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📊 | Seven-Eleven starts robot delivery and demonstration experiment in office building

Photo An autonomous robot moves the floor by elevator and delivers products to users.

Seven-Eleven starts robot delivery and demonstration experiment in office building

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Seven-Eleven, Asratec, and Softbank have started a trial test of product delivery by RICE from January 3th.

Seven-Eleven Japan will deliver products using autonomous robots in office buildings on April 4st ... → Continue reading

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Asratec Co., Ltd.(British: Asratec Corp.) IsTokyoMinato-kuRoppongi Headquartered inMech robotOS for "V-Sido OSWe carry out business centered on planning, development, sales, and consulting of related products.Softbank GroupCompany.Masato Sakatani, a subsidiary of SoftBank Robotics Holdings Corp. and SoftBank Group company Realize Mobile Communications, also serves as president.The origin of the company name is "ZoroastrianismGodASURAASRA with one letter U removed from, and technology (TEChnology) combined. ASURA has the meaning of a life-giving god, meaning that we want to spread software that gives life to robots, and removing U from ASURA makes it software that "U = You = you" does not need to be aware of. The meaning is included. "[2]


  • 2009May 7 - NAISTWhile being a graduate studentAISTWas a technical traineeWataru Yoshizaki Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryJurisdictionIncorporated administrative agencyIPAAdopted for the unexplored IT human resources discovery and training project.[3]
  • 2010May 6 - Infinity Ventures Summit V-Sido developed by Yoshizaki will win the 2010 Spring Launch Pad.[4]
  • 2010May 7 --Yoshizaki's achievement V-Sido was evaluated and certified as a super creator by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.[5]
  • 2013May 12 --A giant robot made by Suidobashi Heavy Industries, which Yoshizaki was involved in controlling as a co-creatorAgency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalReceived the 16th Entertainment Category Excellence Award.[6]
  • 20132 --Yoshizaki establishes V-Sido Co., Ltd.[7]
  • 2013May 7 --Welcome Yoshizaki as Chief Robot Creator of Business Planning HeadquartersSB Media HoldingsEstablished Asratec Co., Ltd.[8]
  • 2014May 6 --Full-scale entry into the robot software business at the new robot business presentation[9]And V-Sido OS will be provided, and a microcomputer board (Bushido Connect) with some of its functions mounted on the board will be released later this year.[10]The concept model robot (Asura Sea One) will be released.[11]On the same day, the capital was increased from 1000 million yen to 3 million yen.[12]
  • 2014May 9 - SanrioGroup ofheartProvided by V-Sido OS[13]
  • October 2014 --The prototype "J-deite Quarter" of "Project J-deite", which builds a giant transforming robot in collaboration with BRAVE ROBOTICS, will be released.[14]
  • 2014May 11 - Maker Faire TokyoWith 2014Intel EdisonV-Sido CONNECT announcement corresponding to[15]
  • 2015May 1 - AISTDeveloped "V-Sido x Songle", a control system that allows you to dance to the music appreciation service Songle in collaboration with[16]
  • March 2015, 3 --V-Sido CONNECT RC is sold in a limited quantity of 9 pieces.The price is 50 yen.[17]
  • June 2015, 6 --Started development of completely transforming robot "J-deite RIDE" in collaboration with BRAVE ROBOTICS[18]
  • July 2015, 7-"Robodoll Project" launched[19]
  • March 2016, 3 --Headquarters moved from 1-2-4 Roppongi to 5 Kanda Higashimatsushitacho[20]
  • July 2016, 7 --License for robot remote control system "VRcon for Pepper" started[21]
  • November 2016, 11-Asratec,Sansei Technologies, BRAVE ROBOTICS established J-Dite Ride Limited Liability Partnership[22]
  • October 2017, 1- Glasses supermarketDemonstration of remote control of Pepper by linking the glasses-type wearable terminal "bg" and "VRcon"[23]
  • October 2017, 1- Kanamoto, KG Flow Techno, and Fujiken are jointly developing a cockpit controller for the humanoid robot "DOKA ROBO" for operating construction machinery.[24]
  • May 2017, 5 --Multilingual translation function etc. added to "VRcon" in partnership with Forex Robotics[25]
  • March 2018, 3 --Development of remote robot controller "V-Sido Web Connect"[26]
  • April 2018, 4 --Released prototype of deformed humanoid robot "J-deite RIDE"[27]


The business is centered around the V-Sido OS developed by Yoshizaki. The features of V-Sido OS are that you can move a humanoid robot by intuitive operation, that you can operate the robot from a smartphone etc. without going through a personal computer if you have simple program knowledge, and that you can control the posture of joints etc. by real-time calculation. No prior motion adjustment is required[28], Existing parts without expensive custom products (AI,Servomotor) Can be used to make robots.[29].. As of June 2014NidecMade byFutaba Electronics IndustryMade byKondo ScienceCompatible with servo motors made by ROBOTIS (Korea). As a company adopting V-Sido OS,Aldebaran roboticsEtc. are introduced[30].

Project "Project J-deite"

The project is with Asratec of V-Sido OS and BRAVE ROBOTICS of transformation robot.Transformers Ofタ カ ラ ト ミ ーThis is a transformation robot manufacturing project.As part of this, in October 2014, a 10-meter prototype "J-deite Quarter" was released. Aiming for completion in 1.3, the joint development of "J-deite RIDE", which completely transforms a 2017-meter humanoid robot into a vehicle mode capable of traveling at 3.5 km / h, was carried out.[31] The prototype was released on April 2018, 4. There is a plan to develop a robot with a total length of 26 meters in 2020.[32]

Project "Robodol-Robot Idol Promotion Project-"

Hakuhodo, Kokoro, Sagawa Electronics, Asratec joint project. The plan is to expand the playing field of idol robots by providing support such as appropriate casting and motion management of robots using V-Sido OS, costumes and makeup for robots.Aim to promote the use of robots in events, TV programs, video works, etc. and develop markets.[33]


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