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📢 | Absen successfully holds a global webinar on virtual studio solutions


Absen successfully hosts a global webinar on virtual studio solutions

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Many people are afraid of virtual studios because they are new.

Absen's Trans Quebec inc (Canada) Film Studio AsiaNet 89305… → Continue reading

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Virtual studio

Virtual studioIs a live-action videoCGIn real timeDigital compositingThe name of the system or technology to be used.


The virtual studio is a combination of a "camera equipped with a sensor that detects the orientation and zoom status of a video camera" and a CG processor that generates images in real time.Since the CG image is created by calculating the orientation and the sense of depth based on the information from the sensor of the camera, both can be combined without any discomfort.

Blue background(Or greenback) unifiedス タ ジ オThe live-action part of the performers etc.Chroma keyIn many cases, the background (set) is not created as a real tool but as virtual data, and the two are combined.Not always used in the shooting studio,プロ野球中継In such cases, the system may be brought to a stadium or the like and used as a commentary tool for displaying the batter's past hitting data.

In addition,Blue backgroundOr because they use a greenback, the performers cannot wear clothes of the same color as the background.Therefore, as an exampleEuglenaInconvenience occurs when a person who normally wears a yellow-green tie, such as the president of the company, appears as a guest.

Virtual set

Virtual setSpecial effectsAndCGThe know-how that has been developed one by one in the world is combined to form one system.[1]..Compared to the conventional set, there is no need for personnel for setup and withdrawal, and no storage space is required, so it does not occupy the studio for a long time and can handle various programs on a low budget.Online deliveryIt is often used, including the program of.


In February 1989 in JapanNHK Broadcast CenterBroadcasting began on the B floor of the news center in 1995, when the set on the A floor of the center was updated in 1993, and in XNUMX.Genius TV-kunIntroduced on a trial basis, etc.Science ZERO,Anige ☆ Eleven!Etc., used in many programs[2][3].

Genius TV-kunAt the beginning of the broadcast, the CG system used was not a complete 3D rendering system, but a system called "Synth Vision" originally developed by NHK was used. "Synth Vision"High definitionA type of image synthesizer that uses image resolution.Motion captureBy linking with a camera with a sensor, the image background automatically follows the movement of the camera.[3][4]..After that, it was improved as a real-time 3D system, and it came to be called "Virtual Set" or "Virtual Studio", and it came to be frequently used in language programs and science programs.in recent yearsAugmented realityThe technology cultivated in is also introduced.


In normal operation formatSGI OnyxIs used with two cameras, connected to two cameras through Sirius Video (ONYX video input / output device), and the other camera is used in a fixed state.[1].
Vapor system
It is a product of Discrete Logic of Canada, which is independent of Softimage, and has a unique video processing function.[1].

About the name

As a general notation / expression, it is often referred to as "virtual-", and there are few cases where the notation / expression in this section is used.

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