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📢 | Meiji and Yuki Kawamura conclude a support contract-Protein brand "Zabas" supports body building-


Meiji and Yuki Kawamura conclude a support contract-Protein brand "Zabas" supports body building-

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"We have decided to conclude a contract with Meiji Co., Ltd.

April 2021, 4 Meiji Co., Ltd. Meiji and Yuki Kawamura conclude a support contract-Protein brand "Zaba ... → Continue reading

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Meiji (company)

Meiji Holdings > Meiji (company)

Meiji Co., Ltd.(Meiji,British: Meiji Co., Ltd.) Is a major Japanese companyFoodIs a company.Meiji Holdings OfWholly owned subsidiary.Confectionery,milk,Dairy productsAnd for general useMedicine Of製造-SaleWe will develop our business centered on.


CompanysloganIsMake tomorrow more delicious』.2016ToMeiji GroupCelebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding, at the same time the head officeTokyoChuo-kuKyobashiMoved to. Also,2017Celebrated the 100th anniversary of the company's founding.Each department in the company is called a "unit" and consists of four "units": confectionery, dairy products, health / nutrition, and overseas.[4].

The old company name isMeiji dairy industry.. With the reorganization of the Meiji group,2011(23)May 4With, oldMeiji Confectionery(CurrentMeiji Seika Pharma), The company's confectionery, beverage, food, and over-the-counter drug businesses, and the domain name "meiji.co.jp"[3] The trade name was changed to the current company name.Meijiya-Meiji Yasuda Life-Meiji University-Meiji Gakuin University・ Meiji Yakuhin ・Meiji Books Publishing・ It has nothing to do with the Meiji clock. [5]

It will be on sale from June 2020ice creamToexpiration dateShowed the policy to establish[6].


  • 2011
    • May 4 ――With the reorganization of the Meiji Group, the former Meiji Dairy Industry changed its trade name to the new company "Meiji" centered on the food, dairy products, beverages and confectionery businesses.
    • 12 -Radioactive substances are detected in some products of "" (850g can), and consumers are urged to replace them with new products (#Radioactive material detection problemSee).
  • 20128 --Premium ice cream "meiji THE PREMIUM Grun" released.
  • 20134 --Fresh Network Systems, a consolidated subsidiary, merged with Hokkaido Meisho, Tohoku Meisho, Tokyo Meisho, Chubu Meisho, Kinki Meisho, China Meisho, Kyushu Meiji Sales, and Tokyo Meiji Foods. Change trade name to network[7].
  • 20149 -"Meiji The ChocolateReleased.
  • 20153 --Refreshing sweets "CarmineEnded manufacturing and sales, curtained on 94 years of history[8].
  • 2016
  • 2017
    • Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company's establishment.
    • 8 --Long-selling snack "curlEnded sales in the east of Chubu and shifted to limited sales only in the west of Kinki[9][10][11].
  • 2018
    • 5 - 2012President Kazuo Kawamura, who has continued to record record high profits since he took office in June, has been promoted to President of Meiji Holdings on June 6, and Katsuya Matsuda (Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer) has been appointed as the new president.
    • 9 --As a way of thinking about animal experiments, "Our policy is not to conduct animal experiments to demonstrate health claims, including outsourcing, when developing food products. However, there is no alternative test method that is legally required. In that case, we may be forced to conduct animal experiments. "[12].


(2018(Heisei30 years)1Current)

  • Main office
104-8306 TokyoChuo-kuKyobashi2-2-1 Kyobashi Edglan
  • Customer Service Center
Meiji Kyobashi Building (*) 104-0031-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 4-16Meiji HD-Meiji Seika Pharmahead office)
  • Meiji Innovation Center (Research Strategy Management Department, Product Development Laboratory, Lactobacillus Laboratory, Technology Laboratory, Quality Science Laboratory)
192-0919-1 Nanakuni, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 29-1


Former Meiji Dairies

  • Sapporo Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, K)
  • Asahikawa Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, K)
  • Wakkanai Factory (milk powder, butter)
  • Nishishunbetsu Factory (milk powder, butter, cream, concentrated milk)
  • Nemuro Factory (condensed milk, cream, concentrated milk)
  • Tokachi Factory (Natural cheese, cream, whey powder)
  • Tokachi Obihiro Factory (Natural Cheese)
  • Hombetsu Factory (milk powder, cream, concentrated milk) (manufacturer-specific symbol, K-sa)
  • Tohoku Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol)
  • Ibaraki Factory (Frozen Foods)
  • Moriya Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, KA)
  • Gunma Factory (city milk / ice cream)
  • Gunma Nutrition Food Factory (Liquid Adjusted Nutrition Food)
  • Gunma Pharmaceutical / Nutrition Supplies Factory (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Saitama Factory (milk powder / baby food)
  • Toda Factory (city milk) (manufacturer-specific symbol, KZ)
  • Kanagawa Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, Kna)
  • Odawara Factory (Lactic Acid Bacteria Starter, Special Milk Powder)
  • Hokuriku Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, KQ)
  • Karuizawa Factory (Processed Cheese) (Manufacturing Factory Unique Symbol, KC)
  • Shizuoka Factory (city milk / frozen dessert)
  • Aichi Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, K-chi)
  • Kyoto Factory (city milk / ice cream) (manufacturer-specific symbol, K-le)
  • Kansai Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, KN)
  • Kansai Ice Cream Factory (Ice Cream)
  • Okayama Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, Ko)
  • Hiroshima Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, Khi)
  • Kyushu Factory (city milk) (factory-specific symbol, KV)

Former Meiji Seika

  • Sakado Factory (Chocolate, Snacks, Biscuits, Gum, Candy, Cocoa)
  • Tokai Factory (Chocolate Snack Candy)
  • Osaka Factory (Chocolate Biscuit Snacks)- 20112,Meiji Milk ChocolateHugeSignboardAppeared and became a hot topic.

Group Companies

(2014(26)10Current. At our company, each business division is called a "unit")

Confectionery unit

Dairy unit

Health nutrition unit

Other group companies

Outside Japan

Group companies in the past

  • Meiji Kenko Ham Co., Ltd.
    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayYonehisaTransferred all shares to. On April 2020, 4Yonekyu KenkohamAlthough the trade name was changed to a joint-stock company[13], Liquidation completed on March 2021, 3.
  • Meiji Rice Delica Co., Ltd.
    Transferred all shares to Fujimoto Foods on March 2020, 3. At the same time, the trade name was changed to Fujimoto Rice Delica.[14].
  • Ltd.Asahi Broiler
    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayWhole farm chicken foodsTransferred 90% of shares to. Transferred 2021% of the remaining shares on April 4, 1 to Zennoh Chicken Foods[15].
  • Fresh Logistic Co., Ltd.
    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAsahi LogisticsTransfer all shares to[16].

Major product brands

The following are examples of major product brands. In addition to this, we handle a wide variety of products. It also handles frozen foods, nursing foods / liquid foods, home delivery products, and over-the-counter medicines centered on Isodine, which were handled by the former Meiji Dairies. In addition, some of them are not currently on sale.

■TaiziIs a product released after the establishment of a new corporation.

Confectionery, ice cream, dessert

Former Meiji Seika products

チ ョ コ レ ー ト

1926May 9Released. Long-selling boardチ ョ コ レ ー ト.. With the introduction of the new brand logo20099The design was renewed for the first time in 38 years (By the way, the Japanese logotype of "Meiji Milk Chocolate" has also been changed to the new Japanese company name logotype). Current package (2009September-) is the 9th generation.
  • Almond chocolate / macadamia chocolate (In addition, the ice bar of the same brand is also on sale at the former Meiji Dairies, and will continue to be handled even after the trade name is changed)
  • Mountain of mushrooms/Bamboo shoot village
mushroomとBamboo shootChocolate snack in the shape of. Mushroom mountain1975, Takenoko no Sato is four years later1979Was released in. Both the mushroom umbrella and the bamboo shoot skin are made of chocolate, but the mushroom pattern iscracker, Inside the bamboo shootク ッ キ ーThe texture is different. These two products are often asked, "Which do you like?"Mushroom, Takenoko WarBreaks out.2008From now on, "Kinoko no Yama" will appear as a character of "Kinoko no Yama", and will follow.2009The character "Takenoko Brothers" of "Takenoko no Sato" has appeared in.
Released in September 2014. The catch phrase at that time was "This is the deliciousness of cacao." Initially it was a stick type (9 pieces), but in September 7 it was changed to a packaging form with 2016 plate shapes with fine slits and knurls and completely renewed (initially 9 types, but In December 3, two more types will be added to make six types). In January 4, we additionally released a BOX type with 2016 pieces individually wrapped in two types, "Strong Depth Comfort Bitter" and "Dense Depth and Delicious Velvet Milk".
From shape, taste, etc.GlicoMoussePockyMay be compared with.Currently, two types of "Fran Premium Hard Bitter & Whip" (chocolate and berry) are on sale.
chocolate candy.
chocolate candy. Chocolate is injected into biscuits that imitate the shape of a fish.
Healthy chocolate containing high concentrations of cocoa polyphenols. In addition, "95% cacao" is a bitter chocolate with a high cacao content. Due to the characteristics of the product, the package states that "it is a very bitter chocolate."
As the last new product of the old Meiji Seika2011Chocolate released in March.Brazilian flag Brazil・ Limited to Tomé-AçuCocoa beansuse. There are two types, milk and bitter.
Winter limited chocolate
Past products
2009Chocolate snacks released in August. CM image characterOsomatsu-kun→Genius Bakabon→MATSU(EXILE).
A chocolate snack made by injecting chocolate into a bite-sized shoe.2015Ended sales.
Peanuts(Peanut) Shell-themed chocolate-covered baked goods with two peanut beans in it. The product name is a play on Nankin Mame, another name for peanuts. It was sold in the 1s.
A chocolate snack with an elongated biscuit topped with chocolate. When it was first released, it was called Lucky Stick. A product sold in the 1980s, it is the actual predecessor of today's furan.


1968A long-selling snack snack that was released in Japan. Initially, there are two types, cheese horse mackerel and chicken soup horse mackerel. The image character is "Uncle Carl". For details, see the product page.
However, as of August 2017, due to sluggish sales due to intensified competition, etc.Chubu regionSales in the east will end, and after September, west of Kinki (Shiga,Kyoto,Nara,WakayamaLimited sale in (west) (only two types, cheese horse mackerel and light horse mackerel)[9][10][11](hereSee also).
Two years after "curl"1970Released. A non-fried snack that melts quickly.
It has been decided that this will also be discontinued as of the end of August 2017 production.[17]As a result, the Meiji era will effectively withdraw from the nationwide expansion of the snack food business.
Past products
A confectionery made with the image of butter-baked bread. movies"Suspect Shinji Muroi』When released, it is the heroShinji Muroi(Yanagiba Toshiro) Was appointed as a CM character.
The snacks that were once released by the former Meiji Seika and have the image of grilled corn have been revived. At that time it was on sale at the former Meiji SeikaTohachiroWas appointed.
2010Released in July. A stick-shaped cupped corn snack with a crunchy texture. It is the successor to the previously released "Galileo" and was released in advance in the West Japan area.
A snack with a new texture that encloses rich cheese in a potato snack. To CM characterAkira HokutoWas appointed.


  • Rich biscuits
"Rich" series products along with "Rich chocolate". There are three types: strawberry, orange, and matcha.
Past products
It was manufactured domestically.


The current CM image character isFukuyama Masaharu.. Long time agoErika Sawajiri,Kouki Kameda,One theater company,Ogi and Hagi,Atsuro Watanabe,Nakatani Miki,Ryoko Hirosue,Kimura Takuya,Kimura KaelaWas an image character. In the campaign, use the serial number written on the product from your mobile phone.Ringing songYou can see unique ideas such as getting a movie or watching a special movie.
Past products
Sugar-free dessert gum. Three types of strawberry vanilla, mango pudding, and peach yogurt have been released.


  • Chelsea(In addition, beverages and ice bars of the same brand are also on sale at the former Meiji Dairies, and will continue to be handled even after the trade name is changed.)
candy. Flow in CMChelsea SongIs famous. Since this product name is associated with the United Kingdom, nearly 300 product name candidates were given, and in the end, the place name "Chelsea" in the southwestern part of London was selected.
First released in JapanGummy.. Currently, it is being developed as a hard type gummy for adults.
2009Added "Poiful Soft Candy", a chewing soft candy, in August.
Past products
1921A long-selling refreshing confectionery released in Japan.2009It was renewed in March, and the strawberry flavor that had been sold in the past has been revived as "Carmine Strawberry".
2015Sales ended in March, ending the 3-year history of its launch.[8].
Morinaga Milk CaramelAlong with, it boasts an old historyキ ャ ラ メ ルLong-selling. Two types, cream caramel and yogurt caramel. Like the dice caramel described later, all of them were discontinued nationwide in March 2, but the subsidiary that was in charge of production from June of the same yearDonan FoodsIt is sold only in Hokkaido.
1927Launched in October. Caramel in a dice-shaped box. A long-selling product that has been popular for many years. The "10" is the company emblem of the former Meiji Seika era.
Although it was discontinued nationwide in March 2016, it has been sold only in Hokkaido by the subsidiary Donan Foods, which was in charge of production from June of the same year.[18].

Fancy system

The shape is from the marble pattern, and it is released as Japan's first colored chocolate coated chocolate.1962From child actor talentUehara YukariThe TV commercial that appointed the company made explosive sales.2010In July, "Marble Orange & Bitter" for adults was released to commemorate the 7th anniversary of its release.Also2011In 2 monthReprint"atomMarble "has been released.
Mini chocolate in the shape of coffee beans. It tastes like a combination of coffee and chocolate.2009It was renewed in August and has the subname "Coffee Milk Flavor". In July 8, "Coffee Beat Horoniga" for adults was released to commemorate the 2010th anniversary of its release.
1969Chocolate on sale. The shape landed this yearApollo 11From. The different-colored triangles are the image of the command ship "Eagle" after re-entry into the atmosphere, that is, at the time of return, not the rocket itself. The image character is Apollo-chan, a rabbit. The exact ratio and year of introduction are unknown, but several boxes contain "Sakasa Apollo", which has only one grain with the top and bottom colors reversed. It is said that it aimed to increase sales by word of mouth. In addition, it should be noted2009When changing to a new brand logo compatible package from July, the "chocolate" and "Meiji chocolate" written on the package have been changed to the new Japanese logotype, which is also used in the Japanese company name.
A small, easy-to-eat chocolate that is mellow in shape and taste.

ice cream

Former Meiji Dairies products
Premium ice cream released in August 2012. Temporary sales have been suspended.
  • Meiji Quorich
  • meiji GOLD LINE(Meiji Gold Line)
Premium chocolate released in April 2015coatingIce bar.
Past products
  • Aya -Aya-
  • Drea
  • Crispy's


Former Meiji Dairies products
  • Meiji pudding
  • Relaxing cafe jelly in the afternoon of the Meiji era

Dairy products

This category is all from the former Meiji Dairies

Milk/milk drink

  • Meiji delicious milk
It has become a rare hit product in recent years as packed milk, and as a counter-product.Morinaga Milk IndustryAlso"Delicious milkWas put in. Both companies said "Delicious milk"ofTrademark registrationDid not go at all.
  • Meiji delicious low-fat milk
Low-fat milk with a milk fat content of 1.5% while maintaining the original taste of raw milk.2009Added 9ml in September.
A glass (200 ml) with half a day's worth of calciumironReplenish.Folic acidA low-fat milk drink that also contains.
  • Meiji hydrangea dark


ブルガリアAirlifted once a month fromLactic acid bacteria(Currently, the lactic acid bacteria of Bulgaria yogurt on the market are produced domestically usingOdawaraIt is cultivated and maintained at a factory (Kanagawa Prefecture), and then distributed to yogurt manufacturing factories nationwide in a frozen storage form (the Odawara factory does not make products for general consumers. It is for Bulgarian yogurt inoculum, Lactobacillus gasseri concentrate for Probio yogurt LG21 and babies with congenital diseases. The special purpose childcare powder milk business is in the red, but it has the top share of childcare powder milk powder. Continuing from a social mission.)
1973Obtained permission to use the country name.
This is the connection and is closely related to the Bulgarian government.
1987By changing the content from 500ml to 500g, sales will be greatly increased (share 1% in January-March period → share 3% in July-September period). This is because the density of yogurt is heavier than that of water, so by reducing the contents (9.6ml ≒ 7g → 9g), we reduced costs and won the price competition with our competitors. The content is currently 14.9g (however, due to the volume reduction of competitors' products, the content is larger than that of competitors' plain yogurt, and we are very satisfied with the package. It is written as "500g").
1994 FIFA World CupでBulgaria National Team Germany national teamWhen he decided to advance to the semi-finals after defeatingGood luck BulgariaI put up a newspaper advertisement. Also from BulgariaWrestler,KotooshuMakeup turn (Bulgaria yogurt logo and the national flower of Bulgariarose(Designed), and Kotooshu has appeared in the company's commercials.
Yogurt containing LG21 lactic acid bacteria. Obtained a manufacturing method patent.
1073R-1 Yogurt using lactic acid bacteria.
Yogurt containing PA-3 lactic acid bacteria.
HokkaidoTokachiYogurt made from raw milk.
Greek yogurtA product that is even healthier by removing fat without compromising the nutritional value and rich taste of the product.
Past products
  • meiji Yoplait-FrenchYoplaitBrands affiliated with the company
  • Yogurt sold out


The unique "umami lactic acid bacterium aging" features a rich and unraveling mouthfeel. A thin smart type that is easy to eat.
With the entire lineup2008-2010 OfMonde SelectionCamembert cheese, which won the award for 3 consecutive years, especially "Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Camembert" has won the highest gold award for 3 consecutive years ("cut type" and "cut type with black pepper" have won the gold award for 3 consecutive years ).

Butter margarine

70%Corn oilincludingFat spread.
  • 1/3 butter in Meiji tube
"Foods made mainly from milk" containing 1/3 of butter as a raw material. As it comes in a tube, it is also ideal for outdoor use. It does not take up much space in the refrigerator and is easy to use and hygienic.
Water solubleDietary fiber(Inulin) Is a completely new type of margarine that cuts 70% of fat by the Meiji original "healthy & tasty manufacturing method". One serving (1g) can easily ingest 10g of dietary fiber (about 2.6g of lettuce medium balls).2011Released in March as the last new product of the old Meiji Dairies industry.2012For home use in MarchEdible oilGrowing in the marketCanola oilReleased "Meiji Healthy Soft Off-Style Canola Fat 70% Off". CM isNao MatsushitaAppointed.
  • Meiji Creamy Sum
2012Released in September.ToastI have not done itPlain bread,Home bakeryFreshly made inBreadRecommended bread spreads. A mousse type that lightly wets soft bread and enjoys a fluffy texture and melting in the mouth.HokkaidoBirthFresh creamUse 30%.sugarNot used. CM isNao MatsushitaAppointed.
  • Meiji smooth soft
  • Meiji Sweets Spread
  • Meiji cake margarine
  • Meiji off-style
70% off fat.We have also acquired foods with functional claims that improve the intestinal flora and improve communication.[19]


  • Meiji dessert whip
A whipped cream that can be used immediately when you want to use it.
  • Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Fresh 100
  • Meiji Better Half
Coffee fresh

Food and beverage

  • Close bottle series
  • Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt, White Moment, The Milk tea are the products, but although it is not in the series, Rocabono and Meiji TANPACT Cafe Latte are also sold in the same bottle.
Former Meiji Seika products
Can productsPokka Sapporo Food & BeverageIt was a product jointly developed with (formerly Pokka Corporation), manufactured by the company, and sold by the Company. In the warm season, canned products will be switched to "ice cocoa with delicious richness", and at the same time, powder type will be set. In addition, can products have been sold by the company since 2014.
  • Theob Rococoa
  • Meiji Pure Cocoa
  • Golden chickenIndia Ginza Curry / Hayashi / Stew Series
Taisho era - Early Showa periodImagine the retro atmosphere ofRetort food.. Initially, only Ginza curry was sold2009There are many variations now.
In addition to soup, they also sell curry and stew.
Soup CurryJointly developed with "Magic Spice", which sparked the boom. You can enjoy the taste of specialty stores at home.
1969A long-selling product that has been on sale for over 40 years.chickenextractBased onChineseThe umami of is condensed.Various dishesGreat for.
OdenElementary.Toshiyuki NishidaStarringKyusyuThe area-limited TV commercial is famous.2009In a new package that introduced a new brand logo in September.
Former Meiji Dairies products

Baby & mother

This category is all old Meiji Dairies products
2007In October, the world's first solid milk powder "" will be added to the lineup.
Following "Meiji Smile"2009A solid type "Raku-Raku Cube" was added in June.
  • Meiji Milfee HP
Kona milk for babies with milk allergies. Enzymatic decomposition of milk whey proteinlactoseDesign that does not include.
  • Meiji Elemental Formula
  • Special purpose infant formula
  • Meiji Baby Food Baby Village
  • Meiji Biomama
  • Smooth and smooth
Baby skin care products. Regarding the naming, the person in charge at that time said that the place where "smooth milk" was changed to "smooth milk".

Sports nutrition

Former Meiji Seika products
Sports drinks and supplements. The alphabetic logo is "SAVAS", but the first "S" is reversed.Weider in jelly(Morinaga Confectionery) And (Ajinomoto) Is often compared. Sports clubs bearing this name (Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, Niigata City, Kawasaki City, Wako City, Saitama Prefecture) are also open.
In addition,2007からUrawa RedsFrom 2007 to 2012, the uniform had the Zabas logo on its chest.
Incidentally,Sports DrinkThe 500ml PET bottle of "The Bath Sports Water" is a product jointly developed with Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage, like the canned product of "Milk Cocoa / Ice Cocoa with Delicious Richness".
Former Meiji Dairies products
Proline,glycine,Alanine,glutamineThese amino acids have a high content such asfatty acidIn the burning processCitric acid circuitTo activate. When sugar is used, it takes about 10 minutes for the citric acid cycle to start working, but VAAM immediately activates the citric acid cycle, so fat is burned efficiently.
  • Super Verm
fatty acidIs a place of combustionMitochondriaCarnitine carried inside, promotes fat burning in mitochondriaCoQ10A higher-grade worm that contains
  • Verm diet
A sports drink containing a diet-specific amino acid mixture "", which was newly discovered by deep cultivation of research on wasp amino acid mixture (VAAM).

Beauty and health

This category is all old Meiji Seika products
Drink using low molecular weight fish collagencollagen.. The product name is abbreviated as "Amicola".2010Has renewed the conventional tablet type and released "Amino Collagen Beaute" containing fast-acting high-absorption collagen.
Past products
MacaA stamina-based product containing extract powder, cacao extract, and extract powder.2009In 7 monthzincAdded "Maka no Genki Z", a rich liquid type containing "Maka no Genki Z", and "Tablet" for those who habitually drink. The three items, including the new package "Drink", are2009After the management integration of Meiji Seika with Meiji Dairies (at that time)For the first time, a new logo mark common to the group and a new company name logo font have been added.It became a product. In the spring of 2016, we will discontinue manufacturing and sales at our company.Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage(The company started selling two products, "drink" and "tablet", on April 4, the same year).
AnthocyaninContainsCassisA supplement containing an extract.2018In 6 monthMorishita JintanTransfer the brand to[20]However, sales at our company have ended (Morishita Jintan started selling "Cassis-i" on July 7th of the same year and "Cassis-i EX" on August 20st of the same year).

Nutritional foods / liquid foods

This category is all from the former Meiji Dairies
  • May Balance
  • Toromake
Thickened food that thickens just by adding. In September 2014, we released "Easy Toromake at Home" with improved ease of melting for home use. At the same time, the conventional "Tromake SP" was renewed as a product for hospitals and facilities. In addition, the lineup includes "Toromake Compact", which has the same thickness with half the amount of "Toromake SP", and "Toromake Clear", which has a transparent thickening.
  • Inslow
To sugarPalatinoseA sugar-adjusted liquid food that uses "LoGIC", a sugar composition that takes into consideration the absorption rate.
  • YH Flore
Lactic acid bacteria fermented ingredients and galactooligosaccharideWas compoundedLactic acid bacteriaLiquid food containing fermented ingredients. Previously, it was sold under the product name of "Five Ren YH".
  • Maine
A new concept liquid food that uses palatinose as sugar and contains whey peptide and lactic acid bacteria fermented ingredients.
  • Lina Ren
proteinAmount andmineralA protein / sugar-adjusted liquid diet that uses the nutritional design "RD-Design" and the sugar composition "LoGIC". "Linaren LP" with a protein of 100g per 1.0kcal, "Linaren MP" with a protein of 100g per 3.5kcal, and "Linaren D" with the same protein mass and minerals adjusted in consideration of excess and deficiency. There are three types.
Past products
  • May protein
A protein supplement containing good quality whey protein.

OTC drugs

  • Meiji Mouthwash --- Launched under the "Isozin" brand at the former Meiji Seika in 1983, but the partnership between Mundipharma and the Meiji Group ended and it was transferred to Mundipharma.[21] As a result, production will end in March 2016. The following month, it switched to its own brand product, and the manufacturer and distributor changed from Meiji Seika Pharma to Kenei Pharmaceutical.[22][23].1985"Isojin" brand by Meijiマ ス コ ッ トcharacterAppeared as "Hippo"Kun" is 2016May 4After that, it became the mascot character of "Meiji Mouthwash".[24] Meanwhile, Shionogi also announced a new "Isozin" brand mascot character. On February 2016, 2, Meiji filed a petition with the Tokyo District Court for a provisional disposition order such as an injunction against unfair competition, asking Mundipharma Shionogi Healthcare to stop using a character similar to "Kaba-kun".[25][26]On the 26th of the same month, Mundipharma reported that the package design of the old "Isozin mouthwash" and "Meiji mouthwash" was similar to that of the Meiji era, and consumers (that the Meiji mouthwash is the "Isozin" brand). A petition for a provisional disposition order to injunction against unfair competition was filed with the Tokyo District Court because it could be misleading.[27][28].. On March 3th of the same year, it was announced that the settlement was resolved on the 24th of the same year.[29][30][31].. On July 7, the same year, Mundipharma became the new "Isozin" brand mascot character.Dog"Iso-kun" and "Isojin family" with the motif of "Iso-kun" were announced and will be used from September.[32].
    • Meiji Mouthwash [Class 3 Pharmaceuticals]- Povidone iodineMouthwash containing. Until March 2016, it was marketed as "Isodine mouthwash". (Manufacturer and distributor:Kenei Pharmaceutical)
    • Meiji Mouthwash P [Class 3 Pharmaceuticals] --Plum flavor with reduced bitterness and irritation. Until March 2016, it was marketed as "Isozin Mouthwash P". (Manufacturer and distributor: Kenei Pharmaceutical)
    • Meiji Mouthwash C [Class 3 Pharmaceuticals] --Released in August 2014. You can gargle as it is without diluting with water, and as an additive, a refreshing agentmentholA cool type mouthwash that contains fragrance and fragrance. Until March 2016, it was marketed as "Isodine Mouthwash C". (Manufacturer and distributor: Kenei Pharmaceutical)
    • Meiji Throat Fresh [Class 3 Pharmaceuticals] --Mint flavored throat spray. Until March 2016, it was released as "Isojin Throat Fresh F". (Manufacturer and distributor: Kenei Pharmaceutical)
    • Meiji Hand Wash [Class 3 Pharmaceuticals] --Released in October 2014. It is a liquid type disinfectant and is used in the same way as normal hand washing. Cannot be used for gargling. Until March 10, it was sold as "Isojin Wash". (Manufacturer and distributor: Kenei Pharmaceutical)
    • Meiji wound ointment [Class 3 pharmaceutical products] --Ointment type sterilizing and disinfecting agent. Until March 2016, it was sold as "Isozin Ointment". (Manufacturer and distributor: Kenei Pharmaceutical)
    • Meiji wound medicine [Class 3 medicine] --Liquid type hypoallergenic bactericidal disinfectant. Cannot be used for gargling. Until March 2016, it was marketed as "Isodine wound medicine". (Manufacturer and distributor: Kenei Pharmaceutical)
  • Meiji G Lozenges [Quasi-drugs] --Two types of anti-inflammatory ingredients (dipotassium glycyrrhizinate +KikyoA troche agent containing an extract) and a bactericidal component (hydrate) (manufacturer and distributor: Meiji Seika Pharma)
Past products
  • Biendo [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals] --Brand of oral medicine for rhinitis (Biencourt Tab L) and nasal drops (Biendor Cool Spray). (Manufacturer and distributor of "Bien Cool Spray":Teika Pharmaceutical)

Former Meiji Dairies products


tv setCMAt the beginning of the white background, "Make tomorrow more delicious meiji』Brand logo and chime sound of female voice" Mage "Sound logoFlows. In addition, it should be noted2016Only, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding, under the brand logo "100 YEARS YOUNGThanks to you for the 100th anniversary] Was added.

CM performer

(20211Currently) ● is the former Meiji Seika, ■ is the former Meiji Dairies. * Continued from the old corporation

Part of the CM Meiji HP "CM Gallery"andYouTubeBut you can watch it.


  • Aragaki Yui ――Almond & Macadamia, Melty Kiss (winter only) ● ―― This is the first new company by a new corporation, but it appeared in a commercial for Meiji Seika in 2004-2005.In the past, he also appeared in the Meiji Chocolate 2014 Valentine Campaign CM.
  • Yuko Shinki --Meiji Oligo Smart Milk Chocolate ●
  • Ikeda Eliza --Meiji Yogurt Dolce When it melts ■
  • Satomi Ishihara --Meiji The Chocolate, Fruit Juice Gummy, Galbo ●
  • Noriko Eguchi --Meiji R-1 ■ (Co-starring with Masashi Sada, Kazuki Iio, Kento Hayashi)
  • Kimura Fumino --Meiji Spreadable, Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Smart Cheese Japanese Style ■
  • Miyazaki Aoi --Meiji LG21 ■[33]
  • Tanaka --Meiji TANPACT ● ■ (Co-starring with Kazuki Iio)
  • Yakushimaru Hiroko --Meiji R-1 ■ (Co-starring with Kento Kaku)



  • Nogizaka46 ――Shimaru Bottle Series, Rocabono, Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's ■ ――In the past, he appeared in the CM of the Meiji Chocolate 2012 Valentine Campaign.

original character


Both are Zabas ● (30 seconds).


original character


Offer program

Programs on tvCredit providedIsmeiji Meiji(However, some programs do not display credits).

Currently provided programs

(As of 2021 year 4 month)TaiziIs provided first. ● is the former Meiji Seika, ■ is the former Meiji Dairy Industry

tv set

(Both are provided by multiple companies)

NTV series
TV Asahi series
TBS series
TV Tokyo series
Fuji TV series
BS digital broadcasting

Past offering programs

(Programs marked with * are still ongoing)

tv set
TV Asahi
TBS system
TV Tokyo
Fuji TV
BS broadcasting

Sponsor sponsorship

Official Support Partner

Naming rights

Obihiro no Mori Indoor Speed ​​Skating Rink(Obihiro City, Hokkaido) --Former Meiji DairiesNaming rightsConcluded a contract and started in September 2009Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi OvalAnd


Impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Before the establishment of the new corporation2011May 3ToGreat East Japan EarthquakeAt that time, two Meiji Dairies and Meiji Seika companiesTohoku regionas well as the Kanto regionFactories and offices in some of the areas were damaged andPlanned power outageDue to the influence of, all or part of the operation was temporarily suspended.[38] In addition,tv set-radioAtCMPause for a while (AC Japan(Replaced with public commercials, etc.) and temporarily refrained from providing credits for the programs provided. Since then, factories and business establishments have been gradually reopened, and commercials and program provision have also resumed at the end of March when a new corporation was established.

Problematic behavior

For many years at the Meiji Osaka FactoryEmployment Security ActIt was revealed in 2020 that a part-time job suspected of violating was being selected for hiring.[39][40] [41]

At the Osaka factory, we asked part-time job applicants about their weight, waist, and medical history.This was suspected of violating the Employment Security Act, which prohibits the collection of personal information not directly related to business, and in December 2020, he received administrative guidance as having a problem.The Meiji era insisted that it was "necessary to make work clothes" to media interviews, but on the other hand, after administrative guidance, these acts were abolished.This matter was reported on January 12, 2021 at the latest, but as of January 1, 5, there is no mention of this matter on the official website of the Meiji era.[42][43]


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