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📊 | Poplar / Hospitality delivery "Wolt" tie-up


Partnership with Poplar / Hospitality Delivery "Wolt"

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We handle daily necessities such as sake, beverages, drinks, cup noodles, rice balls, ice cream, desserts, lunch boxes, salads, frozen foods, hot foods, snacks, snacks, bread, tissues and masks, paper bowls, and chopsticks.

Wolt Japan, which develops the food delivery business "Wolt", and poplars, lifestyle artists, etc ... → Continue reading

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SnacksWhat is (snack)?Light mealYou can eat insteadConfectioneryIs a generic term forpotato,Beans,cornSuch ascarbohydrateTheEdible oilThe mainstream is the one fried in (see below).


What is snack?snack,Appetizers,Light mealIt means that, but as of 2008JAS methodSince there is no definition of snack foods by the confectionery industry, it is vaguely classified by the confectionery industry. In the confectionery, distribution and retail industries, corn is used as the raw material,rice flourIn this way, confectioneries that use carbohydrates such as potatoes and beans and are fried in cooking oil are called.

on the other hand,wheatMade fromBiscuitKinds are called biscuit confectionery (called biscuit in JAS name classification) and are classified. Also,Rice crackers,HailstoneSuch asRice confectioneryIs made from carbohydrates and has a common feature of being fried, but it is classified as a rice cracker. The category of rice crackers is also defined based on the JAS law.

Also, what is called chocolate snack in the industry is made into biscuit dough.チ ョ コ レ ー トThecoatingIt is one that is not included in snacks and belongs to.

the purpose

Generally speaking, confectionery issweet tasteFor stimulating the taste and making the mouth entertainingLuxury goodsIt is used after meals and snacks. In particular, snacks are eaten between three meals, especially for the purpose of supplementing fasting between lunch and dinner.calorieThe intake is high.

Manufacturing method

There are the following types of confectionery shapes included in snacks.

A compound word called chips. A chip is a "small piece" of lightly fried snacks.PotatoesMade frompotato chipsIs common,Sweet potatoSome are made from corn or corn. With raw material sliced ​​thinly and fried,mashThere is a molded chip obtained by molding and frying the raw material. In thin slice typeCalbee,KoikeyaOf potato chips, molding typeYamazaki Biscuit"Chip Star",Procter & Gambleof"Pringles"Bourbon"Potelka" and so on.
There are relatively thick snacks, such as those in which the raw material is cut into the shape beforehand and then fried, and those in which mashed products are formed and fried.ConfectioneryBig cutlet of company.
puff(Pop candy,Puffed grain,Corn Pops,Cheese puffs,Sugar Puffs), puff means "swell",FiringThe one with air when you do. It has a unique texture. Corn puffs made from corn are common.YaokiCompanyGood bar,Meiji Confectionery OfcurlSuch. Made from wheatIzumi ConfectioneryEtc.

In general, the raw material is either cut and fried as it is, or the raw material is ground and fried to form and fried. Also, to make your snacks more appetizingflavorCan be attached as desired.consomme,salt,ソ ー ス,Soy sauceSuch asseasoning,Red peppers,アSuch asSpices,Salted plum,PerillaWith a strong flavorVegetablesThere are many kinds. Also,meat,seafood OfextractThere are also flavors that are mixed with flour and other ingredients.

Health problems

Snacks are high in their own rightsalt, HighfatWhile being high in calories, the otherNutritional valueIs lessJunk FoodTend to be similar to. Therefore, the industry is trying non-fry manufacturing method that does not fry with cooking oil, or cooking oil with relatively few caloriesRice oilBy responding to various needs and trends of the world, it has been changed to and salt is reduced. However, it is most desirable for consumers to devise their dietary habits so that they "do not overeat". Also, since snacks are seasoned so that they are palatable, such as being fried in oil, overeating becomes a problem. For this reason, a feeling of fullness is obtained only by ingesting this snack, and there is a problem that nutrition is biased because the opportunity to ingest other food is lost. (→obesity-metabolic syndrome).

In addition, in a family with children, there is a problem that "a child eats snacks before meals and leaves meals". In this case, it is necessary to control the amount given so as not to cause nutritional bias.

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