 2: Osaka Namba HatchAppeared in the event "uP !!! SPECIAL LIVE HOLIC vol.6 supported by SPACE SHOWER TV".
  • May 3: Appeared in "CANDLE 11th FUKUSHIMA311 -LIGHT with FUKUSHIMA- at Fukutamasai".
  • May 3 - May 3: "RANGE AID + presents ORANGE RANGE FC TOUR 016" was held.
  • May 3: Naoto hiroyama (NAOTO) appears as a DJ in "Lightning DASH! 2016 TOKYO".
  • May 4, On air in OkinawaBaya leaseThe song "" from ORANGE RANGE is used for the commercial "Baya Girl".
  • May 4: Appeared in "TOWER RECORDS presents NO OKINAWA, NO LIVE. Vol.4 Yuchi!"
  • May 4: HIROKI & RYO will appear at the "Okinawa International Movie Festival 8th Okinawa International Movie Festival".
  • May 5: Appeared in "Zepp Fukuoka ~ FINAL WEEK ~" Hakata Uproar Orange VS Ao VS Forget "" at Zepp Fukuoka.
  • May 5: Appeared in "JAPAN JAM BEACH 2016" held at Makuhari Kaihin Park JAPAN JAM BEACH special venue.
  • May 5: Appeared in Tochigi festival "Don't Stop Music Fes. TOCHIGI 2016" sponsored by MAGIC OF LiFE.
  • May 5: Appeared in the activity-type outdoor event "ACO CHILL" held in Mt. Fuji, Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
  • May 5: Appeared in the event "Back alley-Yamarashi & FAD 20th Anniversary !!-~ Yamaarashi Presents ~" sponsored by "Yamarashi".
  • June 6: Organized the anti-van event "Enmai -vol.2-" to be held at CLUB QUATTRO in Nagoya, Aichi.
  • June 6: Performed at Hokuriku's largest arena festival "Million Rock Music Festival 4-Million Rock Festival".
  • May 6: Appeared in "MIYAKO ISLAND ROCK FESTIVAL 2016 ~ SAVE THE SEA, SAVE THE SKY ~ Sea-friendly, sky-friendly, rock festival on the southern island".
  • July 7: Spitz sponsored by the "! Rock Hello 1th Anniversary Special ~R20 need U, I need U~" appeared.
  • July 7: Performed at "Peaceful Love Rock Festival 9" held at the outdoor stage in Okinawa City.
  • February 7: HokkaidoIwamizawa OfIwamizawa ParkAppeared in the outdoor music festival "JOIN ALIVE 2016" to be held at.
  • July 7: 20th Anniversary Collaboration Album "EnbanWas released.
  • July 7: Appeared in the outdoor festival "UMK SEAGAIA JamNight 24 ~ 1th anniversary ~" Juke Night ~ J-ROCK & POPS ~ "" held at Seagaia Square 2016 in Miyazaki.
  • July 7: Appeared in "OGA NAMAHAGE ROCK FESTIVAL vol.30".
  • May 8: Appeared in "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2016".
  • August 8: Organized "ORANGE RANGE presents TV's Night 13" at Music Town Oto Ichiba.
  • May 8: Appeared in "HEY-SMITH" STOP THE WAR TOUR "".
  • August 8: Appeared in "MONSTER baSH 20".
  • August 8: KagawaNational Sanuki Manno ParkAppeared in "MONSTER baSH 2016" to be held in Japan.
  • August 8: Appeared in "SPACE SHOWER SWEET LOVE SHOWER 27".
  • May 9 -17May 3: Held a national tour "LIVE TOUR 016-017" Thanks to you for the 15th anniversary! 47 prefectures DE carnival "".
  • September 9: Bass YOH holds "ATELIER Z presents YOH (ORANGE RANGE) Bass Sound Seminar ~ YOH Signature Model Presentation ~".
  • December 12: Appeared in "COUNTDOWN JAPAN 28/16".
  • January 1: ORANGE RANGE x B-PASS HISTORY BOOK "OR BY BP" released.
  • May 3: Appeared in "Maki Ishii PHOTO EXHIBITION special acoustic LIVE!"
  • February 3: Shinkiba STUDIO COASTAppeared in the event "uP !!! SPECIAL LIVE HOLIC vol.9" at.
  • May 3: FM802 ×TSUTAYA HIROKI participates in the ACCESS! Campaign song.
  • April 4: "ORANGE RANGE LIVE 15 Carnival EXTRA ~ Hong Kong DE Carnival ~" will be held at Kowloon Bay Music Zone @ E-Max, Hong Kong.
  • May 4: Held "ORANGE RANGE LIVE 017 Carnival EXTRA ~ Taipei DE Carnival ~" in Taipei Legacy, Taiwan.
  • May 4: "Aoitori" is appointed as the theme song of the court suspense movie "The Impossible Woman-Defendant-".
  • April 4: Appeared in "Okinawa International Movie Festival 23th ​​Okinawa International Movie Festival".
  • May 5: Appeared on the two-man live tour "KYO-MEI vs. Van Live in KAWASAKI Vol.24" performed by THE BACK HORN.
  • May 6: Appeared in "ROCK KIDS 802 -OCHIKEN Goes ON !!-SPECIAL LIVE HIGH! HIGH! HIGH!".
  • May 7 - May 8: With the concept of reproducing "ORANGE RANGE", a live tour "RWD ← SCREAM 2017" will be held from July to August 7, with 8 performances in 11 cities nationwide.
  • May 10: "ORANGE RANGE presents TV's Night 017 in Bullring FINAL" was held.
  • October 10: YAMATO's vocal band NEE NEE releases their second album "N25".
  • May 11: Released the EP work "UNITY" for the first time in 2 years and 3 months as an original work.
  • May 11 -18May 2: Held a national tour "ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 017-018 ~ UNITY ~".
  • May 2: Bass YOH holds a seminar at Shimamura Music Store.
  • February 3: MiyagiMinamisanriku TownAppeared in the acoustic organization "ORANGE RANGE Minamisanriku Support Live" at Minamisanriku Hamare Utatsu in the Utatsu area.
  • March 3: NAOTO wrote and produced the lyrics, "Dreaming AdolescenceThe first single of the new system is released.
  • March 3: First appearance at "Victor Rock Festival 17" held at Makuhari Messe.
  • May 4: 04 Limited SazabysAppeared in the outdoor festival "YON FES 2018" sponsored by the event.
  • May 5: Appeared in "VIVA LA ROCK 4" at Saitama Super Arena.
  • May 5]: Appeared in "ACO CHiLL CAMP 2018 powered by KIRIN at the foot of Mt. Fuji".
  • May 5: Bad T-shirt shopHeld a live event "Enmai -vol.14-" for the band.
  • June 6: Became a support artist for football brand "sfida" 18.
  • August 8: Appeared in "rockin'on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 12".
  • August 8: With ORANGE RANGEHuis Ten BoschHeld a special fireworks show in collaboration with.
  • May 8: Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka"STAY UCHINANTUNE Special ORANGE RANGE SHOWCASE LIVE 018 ~ ELEVEN PIECE ~" will be held at.
  • May 8: The 3th original album "ELEVEN PIECEReleased simultaneously in Japan and Taiwan.
  • May 9 - 8 Day: A photographer who has been shooting ORANGE RANGE and a photo exhibition of ORANGE RANGE will be held at the pop-up space "24B1" in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • May 9: Kyoko KoizumiStarring movie "Woman eatingRYO appears in the role of "Tokio Yonesaka".
  • May 9: National tour "ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 018-019 ~ ELEVEN PIECE ~" will be held (until February 2019, 2).
  • February 10: NHK"Everyone's song"Family" is appointed. (Broadcast from October to November).
  • May 10: Released the distribution single "Family".
  • May 11: Appeared in "MONGOL800 ga FESTIVAL What a Wonderful World !! 18".
  • May 2: TV Asahisystem"MUSIC STATION Appeared in "3 hours SP".
  • February 2: NHK BS PremiumAppeared in "The Covers".
  • March 3: Appeared in "SONG OF THE EARTH FUKUSHIMA 10 * Acoustic formation".
  • May 3, Appeared in "GYAO! & J-WAVE Present LIVE INTIMATE".
  • March 3: Appeared in "-LIVE HOLIC 30th ANNIVERSARY- uP !!! SPECIAL LIVE HOLIC extra vol.5 supported by SPACE SHOWER TV".
  • May 3: TV Asahi Channel 1 "ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 018-019 ~ ELEVEN PIECE ~ at NHK Hall Complete Edition & Taiwan Adhesion SP" broadcast.
  • May 4: Appeared in "s60 & Xmas Eileen DJ Presents ZASSO."
  • May 4: Organized "ORANGE RANGE presents" TV's Night 019 "" at Okinawa Music Town Oto Ichiba & Music Square.Many artists and comedians such as Aimyon and Yogee New Waves also appeared.
  • April 4: "LIVE! TO \ Wah / RECORDS feat. go! go! vanillas"Appearance.
  • May 5: Appeared in "rockin'on presents JAPAN JAM 4".
  • May 5: Okinawa·Naha PortAppeared in "45th Naha Dragon Boat Race" held at Shinko Wharf Main Stage.
  • May 5: Participated in "HEY-SMITH" Life In The Sun TOUR "Final Series".
  • June 6: "Kyu soneko kamiParticipated in "Trial TAIMAN TOUR 2019".
  • July 6: "AIMYON Participated in "vs TOUR 2019" Love Call "".
  • May 6: "Nagasaki ShimbunYAMATO interview posted.
  • May 6: "Kyoto Daisakusen2019 ~ Double return! Eating festival ~ "appeared.
  • July 7-August 11: Live tour "RWD ← SCREAM 8" is held.
  • July 7: "SPACE SHOWER TVBroadcast of "ORANGE RANGE presents" TV's Night 019 "".
  • May 7: Appeared in "OGA NAMAHAGE ROCK FESTIVAL vol.10".
  • July 7: Appeared in "FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '28" acoustic organization.
  • August 8: Base YOH says "ISHINOMAKI "BUCHI ROCK" appearance.
  • May 8: Appeared in "WILD BUNCH FEST. 2019".
  • August 8: Appeared in "Sky Jamboree 25 ~ one pray in nagasaki ~".
  • August 8: "RANGE AID + presents RWD ← SCREAM 30" Live broadcast of the final performance on Nico Nico Douga.
  • September 9: Appeared in "Kaze to Rock Imo Boiled Party 7 Imony Village Festival".
  • September 9: Appeared in "JA Mutual Insurance presents RADIO BERRY 8th ANNIVERSARY Veriten Live 25 Special".
  • September 9: Appeared in "BAYCAMP 14".
  • May 9: Appeared in "New Acoustic Camp 2019 ~ Warau, Utau, Eat, Nekkoruru. ~ 10th Anniversary MAGICAL CAMPING EVERLASTING!"
  • September 9: YOH, the base, appears in "New Acoustic Camp FM15 Playing Narrative Club-New Aco Business Trip Edition-".
  • May 9: Appeared in "GAMA ROCK FES 2019" acoustic organization.
  • September 9: Appeared in "PIA MUSIC COMPLEX 28".
  • September 9: Appeared in "Mt. FUJIMAKI 29".
  • October 10: Appeared in "THE GREAT SATSUMANIAN HESTIVAL 6".
  • October 10: Appeared in "Town Full Music Toyonaka ~ Life Saving Project ~".
  • July 11: "Kwansei Gakuin University Appeared in New Moon Festival 2019 "ORANGE RANGE Live 2019 ~ KGPIECE Infinite Range ~".
  • July 11: "West Japan Institute of Technology Appeared in the 52nd Miyako Festival "ORANGE RANGE Gakuensai LIVE".
  • November 11: Appeared in RYO from ORANGE RANGE "Shinjuku club SCIENCE presents AMBITIOUS !! Episode 7 ~ Shinjuku club SCIENCE 46th anniversary Day 4 ~".
  • July 11: "Okinawa Christian University・ Okinawa Christian Junior College "55th Kiri Gakusai"
  • May 11: Released a new song "Enjoy!" Written as a CM song for Orion Beer "WATTA".
  • May 11: LIVE DVD & Blu-ray "LIVE TOUR 018-019 ~ ELEVEN PIECE ~ at NHK Hall" released.
  • December 12: Organized "Enmai -vol.21-".We had a van with SUPER BEAVER at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO.
  • December 12: Appeared in "FM27 802PARTY FM30 ROCK FESTIVAL RADIO CRAZY 802".
  • December 12: Appeared in "rockin'on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 29/19".
  • May 2 --September 9: All 27 performances, nationwide live house tour "ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 50 ~ NAKED x REFINISHED -020 mics and back sounds- ~" will be held.Based on the concept of returning to the beginning, a CD album limited to the live venue was released. (* *COVID-19 New coronavirus infectionFebruary 2020, 2 (Wednesday) Aichi / Nagoya Electric Lady Land performances and all 26 performances canceled)
  • May 2: Bass YOH appears in "2.24 Music Festival ~ Beyond the Border ~".
  • May 4: Organized "ORANGE RANGE presents" TV's Night 020 "".UlfulsI was supposed to appear,COVID-19 (New coronavirus infection) Due to the influence of).
  • May 4: Released "KONOHOSHI". For the special program "Ohayo Asahi 40th Anniversary Special Program THE Challenge-Let's take the first step SP-" to commemorate the 40th anniversary of ABC TV "Ohayo Asahi" with the theme of "What the world should be" The song written in.
  • May 8: Released "Mood Good".Ida designA song written as a CM song for "BRAVO Z NEXT".
  • May 9: "Imagine" is released for distribution. "Tour de TohokuThe song was written as the official theme song of ".


  • May 1: NAOTO is in charge of composing and arranging the song "Seize the Moment !!" in the TV anime "SK∞ SK24", which started broadcasting on the ABC / TV Asahi affiliated XNUMX stations nationwide ("ANiMAZiNG !!!").
  • May 3: Collaboration with KDDI for the first time in 16 years in "New Music Viewing Experience Sound VR" by KDDI R & D Laboratories.Started distributing his own songs "Ishin Denshin" and "KONOHOSHI" from the "Sound VR" app. Distribution of "au XR Door" and "au Smart Premium Multi-Angle Video" has also started.
  • May 3: LIVE DVD & Blu-ray "LIVE TOUR 017-018 ~ UNITY ~ at Nakano Sunplaza Hall" released.
  • May 3: LIVE DVD & Blu-ray TLIVE OUR 019 ~ What a DE! What a Land! ~ at Orix Theater released.
  • May 4: Date fm starts broadcasting new radio program "SESSION!".In charge of MC every Thursday.
  • May 4 - May 4: Fan club members-only tour "RANGE AID + presents ORANGE RANGE FC TOUR 021 ~ Clap Your Hands ~" will be held in Aichi, Osaka and Tokyo.
  • May 4: Live distribution "RANGE AID + presents ORANGE RANGE FC TOUR 021 ~ Clap Our Hands ~" for fan club members only.
  • May 5: Appeared in "VIVA LA ROCK 2021".
  • May 6: Released a fan club limited DVD "RANGE AID + presents RWD ← SCREAM 019 at Zepp Tokyo".


YearsAward (work)
20043 times MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2004 Best New Artist Video Award Shanghai Honey
200519 times Japan Gold Disc Award Rock & Pop Album of the Year musiQ
4th MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005 Best Video Awards Flower
19th Japan Gold Disc Award Artist of the Year 2005
20065th MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2006 Best Album Award ИATURAL

Plagiarism problem

Since his major debut, he has shown remarkable performance, but since the melody is very similar to the songs of other artists, it was pointed out that it was plagiarism, and many controversies and verifications were conducted on sites on the Internet.Yomiuri Weekly,Daily Gendai, MonthlyCyzoWas also reported about plagiarism.

Overview of plagiarism issue

ORANGE RANGE: "" Released and announced under the name of lyrics and compositionLocolotion"(single) Is the songMelodyAnd some of the lyricsLittle evaEtc. sang and hit "Loco motionAs it is, etc.samplingHe is the creator of "Roko Motion", as opposed to the original song, which was made as an original song without any offer to the parties.Carol KingAssuming there was a protest from the side (or the right-holding organization, record company, etc.)album"musiQ] At the time of recording, it is officially treated as a cover song of the original song producer and ORANGE RANGE.

In addition, of the four songs included in "Locolotion", the second song "ORANGE BOAT" will be released later.Harry Bellafonteof"Banana boatIt is treated as a cover. The third song "MONKEY MAGIC" is from the beginningGodaigo OfSame name song OfcoverRecorded as a song. The fourth song contains a remixed version of "Locolotion".Therefore, the single "Locolotion", 4 out of 3 songs are cover songs, and 1 song is a further arrangement of the cover song.

Currently, he manages and owns the copyright of the song.Screen gemsEMI(Sony ATV(Affiliated) and belongs to ORANGE RANGESME:As a result of discussions with the side, the album andkaraokeIt is said that it was calmed down by writing the credits of the creator and treating it as a cover song for those with lyrics and composition credits such as equipment.

Flow of plagiarism problem

In the music magazine "bounce" No. 250 (released December 2003, 12), leader NAOTO asked a question about the band's musical policy.The watchword in us is Pakurouze! (Laughs).First of all, I will cover it.So, we talk about trying not to understand here, or if you use it here, it will come out (laugh)(Of course, it's just a joke)[7].

What changed suddenly was2004May 12of"The 55th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』\ At the time of appearance.Their hometownOkinawaIt was a live broadcast from, but at this time the credit of the song was displayed as "Lyrics / Composition: Carole King / Gerry Goffin, Japanese lyrics / ORANGE RANGE" and completely treated as "Cover song rewritten into Japanese lyrics" ( At the time of the red and white appearance, there was a credit only for Japanese lyrics, but now that it is treated as a cover song, it is also written as a songwriter / composition name).

In this way, the members made statements suggesting plagiarism and theft, and the credits were actually changed to cover songs like "locolotion", which became a problem "locolotion". It was reported that some of the songs of ORANGE RANGE other than "" have very similar melody and lyrics to other songs.




 Release datetitlespecificationProduction number
1st2002May 8
2004May 12(recurrence)
Michishirube / Midnight GaugeCDDMS-002


 Release datetitleOricon
Highest rank
specificationProduction number
1st2003May 6Kiri Kiri Mai50 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5571
2nd2003May 7Shanghai honey5 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5586
3rd2003May 10Viva ★ Rock3 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5588
4th2003May 11Sunset10 bit12cm CD + DVD
12 cm CD
5th2004May 2Michishirube ~ a road home ~1 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5660
6th2004May 6Locolotion1 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5740
7th2004May 8chest1 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5782
8th2004May 10flower1 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5837
9th2005May 2*~asterisk~1 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5885
10th2005May 5Love parade1 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5917
11th2005May 6Please! Senorita1 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5918
12th2005May 8Kizuna1 bit12 cm CDSRCL-5953
13th2006May 5Champione1 bit12 cm CDSRCL-6263
14th2006May 8UN ROCK STAR3 bit12 cm CDSRCL-6382
15th2006May 10SAYONARA3 bit12 cm CDSRCL-6425
16th2007May 4Squid SUMMER3 bit12 cm CDSRCL-6546
17th2007May 7Ikenai sun3 bit12cm CD + DVD
12 cm CD
18th2008May 3Kimi station2 bit12cm CD + DVD
12 cm CD
19th2008May 5O23 bit12cm CD + DVD
12 cm CD
20th2008May 11Fashionable School Gang Leader feat. Soy Sauce5 bit12cm CD + DVD
12 cm CD
21st2009May 7At the tip of the eyes6 bit12cm CD + DVD
12 cm CD
22nd2013May 4Oborona Ageha / Hello18 bit12cmCD [First Press Limited Edition]
12cmCD [Regular Edition]

Delivery / rental only

  • Shiawa Seneiro
    2008May 6Release (delivery)
  • Utursanu
    2010May 7Release, SEL-001 (delivery / rental)
    1. Utursanu
    2. Five Mic
      Orion beer"Special X" TV-CM song
    3. Holiday for the first time in 2 months -Petunia Rocks Remix-
  • Yaya Yaya
    2010May 9Release, SEL-002 (delivery / rental)
    1. Yaya Yaya
    2. Love merry-go-round
    3. Utursanu -SONPUB remix-
  • one
    2011May 3Release (free delivery)
    2011May 4Released, SEL-006 (CD)
    1. one
    2. one (instrumental)
  • Anniversary Song ~ 10th ~
    2012May 2Release (free delivery)
  • Sadistic summer
    2012May 7Release (delivery)
  • SUSHI EP you want to eat
    2015May 7Released, NCS-90010 (delivery / rental)
    1. SUSHI I want to eat feat. Soy sauce
    2. JIN JIN
    3. Ma Gilete
    4. SUSHI I want to eat feat. Soy Sauce -Lichard Remix-
    5. Hello Sunshine Hello Future (“Tebra DE Sorry TOUR 014” at Shibuya Public Hall December 17th, 2014)
    6. Oborona Ageha (“Tebra DE Sorry TOUR 014” at Shibuya Public Hall December 17th, 2014)
  • Chira Chira Rhythm
    June 2017, 6, Okinawa Family Mart limited sale
    Released on July 2017, 7 on iTunes and other distribution sites
    1. Chira Chira Rhythm
    2. Chira Chira Rhythm (instrumental)
  • Hopping
    2018May 4Release (delivery)
    WOWOW NBA Basketball 17-18 Image Song
  • Ryukyu Wind
    2018May 5Release (delivery)
    FC RyukyuOfficial cheering song
  • Family  
    2018May 10Release (delivery)
    NHK"Everyone's song(Broadcast in October / November 2018) 
    1. Family
    2. Family (instrumental)
    3. Family (NHK "Minna no Uta" broadcast ver.)
  • Enjoy!  
    2019May 11Release (delivery)
    Orion Beer "WATTA" TV-CM song (Okinawa prefecture only)
    1. Enjoy!
    2. Doremifa Ship (2019 LIVE ver.)
      The lyrics of the YAMATO part have been changed from the original song.
    2020May 4Release (delivery)
    ABC TVA song written for the special program "Ohayo Asahi 40th Anniversary Special Program THE Challenge-Let's Take the First Steps SP-" to commemorate the 40th anniversary of "Good Morning Asahi".
  • Feeling good 
    2020May 8Release (delivery)
    Ida designA song written as a CM song for "BRAVO Z NEXT".
  • Imagine
    2020May 9Release (delivery)
    A song written as the official theme song for "Tour de Tohoku".


    Released on November 2017, 11, VICL-1 (CD)
    1. Aoitori
    2. Chira Chira Rhythm -UNITY ver.-
    3. Popcorn in the brain
    4. and second Hand
    5. Carnation
  • NAKED × REFINISHED -3 mics and back sounds-
    Released and delivered on December 2020, 12
    1. Thunder the Party
    2. Enjoy!
    3. Leisure
    4. Soujuko -REFINISHED-
    5. SUSHI I want to eat feat. Soy Sauce -REFINISHED-
    6. Flower Garden -REFINISHED-
    8. Yaya Yaya -REFINISHED-
    9. Funk Tune -REFINISHED-


2004May 6Kiri Kiri MaiSRCL-5769Label gate CD2As recurrence
Shanghai honeySRCL-5770
Viva ★ RockSRCL-5771
2006May 1Kiri Kiri MaiSRCL-6171
Shanghai honeySRCL-6173
Viva ★ RockSRCL-6175
Michishirube ~ a road home ~SRCL-6181


Mini album

Release datetitlespecificationProduction number
National version:2002May 2
Okinawa version: 2002May 4
Reissue:2004May 10
Orange ballCDDMS-001

Original album

 Release datetitlespecificationProduction numberOricon
Highest rank
1st2003May 121st CONTACTCDSRCL-56502 bit
2nd2004May 12musiQCDSRCL-58501 bit
3rd2005May 10ИATURALCDSRCL-5970
2 bit
1 bit
6th2009May 8world world worldCD + DVD
4 bit
7th2010May 10orcdCD + DVD
SELC-1001 + SELD-1001
9 bit
6 bit
9th2013May 7sparkCD + DVD
18 bit
10th2015May 8HaveCD + DVD
16 bit
20 bit

Limited distribution

  • ordl
    2010May 9Released, SEL-003
    1. Tonight tonight
    2. Now My Way
    3. Yaya Yaya
    4. Wind light
    5. Love merry-go-round
    6. giga palooza
    7. Utursanu -SONPUB remix-
    2013May 7Released, iTunes Store only
    1. Restart
    2. Subway
    3. Hello Sunshine Hello Future
    4. Deep Blue Sea Flower
    5. Leo
    6. Baby Baby
    7. Warning
    8. Dry Hard
    9. Backpack
    10. Soul to Soul
    11. Magical Mystery Hunter
    12. Sadistic summer

Planning album

 Release datetitlespecificationProduction number
Remix album2006May 4SqueezedCD
Best album2007May 7ORANGECDSRCL-6602
Best album2007th of February 7RANGECDSRCL-6603
Best album2008May 12Ura SHOPPING2CD + DVD
Best album2010May 7ALL the SINGLES2CD + DVD
Collaboration best album2016May 7EnbanCD + DVD + MOOK


 Release datetitlespecificationProduction number
Best album2009May 9ORANGEBlu-spec CDSRCL-20047
Best album2009th of February 9RANGEBlu-spec CDSRCL-20048

Full production limited analog board

 Release datetitleProduction number
Original album2013May 9orcdSEL 007
Original album2013th of February 9NEO POP STANDARDSEL 008
Original album2013th of February 9sparkSEL 009

DVD / Blu-ray

 Release datetitlespecificationProduction number
1st2004May 7Video La ContactDVDSRBL-1223
2nd2005May 4Video DE RecitalDVDSRBL-1229
3rd2005May 12LIVE musiQ ~ from LIVE TOUR 005 "musiQ" at MAKUHARI MESSE 2005.04.01 ~DVDSRBL-1272
4th2006May 9LIVE ИATURAL ~ from LIVE TOUR 005 "ИATURAL" at YOKOHAMA ARENA 2005.12.13 ~DVDSRBL-1288
7th2010May 6ORANGE RANGE Carnival ~ Spring Festival Special ~ at Saitama Super Arena2DVDSRBL-1426-27
8th2010th of February 7ORANGE RANGE world world world TOUR VS Nagoya ELL2DVDSRBL-1435-36
9th2017th of February 7ORANGE RANGE LIVE TOUR 016-017 ~ 15th Anniversary! 47 Prefectures DE Carnival ~ at Nippon BudokanBlu-ray
10th2019 11

Month 20 days





11h2020 3

Month 31 days

LIVE TOUR 017-018 ~ UNITY ~ at Nakano Sunplaza HallBlu-ray




12th2020 3

Month 31 days

LIVE TOUR 019 ~ What a DE! What a Land! ~ At Orix TheaterBlu-ray




13th2021 6

Month 9 days

RANGE AID + presents RWD ← SCREAM 019 at Zepp Tokyo

(Fan club only)


Guest work

Release dateArtiststitleRemarksspecificationProduction number
2008May 7RYUKYUDISKOOK Samplersingle
NAOTO participates on guitar
2009May 3Hoi Festa feat. HIROKI from ORANGE RANGESakuratsukisingleCDSRCL-6948
2009May 10Ian BrownAlways Remember MeSongs from the album "My Way"
Composed by NAOTO
2011May 6TeamyTo Ayano (Kiroro), Sometimes the rangeChiisanautasingle
HIROKI & NAOTO participated.
2011May 7Becky♪ #Domiso feat. HIROKI & NAOTO from ORANGE RANGESongs from the album "Kaze to Melody"CDTOCT-27088
2011May 8Miyamoto Erione (feat. ORANGE RANGE)Songs from the album "Big Wheel"CD + DVD
2011May 8Tsuneyuki Fukuhara Yuna no Hana / Hiroyama Sound (ORANGE RANGE)
Songs from the album "Fukuhara Melody"CDUNIZON-001
2011May 12Stereo ponyFashionable school gang lead2011 ~ feat.NAOTO from ORANGE RANGE ~album"More! More !! More !!!! "recorded musicCD + DVD
2012May 1HOME MADE familyThis city dyed in ambersingle
Co-produced by NAOTO
2012May 4RAM RIDERHELLO starring ORANGE RANGESongs from the album "AUDIO GALAXY -RAM RIDER vs STARS !!!-"CDCRCP-40316
2012May 6CharaAlterna Girlfriendsingle
NAOTO participates on guitar
2012May 6ORIONBEATSLet's ORIONBEATS feat. YAMATOSongs from the album "AWESOME BEATS"2CDRKEN-002
2012May 6INFINITY 16BLAZING FIRE welcomez RYO from ORANGE RANGEalbum"MY LIFE"recorded musicCD + DVD
2012May 7SCANDALSun scandaloussingle
Produced by NAOTO
2012May 8The BossSerious Magicsingle
Produced by NAOTO
Lyrics by HIROKI
2013May 5RYO from ORANGE RANGE x NOBU !!!TomorrowSongs from the album "ALLY & DIAZ II"CDYRCN-95210
2013May 7SONG for LIGHT UP NIPPONLight Up Nippon ~ Flowers in the sky, flowers in the earth ~single
HIROKI & NAOTO participated
2013May 8Hiroko ShimabukuroHaloalbum"My Okinawa"recorded music
Composed and arranged by NAOTO
2014May 3Dempagumi.incTokimeki ☆ Smooth Texassingle"Sakura Appareshon"First Press LimitedNaruse EmiRecorded songs on board
NAOTO writes, composes, and arranges
2014May 6DISH //Saisho no Koi ~ I want to be popular ~single
Produced by NAOTO
2014May 8CAMOUFLAGEDomestic summer girlsingle
NAOTO writes, composes, and arranges
2014May 11LOVE AND ROIDMessiah ☆ Telepathy naotohiroyama Remix (ORANGE RANGE / delofamilia)singleCDPECF-3108
2015May 2Dempagumi.incNEO JAPONISMalbum"WWDD"recorded music
NAOTO writes, composes, and arranges
Analog 12inci
cassette tape
2015May 4D-51I can't meetSongs from the album ""
Lyrics by HIROKI, composition by NAOTO
2015May 6Private Ebisu Junior High SchoolIt's summer Johnnysingle
RYO co-produced with Satori Shiraishi
2016May 1Takao after birthThe story that is about to beginBest album"After the dream"recorded music
HIROKI, RYO, YAMATO participate in chorus
2016May 2FLOWGood Days ~ I will never forget you ~album"#10"recorded music
Arranged by NAOTO
KSCL-2682 ~ KSCL-2683
2016May 2Momoiro Clover ZCountry Rose -Traveler of Time-album"Dawn of platinum"recorded music
NAOTO writes, composes, and arranges
2016May 8It's not a band!Summer Oh! Vibes single
Lyrics by NAOTO & HIROKI
Composed and arranged by NAOTO
2018May 3Dreaming AdolescenceCherry Blossomssingle
Lyrics and composition production by NAOTO
2020May 5FlowBackMUKIDASHI loveMini album "Connect"recorded music
Produced by HIROKI and composed by NAOTO
CD + Blu-ray
2020May 9ISEKI (ex.Kima Glen)Can You Feel it (naotohiroyama Remix ver.)Distribution limited single

Lyrics by Satori Shiraishi

NAOTO remixes

Distribution limited single
2020October 10thDJ KEINANYWAY feat.RYO from ORANGE RANGEIncludes the album "woofers".

RYO participates in guest vocals

2021May 3Natsuki NakamuraOne pine on the hillSongs from the album "Agaritida". NAOTO participates in the guitarCDNR-001
2021May 3JABBA DA FOOTBALL CLUB✳︎ ~ Asterisk ~Includes the album "JABBA DA FOOTBALL CLUB".

ORANGE RANGEProvided a cover for the song "✳︎ ~ Astarisk ~".



SRCL-11736 ~ 7


Unrecorded songs

  • Magazine "Music and People" company song-Published on YouTube's ORANGE RANGE Official Channel.


  1. Cheese ☆ Butter ☆ Juicy Me (2005May 3
  2. BLOOD ORANGE (2006May 3
  3. Hiroki 3% (2012May 3
  4. First 10years (2012May 12
  5. Round and round happy (2013May 2
  6. How nice(2015May 3

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