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💴 | Which is better, rent or mortgage?Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each


Which is better, renting or owning a mortgage?Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each

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Rental housing is suitable for people who are required to change their place of residence for various reasons.

Advantages and disadvantages of continuing to live in a rent The advantages and disadvantages of continuing to live in a rental housing are as follows ... → Continue reading

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Rental housing

Rental housing(Chintaijutaku) isRentTo others based on the contract ofResidential building for rentRefers to general.Real Estate InvestmentProperty subject to.

The rental houses are roughly classified into the following.

  1. It is constructed for the purpose of renting from the time of new construction.
  2. 住宅A building that is rented out after purchasing it for economic reasons, with a certain requirement in order to obtain rent income without a new buyer directly living in the property.
  3. A building that you cannot directly live in after moving, such as a transfer, and ask the real estate agency to intervene for a certain period of time and rent it to a third party.


Homeowner (Landlord, landlord) And residents (Tenant,Shopkeeper)ButAgreementTie the owner to the monthlyrentHousing to pay. Usually, at the time of contract, to the ownerkey money,deposit,DepositSuch costs,GuarantorHowever, there are cases where the abovementioned security deposit and key money are not required due to business practices and regional differences within Japan. In addition, since the lump-sum payment at the time of moving in is relatively high, establishments whose main business is rental housing construction do not nominally demand security deposits and key money to increase the occupancy rate, and offset it by monthly rent. There is a case.

Owner is private (Company,Individual) And public organizations (Municipalities, Housing Supply Corporation,Urban regeneration mechanismEtc.) At the time of contract, if the owner is a public organization, the contract will be made directly with the organization, but if the owner is a private organization,real-estate companyThere are many cases in which the lessee and the landlord make a contract through[Source required].


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