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📢 | Develop the industrial park "Hiroshima Innovation Techno Port II"


Develop the industrial park "Hiroshima Innovation Techno Port II"

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2. Location with excellent transportation access It is close to the Sanyo Expressway "Itsukaichi Interchange" and "Hatsukaichi Interchange", about 10km away, and it is easy to access not only the Chugoku / Shikoku area but also the Kansai, Hokuriku, and Kyushu areas.

April 2021, 4 Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. President Keiichi Yoshii 20-3-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka ■ Hiroshima West… → Continue reading

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Hatsukaichi Interchange

Hatsukaichi Interchange(Hatsukaichi interchange)HiroshimaHatsukaichi OfHiroshima Iwakuni Road OfInterchange.


in the futureHiroshima south road(Regional high standard road Higashi Hiroshima Hatsukaichi Road) And Masuda Hatsukaichi Road, via Hiroshima-Minami RoadHiroshima Expressway Line 3Will be connected to.

Sanyo Expressway If you are heading to Hiroshima city from Iwakuni / Kitakyushu, it is on the mountain side.Itsukaichi IC,Hiroshima ICGet off at this IC without going toNishi Hiroshima BypassSince the mileage is shorter when accessing via, it also functions as an access IC to the Hiroshima area. In 2012Hatsukaichi ViaductWas opened, and Hatsukaichi IC and Nishi-Hiroshima Bypass Self-Defense Department were directly connected.FurthermoreCity center extensionOnce the section is opened, it will be possible to access the center of Hiroshima City without going through general roads.



Road to connect

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E2 Hiroshima Iwakuni Road
(32)Hatsukaichi JCT - (32-1) Hatsukaichi IC
Nishi Hiroshima Bypass
Hayatani Lamp- (32-1) Hatsukaichi IC(Car road so far) --Nishi Hiroshima Ramp


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