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💴 | What is the household management situation of double-income couples?What is the lifetime aberration with a full-time housewife household?


What is the household management situation of a double-income couple?What is the lifetime aberration with a full-time housewife household?

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It is said that about 1 million yen is required for education to graduate one child to university (including cram school and extracurricular activity expenses) (* 1500, * 4).

Changes in the number of double-income households It is clear from the following graph that the number of double-income households has continued to increase for decades (* 1… → Continue reading

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Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activitiesWhat is (Katsudo)Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIn, regularCurriculumIt is an activity to be carried out in addition to.ExtracurricularIs educationDepartmentChengouterIs an abbreviation for.Also, the formal curriculum isRegular lessonSometimes called (because).


For extracurricular activitiesdecree,notice,School rulesEtc.RuleTherefore, it is customary to refer to activities that are not defined as activities performed by all learners.

Primary Education OfCourse(primary schoolEtc.) orSecondary educationCourse (Junior high school,high school,Secondary schoolEtc.), as a standard for the curriculumCourse of StudyIs applied.The course of study includesSpecial activitySuch asExtracurricular activitiesHowever, extracurricular activities are not extracurricular activities, as they are regular curriculums conducted by all members according to the Course of Study.

For extracurricular activitiesClassroom activities/Homeroom activities,Children's associationActivities/student councilActivities (bothCommittee activityincluding),Club activities(Primary education only. It is different from "club activities"),school eventExtracurricular activities in primary education courses (elementary school, etc.) and secondary education courses (junior high school, high school, secondary school, etc.) are activities excluding these activities.In particularExtracurricular activities(Sometimes called "club activities"),Extracurricular lessonsAnd so on.

Incidentally,UniversitySuch asHigher educationSince the course of study is not applied in the course of, each activity presented in the extracurricular activities isDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIs an extracurricular activity unless it is clearly stated that is a formal curriculum.Therefore, extracurricular activities in higher education courses should be concrete.Student associationActivity,Club activities(Circle activity),school event, Extracurricular lessons, etc.


Special activitiesSecond World WarIt was first established later, and before that, all of these activities were extracurricular activities.Therefore, the activities stipulated in extracurricular activities are not completely extracurricular activities.

Examples of extracurricular activities

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About 1500 million yen required


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