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📢 | About the implementation of "Daiwa Next Bank 10th Anniversary Foreign Currency Deposit Special Interest Rate Campaign"


Implementation of "Daiwa Next Bank 10th Anniversary Foreign Currency Deposit Special Interest Rate Campaign"

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● "Foreign currency remittance fee cashback service" is a remittance fee when a foreign currency is remitted to a Daiwa Securities customer account or a Daiwa Next Bank customer account and the amount of one remittance is equal to or greater than the applicable amount. This is a service that refunds a considerable amount to the customer.

April 2021, 4 Daiwa Next Bank, Ltd. Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. Daiwa Next Bank, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Daiwa Ne ..." → Continue reading

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Foreign currency remittance

Daiwa Next Bank

Daiwa Next Bank, Ltd.(Daiwa Next Ginkou,English name : Daiwa Next Bank, Ltd.) IsTokyoChiyoda WardHeadquartered inDaiwa Securities Group Inc.Fully funded, "A new form of bankJapan classified asbank.


2009(21)May 10,Daiwa Securities Group Inc.At the board of directors2011Clarified that it aims to establish an Internet bank by (23)[1][2]..Only deposits will be handled, and the direct channel and the face-to-face channel of each Daiwa Securities store will be utilized.Also with our deposit accountDaiwa SecuritiesWe provide a service "sweep service" that automatically transfers money to and from the securities general account of.

2010(22)4As a preparation companyDaiwa Net Bank Establishment Preparation Co., Ltd.Established[3]..Then proceed with preparations2011(23) As of March 4stFinancial Services AgencyPreliminary examination byDaiwa Next Bank, Ltd.Apply for a business license to the Financial Services Agency after changing the trade name to[4],Year 2011May 4Obtained a banking license from the Financial Services Agency[5].. On April 2011, 4, Daiwa Securities obtained a bank agency license with the company as its affiliated bank.[6]Then,2011(23) The service for users started on May 5th.

In addition, onceYamato BankThere was a bank called ", but thereNomura Holdings(Nomura Securities(Parent company)Nomura ZaibatsuBanks under the umbrella (currentResona Bank), And is not related to this bank.


  • 2010(22)May 4 - Daiwa Net Bank Establishment Preparation Co., Ltd.Established as.
  • 2011(23)
    • May 4 --Preliminary examination by the Financial Services Agency has been completed.Daiwa Next Bank, Ltd.Changed the trade name to and applied for a business license to the Financial Services Agency.
    • May 4 --Obtained a banking license from the Financial Services Agency.
    • May 4 -Opened.
    • May 4 --Daiwa Securities obtained permission for bank agency business with Daiwa Next Bank as its affiliated bank.
    • May 5 --Started services for customers.
  • 2012(24)May 7 --Twin account user andDaiwa SecuritiesStarted handling foreign currency savings deposits and foreign currency time deposits for users of the "Daiwa Consulting Course".
  • 2013(25)May 10 --From the reception on the same dayDaiwa SecuritiesOnly open accounts for users (twin account users), and stop accepting the opening of only Daiwa Next Bank accounts.
  • 2016(28)May 4 - Money PartnersThrough a business alliance with our companyForeign currency depositsStarted issuing "Smart Depot" cards for account users.
  • 2017(29)May 11 ―― "Selectable deposit"[7]Started handling.
  • 2019(First year of Reiwa)7 ――The cumulative deposit amount of "Selectable Deposit" exceeds 600 billion yen[8].


Since it is an online bank, there is no actual store,Seven Lucky GodsThere are five branches derived from the god of, and the bank side randomly assigns them when opening an account.[9].

  • Ebisu branch (branch code 101)
  • Daikoku branch (branch code 102)
  • Bishamon branch (branch code 103)
  • Benten branch (branch code 104)
  • Hotei branch (branch code 105)



  • Ordinary deposit
  • Time deposit
  • Sweep service
    • 1983In (58), the former: Daiwa Securities (currently Daiwa Securities Group Inc.)Kyoto Shinkin BankIt is almost the same as the sweep service of "Kyoto Shin Fund General Account" which started the service in partnership with, and it will be introduced with the expectation that the idea of ​​about 30 years ago can be utilized now.[10]
  • Foreign currency savings account ... For accounts used by twin accounts.
  • Foreign currency time deposit ... Same as above

For an overview of the product,2011(23) Announced on the Daiwa Securities website on May 5th[11].

Deposits and withdrawals

Since our company's passbook and cash card are not issued, deposits and withdrawals must be made by "payment by transfer from each affiliated financial institution to our company" or "withdrawal by transfer from our company to each affiliated financial institution". ..In addition, the transfer fee will be free as many times as you like for "transfer to another person's account between our companies".In addition, for "transfer from our company to the account in the name of another financial institution", some financial institutions[12]The transfer fee will be free as many times as you like, and up to 3 times a month for "transfer from our company to another person's account"[12]The transfer fee will be free.

If you are a securities account holder of Daiwa Securities and have a "Daiwa Card", use a "Daiwa Twin Account" (a service that allows you to use both accounts by linking your securities account and bank account). So, the balance of our savings account can be transferred nationwide via the customer account of Daiwa Securities.Seven BankDeposit at ATM etc.(Automatic transfer to savings account on the next business date)・ You can withdraw money[13].


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