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📊 | Asahipen aggressively introduces lifestyle proposal type products, aiming to further deepen the household paint market

"Aqueous versatile paint matte color" with an impressive package design that does not dare to expose the functional side to the front. Three standards of 180ml, 0.5L, and 1.5L have been developed to make trials easier.

Asahipen aggressively introduces lifestyle proposal-type products, aiming to further deepen the household paint market

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By undercoating, it becomes possible to paint on materials that have not adhered to each other, such as plastics and non-ferrous metals.

Asahipen is focusing on a lifestyle proposal-type product lineup to revitalize the home paint market. ... → Continue reading

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Non-ferrous metal

Non-ferrous metal(Hitetsu Zoku,British: non-ferrous metal) Is鉄And iron as the main componentalloyつ ま りsteel(Ferrous metal)Other than金属Refers to all.Japanese Industrial Standard In (JIS), it is classified into the department symbol H (non-ferrous metal).

Reason for classification

Not only in Japan but in the world as well, the total production of metals other than iron is far smaller than the production of steel, so the name "non-ferrous metal" is given for convenience and combined into one group. However, from the point of view of the word sense, "steel" is also excluded, and it is easy to argue that there are many steels called steels rather than irons. Limited. Also, to the lastFeOther than one elementMetal elementIs a generic term that meansIndustrialTarget andEconomyThis designation is used only in specific fields.

Therefore, this classification is only for industrial or economic reasons and has no further special meaning.physical,ChemicalIt is a term that is rarely used in the scientific field because it is not classified by scientific characteristics such as. In terms of type rather than production volume, there are more comparable types of alloys based on other metal elements than types of alloys based on iron,aircraftUsed as a material forduralumin(aluminumThere are not a few non-ferrous metals that have important industrial and economic significance as well.

Main non-ferrous metal

The non-ferrous metals often used in industry are shown below.

Light metal
Base metal
Rare metal
Rare earth
Precious metal
Radioactive metal


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