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📊 | Odakyu, lifestyle proposal type commercial facility in front of Shimokitazawa station, opened in November

Photo: We are planning a 5-story building A (left) and a part of a 2-story building B, which will house food sales, cafes, mini theaters, shared offices, etc.

Odakyu, lifestyle proposal type commercial facility in front of Shimokitazawa station, opened in November

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Odakyu Electric Railway is redeveloping the approximately 2 square meters of the former railway site, which was created by undergrounding the section between Yoyogi-Uehara Station and Umegaoka Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line, under the name of "Shimokita Railroad Street."

In November, Odakyu Electric Railway launched a lifestyle proposal-type commercial facility "Teff Lounge (te ...") in front of Shimokitazawa Station in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. → Continue reading

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Umegaoka Station

Umegaoka Station
Wiring diagram

↑Setagaya-Daita Station



↓Gotokuji Station

Umegaoka Station(Umega Okaeki) isTokyoSetagayaUmegaokaIt's on XNUMX-chome,Odakyu Electric RailwayOdawara Line Ofstation.Station number TheOH 09.


Regarding the origin of the station name,UmegaokaSee.About elevatedOdakyu Odawara LineSee.

Station structure

Relative homeHave two lines on one sideElevated stationIs. After March 2018, 3Yoyogi Uehara StationからNoborito StationTo the premisesMultiple linesHas been converted.

2018May 3ToYoyogi Uehara StationからTohokuzawa StationHas been double-tracked again, and from Tohokuzawa station to this station has also been double-tracked.[11]..The platform of this station itself is this station- Kitami StationIt has been completed with 10-car trains since the completion of the double track between the two, but until March 3 of the same year.Setagaya-Daita StationThe length of the two cars closer to each other causes the express line and the slow line to branch and merge.TurnoutIt was not used because it overlapped with a traffic light and a traffic light (temporarily installed on the platform for two cars).so that,Gotokuji StationA narrow temporary platform was set up near the platform, and the actual effective length of the platform including the temporary platform was 8 cars.From March 3rd of the same yearMay 3By the time of the timetable revisionTurnoutAnd the temporary home was removed.

Until March 2018, 3, it was the eastern end of the double-track section, so each station on the uphill stopped.Honor trainThere was a time adjustment to be overtaken by, but on March 2018, 3, the double track was extended to Yoyogi-Uehara.Tohokuzawa StationIt was changed to.Until then, the up line is from this station to the endShinjuku StationSince there is no escape facility, the up train departing from this station always arrived at Shinjuku station first.

Bus stop

Umegaoka Station Platform
1OH Odawara LineGoing downSlow lineOdawara-Hakone Yumoto-Karakida-Katase Enoshimaaspect
Passing line□ Odawara LineGoing downExpress line(Passing the down train)
Passing lineGoing up(Passing the up train)
2OH Odawara LineGoing upSlow lineShinjuku-C Chiyoda Lineaspect

Downhill Tohokuzawa-Noborito, uphillMukogaoka Amusement --In principle, the express and slow lines between Tohokuzawa are used properly as follows.

[Express line]
□Limited Express Romancecar■Rapid Express□Commuter Express■ExpressUsed by.Seijogakuenmae Station - Kyodo StationOnly between□Commuting Semi ExpressAlso use.
[Slow line]
■Semi-express■Local trainUsed by.□Commuting Semi ExpressIs also used in sections other than the above.
However,Chiyoda LineDirect uphill■ExpressUses the slow line east of Kyodo station.

In the 2013 railway business capital investment planDestination guidance displayIs planned to be installed[12],Installed around January 2014[Source required].Station automatic broadcastingAs for, the same ones as the main stations (with detailed information such as train type, destination, number of trains, etc.) are used.

Usage situation

2019(First year of Reiwa)Getting on and offpersonnel The34,064Is[13], 70th out of 35 stations on the Odakyu Line.

Recent daily averageGetting on and off-BoardingpersonnelThe transition of is as shown in the table below.

Daily average boarding/alighting personnel by year[14]
年度Daily average
Boarding and alighting personnel[15]
Daily average
Boarding personnel[16]
1956 year (Showa 31 year)4,621[*1]
1957 year (Showa 32 year)4,318[*2]
1958 year (Showa 33 year)4,892[*3]
1959 year (Showa 34 year)5,430[*4]
1960 year (Showa 35 year)11,3745,884[*5]
1961 year (Showa 36 year)12,7576,492[*6]
1962 year (Showa 37 year)14,0047,095[*7]
1963 year (Showa 38 year)16,9748,487[*8]
1964 year (Showa 39 year)18,9019,487[*9]
1965 year (Showa 40 year)20,07410,093[*10]
1966 year (Showa 41 year)20,60910,228[*11]
1967 year (Showa 42 year)21,07910,448[*12]
1968 year (Showa 43 year)21,47310,649[*13]
1969 year (Showa 44 year)22,14011,192[*14]
1970 year (Showa 45 year)21,50311,204[*15]
1971 year (Showa 46 year)21,80610,963[*16]
1972 year (Showa 47 year)21,74311,016[*17]
1973 year (Showa 48 year)20,97910,509[*18]
1974 year (Showa 49 year)20,98610,607[*19]
1975 year (Showa 50 year)21,23010,704[*20]
1976 year (Showa 51 year)21,19610,792[*21]
1977 year (Showa 52 year)22,02511,288[*22]
1978 year (Showa 53 year)23,50011,889[*23]
1979 year (Showa 54 year)23,38911,903[*24]
1980 year (Showa 55 year)23,03911,947[*25]
1981 year (Showa 56 year)23,57211,947[*26]
1982 year (Showa 57 year)23,60711,986[*27]
1983 year (Showa 58 year)24,92212,433[*28]
1984 year (Showa 59 year)25,69212,744[*29]
1985 year (Showa 60 year)26,96113,280[*30]
1986 year (Showa 61 year)27,41613,516[*31]
1987 year (Showa 62 year)27,04513,318[*32]
1988 year (Showa 63 year)27,37113,541[*33]
1989 (first year of Heisei)27,36913,552[*34]
1990 (Heisei02 years)27,79713,740[*35]
1991 (Heisei03 years)28,12413,949[*36]
1992 (Heisei04 years)28,03913,822[*37]
1993 (Heisei05 years)27,54313,531[*38]
1994 (Heisei06 years)27,44513,496[*39]
1995 (Heisei07 years)27,13013,380[*40]
1996 (Heisei08 years)27,03813,344[*41]
1997 (Heisei09 years)24,94213,072[*42]
1998 year (Heisei 10 year)24,55912,850[*43]
1999 year (Heisei 11 year)24,18412,629[*44]
2000 year (Heisei 12 year)23,95012,469[*45]
2001 year (Heisei 13 year)23,81312,324[*46]
2002 year (Heisei 14 year)23,12611,937[*47]
2003 year (Heisei 15 year)22,99211,850[*48]
2004 year (Heisei 16 year)23,51111,926[*49]
2005 year (Heisei 17 year)24,71312,552[*50]
2006 year (Heisei 18 year)25,62113,007[*51]
2007 year (Heisei 19 year)26,90113,672[*52]
2008 year (Heisei 20 year)30,78315,584[*53]
2009 year (Heisei 21 year)31,06115,706[*54]
2010 year (Heisei 22 year)31,06215,694[*55]
2011 year (Heisei 23 year)30,68415,480[*56]
2012 year (Heisei 24 year)31,47415,899[*57]
2013 year (Heisei 25 year)31,94816,129[*58]
2014 year (Heisei 26 year)31,44415,852[*59]
2015 year (Heisei 27 year)32,19916,223[*60]
2016 year (Heisei 28 year)32,40816,324[*61]
2017 year (Heisei 29 year)32,92116,578[*62]
2018 year (Heisei 30 year)33,80517,011[*63]
2019 (first year of Reiwa)34,06417,142[*64]

Around the station

This stationHanegi ParkAt the nearest stationplumIt is crowded with ume spectators during this season.Also,Kokushikan UniversitySetagaya Campus andKokushikan Junior and Senior High SchoolIt is also the closest station to Odakyu, and is often used by commuting students.[17].

The north exitTV drama OfLocation shootingIt may be used for such purposes.North exit specialtyZelkovaWas partially logged on February 2005, 2 due to the maintenance of the bus rotary in front of the station.[18].

Transit Bus

NearestBus stopIt is,Umegaoka Station North Exit.Tokyu busとOdakyu BusWakabayashi Sales OfficeTransit BusOperationConsignmentdoingOdakyu City BusThe following routes operated by the Setagaya Sales Office depart and arrive.

Next station

Odakyu Electric Railway
OH Odawara Line
■Rapid Express□Commuter Express■Express□Commuter semi-■Semi-express
■Local train
Setagaya-Daita Station (OH 08)- Umegaoka Station (OH 09) - Gotokuji Station (OH 10)


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Tokyo statistical yearbook

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