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📊 | Lawson delivers OTC drugs at Uber Suites, at two stores in Fukuoka

Photo Two stores, "Lawson Hakata Store" (Fukuoka City) and "Lawson Kurume City Plaza Store" (Kurume City), support delivery of 2 types of second- and third-class medicines such as cold medicine, eye drops, and gastrointestinal medicine. To do.

Delivered OTC drugs at Lawson and Uber Suites, at two stores in Fukuoka

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At Lawson stores, only OTC drugs are put in a separate bag, confirmed by the registered seller, and then handed over to the Uber Eats delivery staff.

Lawson used Uber EATS, a food delivery service, at two stores in Fukuoka Prefecture on April 4nd. → Continue reading

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