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📊 | Innovation in distribution marketing by utilizing customer-oriented data-All about customer understanding-


Innovation in distribution marketing by utilizing customer-oriented data-All about customer understanding-

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Customers were categorized into heavy, middle, and light users according to their drunkenness and purchasing tendency.

Mr. Naoto Nakamura, Senior Leader, Retail AI Promotion Team, General Manager, Sales Promotion Headquarters, Suntory Liquors Limited Retail Company… → Continue reading

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Purchasing tendency

Light user

Light userIsComputer games,PC,Mobile phoneIt is Japanese-made English that refers to users whose media usage time is less than the average usage time or average usage time expected among the users.Basically refers to beginners and amateurs.Casual userAlso called.

The etymology isThe United States of AmericaThis is because it is a heavy user who refers to a user who uses the computer system in Japan frequently and for a long time so frequently and for a long time that the system is hindered beyond the expectations of the creator.Originally, the word that is paired with heavy user as an English expression is casual user.

Heavy user(Power user) May have a negative meaning, but it may also be used simply as a classification for convenience, such as referring to people who use the media frequently and time within the range expected by the creator.Light users are often used to distinguish them from this heavy user.

Current status

Now about computer gamesインターネットThe above discussionblogHowever, this term is often used when talking about sales rankings and market share of related products.

Performed by media-related companiesMarketingIn research, it is a basic customer demographic analysis method.ABC analysisWhen using, by arranging "heavy users" and "light users", it may be used to make it easier to understand the materials and explanations that summarize the analysis results.For example, when promoting the use of mobile phones, it is used to say, "The customer base that is most effective in the sales promotion program is the light user base."


In places where some outcome is needed, such as discussions and meetings, if you use this term with the definition ambiguous, you often get confused about the definition.

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