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📊 | US Avanade IT investment “3R” trend is clear

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The "3R" trend of US Avanade IT investment is clear

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Telework-related aspects are prominent in terms of emergency evacuation, and institutional reforms such as work styles, personnel evaluations, and remuneration are expected to undergo a full-scale review.

In Avanade, the IT investment after Corona is reset (reviewed) from response (response), and renewed (renewal) ... → Continue reading

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Personnel evaluation

Personnel evaluation(Jinji Hyouka) orPersonnel evaluationAndEmployeeEvaluate the performance, achievements, and abilities ofwage,promotionEtc.human resourcesA mechanism to reflect in measures[1].. Conducted regularly and continuously, such as 6 months or 1 year[1]..Mid-sized and large in JapanCompanyThe personnel evaluation system is well established inMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareAccording to the 2002 Employment Management SurveyEmployeeThe introduction rate was 300% for companies with more than 1000 people and less than 89.1 people.[1].

Labor economicsThen.Personnel assessmentAlso called[2].


In Japan in the 1930sScientific managementEvaluation method was introduced and spread from the United States as part of[3]..One of them is the 1937 "Personnel Evaluation Table".[3].

In large Japanese companies in the 1970s and 1980s, personnel evaluations are based on three elements: grade evaluation (quantity and quality of work performed), ability evaluation (ability to perform work), and emotional evaluation (motivation for work, etc.). Ta[4].. After the 1990sResults-orientedHas become established, and the evaluation of affection and ability(English edition)It was replaced by (not only from the boss but also from colleagues and subordinates)[5].

Studies up to the 1990s showChugokuLet's value the relationships within the groupConfucianismDue toIndividualismIt was also thought that the Western-style personnel evaluation was not suitable.[6]..On the other hand, rewarding personal achievementsHong Kong,Pearl River DeltaIs encouraged[6].

Japanesegovernment officialToWork ratingThere was a system,SeniorityIt will be replaced with the "personnel evaluation system" from 21 with the aim of shifting from the ceremony to a method that reflects abilities and achievements.[7].. As wellLocal civil servantIn 2016, a personnel evaluation system was introduced.

In the past, decision-making such as wages, promotion, and staffing was the main purpose of personnel evaluation.AmericaLet's integrate personnel evaluation into human resource development and skill development(English edition)Came to be discussed[1].


2002 years(HeiseiFrom 14 years) to 12 years (24)Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareHas established standards for human resource development and personnel evaluation for 46 industries.[8].


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