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🎗 | Toki's return to the wild Sake brewing company donates part of sales [Niigata / Sado City]


Toki's return to the wild Sake brewing company donates part of sales [Niigata / Sado City]

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Mayor Ryugo Watanabe of Sado City said, "I want to use it for the conservation of biodiversity centered on crested ibis."

Hokusetsu Sake Brewery in Sado City donated about XNUMX yen to Sado City on the XNUMXth to help Toki return to the wild. → Continue reading

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"NST Niigata General Television" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news about Niigata Prefecture.

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Sado City

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request :
1. Crested ibis inhabiting the island (clear image)
2. Aiport SadoImage providedplease.(2021/2)

Sado City(Sadoshi) isNiigata OfSado IslandThe whole area is the city areaCity.2004(HeiseiIn 16), the former 10 municipalities on the island were merged and born.


Sado City is composed of 10 districts based on the municipal areas of the former municipality.City hall is geographically centralKanai areaAlthough it is located inAikawa districtLocated in theSawada area[1],HonshuThe gateway connected toRyotsu district(Ryotsu Port)as well asOgi district(Ogi Port), the functions are distributed in various places.

According to the classification by "Sado City History and Culture Basic Concept", Ryotsu,Kawarada, Ogi, and Aikawa are positioned as "base cities" that have developed in both modern and modern times.[2].


Adjacent municipalities

The only municipality on Sado Island is Sado City, and there are no other municipalities on the island. However, it is connected to the following municipalities by route.



Ancient times

SadoWhen was builtRenewal of DahuaAlthough it will be after that, the exact time is unknown. First lookEmperor Bunmu4 years(700).

Guardian Homma

Kamakura Shogunate Guardian feeAs a result, Mr. Homma was dispatched to Sado. I entered Sado at the same timeLordWith Shibuya and AiharaSengoku periodUntil these people rule Sado.


Mr. Homma's branch house progressed, Mr. Kawarada Honma (Headquarters: Kawarada Castle), Mr. Hamo Honma (Headquarters:Hamo Castle) Forces will surpass the Soryo family (headquarters: Zotaki).

Uesugi Kagekatsu

EchigoLarge ofDaming,Kenshin UesugiSado, who was confused by the death of, inherited the mark of KenshinUesugi KagekatsuHonma is destroyed. After that, Honma's family moved to Sakata,Homma SakataBecomes After Kagekatsu moved to Aizu, Sado will continue to be Uesugi Ryo.

  • Tensho17 years(1589): Kagekatsu Uesugi controls the conflict between Kawarada and Homma Honma and controls Sado.
  • Keicho5 years(1600): Kagekatsu UesugiBattle of SekigaharaLost to Yonezawa the following year.


Edo Shogunate Sado Magistrate's OfficeAnd control Sado one country.Sado KanayamaProduced byFriEnriched the Shogunate's finances.MeijiOne nation in an eraHeavenWas called.

After the Meiji era

navigationWith the development of technology,Kitamaebune) Will no longer serve as a relay station, and will be economically abolished.

Changes in administrative area (after the enforcement of the municipal system)


  • 1889(Meiji22 years)May 4: (3 counties) 7 towns and 51 villages
    • AikawaToZota DistrictSet up a government office,Hamo District,Kamo-gunJurisdiction
      • Zota District: 4 towns and 16 villages
        • Aikawa,Futami village, Sawane Town, Igari Town, Kawarada Town,Hachiman,Ninomiya, Noda Village, Kanazawa Village, Hiraizumi Village, Kuninaka Village, Hatano Village, Kokura Village, Kurinoe Village, Sannomiya Village, Kanemaru Village, Shinmachi, Mano Village,Jinquan Village, Beihai Village
      • Hamo-gun: 1 town 13 villages
        • Koigaura Village, Obuse Village, Kamenoso Village, Misaki Village, Ogi Town, Hamo Hongo Village, Ohashi Village, Kawamo Village, Chite Village, Maura Village, Akadomari Village, Tokuwa Village, Mikawa Village, Matsugasaki Village
      • Kamo-gun: 2 towns and 22 villages
        • Yoshii Village, Nagae Village, Akitsu Village, Tanozawa Village, Katakami Village, Shomyoji Village, Nagaune Village, Shinho Village, Ono Village, Iwakushi Village, Mizutsu Village, Tomioka Village, Kawasaki Village, Meiji Village, Agata Village, Minato Town, Izumi Village Town, Kamo Utashiro Village, Umezu Village, Hayoshi Village, Uchiura Village, Utsumifu Village, Takachimura, Sokaifu Village
  • 1893(26th year of Meiji)May 2: Transferred Kita-Iri from Uchiura Village to Hayoshi Village (Ryotsu)
  • 1896(Meiji 29) June 4
    • The three prefectures of Sado (Zota, Hamo, Kamo) are divided by prefecture and county system.Sado-gunReorganized into
    • Established Sado-gun government office in Aikawa
  • 1898(31th year of Meiji)May 9: Kawarada TownKawarada TownRenamed to (Sawada)
  • 1901(34th year of Meiji)May 11: 5 towns and 21 villages
    • Tomioka Village, Kawasaki Village, Meiji Village and Agata Village merged to form Kawasaki Village (Ryotsu)
    • Minato-machi, Iso-cho, and part of Kamo-Utashiro-mura merged into Ryotsu-cho (Ryotsu)
    • Umezu Village, Hayoshi Village, Uchiura Village, and Kamo Utashiro Village merged to form Kamo Village (Ryotsu)
    • Yoshii-mura, Nagae-mura and Akitsu-mura merge to form Yoshii-mura (Ryotsu, Kanai)
    • Kanazawa Village and Hiraizumi Village merge to form Kanazawa Village (Kanai)
    • Aikawa-cho, Futami-mura Shikabushi, and Kinsen-mura Shimo-aikawa merge to form Aikawa-machi (Aikawa)
    • Ogawa, master, Himezu, and Hokutan of Kinsen Village, and Tochi and Tonaka of Hokai Village merge to form Kinsen Village (Aikawa)
    • Takachimura, Kitaumi Village's tail, stone flower, north one side, south one side merged to form Takachimura (Aikawa)
    • Sawane Machimura and Igari Town merged,Sawane TownTo (Sawada)
    • Minakawa and Funoshita of Katakami Village, Tanozawa Village, Shomyoji Village, Shinho Village, Ono Village, Nagaune Village, Kukunaka Village merged,Shinho VillageTo (Shinho)
    • Hatano Village, Ogura Village, Kurinoe Village, Sannomiya Village, and Kukunaka Village, Meguro Town, merged into Hatano Village (Hatano)
    • Manomura, Kanamaru Village, Shinmachi, Koigaura Village, Shimogurokawa and Shizuhira of Kawamomura merge to become Manomura (Mano).
    • Obuse village and Kamenosugi village merged,Nishimikawa VillageNi (mano, hamo)
    • Hamo Hongo Village, Ohashi Village, and Sente Village merge to become Hamo Village (Hamo)
    • Mayura Village, Akadomari Village, Tokuwa Village, Mikawa Village, Shigeru Kamikawa, Shigeru Shimokawa and Sotoyama merge,Akadomari VillageTo (Akadomari)
    • Cape village and Ogimachi merged,OgimachiTo (Ogi)
  • 1902(35th year of Meiji) April 4: 1 towns and 5 villages
    • Ninomiya Village and Noda Village are merged into Ninomiya Village (Sawada)


  • 1942(Showa17 years)May 7: Sado branch office (- 1955)Installation
  • 1948(23)May 8: Part of Murayama in Nishimikawa Village transferred to Hamo Village (Mano, Hamo)
  • 1951(26)May 1: 6 towns and 19 villages
    • Mano village enforces a town system and becomes Mano town (Mano)
  • 1954(29)May 3: 6 towns and 17 villages
    • Aikawa Town, Futami Village and Kin Izumi Village merged and became Aikawa Town (Aikawa)
  • 1954 (Showa 29)May 7: 5 towns and 15 villages
    • Ninomiya Village, Sawane Town, Hachiman Village, Kawarada Town merged,Sawada TownTo (Sawada)
  • 1954 (Showa 29)May 11: 1 city 4 town 9 village
    • Ryotsu Town, Kamo Village, Kawasaki Village, Mizutsu Village, Iwaku Village, Utsumifu Village, Yoshii Village's Tateno/Asahi/Akitsu/Katabata/Nagae/Kamiyokoyama/Shimoyokoyama merger,Ryotsu CityTo (Ryotsu)
    • Kanazawa Village, Yoshii Village Yoshii, Yoshii Hongo, Yamato, Anyoji, Misegawa, Mizuwata merged into Kanai Village (Kanai)
  • 1955(Showa 30) March 3: 31 city, 1 towns, 4 villages
    • Hamo Village and Nishimikawa Village Murayama, Kodomari, and Kanameki merge to form Hamo Village (Hamo)
    • Mano town, Nishi Mikawa village large and small, Okuraya, Tagisu, Nishi Mikawa, Tsubaki merge,Mano TownTo (Mano)
    • Hatano Village and Matsugasaki Village are merged into Hatano Village (Hatano)
  • 1956(31)May 9: 1 city 4 town 5 village
    • Aikawa-cho, Takachimura, and Sokaifu-mura merged,AikawaOn (Aikawa)
  • 1957(Showa 32) November 11: Transfer of Aikawa-machi's wish, Kita-Ushima, and Masarakawa to Ryotsu City (Ryotsu, Aikawa)
  • 1960(Showa 35) March 11: 3 city, 1 towns, 6 villages
    • Kanai village enforces town system,Kanai TownTo (Kanai)
    • Hatanomura enforces a town systemHatano TownOn (Hatano)
  • 1961(Showa 36) March 4: 1 city, 1 towns, 7 villages
    • Hamo village enforces a town systemHamo TownTo (Hamo)


  • 2001(13), the Sado Municipal Merger Review Council was established.
  • 2002(14), it was decided to construct the city hall in Kanai Town in the central part of the island. Sawada Town leaves the council.
  • 2003(15), legal councils were re-established in 9 municipalities excluding Sawada, but Sawada rejoined the council after a referendum.
  • 2004(16)May 3, Sado City was established. Sado-gun disappears.


Sado City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Sado City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Sado City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Sado City (equivalent area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Second World WarSince then, the population has declined significantly,1970(Showa 45)CensusThen the population of the whole island fell below 10.

Decrease rate by district[3]Is located in the Kunichu Plain, while being large in Aikawa, Ryotsu, Akadomari, etc.Roadside storeSawada, where many places are located, is relatively small.


Successive mayors

代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
1-2 generationsKoichiro Takano2004th of February 42012th of February 4Former Mayor of Mano
3 feeMotoya Kai2012th of February 42016th of February 4
4 feeMotohiro Miura2016th of February 42020th of February 4
5 feeRyugo Watanabe2020th of February 4Incumbent

City hall/branch

Government buildingLocation
City hall (Kanai district)〒952-1292 232 Chikusa, Sado City
Ryotsu branch952 Ryotsu Minato, Sado City, 8501-198
Aikawa branch952 Aikawa Sakaemachi, Sado City, 1592-27, Japan
Hamo Branch952 Hamo Hongo, Sado City, 0504-550
Sawada Administrative Service Center952 Kawaradahoncho, Sado City, 1393-394, Japan
Shinho Administrative Service Center952, Shinho Uryuya, Sado City, 0106-501 Japan
Hatano Administration Service Center952 Hatano Kou, Sado City, 0206-533 Japan
Mano Administrative Service Center〒952-0318 489 Mano Shinmachi, Sado City
Ogi Administrative Service Center〒952-0604 1940-1 Ogimachi, Sado City
Akadomari Administrative Service Center952 Akadomari, Sado City, 0706-2458 Japan


City council

  • Constant: 21
  • Term: April 2020, 4-April 13, 2024
  • Chair: Takashi Sato (non-parliamentary group)
  • Vice-chairman: Yoshihide Sakashita (non-parliamentary group)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is representative)
Shinsei Club5◎ Junichi Kaneda, Nobuo Komagata, Ikuko Uesugi, Omi Hirose, Yusuke Goto
Political party3◎ Hiroshi Murooka, Taku Yamamoto, Junichi Hayashi
Japanese Communist Party City Council2◎Naomi Nakagawa, Yoshio Nakamura
West wind of Sado2◎ Kei Kita, Kenji Nakagawa
Citizen's voice2◎ Mari Arai, Kazuyoshi Kondo
Seiyukai2◎ Shigeki Inanabe, Kenji Yamamoto
Komeito1◎Nobuyuki Yamada
Abandoned4Kazutaro Hirata, Sada Sato, Yoshihide Sakashita, Takashi Sato

*Changed from the 2020 election to a constant number of 21.

Prefectural assembly

  • Constant: 2
  • Term: April 2019, 4-April 30, 2023
Representative nameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Hisao SatoIndependent2

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Eiichiro WashioIndependent5Constituency
Kenichi HosodaLDP3Proportional revival


裁判 所

National facility

Prefecture facilities

  • Sado Area Promotion Bureau
    • Main government building (Aikawa district)
    • Agricultural administration building (Kanai district)
    • Agricultural land government building (Shinho district)
    • Fisheries Government Building, Harbor Government Building (Ryotsu District)





Major industries

In the center of the islandKuninaka PlainThen.Rice cultivationIs popular and Sado productsKoshihikari RiceHas a high reputation in the market. In addition, because it is surrounded by the sea,Fishery:Is also popular. By regionpersimmon"Okesa persimmon" (variety name:Flat nucleus), in the Ryotsu areaLake Kamo OfOysterFamous for aquaculture.
GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage)In December 2020 as part of the PR ofAnimal Crossing Forest"Sado Island" has been released.[4]
Since ancient times, many aristocrats and samuraiexileThere are many cultural properties because it conveyed the central culture. In addition, the beaches of various places become beaches in the summer. The annual number of tourists in Sado is1991It has been decreasing gradually since the peak of 3 million (121), and securing repeaters is a future issue.2004(16) is a succession of summer weekendstyphoonUnder the influence ofSado SteamshipThe route was canceled and the maximum entry time was shook. At the tip of the arrow trying to make up for that,Niigata Chuetsu EarthquakeOccurs. There was no direct damage, but the number of tourists decreased sharply due to rumors and disruptions to the mainland transportation network.2005(17) isSocial experimentIt was doing well and somehow recovered.
Long time agoSado KanayamaIt was prosperous, but due to the decrease in mining volume,1951Large-scale mining will no longer take place after (Showa 26),1989(XNUMX), Mitsubishi Metal Co., Ltd. (currentlyMitsubishi Materials) Withdrew, the mine was closed.Currently, you can see a part of the mine, and the modern heritage remains, making it a tourist spot.
2005Since (17), we have introduced and implemented as a multifaceted approach for regional informatization and regional revitalization, which is led by the private sector using comedy and the Internet.2005から2008During the three years to come, a comedian went on a pilgrimage on the island while living in Sado for half a year, and continuously communicated the charm of Sado by sending out videos of the exchange and blogs.

Population by industry

  • Total: 36,314 (100.0%)
  • Primary industry: 1 (8,789%)
  • Primary industry: 2 (7,777%)
  • Primary industry: 3 (19,711%)
  • Unclassifiable: 37 (0.1%)
(2005 Census)

Traditional crafts

Sister cities/partner cities

The exchange business before the Sado City merger is as follows. In the future, we will separate or adjust what can be exchanged on an island-wide basis and those that can be exchanged on an old municipality basis.


Outside Japan



  • Sado City Ryotsu Hospital
  • Sado City Aikawa Hospital
  • JA Niigata KoseirenSado General Hospital
  • JA Niigata Koseiren Mano Mizuho Hospital
  • JA Niigata Welfare Ren Hamo Hospital
  • Medical corporation Okasakai Sawada Hospital


Secondary school

high school

Elementary and junior high school

Special school

  • Niigata Prefectural Sado Special Needs School
    1959(34) The branch school established was the predecessor.1986(Showa 61) Founded. There are elementary school, junior high school, and high school.

Vocational school

Facilities other than school education

Vocational training facility

Social education


  • Sado City Central Library
  • Sado City Kanai Library
  • Sado Mano Library
  • Sado City Ogi Library
  • Sado City Sawata Library




  • Amusement Sado (Sado Central Cultural Center)
  • Ryotsu Cultural Center (former Ryotsu Civic Center)
  • Sado Hall
  • Osaki Activation Center
  • Kanai Community Center


Sports Facilities

  • Niigata Prefectural Sado Sports House

life line


There are two in Sado CityThermal power plant(Ryotsu-Aikawa) And fourHydroelectric power plant(Shinbogawa, Mizusawa, Umezu, Shirase) There are a total of 6 power stations, which supply electricity to the island independently. Not a form of electricity supplied by cables from the mainland[5].

Niigata ThePower frequency50Hz OfTohoku Electric Power NetworkIs a business area ofPower frequency60HzIt is supplied by (the prefecture,Myoko CityとItoigawaPart of 60Hz[6]). This is Mitsubishi Mining Co., Ltd. (currentlyMitsubishi Materials) Under the jurisdictionSado MineBy adjusting to 60Hz power generation equipment[Source required].


City gas is supplied by Sado Gas in part of the Ryotsu area. Due to topographical constraints, in most areasLP gasTo use.


Area codeIs the whole area0259(Sado MA).

Originally, there were two MAs in Ryotsu (former Ryotsu City and Shinhomura) in the northeastern part of Sado and Sawada in the southwestern part (a zone where you can talk for 2 yen for 3 minutes), but all the municipalities in the island were newly merged. Considering that they became the same municipality,2005(17)May 6Was integrated into.


On the islandWater supply4 districts,Simple waterworksThere are 40 districts and 2 districts with small-scale water supply.

2018On January 1th, a large-scale water outage occurred on the island, and temporarily, more than 28% of the island's 24,112 households had more than 4% of its 10,656 households.[7].


Public transportation

Once1922(Taisho11 years)Railway laying methodIn Appendix No. 56, "Sado Kuniyori Yorii Kawarada wo Keitei Aikawa Nijiru Railway" is used as the business segment on the "Izumi (Ryotsu)-Kawarada-Aikawa" route.Sado Railway(Tentative name) was planned, but it is still unopened.

On the other hand, the bus1913(Taisho 2) Shumeikan opened Ryotsu-Aikawa,1916(Taisho 5) Shonosuke Takatsu (later Ogi Motor) opened Ogi-Kawarada,1918In (Taisho 7), Nanjuro Watanabe (later Sado Motor Company → Fuso Motor Company) opened Ryotsu-Aikawa, Ryotsu-Shinmachi-Kawarada,1923(Taisho 12) Hamo Motor opens Kawarada-Ogi,1924In (Taisho 13), Hosono Uhachi moved to Matsugasaki-Shinmachi,1925(Taisho 14) Kikuzo Kawaguchi opened Tada-Hatano, Yamamatsu Shokai Mashu-Ryotsu-Kawasaki, and Toyokichi Ueda (Maruichi Automobile later) opened Ryotsu-Aikawa.

After that, Ogi and Hamo merged to form Maesado Motor. Akahodo Motors was established by Uchihachi Hosono and Kikuzo Kawaguchi. Fuso Motor Company, Maruichi Motor Co., Ltd. and Maeda Sado Motor Co., Ltd. have merged to form Sashu Godo Motor Co. (later renamed Sado Ryodo Motor Co., Ltd.).1937(Showa 12) Sado Ryosha merged with Niigata Godo,1943With the integration based on the Land Transport Control Ordinance of (Showa 18),Niigata TransportationIt became.

After the warNational railway(JNR bus) Is on Sado IslandTransit BusThere was a plan to enter the business, but it did not happen.


Public transportation on the islandTransit Busonly. All routes on the islandNiigata TransportationGroup ofNiigata Kotsu SadoIt is operated by. In addition, the Ryotsu Port bus stop is listed as the central station in the JTB timetable.

The busOne manBefore it was converted, the main of each municipalityBus stopStaff members are assigned toTrainSame asstationWas called. At the counterticket-Commuter PassBesides, Sado Kisen andNiigata Port -Niigata StationOne bus to the bus and to the national railwayTransit and boarding ticketsWas also on sale. Even now, the name of "station square" remains at the name of the intersection near the main bus stop.

  • Main line (system number 1): Ryotsu-Kanai-Sawada-Aikawa-Sado Kanayamamae
  • South line (system number 2): Ryotsu-Shinho-Hatano-Shinomachi Mano-Sawada
  • East Coast Line (system number 3): Ryotsu-Kawasaki-Okawa-Katanoo-Tada
    • Some flights extend to Akadomari Wharf (from April 2019)
  • Utsumifu Line (system number 4): Sawada-Ryotsu-Waki-Washizaki-Onogame-Masaragawa
    • On Saturdays and holidays, Iwataniguchi starts and ends instead of the Masara River
  • Nanaura Kaigan Line (system number 6): Sado Hospital-Sawada-Futami-Aikawa-Sado Print Village
    • On Saturdays and holidays in the first half of the year, we will go to Senkaku Bay without going through the Aikawa circulation line
    • On Saturdays and holidays, Kawarada Honmachi first and last station, not Sado Hospital
  • Maehama line (system number 7): Ogi-Hamo-Akadomari-Urazu-Tada
    • Jumbo taxi service will start on some flights from April 2019
  • Tsudzu Line (system number 8): Hamo-Ichinomiya Entrance-Takihira-Shigeru Kamikawa
    • Jumbo taxi service will start on all flights from April 2019
  • Kaifu Line (system number 9): Sado Hospital-Aikawa-Senkaku Bay-Irikawa-Iwataniguchi
    • On Saturdays and holidays, not at Sado Hospital
  • Ogi Line (system number 10): Aikawa-Sawada-Mano Shinmachi-Nishimikawa-Ogi
  • Sukunegi Line (system number 11): Hamo-Ogi-Sukuneki-Sawasaki-Ezumi
    • Jumbo taxi service will start on some flights from April 2019
  • Kuninaka/Kanamaru Line (system number 13): Sawada-Sado Hospital-in front of Shinmachi School-in front of Shinho Elementary School-Sawada
    • On Saturdays and holidays, only the Kanamaru Line is available
  • Iwakumi Line (system number 14): Sawada-Kanai-Hatano-Tada-Kakinoura
  • Yokojuku Line (system number 15): In front of the supervisor station-Yokoyama-In front of Shinho Elementary School-Sado General High School
    • Operates only as a student car on weekdays
  • Akadomari Line (system number 16): Sado Hospital (weekdays only)-Sawada-Mano Shinmachi-Kawashige-Akadomari-Ogi
  • Konan Line (system number 22): Ogi-Nishimikawa-In front of Shinmachi School-In front of Shinho Elementary School-Ryotsu
    • Changed to operation as a student car from April 2019, 4
    • As a student car, it runs only on weekdays from April 2019, 4 to November 1, 11


On the islandhighwayThere is no.General national roadIt is,National Route 350One route runs through Ryotsu, Kanai, Sawada, Mano, Hamo and Ogi districts and runs through the island. still,Sado SteamshipThe Ryotsu route and the Ogi route are the connecting routes of this 350.

Road Station


Ryotsu district Akitsu is the only island空港IsSado AirportHowever, as of February 2021, there are no regular flights.

1958(Showa 33)Niigata AirportStarted operation as an outdoor airfield at1959A regular air route to and from the airport started in (34).1971Transferred to the prefecture from (46) and became an independent airport. The runway is 890m long and 25m wideRestricted surfaceSince it is also narrow, only small aircraft can take off and land, and aircraft larger than jet aircraft and medium-sized aircraft cannot enter.

The regular commuter air route between Sado and Niigata is1996Since (8), based in Niigata PrefectureAsahi Shin AirlinesWas operating, but due to the effects of chronic deficits and the aging of the company's operating personnel,2008(20)May 9With the flight suspended, the company was virtually disbanded. For about three years thereafter, the airport was only used for takeoff and landing of small commercial aircraft and emergency transportation.

after thatKagoshimaHeadquartered inJapan AirlinesMade a name for the flight,2011May 7Since then, the air route between Sado and Niigata has started to operate again,2014May 3The company announced that it will suspend the flight indefinitely in order to establish a system for stable operation.

For many years at Sado Airport, runway extension and expansionTokyo International Airport(Haneda Airport), etc., the idea of ​​opening an air route with a metropolitan area has emerged several times,200810ToATR 72Demonstration flights of Sado Airport-Niigata Airport-Haneda Airport are being carried out[8] However, none of them has been materialized.

Ships / ports

Due to the geographical conditions of remote islands, the backbone of transportation to and from the islands depends on routes. On the islandRyotsu Port,Ogi PortTwo ofImportant portThere is. What is the mainland side of Niigata Prefecture?Sado SteamshipIt is connected by the following two routes operated by.Ryotsu routeCar ferry"Okessa Maru" "Tokiwa Maru" and jet propulsion typeHydrofoil(Jet foil) "Tsubasa" "Suisei", Ogi route is operated by jetfoil "Ginga".In addition to this, there is Akadomari Port.

Regular passenger routes from each port on Sado Island

The Ogi route is suffering from a chronic deficit, and although it used to be a two-car ferry system,2008From (20), the number of flights will be reduced by one ship, and all flights will be suspended during the winter season except the year-end and New Year holidays (see the details of the route).Sado SteamshipSee). High-speed car ferry from 2015 to 2020AkaneIt was operated by one ship, but from 1 it was changed to one jetfoil (detailsSado Kisen #Naoetsu RouteSee).

Until 2018, in addition to the above two routes, the red line called ``Ryodome route''NightPort (Sado City Akadomari district) and templeNightThere was a route connecting the port (Teradomari area, Nagaoka city).2005(17)6Until then, it was operated by car ferry, and then by the high-speed ship "Aibis". When using a carKanto regionAlthough it is the closest and most convenient route, both ports have a large number of small port facilities and are limited to small vessels, so there are many cases of cancellations in winter,2009Since 21, all flights have been suspended during the winter (see details)Sado Kisen #Teradomari RouteSee).

Once after the war1970 eraTo Ogi PortKashiwazaki PortThe route connecting the route was operated intermittently, but it has already been abolished due to unprofitable factors. Also1975(Showa 50), with SadoNoto Peninsula,Tateyama Mountain RangeWith Ogi Port as part of the plan to makeIshikawaSuzu CityThe route connecting Iida Port was opened. At the timeOgimachiAlthough Suzu City was expected to become a sister city with the opening of a shipping route,Oil shockDue to the subsequent recession and sluggishness of users,1978It was abolished in (53).

In addition, Rikiya Kanko Kisen, which operates sightseeing boats based in Ogi Port, operates charter routes to and from the island.


Festivals/Events/Sightseeing/Sightseeing/ Historic Sites

Festivals and events

Famous places / sightseeing

Shrines and temples

Historic site

Famous people

Related person

  • Emperor Shunde(Emperor, 1197-1242):Seku no RanParticipate inKamakura ShogunateBetter distributed. Crash here. Cremation in Mano, ashes京都Was buried in. It is said that in Sado, the three princesses of Queen Keiko, Queen Taeko, and Chitose Shrine were made, and there is also a graveyard for the three princesses. In addition, Prince Hikosei, who made a profit in Kyoto,ShinranBecame a disciple of him and called the Zenkubo belief, and later visited Sado,Shokoji TempleIt is said that he opened the Gyoshoku Kyogyoji Temple. There is also the grave of King Hikonari.
  • Nichiren(monk, 1222-1282): founder of the Nichiren system. Distributed by the Kamakura Shogunate.
  • Zeami(SarugakuMaster, year of birth unknown):Muromachi ShogunateDistributed by.
  • Hitomi Raw(Voice actor,1976 -):KanagawaI was born, but my birthplace is here.


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