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💴 | What is the salary when working as a part-time worker after retirement?When can I get a pension?


What is the salary when working as a part-time worker after retirement?When can I get a pension?

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When working as a part-time employee, it is a good idea to consider whether you will work as a part-time employee and how long you plan to work, taking into consideration the amount of salary you can receive and when you will receive your pension.

What kind of work is a part-time job in the first place?Contracting generally refers to a way of working that is hired by the same company again after retirement ... → Continue reading

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Temporary employee

Temporary employee(Shokutakushain) isPermanentWork under a different contractNon-regular employment(Regular employment(Some companies say that) (employment form).


There is no clear legal definition and its usage varies from company to company, but in Japan it is common.Permanent Retirement ageIn many cases, it continues to refer to people who belong to the company.It is treated as if you continue to work without any particular period (in some cases, from the day after the retirement age), and if you are in the same workplace / occupation as at the time of retirement.

  • Annual paid leaveThe remainder will be carried over as in the case of full-time employees.Even if you become a part-time employee, if the number of working days is the same as when you were a full-time employee, the number of days granted as a part-time employee will be the same as when you were a full-time employee.
  • wageAs for, companies are not necessarily obliged to maintain the same level as before retirement age, and in reality, each companyLabor regulationsAccording to the provisions of.If wages fall below a certain rate compared to before retirementemployment insurance You can get benefits from.
  • (I.e.As a general rule, if you continue to work, you will continue to be insured.However,Health insurance,Welfare pension insuranceIt is said that it is permissible to treat the employment relationship as if it had been temporarily suspended (a new procedure for reacquiring qualifications will be carried out when conducting part-time employment. In this case, the insurance premium will be at the start of part-time employment. Applies on the basis of wages).
  • Severance payIs paid at retirement age in principle.Whether or not a severance pay is paid at the end of work as a part-time employee depends on the work regulations of each company.
  • In addition, the hiring company can terminate the contract if it becomes difficult to continue working due to health reasons.

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