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📢 | Daido x FANCL "Adult Calorie Limit ®" Tea series releases 2 new products that make your meal more enjoyable


Daido x FANCL "Adult Calorie Limit ®" Tea series releases two new products that make eating more enjoyable

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On the other hand, it is said that more men buy functional oolong tea and jasmine tea than women * 1.

April 2021, 4 DyDo DRINCO Co., Ltd. DyDo DRINCO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative Director ... → Continue reading

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Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea(Oolongcha)Chinese teaOut of which is classified as blue tea (seicha, aocha),tea OffermentationSemi-fermentation that stopped fermentation by heating in the middleteaIs. The light blue color of brewed tea is yellowish brown. Oolong TeaThe feature of is the variety. The number is said to be 800 species.[2]teaThe trees that are made make subtle differences in aroma and taste.


Chinese tea is1978ToChugokuAnhui ProvinceBy Professor Chen Jiao of Anhui Agricultural University ofGreen Tea,White tea,Yellow tea,black tea, Blue tea,Black teaIt was classified into 6 types (XNUMX large teas). to thisJasmine teaな どscented tea7 types are currently known as the most general classification method (for details on classification, seeChinese teaSee item).

"Blue" in Chinese means "blackish indigo". For blue tea,Green TeaRight after picking the tea leavesheatingThere is no fermentation process. on the other handBlack tea,black teaLet it ferment completely(I.e.It was made.

According to one theory, the name Oolongcha isChugokuGuangdongThe shape and color of tea made incrowAs black asDragonIt is named because it winds like[3].

Production area

GuangdongEasternChaozhouChao'an"Isukotsubo," which is made in Japan, and "Hououzan," which is produced around Mt.Chinese phoenixIs believed to be the present ancestor of Oolong Tea[4].

In actual productionFujian ProvinceIs the top,TaiwanFollows.Fujian ProvinceIn the northWuyishan City OfWu Yi Yan teaIs known as a representative tea of ​​Oolong tea, but in Japan, it isQuanzhouAnxi CountyMade inIron Kannon"But,Hong KongIn, "Daffodil" is well known.TaiwanIn productionNantou prefectureFrozen oolong tea in Shigaya, Lishan in the Taiwan Central Mountains,Alishan, Sakabayashi, Takayama tea produced in tea gardens with an altitude of more than 1000 m, the capitalTaipei CityWenshan Baochue produced in the suburbs is famous as a brand of high-quality oolong tea.

The current oolong tea isFujian ProvinceとGuangdong,TaiwanThe so-called South China Cultural Area is the main production area, but in recent years, under the guidance of Taiwanese tea technicians, etc.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,ThailandIn the mountainous areas ofIndia OfDarjeelingEven in rural areas, small quantities are produced commercially.

JapanHowever, it is partially produced, but the production volume is small.

Representative brands

Frozen oolong tea

Frozen oolong tea(And Oolongcha) is TaiwanNantou prefectureShioyaThe name of oolong tea grown on the eastern hillside. Today, it is cultivated in a wide range of Taiwan and is recognized as the representative oolong tea of ​​Taiwan. The taste isGreen TeaBut the method of slaughter (heat treatment of tea leaves) isJapanese teaSince it is different from, it has a unique refreshing scent.

Touhou Bijincha

Touhou Bijincha(Tohojinjincha) is located in the Midwestern part of Taiwan.Hsinchu PrefectureEmei TownshipAnd so on.PlanterEating the leaves gives a unique scent and taste. After a while, it was exported to Europe, but it really started to become popular from the end of the 19th century to the 20th century, and it was named "Oriental beauty" in England (currently named by Queen Victoria). The theory that it was widely spread, but strange in terms of age)Eastern beautyWas established. It has been an important export product of Taiwan since the days of the Qing and Japanese rule, but in recent yearsTaiwanConsumption is increasing even in Japan.

Wu Yi Yan tea

Fujian ProvinceWuyishan City OfWu Yi Yan tea(Buigancha) is a representative tea of ​​Oolong tea and also by the British.IndiaBirthBlack teaIt is well-known as the original tea, and among them, Daikoho is a tea tree managed by the state and is provided to guests who are state guests. ... are known as the four major rock teas.

Iron Kannon

Iron Kannon(Tekkakannon) is produced in Anxi County in the southern part of Fujian Province. It is also made in Taiwan and Guangdong. The production volume accounts for about 5% of the whole oolong tea. There are various theories about the origin of the name. It is a famous oolong tea in Japan.


Narcissus is produced in Fujian and Guangdong.Hong KongThe famous oolong tea is served in many Chinese restaurants, but it cannot be understood by the generic name oolong tea.Cantonese: Soyushin) You may not be able to drink oolong tea unless you order it.


PhoenixGuangdong ProvinceChaozhouIs a representative tea of ​​Oolong Tea in Guangdong Province. Produced around Mt. Fenghuang, it is said to be the ancestor of the present oolong tea.

Large scarlet

(Thaongpao) is located at an altitude of 500 to 600 meters and is called the "King of Iwacha" as the finest product. The amount of tea that can be obtained once a year is only 400 grams, which is extremely rare, and it is never marketed. Collecttea treeIs characterized by the branches growing like a bundle from the root, the height of the shoots does not exceed 2 meters, and the trunk is about 10 cm thick.

how to drink

A high temperature of 80 degrees or higher is suitable for brewing hot water, and drink after the second roast.

First the teapot (teapot)) and pour boiling water, but the purpose of adding hot water at the first time is to (1) warm the tea utensils, (2) open the tea leaves, and (3) wash away dust from the tea leaves. For this reason, the first roast does not take time,Tea seaTransfer the water to a teacup and throw it away when warm. The first roast only touches the tea leaves for a short time, so it is not delicious and I never drink it.

The second roast takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to extract the ingredients, depending on the nature of the tea leaves, and then transfers them to the tea sea or teacup until the end. At the second roast, you can use to enjoy the scent. Depending on the tea leaves, you can enjoy the fourth and fifth roasts deliciously. It is advisable to lengthen the steaming time by about 10 seconds as the number of infusions increases.

However, these are just examples of formal occasions, and what is drunk at home varies according to each person's preference, each family, and region.


Oolong Tea Polymerized Polyphenols (OTPP)PolyphenolIs included, which isfatSince it has the function of suppressing absorption of fat and promoting lipolysis,dietTo be good for[5].. In recent years, its effect has attracted attention,healthy foodIt is also drunk.Suntory The2006ToFood for specified health useAsBlack oolong teaWas released.caffeineSince it contains excitatory and diuretic effects. In addition to helping digestion, it also has the effect of warming the body, which is also effective as a measure against coldness.[6].

In addition to drinking, oolong tea can also be used for the purpose of removing oil film from car glass by using the effect of decomposing oil.

Soft drink

In Japan,1895ToShimonoseki TreatyでTaiwan clearIt was handed over to Japan, and the presence of oolong tea became known to those who visited the site for business purposes.TaishoIn timesGinzaA oolong tea coffee shop was opened in and imported, and it is now used by ordinary people.[7].

However, full-scale spread in Japan1970 eraIt begins with being told that it is effective in slimming and beauty. The idol duo that was extremely popular at the timePink lady[8]However, it was in the limelight that it became a hot topic around 1978-1979 about drinking for beauty.[9][10].. The annual import volume sharply increased from 2 tons to 280 tons, becoming the first boom. The oolong tea of ​​this period was brewed in hot water, and it was used indoors with tea leaves. After that, bad goods went around and the boom went down.

1979ToITO ENSigned an import agency contract with China Souvenir Stockbreeding Company Limited.1981In February, ITO EN commercialized the world's first canned oolong tea[11]. July of the same year,SuntoryReleased canned oolong tea[12].. Along with the catch phrase that it is suitable for oily dishes and the mouth is refreshing and does not catch the back, a unique Japanese style that makes it delicious and easy to drink even when chilled is born and the expansion of the outdoor market begins.1983ToPokka CorporationCanned Uji's dew tea and houjicha, and in 1985 ITO EN canned green tea[13]The oolong tea acquired the citizenship as a soft drink.

Liquor tax lawAffected the revision ofChu-HiIs the peak of the boom1985IsDistilled spiritsOolong tea divided by oolong tea (Oolong high) Appeared.Furthermore1991For, diced liqueur divided by oolong teaReggae punchIs born, and demand will grow further. This was the second boom of Oolong tea.

Suntory, the top brand of canned oolong tea, is a food and beverage company.NagatanienWe released Chazuke using oolong tea chilled as a summer limited product jointly developed with May 2005 to August 5. Nagatanien has established the image of chilled chazuke, which has been sold since 8, and Suntory aims to further increase consumption.

As of 2005, the consumption of tea-based drinking water including Oolong tea is an incorporated association. National Soft Drink Industry AssociationChanges in production volume of soft drinks by (Zensei Drink)[2]according tosoda drink-coffeeBeverages remained flat and tea-based beverages were gradually rising while fruit juice beverages were showing a downward trend. It is in the rank.

AuthenticChugokuThen, Oolong tea was limited to Fujian and Guangdong provinces, and I could only think of drinking hot tea by myself.1990 eraIn the second halfSuntory ShanghaiWhen considering the release of oolong tea in PET bottles at Shanghai, sweetened Taiwanese oolong tea is being sold in Shanghai.

After that, Taiwan's leading unified food entered the oolong tea plastic bottle market, and now a local Chinese manufacturer has released a similar soft drink. Initially, the mainstream in China was sweetened, and it was difficult to find sugar-free ones. As of 2011, sugar-free oolong tea has also spread,Convenience store,supermarketYou can easily get sugar-free ones.

2007,2008Frozen made in China with insecticide mixed inGyozaIs distributed,Safety of Chinese foodThe number of consumers who are worried about was rapidly increasing, which affected the consumption of oolong tea. An alternative land other than China was sought, but the tea tree that makes oolong tea is fundamentally the same plant as tea trees such as Japanese green tea,2015Entering the market, oolong tea drinks made from oolong tea, which is made from the tea leaves produced in Japan, were put on the market.


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