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📊 | Life started food delivery in Amazon in Chiba prefecture, in 7 cities including Abiko

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Life started food delivery in Amazon in Chiba prefecture, in 7 cities including Abiko

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Food delivery services in collaboration with Amazon are available in 23 wards of Tokyo, 4 cities such as Komae, and 21 wards of Osaka. In March, a part of Kobe and Saitama will be added to the delivery area. The target area is gradually expanding in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kinki area where Life stores are located.

On April 4, Life Corporation expanded the delivery area of ​​food delivery service through Amazon Japan to 20 in Chiba Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Komae(Komae) isTokyo OfTama areaLocated in the eastCity.


TamagawaLocated on the left bank of the middle class.The northern end of the city areaKokubunji cliff lineandNogawa, The southern end almost coincides with the Tama River.For this reason, it slopes gently from north to south, but it can be said that it is generally flat.The altitude is between 20 and 30m.The city area is "EdamameIt fits within a circle with a radius of about 2km centered on the city hall.

WardIt is one of the five neighboring cities that border with.EastSetagaya, North / WestChofu City, SouthKanagawaKawasaki City(Tama-ku), Surrounded by these three large municipalities.The riverbed on the Kawasaki side of the Tama River is also partly included in the city area.


  • Tama River-A river that can be said to be a symbol of the city.In the city, it draws a gentle curve in an inverted S shape.Both banks are fully equipped with embankments.
  • Nogawa ――Currently, it runs along the Kokubunji cliff line, but before, it flowed along Setagaya Dori after traversing the northern part of the city. In the 1960s, old as a measure against flood damageIruma RiverAt the same time, it was renovated to the current route.The vertical section of the old channel became Nogawa Greenspace Park.
  • Negawa-It flows around the Tama River house and joins the Tama River.
  • Rokugo water --Incorporating water from the Tama River near the southeastern part of the current Tama River housingOta-kuAqueduct that extends to.It flowed along the current routes of Rokugosakura-dori, Icho-dori, Setagaya-dori, and Jidayubori Park.The former Nogawa was used south of Icho-dori. It was reclaimed in the 1960s and is used for roads in the upper part and for sewer trunk lines in the lower part.The wide green tree belt on the south sidewalk from "Ichinohashi" to "Ninobashi" on Setagaya Dori is a remnant of water.


areaIs 6.39km2(639ha).

The smallest in the city of Tokyo and long in the whole country蕨 市,HatogayaIt was the third smallest city after, but Hatogaya City was opened in October 3.Kawaguchi cityBy being incorporated into, it became the second smallest city in the country.

Adjacent municipalities

Setagaya,Chofu City,KanagawaKawasaki CityTama-ku


Komae Kofungun

There is a group of ancient burial mounds collectively called.One of the largest in the tumulus group since 26Kamezuka KofunExcavation survey has started[1]..The Kamezuka tumulus is a keyhole-shaped tumulus with a scalloped shell shape, a rear circle diameter of about 31 meters, a height of about 6 meters, a front width of about 14 meters, a front length of about 9 meters, a front height of about 1.5 meters, and a constricted part. It is about 8.2 meters wide and has a fan-shaped platform with a front opening.From the Kamezuka Kofun, a Chinese-made mirror called "" and burial items such as gold-copper hair carving metal fittings engraved with iconography of dragons and giraffes were excavated.Of Kokugakuin University who instructed the surveyIwao ObaFrom these excavated items5st century OfGoguryeoIt was a burial mound[1]..However, subsequent investigations revealed that this theory was incorrect. 1987から1988By the time of the excavation of the former Daiichi Elementary School site (Bensai Tenike Dou site), in addition to the pit-type dwelling site such as the patterned mirror-shaped paving stone dwelling site, it is older than expected.Yayoi PeriodEnd of 3th centurySquare gutter tombAnd 3 burial mounds were detected[1]..In general, it is unlikely that a stranger came to this part of the eastern country before the end of the 5th century, much less the possibility of building a group of burial mounds.Further research on the Komae Kofungun proved that the existence of the powerful tribes and the society that supported them existed before the Yayoi period.[1].

In the middle of the Kofun period (around the 5th century) in the Kanto regionType siteIt is also known as the location of the Ikegami ruins.

Chronological Table


Population distribution by age in Komae City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Komae City (2005)
■Purple-Komae City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Komae City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan
  • Transition
Until the 1930s, which was a rural village in the suburbs, there were about 3 people,Pacific WarWhen it started, it increased to about 9 people.During the high-growth period of the 1960s and 1970s, it showed a rapid increase, and urbanization progressed at a stretch.Municipal elementary and junior high schools opened one after another during this period.
  • Changes in population
    • 1-1949
    • 2-1960
    • 3-1964
    • 4-1967
    • 5-1969
    • 6-1972
    • 7-1984
    • 8-2016

* Represents the year when the population was exceeded

Day and night population

In 2005, the nighttime population (residents) was 78,314, which is the total of commuters, students and residents from outside the city who remain in the city during the daytime.Daytime populationThe population is 57,386, which is 0.733 times the population during the day and at night.Looking at commuter / school attendants, 25,926 commuter people go out of the city and 8,260 commuter people enter the city from outside the city. There are 921 commuting students entering the city from the outside, and 4,181 commuting students leaving the city outside the city, and even students flow out of the city during the day.Edited by Tokyo Metropolitan Government "Daytime Population of Tokyo 2005" Published in 20, page 160,161 According to the census, there are 16 people of unknown age in Tokyo alone.The graph above includes those of unknown age, and as for the day and night population, people of unknown age are not included in the numbers, so there will be an error between the numbers.) This daytime population / nighttime population ratio of 0.733 is in the 23 wards of Tokyo and Tokyo. This is the lowest number among the 25 wards of 48 cities in urban areas.It is inferred that Komae City is the most extreme residential city in the XNUMX wards of Tokyo, with few offices, factories and schools, and many residential areas.

The population density

Population density is around 20th in the cities, wards, towns and villages in Tokyo, in TokyoCityThen, the third or second place, which is almost the same rate as Nishitokyo City, nationwide市町村4th or 3rd place (varies depending on the season).
Tokyo Special WardIs 13,653 people/km2.

  • Population density ranking
  1. 蕨 市 --14,295.89 people / km2
  2. Musashino --13,237.07 people / km2
  3. Nishitokyo --12,751.81 people / km2
  4. Komae --12,722.07 people / km2
  5. Osaka --11,997.84 people / km2
The data is from October 2016.
The population densityThe ranking is also posted in the section.

Town name

Current administrative town name

In Komae City, in the whole areaAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.

  • Izumihoncho-Central part of the city.The area north of Komae-dori in the former Izumi.
  • Nakaizumi-The area between Rokugosakura Street and south of Komae Street.
  • Nishi Izumi-Western part of the city.It matches the Komae city part of the Tamagawa residence.The smallest town in the city.
  • Motoizumi-Along the Tama River in the western part of the city.The area south of Rokugosakura Street, north of Odakyu Line, and Setagaya Street.
  • Higashiizumi-The area south of Setagaya Dori on the Odakyu Line in the former Izumi area.There are many shops.
  • Inogata-Along the Tama River in the southern part of the city.The only town name was not changed before and after the addressing system was implemented.
  • Komaimachi-Along the Tama River in the southeastern part of the city.It used to be Komai, but it is easy to mistake it for "Komae", so "town" was added when the address was displayed.The area along the Tama River in XNUMX-chome is formerly "Shukugawara(Shukugawara) ”district, on the opposite bankShukugawaraHas a history of belonging to.
  • Iwadominami / Iwadokita --The former Iwato was divided into north and south with Setagaya Dori as the boundary when the residential address was displayed.It borders Kitami, Setagaya-ku on the east side.The west side of Kitami Station is Iwadokita.
  • Higashinogawa / Nishinogawa-Along Nogawa in the northern part of the city.originally,覚東(Gakuto),Small AdachiAlthough it was a (Koadachi) district, both districts were divided into two areas, east and west, and they were located alternately (Kakuto-Koadachi-Kakuto-Koadachi), so it was a residential area. The display was changed to "Nogawa".It is divided into east and west with Matsubara-dori as the boundary.

Character name / old place name

Although it is not the name of the town on the addressing system, the name of the place that has been around for a long time is written.Even now, there are things that leave their names in shops, facilities, intersections, bus stops, etc.

  • Dagura-Mainly the area on the south side of Icho-dori.There is a Dakura nursery school.
  • Matsubara-Near the intersection of Komae-dori and Matsubara-dori.It remains as the name of the bus stop / intersection.
  • Godaibashi-Near the intersection of Matsubara-dori and the former Nogawa.Derived from the name of Nogawa Bridge.It remains as the name of the bus stop.
  • Tanakabashi-Near the intersection of Matsubara-dori and Rokugosakura-dori.Derived from the name of Rokugo Aqueduct.
  • Ichinohashi, Ninohashi (Ichinohashi, Ninohashi) --Near Iwato on Setagaya Dori.Derived from the name of Rokugo Aqueduct.The west is the first bridge and the east is the second bridge.It remains as the name of the bus stop.
  • Bank Town-Near Komae Three-Forked Road.Until recently, there was a "Bank Town Children's Amusement Park" along Komae-dori, but it disappeared due to road expansion.This area is also called "Komae Ginza".
  • Sencho Kochi-The site of the Tamagawa residence was formerly cultivated land and was called by this name.
  • Hannawa-West side of Inogata.

Main apartments

  • Tamagawa housing - Tokyo Housing CorporationIs built.It straddles Somechi in Chofu City and Nishiizumi in Komae City.
  • Kamidai housing complex - Japan Housing CorporationIs built.It straddles Nishitsutsujigaoka, Chofu City and Nishinogawa, Komae City.
  • Toei Komae Apartment-Completed in 1967. July 2015, 7 "Toei Komae housing complex" bus stop was set up[25].
  • Toei Higashinogawa XNUMX-chome Apartment
  • Hoei Komae Mansion --Completed in 1973.
  • Komae High Town-Northeastern end of the city, south of Nogawa. Completed in 1973.
  • Park City Seijo-North side of Nogawa.There is "Komae Hightown Turnaround" on the east side of Odakyu Bus and Keio Bus.The site is Komae CitySetagayaSeijoThe address is all in Setagaya Ward because the entrance to the building is on the Setagaya Ward side.
  • Gran Noah Izumi Tamagawa-A large low-rise condominium in Inogata 4-chome. 2005, Mitsubishi Kasei (currently:Mitsubishi Chemical) Constructed on the site of the former housing complex.
  • Komae Central Heights-North side of the city hall.
  • Park Heim Komae-South side of the Tamagawa Railway Bridge on the Odakyu Line.
  • Komae Corpora
  • False Court Komae
  • Grand Maison Komae- Tokyo Aircraft InstrumentBuilt on the site of the head office and Komae factory.


Zip Code

  • 201-00xx - Komae Post Officejurisdiction
    • PreviouslyChofu Post OfficeThe postal code was 182 in the jurisdiction
    • Currently, the Komae Bureau delivers it, the Chofu Bureau collects it, and the postmark is done at the Northern Post Office in Tokyo.

post office


TelThere is a history that it was overheaded from the Kinuta telephone office in Setagaya Ward during the popularization period.[26](Currently housed in Komae Bureau), so the area code is almost the same as the 23 wards of Tokyo.03Is.23 outside the 03 wards of Tokyo can also be found in the districts bordering Chofu City and Mitaka City (when the accommodation station is within the Setagaya jurisdiction), but Komae City is the only city with an area code of 03.

In addition, at the Tamagawa Residence (Nishiizumi) and the Kamidai housing complex (Nishinogawa), which straddle Komae City and Chofu City, the Chofu Bureau042Is used.

If you call 110, except for part of Nishiizumi and NishinogawaSakuradamonConnected to the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters building.



Successive mayors

代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generationTominaga Kazusaku19701972
2-4 generationsKinshiro Yoshioka19721984
5-7 generationsKin'yu Ishii19841996/6Resignation
8-11 generationsYutaka Yano1996/7/72012/7/6
12-13 generationsKunihiko Takahashi2012/7/72018/6/4Resignation
14 feeToshio Matsubara2018/7/22Incumbent

Main politician

After serving as the Komae City Council for four terms and 1971 years from 4, he succeeded Kinshiro Yoshioka as the mayor in 16. He won the prize for the third consecutive term and promoted the elevated Odakyu Line and redevelopment projects.However, in June 1984, he disappeared after submitting his resignation just before the expiration of his third term.バ カ ラgamblingThis is because of the debt trouble caused by the debt, but this case is not a public expense but a private expense.After that, it ’s different from the gambling case.briberyArrested on suspicion. In 1998, a second trial sentenced him to two years in prison and a surcharge of 2 million yen, and he was sentenced to imprisonment.
Born in 1944.Fusae IchikawaAfter working as a public secretarySocialist PartyBecomes the city council.After the division of the Socialist PartyDemocratic PartyBelonged to. In 4, the fourth term, he ran for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election and was elected. Recommended for the 2001 mayoral electionShintaro IshiharaHe received energetic support from the Liberal Democratic Party, the Democratic Party, the Komeito Party, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, but lost to Yano.The homepage (closed after the mayor's election) is for cartoonistsKei IshizakaA caricature by was posted.


Komae City Council

  • Number of people: 21 people
  • Term: March 2019, 5-March 1, 2023[27]
  • Chair: Isao Ishii (LDP・ Meisei Club)
  • Vice Chairman: Atsuko Nishimura (Japanese Communist Party Komae City Council)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is secretary general)
LDP・ Meisei Club7◎ Kazuyuki Yatabe, Takehisa Triangle, Koji Shino, Go Kuriyama, Kumiko Ota, Tomoko Tsujimura, Isao Ishii
Japan Communist PartyKomae City Council4◎ Etsuo Suzuki, Shin Okamura, Ryoko Miyasaka, Atsuko Nishimura
Komae City CouncilKomeito4◎ Takashi Sasaki, Katsumi Onodera, Kazuhiro Ishikawa, Sachiko Yamada
Constitutional Democratic Party2◎ Satoko Takagi, Koichi Kato
Abandoned4Satomi Hirai, Yoshiko Matsuzaki, Yoshiko Yoshino, Makoto Miyake

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

  • Constituency: Kitatama Third Constituency (Chofu City, Komae City)
  • Number of people: 3 people
  • Term: March 2017, 7-March 23, 2021
  • Voting Date: July 2017, 7
  • Number of voters on the day: 258,067
  • Voting rate: 53.48%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtainedRemarks
Daisuke OzakiThis43Tomin First MeetingNow45,358 vote
Yoshio NakajimaThis67KomeitoNow30,431 vote
Masatoshi IhiThis53Japan Communist Party新26,974 voteResigned on November 2017, 11[28].
Kinyuki Kuriyamadrop58LDPNow26,328 vote
Takumi Araidrop48Independent新3,666 vote
Onodera Doridrop48Independent新2,165 vote

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Tatsuya ItoLDP8Constituency
Ikuo YamahanaConstitutional Democratic Party4Proportional revival


Main offices
Business establishments in the past

Local government exchange

It will become a "hometown friendship city" on July 1987, 7.A booth in Kawaguchimachi will be set up at the Citizens' Festival. In 25, a disaster relief agreement was signed. Occurred in October 1988Niigata Chuetsu EarthquakeThen, assistance was provided from the city.
  • TokyoHachijo --The Women's Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry interacts.Also participate in the citizen festival.
  • YamanashiKitatsuru DistrictKosuge Village ――It is located at the headwaters of the Tama River, and exchanges begin during the raft race.
  • FukushimaMinamiaizu DistrictTajima Town(CurrentMinamiaizu) --Commercial and industrial associations interact.Participate in the citizen festival.

Public works

Water supply

Water supply is a municipal business, but many local governments in the Tama area supply clean water.Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks BureauWas outsourced by.Motoichi followed suit,2007(19)May 4The administrative consignment was abolished and the Toei was unified.The city's own water source is groundwater, and it still has four intake wells in Nishinogawa and two in Izumihoncho.Other waterHigashimurayama water purification plantIt comes from, and the proportion of its water source is "Tamagawa : Tone River= 3: 7 ".The part of the Tama RiverHamura Intake WeirWater is taken from.The ratio of these is "well: capital = 1: 9", and both are mixed and supplied at the waterworks in Izumihoncho.

There are Tama River Suido Bridge and water supply roads in the city, but these are Kawasaki CityTama-kuIt is inNagasawa water purification plantとDenenchofuIt is a "Nagasawa system" that connects the areas and is not directly involved in the water supply to the city.However, in the event of the accident in the "Higashimurayama system" of the city mentioned above, this Nagasawa system can also be used.In addition, Kitami, Setagaya-ku (a part of the site covers the city) is responsible for water supply in the southwestern part of Setagaya-ku, and this is also not related to the city.


Maintenance has been underway since 1969, and the entire city was completed in 1979.SewerIt is the fourth fully equipped municipality in Japan.Sewage treatmentOta-ku OfTokyo Sewer BureauMorigasaki Water Reclamation CenterIs going on.

Garbage disposal

With other cities in the Tama areaTamagawa Sanitary UnionConsists of.Processing facilities such as incinerators are located along the Tama River in Omaru, Inagi City.The union has long been in Komae City,Inagi-shi,Tama CityIt was composed of three cities, but Tama city withdrew in the 3s.Fuchu-shiとNational cityHas joined and is currently composed of 4 cities.

At the final disposal siteHinode TownWe are using the "Futatsuzuka Waste Wide Area Disposal Site".The installer of the disposal site is the "Santama Area Waste Wide Area Disposal Association" (abbreviated as "Disposal Association"), and many cities in the Tama area belong to it.

The collection work is outsourced to a private company.

Many cities in the Tama area have been charged for garbage collection (2004 out of 10 cities as of October 26), but Motoichi has also been implementing it since October 12, 2005.


Fire department

Firefighting is the office work of the municipalities, but the city is like many local governments in the Tama area.Tokyo Fire DepartmentThe business is outsourced to. Call 119TachikawaIt is inEighth Fire Department HeadquartersLeads to.In the case of a water accident in the Komae city area on the opposite bank of the Tama RiverKawasaki City Fire DepartmentMay be dispatched.

  • Komae Fire Department (Tokyo Fire Department 8th direction)
An Inogata branch office was set up in the southern area to prevent delays due to railroad crossings on the Odakyu Line.

Fire brigade

There was a merger of the divisions on April 23, 4, and there are currently six divisions, the first, second, third, fifth, eighth, and Nogawa.One pump truck is deployed in each branch, and each is equipped with an AED.


In the Tama area, there are many cases where there is one police station in every two cities.Our city tooMetropolitan Police Department OfChofu Police StationHas jurisdiction over Chofu City and our city.The government building is located along the Koshu Highway in Kokuryocho, Chofu City, which is the center of the jurisdiction.However, a "large police box" has been set up in response to the desire to have a base in the center of the city.

Police box

  • Komae police box-in front of Komae station.Originally located beside the city hall, it was relocated to the opposite side of the road due to road expansion work.After that, it moved to the south side of the Odakyu Line on Komae-dori as a large police box.Furthermore, there was a high demand for a police box in front of the station, and it was decided to relocate again.The old large police box is used as a facility of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Izumi-Tamagawa police box-Has an independent building under the overpass in front of the station.
  • Iwato Police Box-Along Setagaya Dori.
  • Kosatoru Koban-Kogaku is a letter taken from Kosatori and Kakuto.
  • Nakaizumi police box
  • Inogata police box

Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular

Currently, there are 6 municipal elementary schools and 4 municipal junior high schools.YoungerTherefore, the consolidation of two junior high schools is planned.The name was in the form of Komae No. ○, but the new name after the consolidation is original. Since 2, in junior high school2-semester systemHas been implemented, and elementary schools are also being considered.From 2014, junior high school3-semester systemIt was decided to return to.At some elementary schools, there is a shortage of classrooms due to the increase in the number of children accompanying the construction of condominiums.

primary school

  • Komae Daiichi Elementary School (September 1872-): The school district is in the center of the city.The private school was merged and opened in the precincts of Senryuji Temple.After relocating the school building several times after that, it moved to its current location in 9.
  • Komae Municipal Komae Third Elementary School (October 1957-): The school district is generally located between Setagaya Dori and Suido Road.
  • Komae Municipal Komae Daigo Elementary School (April 1968-): The school district is in the northeastern part of the city.
  • Komae Municipal Komae 1971th Elementary School (April 4-): The school district is generally south of the aqueduct.
  • Komae City Izumi Elementary School (April 2001-): The school district is in the southwestern part of the city.It was made by integrating 4 small and 2002 small.The site is a former eight small site and the school building was completed in XNUMX.miniplanetariumhave.
  • Midorino Elementary School, Komae City (April 2005-): The school district is in the northwestern part of the city.It was made by integrating two small and seven small.The site is a former two small site and the school building was completed in 4.

Consolidated elementary school

  • Komae Municipal Komae Daini Elementary School (April 1949-March 4): The school district is in the western part of the city.It was integrated with the Seven Elementary Schools and became Midorino Elementary School.
  • Komae Municipal Komae Daiyon Elementary School (September 1966-March 9): Integrated with Hachiko and handed over to Izumiko.There is a plan to make the former site in the Tamagawa residence a relocation destination in Sanchu.
  • Komae Municipal Komae No. 1973 Elementary School (April 4-March 2005): The school district is in the northwestern part of the city.It was integrated with Niko and became Midorino Ko.
  • Komae Municipal Komae No. 1975 Elementary School (April 4-March 2001): Integrated with the four elementary schools and handed over to Izumi Elementary School. From the 3s to the mid-1970s, the children's TV drama "CrazyIt was also used for recording the series.

Junior high school

  • Komae City Komae Daiichi Junior High School (April 1947-): The school district is in the center of the city.There is an integration plan with Shichu.
  • Komae City Komae Daini Junior High School(April 1967-): Mainly students from 4rd and 3th grades enter the school.In the past, there was a time when everything south of the Odakyu Line was a school district, that is, one-third of those from one elementary school were in the middle.He is the only junior high school in Komae City to have a men's volleyball club and has participated in the city tournament.It is also rare in JapanDouble dutchThere is also a club, and he has participated in world competitions several times in the past.It has a tennis court on the premises.Mr. ChildrenI still have exchanges at my alma mater.
  • Komae Municipal Komae Third Junior High School (April 1973-): Mainly from Izumi Elementary School.The school district is in the western part of the city.Located along the Odakyu Line.originally(Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks BureauAbsorbed in)Komae Water Purification PlantSo, some facilities still remain.A "Ginkgo fundraising" is being held to sell and donate Ginkgo obtained from the ginkgo trees on the premises.There is a plan to relocate to the former four small sites and turn the site into a library.The school building several years after the school openedmovies"Keep your wings in mind"ofLocationYou can see the situation at that time.
  • Komae Municipal Komae No. XNUMX Junior High School(April 1980-): The school district is in the northern part of the city.There is a concept of reintegration. Fall 4Chorus competitionParticipated in the national competition.

high school


  • Jikei University School of Medicine : Although it is not a university in Komae City on the registration, there is a medical school national campus and an affiliated hospital on the site that straddles both Komae and Chofu cities.

Social education


  • Central Library: Opened in November 1977.State-of-the-art barcode management from the time of opening.


  • Ecoruma Hall
    Located in "Ecoluma" at the north exit of Komae Station. Opened in 1995.It is run by an affiliated organization of the city.It is used for entertainers and classical concerts, movie screenings, cultural activities of citizens, and off-campus learning at elementary and junior high schools.

Physical education facility

  • City
    • Citizen's Gymnasium / Citizen's Pool-Located in the western part of the city.
    • Citizen's Ground-Located next door.
    • Citizen's Tennis Court / Citizen's Fureai Square-Located north of Komae High School.
    • Tama River Ryokuchi Park Ground-A baseball ground on the Tama River.
    • Nishiizumi Gymnasium-The closed four small schoolyards and gymnasium are being diverted.


National facility

Facilities in Tokyo

  • Tokyo Air Pollution Measurement Room-Located near Izumi Shrine.


  • Power Lines-The power lines that run through the city from northwest to southeastJR EastOfNiigataOjiyaFrom the power plant横 浜 市Tsurumi kuIt connects the substations of.The total length is about 300km.Ojiya City is adjacent to Kawaguchi Town, which is a friendship city.




Odakyu BusとKeio BusIs on board, mainlyKeio Line,Tokyu Denentoshi LineIt supports vertical traffic in the city, such as connecting to the station.From the cityTamagawaAcrossKanagawaThere is no fixed-route bus that crosses the border in the direction.Also,2008May 11By consignment to Odakyu BusCommunity bus"Koma Bus" has started operation (Odakyu Bus Komae Sales Office # Komae City Community Bus "Koma Bus"See).Route buses departing from and arriving in Komae cityWithin the 23 wards of TokyoIt is the same front-ride flat fare as.


  • Setagaya Dori
    Route 3..It runs east to west in the city center.On the west side, the Odakyu Line was elevated in the latter half of the 1990s, and the Izumi-Tamagawa station square was redeveloped.Tama SuidobashiIt has been completely renewed due to the replacement of.
  • Komae-dori
    Route 11Part of.It connects the "Komae Three-Forked Road" on Setagaya Dori to the former Koshu Kaido.On the way, there is the Komae Sales Office of Odakyu Bus, and many routes run.The only one in the city beside the officeFootbridgeWas until around 2014.
  • Matsubara-dori
    Route 114Part of.A trunk line that runs north and south of the city.Senkawa StationTo the direction.In the past, the Tanakabashi intersection with Rokugosakura-dori was at the southern end, but due to city planning, it is now connected to Setagaya-dori and Izumitamagawa-dori at the Komae High School intersection.
  • Matsuba-dori, Itchu-dori, Koen-dori
    It runs parallel to the north side of Setagaya Dori and Komae Dori.Ninohashi-dori-Odakyu Line underpass is Matsuba-dori, underpass-Matsubara-dori is Ichinaka-dori, and west of Matsubara-dori is Koen-dori.Along the roadCentral Research Institute of Electric Power IndustryThere are various facilities such as Citizen's Ground, Komae Fire Station, Komae Post Office, Uniliv, and Citizen's Gymnasium.In recent years, the widening of Itchu-dori has progressed, and route buses have also come to pass.There is also a widening plan for Matsuba-dori[29].
  • Fureai side road
    A road provided as a buffer zone due to the elevation of the Odakyu Line.The area around Kitami Station is on the Koma Bus route.
  • Ichinohashi-dori
    A road connecting the Fureai side road on the west side of Kitami Station to the intersection in front of the Iwato Children's Center.One of the routes from Setagaya Dori to Suido Road.
  • Six alleys
    The road from the intersection in front of the Iwato Children's Center to the Komae Roku Konan intersection on Komai Odori.Along with Ichinohashi Dori, this is one of the routes that goes from the water supply road through which the Koma Bus runs toward Setagaya Dori.
  • Rokugosakura Street
    A road that goes west from the north exit of Komae Station to the Tama River.When you enter Chofu City, it becomes Somechi-dori.Originally, "Rokugo irrigation water" was used, and it was reclaimed.It was called "Welfare Hall Street" for a long time, but it was renamed because the Welfare Hall was renewed to "Aitopia Center".
  • Negawa Sakura Street
    A road that runs from Rokugosakura-dori to the eastern end of the Tamagawa residence, along which Negawa runs.In Chofu City, it is Hakeshita-dori.Cherry BlossomsIs in full bloomPedestrian heavenThe Cherry Blossom Festival will be held.
  • Ginkgo street
    A road that goes east from the north exit of Komae Station to the Shin-Ichinohashi intersection on Setagaya-dori.It is located on the extension of Rokugosakura Street, and was also made by reclaiming Rokugo irrigation water.A bypass-like existence on Komae-dori.
  • Honmachi street
    A road connecting Shinagawa-michi, Komae-dori, and Itchu-dori through the northwest side of the central public hall.Bus to Sengawa Station (Naru 05 system) And the bus to the general gymnasium.
  • Shinagawa Michi
    A road parallel to Komae-dori.It extends northwest from the vicinity of the Komae three-forked road.Once in FuchuOokutama ShrineIt is an old road that runs from Shinagawa to Shinagawa, and is also called a "raft road" in the Kitami area.When entering Chofu City, the name changed to the former Shinagawa Michi, and in Chofu City, "Shinagawa Street”Has roots in Shinagawa Road (routes do not exactly match).
  • Maruyama Street
    A road that joins Gakuto-dori starting from the citizen's grand intersection on Itchu-dori.Bus connecting Kitami Station and Komae High TownKi 01 (Odakyu Bus)The Yakoma bus goes through.
  • Iwadokita Street / Gakuto Street
    A road that joins Maruyama Dori near Komae Daiyon Junior High School through the west side of the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry from the north intersection of Icho Dori and Dakura Nursery School, and leads to Mitsuosa Dori.Iwatokita-dori is south of Itchu-dori, and Gakuto-dori is north of it.Some sections will be the Koma Bus and Ki 01 routes.
  • Mitsuosa Street
    A road connecting the intersection near the Kosatoru police box on Matsubara Dori and Komae High Town.Koma Bus and Ki 01 system bus pass.
  • Kamiizumi-dori / Hachiman-dori
    A road that extends parallel to Matsubara-dori from the intersection with Rokugosakura-dori near Nishigawara Park and reaches Nogawa.Kamiizumi-dori is south of Koen-dori, and Hachiman-dori is north of it.One of the routes of the Koma bus.
  • Manyo-dori
    A road that extends parallel to Negawa Sakura-dori from the Mizukami-mae intersection with Rokugosakura-dori and joins Shinagawa-dori.As the name suggests, the Manyoshu monument (Matsudaira SadanobuTo commemorate the book that describes Azuma-uta, which is said to have been written here.Eiichi ShibusawaRebuilt with the support of[30]).
  • Jikei East Street
    From the intersection of Jikei University XNUMXrd Hospital with Komae-dori, connect Koendori-dori and Koadachi-dori.When entering Chofu City, the name changes to Omachi Dori.
  • Koadachi Street
    It connects Jikei Higashi-dori and Yawata-dori.One of the routes of the Koma bus.
  • Aqueduct
    Go east from the northwestern end of Inogata, pass through Kitami, Setagaya-ku,UnaneAn almost straight road with a total length of 3km.Originally, a water pipe was passed through the field, and later the above-ground part began to be used as a road.To protect the water pipes, stakes that limit the width of vehicles are struck at the road entrance to prevent large vehicles from entering. Route buses using small vehicles since 2003 (Koma 12System) is now in operation.
  • Wild boar street
    A road that crosses the southern part of the city.Once upon a time, the embankment of the Tama River was in this position.bus(Koma 11System, Koma bus) runs.There are many shops.
  • Izumi-Tamagawa Street
    A road from the Komae High School intersection to the Higashiizumi 3-chome intersection with the Metropolitan Road No. XNUMX branch line through Izumi-Tamagawa station.Buses to and from Izumi-Tamagawa Station pass via Inokoma-dori.
  • Komai Odori
    A road that branches off from Inokoma-dori to the waterworks.There is also a bus that runs on Inokoma-dori.

Road under construction

  • Outer ring road ――It is planned to pass underground between the Kokubunji cliff line and Nogawa in this area, and in the case of Motoichi, the Higashinogawa district will slightly cover this.

As mentioned above, there are plans for the outer ring road to pass through some areas of the city, but as of 2018, it will pass through the city.highway,toll roadThere is no.The nearest interchange isChuo ExpresswayChofu IC,Tomei ExpresswayTomei Kawasaki IC,Metropolitan Expressway No. 3 Shibuya LineYoga entrance,Metropolitan Expressway No. 4 Shinjuku LineTakaido entrance,Kanetsu ExpresswayNerima IC,Tokyo Outer Ring RoadOizumi ICBecomes


The city has been around for a long timeEastern MotorsHowever, after deregulation, Eastern Motors, which is trying to reduce its business, opened sales offices in the Komae area and Kamata, Ota-ku.Green cabSince then, it has been mainly a green cab business area.In addition, Eastern Motors was undertakingANARelatedFuji Television Network, IncThe work of picking up in the morning was also taken over by the Green Cab "cooperating" with the crew.The Eastern Motors cars currently operating at Komae Station belong to the Chofu Sales Office.

Shrines and temples


As mentioned above, the former Komae Village was formed by the merger of 6 villages.Each village has one shrine as a guardian, and it is still inherited today.The annual festival is held in autumn.

  • Izumi Shrine-Izumi
  • Koadachi Hachiman Shrine --Koadachi
  • Ne-no-gongen Mishima Shrine --Kakuto
  • Iwado Hachiman Shrine --Iwato
  • Shirahata Sugawara Shrine-Inogata
  • Hie Shrine-Komai
    • The Shukugawara district was a child of a shrine on the opposite bank of the Tama River, but after moving to the Komae side, he became a child of Hie Shrine.


  • Senryuji-Located in front of Komae Station.
  • Gyokusenji Temple --- Located in front of Izumi-Tamagawa Station.Has a graveyard.
  • Keiganji Temple-Located on the Komae side of the city border.It had a kindergarten on the premises, but it was closed in 26.
  • Keigenji Temple(Keigenji) --- Located on the Kitami side of the city border.Have a kindergarten.EdoAs the temple of Mr. Edo, which is the origin of the nameKamakura PeriodBuilt in Edo Castle,Muromachi PeriodMoved to this place.


  • Tama River Raft Race-Use your own raft to compete for the time from Gohonmatsu on the Tama River to the vicinity of the riverbed ground. It has been held every year since 1991 in mid-July.
  • Komae City Fireworks Festival-It is said that it started around 1922, and it was held every year from late July to early August, but it was finally suspended in 7 due to the financial difficulties of the city. In 8, it will be resumed for the first time in 2004 years as a project "Music and Fireworks Festival" commemorating the 2010th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system[31].
  • Citizens' Festival-Since 1977, it has been held every year in mid-November.The city hall square, one small, and the civic ground will be used as venues.Parades and stalls will be held, and singers and hero shows will be held.
  • Hozuki City-
  • Komae Wanpaku Ekiden KomaeJunior ChamberYouth development project that was sponsored. It has a history of 25 times.Currently operated by the executive committee organization.From the 25th tournament, it will be held at the same time as the Komae Citizens Festival.

Town revitalization activity

Tama River squadron top ranger
Originally created on a personal site related to Komae,Town revitalizationIt caught the eye of the group and was materialized in 2003.Appears at events in the city.It is affiliated with "local heroes" in various places.So-called"Sentai series, But the head is the movie "Earth Defense ForceThe alien "Mysterian" that appears in "", the chest part is "Kikaider』Appeared in the seriesHakaiderHas a shape similar to.
Birthplace of picture letters-Komae
In the "Birthplace of Picture Letters-2005rd Anniversary Campaign of Komae / Picture Letters" conducted by the Komae Post Office in 23, about 1600 picture letters solicited from all over the country were sent to about 1000 places in the city through the hands of the Chamber of Commerce. It was distributed to stores and offices.In response to this movement, Komae City positioned this as a city project in 2007, and the "Birthplace of Picture Letters-Komae" executive committee was established by the citizens.In March 2008, the committee set up a huge hanging curtain and banner with the words "Birthplace of picture letters-Komae" in front of Komae Station, and a streetlight flag.On August 3, the same year, 8 pairs of parents and children selected from each area in Komae City were gathered in a private house garden to hold the "23st Parent-Child Picture Letter Summit".To commemorate this, a round post monument was set up in the park.In October of the same year, the "Kunio Koike Lecture", the founder of the picture letter, was held.At the same time, the picture letter map and picture letter postcard "Kunio Koike nursery rhyme picture letter" produced by the committee appeared.In addition, with the cooperation of stores in the city, we have developed "Picture Letter / Street Corner Gallery" in 10 locations.More than 1 picture letter supporters who have gathered so far will provide picture letter works every season.In addition, the Komae City community bus "Komae Bus", which started operation in November of the same year, has a large "Birthplace of picture letters-Komae" sticker on the side, and picture letters are displayed in the car. It is touring the city as a "picture letter museum".
  • XNUMX charms of Komae town --- What promotes town revitalization by sharing the good points of Komae with the citizens
    • From the bank of the Tama River in Komae-Azuma-uta and guardian songs
    • Gohonmatsu and Tama River
    • Izumi-Tamagawa Riverbed
    • Nogawa
    • Maehara Park
    • Around Nishigawara Natural Park
    • Green space conservation areaWhole area
    • Beautiful forest (Nishinogawa XNUMX-chome)
    • Envy of the remaining grandpa
    • Mr. N's bamboo grove
    • Negawa Sakura Street
    • Rokugo water intake trace and Tamasuien trace Ishigaki
    • Scenery with an old burial mound
    • Muikara private house garden
    • Ishii Family Nagayamon
    • Senryuji Temple
    • Ginkgo Street Mini Park
    • Safe and secure, clean town development
    • Ginkgo donation
    • Komae Ancient Cup Tamagawa Raft Race Executive Committee
    • Komae waterside music school
    • Meeting to energize the town
    • Komae area cat
    • Memory load
    • Memories of the past (with the flow of the Tama River)
    • Ask Izumi Shrine
    • Picture letters are the beauty of Japan that conveys the heart (each group that loves picture letters)
    • Newton's apple tree, Mendel's vines
    • See the sunrise
    • MERRYCHRISTMAS (Christmas illuminations from Komae Ichichu to Komae Church)
    • Ikoi Cafe (Izumi no Mori Hall)
    • Manyo Song Monument
    • A maiden statue "Tamagawa"
    • Two-color autumn (Nogawa promenade)
    • "Walking Town / Komae" -Continuous Survey Activities on Town Development-
    • Michi in front of Komae Station
    • Direct sales office of agricultural products produced in the city
    • I hope the development road is like this Izumihoncho XNUMX-chome Designer's House
    • Cherry blossoms on the Tama River embankment
    • Dagurazuka Kofun

Activities that originated in Komae

  • Picture letter - PostcardIn watercolorçµµA letter in the form of drawing and following one stroke.The representative of is living in Komae City.In Komae, the first picture letter class was held, and the meeting still exists today.The Komae Post Office holds events to sponsor.

Person from

Related person

Works set in Komae

  • "Kishibe Album』--1974Tamagawa flood damageIs the basis of the story.
  • "3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-sensei-Mr. Kinpachi worked at a junior high school in Setagaya before moving to Adachi Ward, and lived in Komae. In the first episode of the first work, the location is done at the Komae station platform.When moving in the second episode, there is a line saying "I live in a place 1 to 1 minutes on foot from the station."By the way, actors living in the city such as Ono, Saito, and Umezu have appeared in the roles of parents.
  • "Smile in the sun!--The riverbed near the Odakyu Line and under the Tama River Railway Bridge was often used on location in episodes 81, 92, 223, 406, 454, and 463, and Detective Nozaki (Mr. Cho) lived in the "complex along the Tama River". It was a setting.
  • "Nonomura Hospital Monogatari II" --A TV drama that was broadcast on the TBS series 1982 times from November 11, 2 to May 1983, 5.Occasionally ride a bicycle around the Izumi-Tamagawa RiverYoshie KashiwabaraHowever, most of them were shot as a set, so there aren't many locations in our city.The video shown at the opening is a picture of Kawasaki City from our city.
  • "Tsurumoku bachelor dormitory』- Kubotouchi EisakuCartoon.In the play, the scenery from Kitami to Mukogaoka Amusement Park appears.
  • "Lady joker』- Kaoru TakamuraNovel.The area around Izumi Driving School was instructed as a cash delivery site.
  • "I'm the captain』- Koji CastleWritten. "Weekly Shonen Magazine』Started serialization from the September 2003, 9 issue (No. 24).A work set in the baseball club of Komae Municipal Komae Junior High School.At the beginning, it starts with the introduction of the city, but after that, there are few depictions related to the city.
  • "Nishi Komae Junior High School 3rd Grade B Group" --One of the five omnibus dramas in "New Year Drama complaints 2004" broadcast on Fuji TV on January 1, 2.
  • "Beyond the rainbow』――Main character Chihiro Ogawa (Chie Ozaki) Does not exist in Komae City Komae Higashi Elementary School (however, the actual location isHachioji CityInside?).The school route is in Komae cityTamagawaIt is near the riverbed of.The udon shop "Kemuriya" run by my uncle is located at 6-15-1 Higashiizumi (6-chome is a fictitious residential address).Uncle's daughter Naoko (Haruhi Mizukuro) Is shooting with a top ranger and eating "coma ranger snacks".
  • "Dark Gold Ushijima』- Shohei ManabeCartoon.The multiple debtors appearing in the play live in the Toei Komae apartment.
  • "Solanine』- Asano InioCartoon.The vicinity of Izumi-Tamagawa is depicted in the play.The Tamagawa Suidobashi, which connects Setagaya-dori and Tsukui-do, appears many times as a symbol of the stage.
  • "ド ロ ッ プ– – Shinji Shinagawa OfHiroshi ShinagawaA movie set in Komae, directed and written by.However, Komae is not used in the movie.
  • "Renjo Nachi Field File』- Kitamori Ko OfDetective Novel..Komae City has Tokei University, where the hero's assistant professor works.
  • "Partner』――The time" Komae "is set in Komae, and both fictitious" Komae City Kitanogawa Junior High School "and" Komae Police Station "appear.
  • "Veterinarian, it's an incident』--July 2014 coolYomiuri TelevisionProduction/Nippon TVA serial drama broadcast in a series.Run by the heroanimal HospitalIs located in Komae City.

License plate

Komae City is the Tama number (Tama Vehicle Inspection Registration Office) Is assigned.

Tama number allocation area
Tachikawa City, Musashino City, Mitaka City, Fuchu City, Akishima City, Chofu City, Machida City, Koganei City, Kodaira City, Higashimurayama City, Kokubunji City, National City, Komae City, Higashi Yamato City, Kiyose City, Higashi Kurume City, Musashino Murayama City, Tama City, Inagi City, Nishitokyo City[3].


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