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📊 | XR (VR / AR / MR) Conducted a survey on the 360 ​​° video compatible HMD market (2020) XR (VR…


Conducted a survey on the XR (VR / AR / MR) 360 ° video compatible HMD market (2020) XR (VR…

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In 2018, Oculus's "Oculus Go" (US) as a stand-alone HMD was released, and in 2019, the successor model "Oculus Quest" compatible with 6DoF (3D tracking) was released worldwide. It became a big hit, and the HMD market has become widespread mainly in the stand-alone type.

Yano Research Institute Co., Ltd. (President: Takashi Mizukoshi) has XR (VR / AR / MR) and 360 ° motion in Japan and overseas. → Continue reading

 Yano Research Institute

In 1958, Yano Research Institute was founded by Masao Yano as a pioneer of Japanese market research company. Since then, we have always walked with the development of the Japanese economy. Live market information, marketing know-how that has been refined on-site, and the basis of our competitive advantage are here. As a unique business solution provider based on research capabilities, we want to participate in creating a prosperous future for our customers.

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HMD market

Stand alone

Stand alone(Standalone,British: stand-alone) Means an environment in which a computer or information device operates independently without being connected to a network or other device.Originally a word that means "isolated".

Currently, there are many devices that operate on a network connection such as the Internet or LAN, but stand-alone means that the computer is operating (operating) independently without being connected to another computer.As an example,word processorCan be mentioned.A word processor can operate independently without depending on the network or other devices.

  • networkBecause it is not connected to the virus infection or to the outsideInformation leakageIs less likely to occur (unless you operate the computer directly).ConfidentialデータSave etc.Information systemMost of them are stand-alone.By always connecting to the networkComputer virusInfection such as becomes easy.For important parts, a backup (duplicate) may be made separately on a stand-alone PC.


CompanyAnd before the computers in the organization were networked, they were basically used standalone.When it was necessary to exchange data between computers, it was done via magnetic tape or floppy disk.

CurrentlyLANDue to the spread of wireless communication (including wireless communication), in-house LAN andIntranetWhile building the format etc.HubIn many cases, information can be shared and parallelized via repeaters such as, and LANs may be constructed even in ordinary homes.

Operation of out-of-support OS

2014May 4ToWindows XPSecurity support with extended support has ended.I really want to run it on other operating systems that continue to be supportedApplication softwareIn case of problems such as, operation methods that do not connect to the network were introduced in various places.[1].


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